Cousin Anita Ch. 02

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This true incident happened just 2 months back. I was in Kenya for another two days and had wonderful time. I will be writing more but all will depend on your comments and reply.

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Please read Cousin Anita Part 1 for better understanding of the story.

As I opened my eyes, I felt a slight headache. I looked around and the only thing I saw through sleepy eyes was the clock, it was 10:25. I heard a knock on the door. As I was getting up the door opened and maid came in carrying a steaming cup of tea. I sat up in my bed, took the cup from her, and started sipping it.

I finished my tea and thought of the events of last night came back to me.. Just then, I heard a tiny knock on door again — before I could answer Anita opened the door and slipped in wearing a nightgown.

“Hi,” was all I could muster.

“Hello,” she said softly, under her breath.

Anita face had a mix expression of guilt and satisfaction, she spoke very slowly almost whispering, “I don’t know what came over me last night.”

I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have allowed that to happen.” I said.

“Well!” she said through tears filled eyes. “I’m not sure how we are going to deal with it, but I know we must forget it, it was wrong.”

I noticed worry lines around Anita’s eyes, I wanted to reach out to her, but refrained and instead said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, you needed it, didn’t you?

“I know,” she answered. Then she shook her head and said, “But I don’t want this to happen.”

Our eyes locked for several moments. I could feel the tension and felt that I should do something, but just then, Anita shook her head and walked out of the room asking me to take a quick shower as Ravi was waiting down for breakfast.

I made my way to the toilet and then took a shower. It felt good as the cold water cascaded over my skin washing away the evidence of last night. I lathered myself up real good and was tempted to masturbate but… I thought better of it. I did not want to waste any gift that I may need later for my fantasy lover. I washed and rinsed my hair and then grabbed a towel from the hook outside the shower stall door. After drying myself, I did a close inspection making sure that I was done up proper headed down.

Anita was busy in kitchen and Ravi was sitting in living room. There was a feeling in my stomach and chest; a feeling I could not describe adequately. Ravi’s presence in room made me ill.

Ravi looked at me as I sat and for the briefest of moments, a smile played at his lips.

“Had a nice sleep?” He asked while offering me cigarette.

“Yes,” I replied as I took one from the pack.

Ravi nodded, rising to his feet lighted my cigarette and said,” I am sorry about last night.”

“That’s ok,” I answered. “But you be careful with your drinks.”

“This is first time it has happened, I know my drinks but last night some business tension made me drink more.”

“Tension is no excuse for excess drinking,” I replied, “You are a mature man.”

“Yes,” Ravi nodded slowly.

Ravi was looking quite embarrassed and the atmosphere was tensed so to ease up the situation a little I changed the subject and started discussion about my business. It seemed that Ravi too wanted to avoid any discussions for the night so we started chatting.

Maid came in to call us for breakfast and as we had breakfast, I noticed that Anita avoided any eye contact with me. After a very light breakfast, Anita and Ravi left me in living room and went upstairs to bed room. I turned on the TV, and flicked through channels but my mind was dreaming of Anita. I tried to visualize what lay ahead but I could not determine where things would lead.

After about may 20 – 25 minutes Ravi walked in, he was completely dressed, and looked distracted. “Sorry, Naveen,” he said, “Something’s come up, I have to go to office.” “Anita will take you to hotel to pick up your luggage and I will see you later in the evening.” He said

“Where is Anita?” I inquired.

“She is in the shower “. Ravi replied adding “Have her call me once you are back. O. K.? By the way, sorry for not giving you enough time.

“No problem.” I replied. “You have to give time to business also, take care.”

As Ravi left I watched the TV, but my mind went back to Anita. The sex between us was incredible and thinking about what can come I reached down and slowly stroked my cock. It was hard and needed attention.

“What could happen now that she was with me alone for whole day, I wondered as I sat there. Maybe it was bullshit, I should just write off the last night episode as a drunken mistake. Nevertheless, could I?

Anita came in breaking me from my day dreaming about her body and warm touch with stiff cock in the palm of my hand. She was dressed in white jeans and a buttoned red silk shirt. I was incredibly excited at that moment and was not canlı bahis exactly sure what to do, or how to react.

I waited for her to say something and avoided looking directly in her eyes and was almost shaking with anxiety. It was a few minutes before either of us said anything. Finally, I broke the ice by asking, “What is plan for the day.”

“We have to go to your hotel first.” she said, in a very low voice trying to avoid any direct contacts with my eyes.

“Of course,” I replied

As we walked out of the house Anita turned to me and asked, “What sort places you would like to visit today?”

I have several places at my list we can go over them in detail later in hotel.” I replied as I could read confusion written all over her face. She was very uncertain as to how to react.

Driver brought the car to porch but Anita asked him to stay back at home and slipped into driver’s seat. We drove in complete silence to hotel. The tension in air was being felt by both of us. The 30-minute drive to hotel was the longest I had ever taken and mind was working overtime with possibilities. I wondered how things would progress. Will Anita be still open to my advances? If she is not shall I force her?

As she drove, I could make out that she too was not very comfortable; she never even looked in my direction during the drive. Unsure of what was going through her mind, I decided that I was not going to take the initiative in approaching her. The tension between us continued until hotel.

Once we reached reception, I collected my room keys and stood in two minds. Shall I invite her to my room or just go alone and get my luggage. Anita eased my confusion as without any discussion or invitation she accompanied me to my room.

I opened the door and invited Anita in. She walked in and stood by the window as I started packing my luggage.

As I was packing, she spoke for first time since leaving home. “Naveen, I need to explain last night. I’ve been finding myself frustrated but what ever happened was not right.”

“Say no more,” I said interrupting her, “We’ll just forget it ever happened.”

“I am to be blamed for what happened.” Anita replied.

“Anita, you didn’t go looking for it, it came looking for you.” I replied.

“I don’t know all that but I think we did it wrong.” She answered

Just then her mobile rang. It was Ravi.

“Yes.” she asked. Then after a minute, “What, are you kidding me? He has come for first time and you are not finding any time for him and now you want to leave him here alone for your urgent meetings.” Ravi must have spoke something which I could not hear the way anita folded the phone and threw it on bed I made out all was not well.

Is all well, any problems?” I asked.

“Well, Ravi has some very important meeting so he is flying out by afternoon flight. I am sorry Naveen.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, in business emergencies do come I understand.” I replied trying to pacify her raising anger.

“No,” she said, “It is not for business that he is flying out, I know for sure his meeting is on Monday, he is definitely going for his orgy party.”

“Orgy party.” I asked surprised.

“Yes, I should not be sharing with you but Ravi has turned into a Gay and it is his weekly party that he don’t want to miss even though you are here.”

“Ravi is a Gay” I asked back shocked and surprised.

She turned towards me and her face had a strong confident look. “I am sick of my life, Naveen, yesterday you gave me love which I have been looking in a man who don’t care about me”. Saying this she sat down on the armchair by the window and started sobbing.

I was shocked, to say the least. I did not know how to react to this. Pouring cold water in a glass, I handed it to her. Her hand shook slightly when she raised glass to her lips and taking a sip, paused, looked up into my eyes as I gave her a sympathetic look feeling the tension.

As she finished water, I sat down quietly on the armrest of her chair and said, “If you want to talk, I’ve got great ears and broad shoulders.”

Anita sobbing said, “Thanks, but I really don’t know what to say at this point.”

I stood up and pulling her up from her shoulders looked straight into her eyes.

She was taken back by my quick change of gear. She looked at me stunned! And then slowly whispered, “I am married.” “I’ve lived so long now, I’m kind of set in my ways.”

“You do remember last night, don’t you?”

“I can never forget.” She replied her head down and voice very low almost whisper.

Several minutes lapsed as I just stood there, staring at Anita. Several times, I started to say something, but words just did not come to me. Fumbling with my words. Finally, breaking the silence, I hoarsely said, “Everything that’s happened already, it is in the past… It does not have to happen again, or even be spoken of. You do not even have to think about it if you do not want. The future… well that is up to you.”

I could see the hurt look in Anita’s face bahis siteleri as she started to leave the room. Rushing toward her, I grabbed her and turned her toward me, our bodies just barely touching. Anita looked up into my eyes. Standing this close to her, I could smell the fragrance of her hair, the light scent of her perfume, sense her warm body against me. For several more seconds we stood there looking into each other’s eyes.

Unable to read her expression I slowly lower my lips to hers softly letting my lips press against hers as she embraced me fully, letting me feel her generous boobs crushed against my chest. Not wanting to break contact with her, I started stroking Anita’s neck and head, running my fingers through her hair, massaging her tense muscles. I felt her start to relax and loosen up under my ministrations. Feeling a little bolder, I nuzzled closer in her neck and gave her several little soft kisses behind her ear. I felt and heard Anita moan softly, and her hands and arms started to subtly change their motions. Instead of just clinging to me, Anita started to return her stroking and massaging. There was a desire, a feeling so strong, that neither of us could deny it.

With no words spoken, our lips met and parted, with tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. My hands slowly slid down to her shirt and began to unbutton it. One by one the buttons came open, revealing her bra. I slipped the shirt off her shoulders and she allowed it to fall to the floor. Next, I undid the button and zipper on her jeans, and slowly slid them down her smooth legs. When I got to her feet, she stepped out of them, and I tossed them to the side. Anita was now standing in only her bra and panties.

I stood back up, as my eyes feasted on her body for a long time before stepping closer and took her in my arms. She kissed back with the experience of a hundred women. I stood still as her tongue worked its magic in my mouth, licking the insides of my oral cavity, tasting my breath until I was panting for her.

When we broke the kiss, she moved her head back a little and we searched out each other’s eyes. There was fire in her eyes, something I had not seen before. A need that had not been expressed, a touch that had not been felt.

She pulled my shirt out of my pants and unbuttoning it pulled it off me as I kicked off my shoes and socks. Loosening my belt unsnapped my pants and let the zipper down letting my pants drop to the floor.

My cock was pushing out past my underwear and she massaged my erection with her hands, looking into my face and said, ” I want to do this.”

I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Letting the shoulder straps fall, she released the bra and it fell to the floor. I pulled her and buried my face between the valley they create and inhaled the warm sweet scent as my mouth slides across and licks around. She gasp and throw her head back, savouring the feel of my teeth gently biting them while her hand held me close to her, no pressure, just a light touch to know she wanted this too

I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth flicking it with my tongue. Her deep moan told me I found one of her spots. I attacked her boobs with fury. Sucking, nibbling, biting, trying to pry and probe every pleasure spot around her breasts.

With a grunt, Anita’s hand slid downward, her fingers stopping at the waistline of my underwear. I held my breath a moment, as she slipped her hand, palm flat against my skin, under the waistline and between my body and my cock. She stopped moving then without a word, she slipped her hand around my shaft, getting a tight grip almost squeezing it. I felt warmth throughout my body, and I groaned low in my throat. She held me in her hand, while I continued suck and nibble her nipples. We just stayed that way, neither of us changing our position, for a few minutes enjoying the moment.

I could feel every bit of her movement, I was feeling her rub, every bit of it and it was giving me a monster erection, the kind people refer to as ‘throbbing’.

My left hand travelled over her belly and down between her legs — her thighs parted as my fingers inched closer to find her already wet pussy. I stroked my finger over her wetness, sliding up to press against her clit then down over her wet lips. “Please,” she gasped, “Yes, there, right there,” as my fingers moved. I dipped the tip of my finger into her, she moaned loudly. “Oh yes, put it inside me. Finger me!”

I slowly slid my finger in and out of her wet pussy. Every time I pulled my finger out, I would circle her clit giving it a couple flicks then dipping my finger back into her pussy. Her breathing became heavy and I kept teasing her until she started begging.

“Just do it.” Anita almost pleaded. “I want to feel you inside me.”

I smiled back at her and said, “What is the hurry, “I want to take it slow and easy. “

She dropped on bed pulling me with her. “Naveen fuck me now, I can not wait.” she huskily instructed.

Placing my lips against hers, I sucked her tongue hungrily into my mouth. Anita’s bahis şirketleri moans and pleading now lost inside my own throat as we continued grinding our bodies against one another. Breaking the kiss Anita began breathing noisily through her mouth… “Oh Naveen fuck me now” She ordered with fire in her eyes as reached down and grasped my dick in her hand.

I traced my mouth over to her ears and whispered, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

She sighed in response saying; “I guess I have the Luck on my side.”

I smiled and traced the tip of my tongue down her neck with care. I reached her collarbone, kissed out to her shoulder, and lightly nibbled my way back to her breastbone and up the other side of her neck. I quickly stole another kiss and then dropped to her breasts. Her flesh was so tender, and it quivered when my lips embraced her soft skin. In a slow, circling pattern, I rounder her breast, like licking an ice cream cone, until I found her nipple. It was hard against my tongue. I could not resist suckling her, as my hand formed her tit into its proper shape. I did the same with the other breast.

As I was busy with her boobs, she panted: “I want you now, NOW or I will die of all the pleasure you are giving me.”

I pulled back from her, looking her in the eyes, both of us breathing heavily. “I want to taste you,” I said, “I want to lick you and tease you with my tongue and my lips.”

She looked like a doll full of life and I could not help staring at her. Her chest was moving slowly up and down; I found it exciting just to watch her breathe. I wondered how her husband could neglect her. I knew from last night experience that Anita was hot and relentless. I wanted to give her much more pleasure before this was over.

I used my hands to pull her up in sitting position. With her feet’s touching floor, I pushed her gently back and spread her legs. Kneeling on the floor between them, I placed my arms under her legs I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her pussy very invigorating. “You have a very pretty cunt” I told her. “You like it? I am happy,” she said.

Setting the position right I carefully spread the lips of her shining pussy. Anita raised her head, stared at me as I slowly lower my head, and extended my tongue to lightly lick around her inner lips.

At the first contact of my tongue Anita’s hips lift off the bed almost as if hit by a bolt of lightning. “Uhh… ohhhhhh… oh god… I’m… I’m going to come,” she moans. I lick up and down both sides of her pussy before gently circling the erect nub of her clit. “Ohhhh… ohhhh… what are you doing… what are you doing to me?” Anita wailed. I lightly pull her clitoris between my lips and suck on it gently. Anita begin to vigorously rub her pussy against my mouth… her hips rising several inches off the bed… “Unhhhhhhh… Unhhhhh… I’m… I’m Noooooooooo!!” Anita yelled as I continue sucking her clit into my mouth.

I raised my head up only for an instant, “Cum in my mouth, Anita. Let me taste you fully.”

Her shouts continued as my head returned to her pussy she used both her hands to pull my head against her pussy… bouncing her ass several inches off the bed as she rode out her climax. “No more… no more… I can’t stand any more,” she pleaded as she used my hair to pull my mouth away from her drenched pussy.

Not giving any consideration to her shouts I reached for her g-spot moving my finger alongside of my tongue as I continued sucking on her lips and clit. Her whole body arched up off the bed, and she pushed my head into her wetness and she came with a massive shudder and a squirt driving my fingers as deep as they could go in her pussy with the combination groan/scream that came from her mouth. I could feel her pussy muscles clench and release on my fingers during the initial orgasm and then several ‘aftershocks’. Her chest rises and falls rapidly as she strives to get her breathing under control. Raising her head slightly she looks down at me… my head lying against her thigh as I stare back into her eyes. “Come hear,” she breathlessly pleads.

She pulled me up to her and whispered, “Naveen , come fuck me now.”

“All good things come to those who wait.” I replied gently pulling her over bed and positioning her properly.

We both looked at each as I positioned myself over her, my cock lying just against the opening of her warm, inviting pussy. I looked up at Anita’s face, she was getting anxious. Not wanting to disappoint, with one strong stroke, I plunged deep inside Anita’s steaming, wet pussy. I started pumping slowly, bringing myself out so that just the tip of my dick was inside her, and then plunging back, deep and hard inside her.

After few minutes of slow pumping, I paused, lowered my mouth slowly to her breasts, and began to lick and tug at her nipple. Anita drew in sharp breaths with each flick of my tongue against her hard nub of flesh, moaning and quietly whispering and began to slowly rock her hips… the stimulation of her clit rubbing against my pubic bone caused Anita to close her eyes from the intensity. Slowly I withdrew my erection as Anita used her hands to pull against my hips… trying to keep me firmly impaled in her tight pussy.

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