Daddy Loves Daughter as Wife Ch. 06

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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. Thank you my all readers for reading my stories, and thank you for your support, I hope you will continue to support me and this is the 6th part of this story. Sorry for the inconvenience I have caused because of my writing. Please read the story from first.

Enjoy the story my lovelies


Next Morning…

I woke up to the sun rays coming through the curtains, I tried to get up, but felt a sudden weight on me, I looked down at my waist and there was a hand holding me. A few moments I couldn’t figure out where I was, but suddenly everything that happened yesterday came running to my mind. I blushed as I remembered everything, I slowly turned to face daddy. He was sleeping peacefully, I was tempted to let him sleep, but at the same time I wanted him.

I pushed him on his back, he was heavy, but I managed to get him on his back. I got undercover as I started to kiss his cock, it was semi hard. I started to give wet smooches to the cock head as I massaged his balls lightly. It started to get hard and bigger, I smiled happily, he kept getting hard, big and long. I was shocked at his length again. He groaned a little, I giggled as I continued to give smooches he kept groaning in between and suddenly the covers were off I gasped louder.

I looked up and saw him wide awake, breathing heavily. “W — what are you doing, babygirl? ” He asked while panting hard.

“Daddy, umm I was just, umm I — I.” I was searching for the right words, but before I can complete that sentence, he grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock. I tasted his pre-cum, I licked it like a thirsty girl, I moaned at the taste of him. I heard his loud moans, I smiled as I suck on his cock head and teased it with my tongue tip.

“Baby, you know what you are doing, you know that you are playing with fire. ” I moaned and smiled on his cock, his cock twitched as I moaned on his cock. I take his cock deep in my mouth, my mouth wide open for his cock. He moaned out and started to move his hips, pushing his cock in my mouth deeper. I tried to open my mouth more wide for him to fuck it harder. I gag on his cock, he pushed my head down.

“Your little mouth feels so good babygirl….. ughhhhhh yes, yes just take my cock like that, take me, take that big cock in your mouth, make that cock cum. ” He groaned as he talked, I drag my teeth on his cock lightly. I felt him shiver, I tempobet yeni giriş smiled happily as I drag my teeth over his cock again. I take it out of my mouth as I start to stroke it, I move towards his balls, licking them, teasing them.

“OHHHHH baby, your mouth feel so good. ” He moaned, talking with a heavy breath as I licked his balls, I took them in my mouth, as I sucked on them. I moan on his balls, letting the vibration tease him more. I kept stroking his cock. I licked his cock from base to tip, I felt his hands tighten in my head. I take his cock deep in my mouth, and felt it throbbing in my mouth, I bob my head faster as I looked up at him. His eyes were closed in pleasure.

“OHHHH, I’m close baby, ohhhh yes, I’m so close. ” He moans out. I kept bobbing my head on his cock and in a few moments he exploded in my mouth, shooting warm ropes of cum in my mouth. I gulp it down faster, but still some of it spilled on my boobs. I smile in pleasure at the taste of his cum.

After coming down from his height, he dragged me up towards him as he kissed me harder. I squeezed my boobs harder, I moaned in kiss as I felt his hands on my body, he pressed me tightly against his body. He was playing with my tongue, sucking on it, nibbling my lower lip, after the long kiss he looked deep into my eyes.

“I love you babygirl, I really love you, you are amazing. ” He smiled as he talked.

“When you get a tasty thing to eat then you can never get enough of it daddy. ” I licked my lips as I talked, I winked at him and wiped off the remaining cum from my boobs, I looked at him as I licked my fingers, moaning loudly at the taste of his cum.

He grabbed my hips a bit roughly, I gasped in surprise. “Babygirl, you know what you are doing to me, don’t you? ” He talked as he smirked. A devilish smirk.

I lean towards him as I stop just a few inches away from his lips. “I know what I’m doing daddy, I’m having what I wanted for so many years, it’s just a side effect of waiting for a long time. ” I crush my lips against his as I play with his tongue.

“Ughhhhh babygirl you make it hard to leave the bed. “

“Then don’t leave daddy, lay here whole day with me, we can do many interesting things, whole day. ” I whisper.

“I need that too babygirl, but we need to go on a trip, we need to get out of home to visit interesting places. “

“Ohhh yes daddy! We need to go to Romania. ” I sit up straight, excitedly.

“Baby, tempobet giriş we are already here.” I was shocked at his words, then I looked around the room, and then I noticed it’s not our room. There was a big mirror right on top of our bed, we could see each other in that mirror.

“You like it, baby? ” He asked as he looked at me, smiling bright.

“I love it daddy!! It’s so beautiful!! ” I talked as I took a look at the room again.

“I’m glad you like it, baby, so let’s get something to eat, I’m hungry. Come on let’s move, we need to get out also, we have many things to do. ” He talked as he kissed my forehead.

I jumped out of bed excitedly as I hugged daddy from behind. “I love you, daddy. “

“Ohhhh my baby, come on, let’s move, we have to get out. ” He talked as he laughed out.

“Daddy I can’t stay away from you. I already stayed away for a long time, now I don’t wanna miss a minute. ” I rested my head on his back.

He turned back, wrapping me in his arms. “I’m not going to keep you away too, I waited for you, for a long time too. If you want, we can spend all day in bed, we can extend our time of stay, we can stay here as long as you want. ” He stroked my hair as I rested my head on his chest.

“Yes daddy I want to spend my whole day with you today, I missed you so much these past few days. I want to make up all the time we wasted. ” I looked up at him, and this time I knew what he was thinking.

“As you wish babygirl, so we gonna spend whole day in bed and I guess we are going to have fun, too much fun. ” He winked as he talked.

I blushed hard as I heard his words. “Yes daddy, we are going to have too much ‘fun’ so be ready. ” I winked back. He picked me up and carried me to bed again, I was laughing out hard as he threw me on bed.

“Get ready to take me, babygirl. I’m going to fuck your little pussy till you can’t walk without remembering that this pussy belongs to me. ” He talked while rubbing my pussy in circles. I moaned loudly, feeling his hand on my clit. “Mmmm you are dripping wet. ” He moaned a bit as he talked, he pushed me upwards, I slid up he gets between my legs as he started to kiss my inner thigh. I was moaning loudly, his breath was hot on my skin.

He put a finger on my opening, but he didn’t push in, I moaned loudly, and pushed on his finger trying to take it in, but he withdrew his finger. He looked up at me, “Be patient, honey, hurry will get you tempobet güvenilirmi nowhere other than more teasing.” He showers my inner thigh with kisses as I moan and tremble with desire and teasing. He gets near my pussy and blow out hot air, it made me arch my back up, without wasting more time he licked my clit with his tongue tip. I scream as I feel him teasing me with his tongue.

“You wanted to feel that, right? ” He talked as he kissed my thigh again.

“Yes, t-that’s what I needed, I need more please….” I was getting breathless at the teasing.

“What do you need, baby? Tell me, if you don’t tell me, then how would I get to know about your need? ” He talked as he teased my pussy with the finger again, he pushed his finger against my clit and drag it down towards my opening, he pushed the finger in slightly and stopped, letting it rest.

“I need you to suck on my clit, I need your warm mouth on my clit, I need to feel your fingers push inside me finger fucking me, I need to cum on your face hard I need you to lap at my juices, please make me cum with your mouth. ” I talked while pushing my hip towards him. I was panting hard.

Without wasting any more time, he sucked hard on my clit. I screamed louder, pushing his head down. He sucked on my clit harder, I arched my back up, I felt his fingers going inside me, I screamed with pleasure. He curled his fingers inside me, hitting the right spot, I moaned and screamed again and again. He teased my clit with his tongue and started to suck on it again. I screamed at the unbearable pleasure, I squeezed my pussy, and cum hard while shaking uncontrollably under him. He held my hip in place as he lapped at my juices, he sucked one last time on my swollen clit.

He came up and lay beside me as he kissed me, I sucked on his tongue tasting my juices, I nibbled on his lower lip. He wrapped me in his arms, I rested in his arms, breathing heavily.

“Take some sleep, baby, you need energy for the next round. ” He smirked and started to stroke my hair, running his soft fingers in my hair.

“Yes daddy I need a long sleep, because you drained me, with that sweet mouth of yours. ” I giggled as I started to feel sleepy.

“Haha you have to survive this every day babygirl. Now go to sleep, honey. ” He said as he kept running his fingers in my hair.

I fell in a deep sleep. I felt so peaceful and happy in his arms, there was so much happiness, but little I knew that this was the silence before the storm.


We reached to the end. Sorry I’m not that great at writing erotic stories, but I tried to do, so please understand me and support me. Thank you.

Big thank you to my readers for reading.

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