Becky at the College Reunion

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I finally broke up with Becky. I had been planning to break up with my her for a while, for cheating on me, but first I wanted to wait until my college reunion. I wanted to show her off to my old college friends, since, to be honest, she was the best thing I had going for me. I didn’t have a great career or much money, but at least I could show them my knockout girlfriend, even if I couldn’t trust her around any attractive guy.??

Becky was happy to take any excuse to get off work, so we took the Friday off from our jobs and drove a few hours to my alma mater’s town. As we drove down, I asked her to behave herself while we were down there. She didn’t know that I had seen her cheating on me so many times, so she played innocent and asked me what I possibly meant. I just said that it was very important to me that she be nice to me in front of my friends. ??

“Of course I will, sweetie!” she said. “Why wouldn’t I be nice? I love you!”

??She flashed me her wide, beautiful smile, and my heart melted. She was still the most beautiful girl I had ever known, and sitting in the passenger seat in a halter top and jeans, she looked like an American dream.

??The first event of the reunion weekend was a big gala in the campus center hall, and we arrived in town with just a couple hours to get ready for it. When we got to the hotel, I put on the fanciest suit I could afford to rent. Becky excused herself to the bathroom, and a half hour later emerged in a very slinky, sexy black dress that showed a lot of cleavage.

??”I know you want to show me off tonight, babe, so how do I look?” she asked. “Good enough to impress your friends?” ??

My jaw dropped. She looked like a million bucks. “Absolutely!” I said. Becky laughed at my gawking and went to the mirror to put on some makeup. I thought about maybe fooling around before going to the reunion, so I walked up behind and groped her breast, but she slapped my hand away.??

“Don’t mess up my dress!” she said. “We’ll have plenty of time when we get back.” I slinked back and watched her get ready.??

When we arrived at the gala, it was in full swing. I recognized a bunch of people but couldn’t see any of my old friends, so I dragged Becky through the party trying to find people I recognized.

I finally saw one good friend of mine, Grady, that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I quickly pulled Becky toward him.

“Grady, hey!” I shouted. “This is my girlfriend Becky!”

Grady smiled when he saw me, then his eyes bugged out when he saw Becky. “Hi!” he stammered.

That was the reaction I was hoping for. Becky was game for it, and spent a few minutes charming Grady while I beamed. But after a few minutes she suggested that the two of us catch up while she got a drink.

As she walked away, Grady stared at her tight butt wiggling. “Wow, Dave, you hit the jackpot with her!” he said. “She’s beautiful!”

I was very pleased to hear that. Grady and I spent almost an hour catching up, during which he informed me that no one else from our old group of friends was able to make the reunion, and he himself couldn’t make any events after the gala. That was disappointing, to say the least. I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the weekend.

Grady finally excused himself to go home and we said goodbye and promised to catch up. Then I started looking for Becky.

??I found her at the corner of the bar, talking to some guy I couldn’t quite place. The two of them were laughing as I walked up.??

“Oh, hey, honey!” Becky said when she saw me. Her cheeks were flushed and I noticed a few empty glasses near her. She was already a little tipsy. “I was just talking to Henry, from your dorm!” she said, and motioned to the guy. ??

“Hi, Henry,” I said, warily. Now I suddenly remembered him, he was one of the guys from my freshman dorm who quickly got into a fraternity. We weren’t really friendly in college, he was a total Greek. ??

“David, good to see you again! How are things?” Henry said, and grabbed my hand. He gave me a big smile and the kind of aggressive handshake that suggested he was a real estate dealer or something.??

“I don’t mean to take up your gorgeous girlfriend’s time,” he added, and smiled warmly at Becky, who giggled and blushed at the compliment.??

“Well, actually, we were just leaving,” I said.

??”Why, did you find more friends?” Becky asked.??

“Well, no,” I said.??”Go and find them, then,” she said. “I’ll talk more with Henry, we’re having a good conversation!”??

I didn’t want Becky to keep talking to a good-looking guy while she was tipsy, knowing her past, but I didn’t have a convincing reason to get her to come with me. “Okay,” I said. “I’ll be back soon, though.”

??”See you in a bit!” Henry said, and turned back to Becky. Just like that, I was pushed out of the conversation.??

I wandered off, not sure where to go. I ended up trying to get into conversations with people while staying in eyesight of Becky and Henry. From my vantage point, I had a right to be worried. sex hikayeleri They both seemed really animated and enjoying their conversation. Becky especially was acting flirty and was constantly giggling and touching him on the shoulder. ??

I finally saw a friend of mine that I recognized, and he waved me over to a table. I spent a few minutes chatting with him but excused myself to leave so I could get back to Becky and Henry. I had lost sight of her and I was getting nervous.

??Luckily, when I walked back to her, she was alone. “Hey, you ready to go?” I asked. I was eager to get back to the hotel room, where we’d be away from temptations.??

“There you are!” she said. “Henry and some of your friends are going out to a bar! Let’s go!”

??”Wait, what?” I said. Henry didn’t know any of my friends.??

“Yeah, he said to meet us at a bar called the Cellar? Let’s go, the night is young!” she said, and leaned in and kissed me. “Besides, you dragged me here, now I want to do something!”

??I had to agree, especially after she phrased it that way. We left the gala and headed down to the bar.??

As we walked, I piped up: “So, you were really talking to Henry for a while.”

??”Oh my God, you should have seen him, honey!” she said. “He was staring at my boobs the whole time! It’s like he wasn’t even trying to hide it.”

??That got me upset. “If that bothers you, I’ll tell him to knock it off,” I said.

??”Oh, no, it’s okay. I thought it was cute. Besides, I know you wanted to show me off.”??

Well, I wanted to say, no, I didn’t want to show you off to some guy I barely knew. But I kept quiet until we reached the bar.?


The bar was loud and packed by the time we reached it. I guess most of the class had headed over there. It didn’t look like there was any room, but a few seconds after we walked in, we heard someone shout, “Becky, over here!” It was Henry. He and a bunch of guys I didn’t recognize were at a large table booth. He waved at us and we walked over.

For the next hour or so, Becky and I were surrounded by Henry and all his friends. I started to remember some of them, like two guys whose names were Sean and Peter. They chatted politely with me, but really focused their attention on Becky, who couldn’t have been happier being the center of attention of a bunch of good-looking guys.

Things only got worse when I got up to go to the bathroom. When I got back to the table, I saw the other guys had boxed me out of the booth. I had to sit on the end while everyone talked with Becky. Occasionally she would look at me and wink, like we were in on something together. The whole time the guys were glancing furtively at her breasts, which looked great in the dress. It was even slipping a bit off her shoulder, showing off the lacy black bra underneath it. Becky just kept talking animatedly, making it bounce and slip further down.??When we ran out of pitchers, Henry pointed and me and said, “Hey, Dave, what say you get us some refills?” I didn’t want to go and leave Becky alone, but I was the guy at the end, so I nodded and went.

That was a big mistake, because the bar was so crowded that it took a while to get through the line. I also had to make conversation with a bunch of people I barely knew, which delayed me even further.

Half an hour later, on my way back to the table holding two pitchers, I had a rear view of the table booth and nearly tripped at what I saw. Becky’s shoulders were totally bare! From behind it looked like she had no top on at all. What had happened to the straps of her dress? All the guys were staring at her chest, with huge grins on their faces.

I tried to rush over, but I couldn’t move very fast with two full pitchers. Some guy suddenly walked in front of me and for a few seconds, he blocked my line of sight. I almost shoved him out of the way. The table came back into view, and Becky’s dress straps was back on her shoulders.

I jostled over and sat down and heard Becky and the guys were all chatting normally, even though Becky looked a little flush. Was my mind playing tricks on me?

?I sat through another hour of chatting, enduring all the flirting. Becky and Henry especially were joking like best friends, but stuck at the end of the table, I couldn’t do anything to break up the rhythm.

Finally around midnight, Becky said we should go. Eagerly, I got up, murmured a goodbye, and grabbed our things. But as we walked out, to my surprise, she turned back to the table and said, “We’ll see you guys at the tailgate tomorrow!”

?I hadn’t heard of any tailgate, but I kept my mouth shut until we got in the car.?

As we drove away, I asked. “What was that tailgate you were talking about??

“Oh, Henry and the guys invited us to a tailgate at their frat house before the football game tomorrow!” she said. “We should go, I promised!”?

“I guess so,” I muttered, before saying what was on my mind. “So, they were really checking you out, huh?”?

She grinned. “Uh huh. porno hikayeleri I was teasing them all night. I know how you like that.”

?”I don’t, really –” I said, but she caught me off. ?

“Wait until you hear the best part! While you were gone to get drinks, I saw how they were all staring at my chest, so I pretended to be more tipsy than I really was and leaned over to my side and let one of my straps slide off my shoulder. Then I leaned to the other side and let that strap fall off, too. My dress slid down so much they could see most of my bra! Like this, look!”

?I glanced over as Becky slid the straps off her shoulders, and the dress fell down until the swells of her breasts stopped it. I blanched when I saw that it was her skimpy strapless black bra that barely was more than half-cups. The guys would have seen almost all the way down to her nipples, which were already poking out and were easily visible underneath. She had shown all of that to those guys?

I was ready to tell her that this behavior was what I wanted her to stop, but suddenly Becky’s eyes shot up. “Look out!” she said.

I jerked my eyes back to the road just in time to make a curve.

“Don’t get distracted, babe,” she said, grinning. “You’ll get to see all of it real soon.” She reached down and grabbed my dick through my pants. My worries disappeared as she started fondling me.?


The sex was so great that night that the next morning I slept later than I wanted to. Becky woke me up. She had already showered and was dressed, in a tight, dark purple top with spaghetti straps and jeans, with her auburn hair in a ponytail. With her big doe eyes, she looked like a beautiful girl next door.

“Come on, babe, we gotta go!” she said. “The tailgate!”

I forgot all about that, but it was too late to object to it now, not when she looked so eager and I had no alternate plans. I stumbled out of bed and got dressed and we headed over to the fraternity house.

The tailgate was already going on when we drove up, with frat guys and alums milling around the lawn. Becky could barely wait for me to stop the car before she bounced out of it. I noticed more than a few guys suddenly turn at the hot girl running up the lawn with her tits bouncing in her skimpy top. She quickly found Henry in the crowd and gave him a big hug, then walked into the house with him.

I got out and tried to keep up with her for the next while. Throughout the entire tailgate, she bounced around, flirting and giggling with all the guys, especially with Henry. She also drank a lot of the light beer that was pumping from all the kegs. I was worried she’d pass out before the football game.

A couple hours before the game started, I lost track of her for a bit, while I was distracted by some early games on the TV in the basement. Then a guy walked up to the couch I was sitting on.

“That girl Becky, she’s your girl?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Nice,” he said, smirking. “Got yourself a live one there.”

I had no idea what he meant by that. Was that a compliment? I suddenly had the urge to find her, so I started looking around. ?

I found her in the main party room on the first floor, playing flip cup with a whole room of people. Henry was right across from her, playing on the opposite side of the table. She was already pretty drunk, and most of the guys were paying more attention to her tits jiggling in her top as she moved around. ??

Someone shouted, “New game, what’s the bet?”

Henry immediately said, “How about if Becky’s team loses, she has to give me her bra?”

The room burst into cheers, and Becky screamed and laughed. Then she saw me, and her whole face brightened. Clearly, she wanted me to come in and save her, I thought.

“Guys, I –” I started, but Becky cut me off with, “Okay, mister! But if my team wins, YOU have to give me your sunglasses!” ??

I was shocked into silence while all the guys enthusiastically agreed. Becky looked at me and winked. Did she think I wanted her to do this? ??

The teams started to play, and sure enough, Becky’s teammates deliberately threw the game. Each of them took way too long to drink their beer, and they all suddenly could barely flip their cups. They had no shame about how obvious they were about it. Becky also realized it, too, laughing and pretending to be angry, shrieking “Noooo, don’t make me take off my bra, we’re teammates!”

In under a minute, Henry’s team won. The cheering quickly gave way to chanting “take it off!” at Becky, who was laughing and putting her head in her hands. ??Finally, she said, “Okay, okay! A bet’s a bet!” and then winked at me again.

Then she turned around and walked to a corner of the room. Facing away from the crowd, she pulled the straps of her top down and pulled it down to her waist, revealing the strap of a flimsy blue lace bra. Some guys immediately guessed what she was doing and there was some scattered booing, but most of them still cheered.

Still facing away, seks hikayeleri Becky teasingly reached back and unsnapped the clasp, and then slid her bra off. The cheers grew as my girlfriend, with her naked back to the guys, swung her bra over her head a few times. The motion made her full breasts swing wildly, enough that some of the guys on the edges of the group might even have been able to see her pink nipples. My throat clutched at that thought. I didn’t want anyone to see my girlfriend’s breasts. ??After swinging her bra a few times, Becky pulled her top back up and turned around and have a mock curtsy. Everyone applauded her, especially since without a bra her breasts bounced even more.

She eagerly walked – more like jiggled – over to Henry and pushed her bra against his chest. He eagerly took it and wrapped it around his head like a hat. She laughed and slapped him, making her tits bounce even more.

After a few minutes, she walked over to me. I was fuming in the corner, but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Baby, did you see that?” she slurred. “Did you see how I teased everybody for you?” She draped her arms around my shoulders. Her eyes were wide with lust.

“Everyone saw me topless, but only from the back! They were all expecting to see my boobs!” she whispered. “I totally fooled them, I’m such a tease! Did I fool you too, baby? Did you think I was going to show everybody my boobs?”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I whispered. She half giggled and half-moaned, like it was turning her on.

“Do you want me to?” she said. “Do you want me to show off more for you? I don’t know if I want all your college friends to see my boobs, but if you want me to, I will for you!”

“No!” I said quickly. I didn’t even know these guys, did she forget that?

“Okay,” she said, stilling drunkenly grinning. “I’ll wait. I want you to be happy!”

I wanted to ask what she meant by “wait,” but then she kissed me hard. We made out for a few seconds before she pulled away and turned back to the room. “Next game!” she said.

I spent a while in the corner of the room, watching the flip cup game, too worried to even pretend to be having fun. I could already tell my control of the situation was slipping away. I should have expected this from her past behavior, but I was hoping so much to impress everyone with my hot girlfriend, and only Grady was even here to be impressed.

I don’t know how long I spent moping in the corner, but when I looked up at the flip cup game I saw that Becky had disappeared from it.??

I leapt up and walked around, trying innocently to find her. I approached the kitchen and noticed that it was cafeteria-style, with multiple doors leading into it, each of them with a small circle window. I walked up to one of them. Becky was inside, mixing two rum punches in red cups. I debated walking in but didn’t want to make her think I was following her. As I thought about it, she picked up the cups, one in each hand, and turned to walk out. Suddenly Henry walked in.??

“There’s the cheater!” he said.??

Becky giggled. “No way! I did my part fair and square! Not my fault if the rules are vague.”??

They started talking more quietly and I couldn’t quite hear them through the door. I tried to figure out a way to get close enough to hear them without giving myself away. Suddenly I heard Becky’s voice, loud enough to hear clearly: “They certainly are!” ??

Henry was looking right down at her braless tits, were which clearly outlined by the tight tank top.

??”I dunno…” he said. “They look too good to be real.”??

“Oh, I know,” Becky said. She was grinning widely, pretending to scold him but clearly flattered. “Too bad you didn’t get to see!”??

“Maybe I should fix that,” Henry grinned, then he grabbed the bottom of Becky’s shirt and started lifting it up. ??

Becky eyes widened. “Excuse me! That’s my shirt!” she said, but her tone was more flirtatious and surprised than angry.??

“You can stop me if you want,” Henry grinned. He rolled her shirt up slowly, exposing her navel in the middle of her taut stomach.

??”My hands are full!” she laughed. “You stop that right now! I can’t do anything!”

??”Lucky for me!” Henry said, and kept lifting her top.

??It is true Becky’s hands were full with the cups, but she could easily have put them on the table, or just dropped them. But she did nothing as Henry kept pulling her top up higher and higher, over her tummy, up to her chest. In fact, I noticed her nipples growing hard, which made them easily visible through the thin fabric of her top.??

“You’re such a jerk!” she laughed. “I’m so helpless! I am NOT happy about this!” ??

Henry rolled the shirt up to her breasts. He pulled the top out and up just a little higher, exposing the bottom of her full and round tits. He looked at her with a wicked smile.??

Becky smiled back, invitingly. “You’d BETTER not…” she said.??

With a quick yank, Henry pulled the top up to her neck. My heart sank as Becky’s bare tits bounced free, jiggling in the open air.??

“Ohhhh, you loser!” she squealed. “Look what you’ve done to a defenseless girl!” she said. She was staring at Henry as he gawked at her naked breasts, loving the attention his eyes were pouring on them.??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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