A Warm Summer Night

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It had been dark for a few hours. I made my way up the street and to her house by a glow given from a quarter moon. A gentle breeze stirred the air and made it a pleasant evening, an evening that many would take advantage of by sleeping with their windows partially open. I was counting on that.

I was thankful that all the lights in her house were out as I walked in the shadows cast by the oak tree. All was quite except for a few crickets as I went around the side of her house to her bedroom window. It was open about a foot and the thin curtains were pulled aside allowing me a view inside. I gazed inside and gave my eyes time to adjust to the added darkness. Slowly, the image of a bed and her came into view.

It was a view of a sleeping princess. She lay on her side with her back to the window. I could see her short, red hair gently nestled on the pillow. She had only a sheet covering her body and I could see the outline of her left side under the sheet; a smooth white shoulder peeking out; the shoulder I wanted to caress with my fingers and lips. My vision traveled down to the sway of her waist and to her rising hip and her legs. I stared for what seemed like minutes, but knew it was but seconds. I knew what I must do.

Slowly I raised the window, each inch fearing that it would emit a screeching alarm. A bead of sweat trickled down my cheek, not from the effort, but from anticipation and fear, a multitude of fears, being seen, being arrested, being rejected.

In could not turn back now. The window was open sufficiently for me to slither inside. Again the fear arose in my throat and then fell back as I began my move to enter her room. My eyes were transfixed on her as I ever so slowly pulled and slid my body inside. I lay on the floor and listened, forcing my ears to hear every sound. I heard only the gentle breeze and her even gentler breathing. I had made it undetected…so far.

I began my slow crawl across the carpeted floor to her bed, my breathing sounding loud enough to alert her to my presence. I reached the side of her bed and surveyed the room. It had all the accoutrements of a little girl’s room, but this was no little girl. She was eighteen and would become a woman before the sunrise.

I slid my hand under the sheet and gently touched her shoulder, sliding my finger down it to her neck and up to her ear, drew a circle on her delicate ear and then slid my finger back down her neck. She stirred ever so slightly. I held my breath.

She shifted her body slightly. My finger was now joined by my entire hand as I traced her shoulder. I had to stand in order to reach around her and cup her small, perfect breast in my hand. Soft, warm, and as I stroked her nipple, it became hard. So did I.

My mind was flooded with images and desires; desires I was fighting to hold back, to go slowly. My hand was now almost unattached from my body. It began to travel at will, leaving the warmth of her breast and moving down her body to her flat stomach, her navel, and a small patch of fine, soft hair. My fingers twirled the hair and my palm covered it. She began to stir more, but I didn’t care now. I was on fire. My hand moved to her hip and gently turned her until she was on her back. I waited. She stayed still. Time for me to get undressed.

My fingers fumbled at the buttons on my jeans; I was very nervous. What if she screamed, what if she had changed her mind, what if I couldn’t satisfy her, or worse yet, what if I couldn’t get it up at the moment of truth? Oh, God. These thoughts began to cloud my mind and distract me. I struggled to keep my balance as I took off my shoes and socks, but finally I stood naked before my sleeping princess. The moment of truth was at hand. I silently slid under the sheet next to her and our bare skin touched. It was an electric moment. Now to wake her gently and quietly.

She was on her back so I turned onto my right side and moved my nallıhan escort mouth to her ear. Softly I called her name and she stirred but then…nothing. I tried again a little louder this time. Zilch. She’s dead asleep, I’m thinking. Then I felt it. Her hand, or more exactly her fingers, wrapped around my cock and gave a light squeeze. She was awake. She turned her face towards mine and smiling said, “You sure do make a lot of noise.” I kissed her. She giggled. I attacked her neck. She turned onto her left side and our bodies melted into one.

We stayed in that position for several minutes as I kissed her neck, lips, and eyes. My tongue traced her ear and moved down her neck to her shoulder where I placed several soft kisses. I could hear her breathing becoming more rapid and a little ragged. She was warming up and I was only starting to explore her alabaster body. My lips left a wet path from her shoulder to her breast. Her small nipples were as hard as pebbles. I drew one into my mouth and suckled on it. As a moan escaped her lips her free hand grabbed my hair and pulled me tightly against her breast. I licked, sucked, and softly nipped at her nipple until I felt her hot breath in my ear, begging me to not stop. I paused and began again. This time I felt her hips begin to undulate, a rocking, thrusting motion which I assisted by placing my hand on her tight ass. God, what a firm little body! Her ass was rock hard and perfectly shaped. I used my palm in a circling motion and explored her cheeks and fold. She moaned again and raised her left leg placing it over mine. She was fully exposed and inviting me to explore further. I accepted the invite.

Still sucking her nipple, my finger found their way to her hot spot. I could feel that her outer lips had opened and she was moist…no, wet. The dew on her blossoming flower was slick and warm as I slid a finger from top to bottom and up again. When I reached the top I felt a pearl and her body jumped as she let out a squeal. I had found her clit. Something no man had ever touched. Something no man had ever seen, but that was about to change. Using my body weight I turned her onto her back and covered her with my body. She gasped as she felt my hardness pressing against her. Now to please her as she’s never been pleased before.

I moved to her other breast, giving it the attention it also begged for. Her breathing was now very ragged and her moans more of a guttural growl. Knowing I must go slowly, I began my descent to heaven by placing gentle kisses along her ribs and flat stomach. I probed her navel with my tongue and felt both her hands tug on my hair. I could now smell her aroma, the aroma of a woman in heat, the aroma that drives a man crazy with passion. I continued to move down until I felt her pubic hair…what there was of it. She had recently shaved and in the soft glow I could just make out a small patch on her stomach. She was smooth below.

I kissed her patch and the crease where thighs meet belly. Soft, sweet, and now my head is spinning with her aroma and my passion. I moved her legs up to my shoulders draping them across my back. With ragged breathing I lowered my mouth to her flower and began to drink her liquid as if I was dying of thirst. She squealed louder now, pulled my hair harder, and began thrusting her hips up to meet my lips and tongue. The most passionate of kisses was what she desired and I gave her what she wanted along with licks and gentle sucking of her clit. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy, fucking her like I would later using my dick. Her thrusts became harder and faster, as did her breathing. Then it happened. Her grasp of my hair stiffened, her thighs pressed hard against my face, her hips froze, and she held her breath. With an animalistic sound she came. Her juices flowed into my waiting mouth and I drank it all, the sweetest nectar in the world. She came with a violence necatibey escort I hadn’t expected, but for her it must have been a release that had been building for weeks or months.

Slowly her grasp of my hair lessened and she began to relax. I kept my lips tight against her pussy, my tongue moving up and down. Each time I touched her clit she gave a little shudder. She began to run her fingers through my hair and purr. She was contented for now. As her breathing returned to normal I moved up her body and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth so she could taste her own juice. Looking into her eyes I saw that they were dilated and glazed over. I kissed her eyes and turned us both onto our sides. Again, we melted into each other.

Her breathing now slowed; I explored her body with my hand. A light sheen of perspiration covered her. I blew gently on her skin, which made goose bumps rise and her shiver. Her nipples were still erect and begging to be touched. Instead, I licked them and blew my hot breath on them. Again she shivered, but know she pulled my head to her breast. I suckled as a newborn would; delighted that I had found something she very much enjoyed. Her hips began to move again, tightly pressing my swollen cock between us. She looked into my eyes and rolled us over until I was on my back.

She was a light as a feather. As she continued to rotate her hips, I was beginning to fear that I would cum. I placed my hands on her tiny, tight ass and stopped her. She responded with a sound of protest, but became still. Then she pulled her knees up and proceeded to sit on my thighs. She raised her arms over her head in a stretch and I gazed at her body in amazement. The moon light made her skin glow a bright white, her perfect 34B breast were tipped by eraser-sized nipples which responded to my lightest touch, and her eyes were fixed on my cock which was fully exposed to her vision for the first time. Slowly she reached down and touched the tip of my cock and I flinched. She looked at me with a smile, like she had just found her favorite toy. I looked down as she began to slowly stroke me. I couldn’t take much more of that and I told her that if she didn’t stop that I would cum. Her stroking continued and I surrendered to her. It didn’t take but a few more strokes before I felt my cum boiling up in my loins. With a shudder and a gasp I shot a load that reached its apogee near her breast and fell back to my stomach. Three more times my cum exploded from me and fell back to create a small puddle on my stomach. I could see in her eyes amazement and thrill at the same time. I placed my hand over her’s to slow her down and finally stop. Some of my cum covered her fingers. She played with it for a few seconds and then began to play with the puddle. Her fingers drew circles and odd designs, leaving a path wherever they went. She scooped some onto her fingers and rubbed it into her nipples; both of her hands now playing with the warm, slippery substance. With her right hand she reached down and took a little cum on the end of her index finger and raised it to her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and slowly licked it from her fingertip. I watched for an expression. With her eyes closed, she moaned and licked her lips. I pulled her down and kissed her, running my tongue across her lips and into her mouth. We tasted like each other and the flavor was intoxicating.

We stayed in this position for a while, kissing, licking, and stroking each other’s hair, enjoying every intimate second. I couldn’t get enough of her. My hands traveled over every inch of her body that they could reach, lightly here, a little harder there, fingers probing every opening. Once again she began the now familiar rotation of her hips and my cock began to spring back into life. She purred when she felt it begin to poke her in the belly and increased the motion of her hips. For my part, I grabbed ankara otele gelen escort her ass with both hands and began to thrust upwards. This wasn’t having the desired effect I was hoping for so I reached between us and pushed my cock down until it was between her legs. She froze and squeezed her slender thighs tightly together. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her smoothly shaved pussy, but I wanted more. I wanted my cock buried in her. As I kissed her I rolled us over and now I was on top.

I supported myself on my elbows; she parted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, interlocking her toes, offering me her very center, giving me the gift of her virginity. Our eyes locked as I began to slowly, lovingly enter her. She was very wet, but very tight so I stopped constantly to let her adjust to the fit. Her eyes would flutter as each inch entered and I could see the excitement mixed with fear on her face. I felt my cock break through her hymen and felt her flinch. I kissed her gently and whispering asked her if she was OK. She nodded yes and I slid in all the way whereupon she let out a little squeal. I was in something magical; tight yet flexible, wet yet slippery, warm but actually hot. I waited for a few seconds and then slowly withdrew about halfway, paused and then entered fully again, my balls resting against the cheeks of her ass. She placed her hands on my ass and pulled me tighter into her. Thus began the a slow repeat of in and out, my cock sliding effortlessly in a steady rhythm, her hands clutching my ass tighter, and her pelvis rising up to meet my every thrust. The sounds of lovemaking filled the room, rapid breathing, moans, squeals, and balls slapping on ass. We continued like this until I could feel my cum beginning to boil and I told her to cum with me. She increased her tempo and her fingernails, although short, began to dig into my ass. Gasping, she began that low growl that told me her orgasm was building. I moved into her now as rapidly as I could so we could reach the ultimate moment of intimacy, which is coming together. In a final gasp, growl and shudder she began, as did I. Locked in a primitive embrace, frozen in position, every muscle tight, we came in unison. My grunts almost drown out her growl as I pumped my cum deep into her pussy. I thought my orgasm would go on forever. Her orgasm continue beyond mine and left her exhausted, limp, and in a heavy dew of perspiration.

I remained inside her until I was soft. I held her as close to me as I could; our arms wound tightly around each other. I kissed her entire face, licked her ears, and nuzzled her neck until my cock slid from her. I rolled off her and lay on my back next to her, holding her hand, raising it to my lips and kissing it. We faced each other from this position. Our eyes locked. I asked her if she was all right. She answered by kissing me and saying. “Perfectly.” She was now a woman, a woman who had experienced lovemaking, not teenage sex. She was a woman whose bed I would share time and again, and she mine.

We lay side-by-side until the false dawn announced that I should leave. She turned on her right side and watched me as I got dressed. I pulled the sheet up to her neck and kissed her goodbye. Back out the window I went. As I pulled the window down I gazed at her one more time, a beautiful princess, her red hair on the pillow, her skin glowing, and a smile on her face. I smiled at her and departed, past the oak tree and down the street to my car. My legs were trembling from exhaustion. I had a smile on my face. I knew in my mind that one day it would end. That we would never marry. After all, I was her teacher and she was my student. She had wanted to experience true lovemaking, to learn the art of lovemaking from someone that knew all that she didn’t. I taught her all that I knew from the basics to the most advanced sexual techniques. As I taught her how a man should please her, I also taught her how she should please a man, that between lovers nothing is taboo.

What has delighted me to this day is the orgasm we shared that first time, her first time. It continues and goes on forever in my memory. And every time I think of that night I smile. And those around me wonder what I’ve been up to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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