A Visit to New York City

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I’ve been in New York City a couple days now. Just before I get to the hotel entrance I go to answer my phone and end up bumping into a young man, knocking him to the sidewalk. Helping him up I see he’s cute…young girl cute. My dirty old man mind starts to scheme about this sweet looking lad. I help him up and start to brush off the dust on his clothes. Casually running my hand over his butt. It’s firm and curvy.

To make amends I offer to buy him a drink. He smiles shyly and accepts, starting to blush a bit. My heart beats faster and my small old cock twitches in the panties I have on under my pants.

After a couple drinks I notice a blotch of blood seeping through his pants at his knee. I tell him we need to see to that and say I have a first aid kit in the room. I stand offering my hand to help him stand. Again he turns a bit red and takes my hand. It’s small and delicate…soft as a ladies. He rises and teeters a tad. I put an arm around him and pull him too me. Oh God, was that a small moan escaping his pouty lips!

We’re in the elevator klasbahis yeni giriş now and as the car begins to rise he falls against me. A little too much alcohol? A smile crosses my face now.

Entering the room, the door closed behind us, I lead him over by the bed. “Let’s get these pants off and soak the blood off, then I’ll treat you poor knee,” I say.

His face goes bright red and he shakes his head no! I just smile and tell this sweet creature not to worry as I unbuckle the belt and open his pants. He grasps the waist band and kind of squeaks out a soft scared no.

I move his hands and the fight drains out him. As I lower the pants, a baby pink, silky pair of panties appear. Letting his pants fall to his ankles, I gently push him back and he flops to the bed. He’s frozen with shock and embarrassment.

Quickly I drop my own pants revealing my lacy bright red panties. His eyes open wide and he seems to relax a bit. Kicking off my pants I kneel, shove my boy back so he’s now laying down. Swiftly I pull off his klasbahis giriş shoes and pants, then climb to the bed and lay next to his slim body.

Cupping his face with one hand I assure the boy we’re very much alike…other than age. “Let’s get naked,” I whisper in his ear.

I let my tongue slip into his ear a give a couple soft licks.

Helping him sit up I pull his shirt over his head. He then helps me get mine off. God, he’s lovely. So slim and soft looking. Creamy skin, so pale.

I caress his chest lightly. His nipples harden to stiff little points. Leaning over I run my tongue over each, feeling them get harder. No doubt he feels them ache, they’ve gotten so hard.

His breathing is faster now. I ask his name and in a soft whisper he says, “Janis, I like to go by Janis.”

“Well Janis, just relax and let old Bob take care of you.”

With that I lay him flat again. I start working my way down his chest, kissing softly and even nipping at him with my teeth. Now I hover over this young cock. It’s a little klasbahis güvenilirmi short, almost 5 inches I guess. But it’s hard, standing straight up and proud. A bit of precum wets the tip.

I lower my greedy mouth and he’s deep inside. I feel the throbbing of his pulsating cock beating against me tongue.

Now I start. Sliding down his dick more I feel his hairless balls and shaved pubic area on my lips. I pull back ’til just the tip is in my mouth. Slowly I continue, in and out. He’s just long enough to reach the entrance of my throat but not enough to gag me

Suddenly, his body comes alive and his hips raise up and down, fucking my face. Faster and faster he thrusts into my mouth-pussy, as his passion builds.

Next thing I know a low growl escapes his throat and cum shoots in my mouth. As he pumps I swallow fast, tasting his sweet cum on my tongue. The sweet and salty taste coats my tongue, a few drops escape from between my lips and his throbbing member.

The torrent of his spend ebbs as I lick the last few drops from the head of his cock as it softens

He gasps, “I’m sorry. I’m a fast cummer. I reassure him and say, “Don’t worry Janis, we have all night.

I cup his balls and give ’em a little squeeze. Already I can see the young dick begin to stiffen again. Damn, I love New York!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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