Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 04

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Two years ago…

“Hey, Mrs. Crane!”

Startled, Nicole turned to see the dark-haired youngster loping toward her down the nearly deserted main hallway of Greenleaf High School. She recognized Luke Gable, one of Brandon’s twelve-grade classmates and also a member of her son’s soccer team.

He stopped before her, looked down into her eyes and flashed an open smile. “You look lost. Can I help?”

At half past four on a Tuesday afternoon in the spring, the main school building was mostly empty, with even most of the extracurricular activities winding down. She was alone in the corridor with Luke and unsure why that made her uncomfortable.

“I’m looking for the music room,” Nicole said. “I’m picking up Brandon from small ensemble practice.”

“Oh, that’s one of the temporary buildings out back,” Luke replied. “I’ll show you.” He turned and strode off. Nicole struggled to keep pace; the boy towered over her and his long legs ate up the distance. “Brandon’s been in school here since sophopmore year,” he said at one point. “I’m kinda surprised you don’t know your way around.”

“Music is a sudden new interest of Brandon’s this semester,” Nicole explained. “Honestly, between sports and his clubs and this I’m afraid he’s overextending himself.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Luke said, shooting her a sideways glance. His smile this time held a little mystery, as if concealing a private joke. “There’s not much my man Brando can’t handle.”

Nicole had to smile to herself at the nickname. It was appropriate though, as her son’s brooding good looks and powerful young frame reminded her of the young actor as he’d appeared in Streetcar Named Desire. Luke was undoubtedly right. Brandon was full of the vitality and energy of adolescence and seemed able to bounce back from anything.

Anything including what had to be a challenging home life. Nicole tried automatically to push the thought away, but it was becoming harder and harder as the years passed.

In fact Brandon had become the only bright spot in her eighteen year marriage to George Crane.

The odds had been stacked against the couple since the beginning, or so Nicole believed now. After her first amazing session of fucking with her father, Lou Foster had shocked her by insisting that she keep her date with the popular star school athlete. “I want you to have a normal life and prospects for the future,” her dad had said simply. “Whatever normal can mean, now.” She remembered how he’d added, with a twinkle in his eye, “and we need to keep up appearances.”

Keep up appearances Nicole did, as she would for decades after. Anxious for more fucking she’d bedded Crane immediately on their first date, which might have earned her a “reputation” save for the fact that even George, not the brightest tack in the box, realized queenbet güvenilirmi his good fortune to be with the most beautiful girl in school and have her turn out to be the hottest fuck a fellow could imagine. He kept mum about her unbridled, whorish lovemaking and instead they became a couple.

With George on her arm Nicole was the envy of the other girls in school, which held a secret bitterness for her. What they didn’t know was that the “big man on campus” was nothing of the sort in the trousers. His dick was disappointingly small to a girl who’d recently been initiated into fucking by her heavy-hung father, and he was clumsy and too fast between the sheets. Nor did he improve with time.

For Nicole the saving grace which made it all bearable was that her father kept on fucking her at every opportunity.

Though her mother’s long business trips to Chicago became regular occurrences after making partner in her firm they were never frequent enough for Nicole. While mom was away dad and daughter would play, sometimes not leaving the bedroom for days. Even when Doris Foster called home to say she’d be late at the office her daughter took to announcing the fact to Lou by greeting him at the front door naked and leading him into the den for an afternoon session of sixty-nine.

Everything had come crashing down with Nicole’s unplanned pregnancy right after high school. George had proposed, Nicole had debated what to do and was heartbroken when her father had urged her to marry Crane.

“But why, Daddy?” she’d sobbed. “I want you.”

“And that can’t happen,” Lou had said tersely. “George wants to marry you and it’s what the townsfolk in this place expect in a jam like this. It’s normal.”

“Fuck normal!” Nicole had cursed. “Fuck me!”

And they had, urgently and risking everything because Doris had been at home on a client conference call. The possibility of having everything blow up on them had excited the stubborn, defiant red-haired teen but must have affected her father differently.

At least, that was the conclusion Nicole had finally come to after months of turmoil and confusion…because the very next day Lou Foster vanished from town.

Lou’s sister Jessie had disappeared at the same time.

Nicole Foster was the only one in town who’d suspected the whole truth. How could anyone else in the staid little hamlet of Greenleaf have guessed it, after all?

Heartbroken, she’d married George. She also came to the tragic, secret conclusion that her perverse and impulsive sexual demands had cost her the only man she’d loved…the only man who’d ever made her come.

“This is it,” Luke said, snapping Nicole out of her reverie. She’d followed him out the back of the school and up to the most distant of three long, low queenbet yeni giriş cinderblock buildings with corrugated steel roofing.

“Oh! Thank you!” Nicole reached up to give the tall boy an appreciative hug. His muscular arms slid briefly around her waist and for the second time she experienced a moment of inner discomfort at his nearness.

Luke released her quickly and opened a door for her. “We should go in through the instrument room,” he whispered. “Don’t want to interrupt them.”

The small room beyond was dark and crowded with all manner of musical instruments in their cases, band uniforms on hangars and dog-eared books of sheet music. Nicole fumbled around for a light switch but Luke suddenly grabbed her arm to prevent her. “You don’t wanna do that,” he said in a low voice. “Listen.”

Coming from the other side of curtained wall was the sound of a woman’s voice: a husky contralto. The sounds were musical enough in their way, but she was definitely not singing.

Nicole searched for the light again. “I can’t see!” she protested. Luke had not released her arm, and now he led her toward the curtained wall. He tugged back the drapes a little to reveal a glass window behind.

“Oh, we’ll be able to see just fine, ma’am.”

The music room itself was fully lighted. At the far end of the room Miss Elaine Moore, head of Greenleaf High’s music department, lay full length on an old leather couch.

She was completely naked and she was not alone.

Miss Moore seemed not to see Nicole and Luke though she faced them. Her back was pressed snug against the chest of the youngster lying behind her. She bent and lifted one of her long brown legs high, resting her arched foot atop the boy’s thigh.

Nicole’s son, Brandon, slowly pumped his hips to fuck his cock between the older woman’s shining wet cunt lips.

“Miss Elaine” trailed her fingertips around her large breasts, stopping now and again to tug at her stiff dark nipples. As she played with herself she hummed, a trilling tuneless hum from deep in her throat, a paeon to cock.

Nicole would have cried out then except that Luke clapped a hand over her mouth and pulled her back tight against him. “You don’t wanna embarrass your son, do you?” he hissed. “They can’t see us cause it’s so dark in here and bright out there. Like a two-way mirror, my science teach says.”

Nicole stopped struggling against Luke’s superior strength, relaxing slightly in his arms. After a moment the boy took his hand from her mouth. “Let me go!” she whispered. “Luke, I have to stop this. Brandon’s just a boy. He’s never…”

“What moms don’t know about their sons,” Luke said mockingly. “Lookit him, Mrs. Crane…he knows what he’s doing, and he’s digging it. A lot.”

It was true. In the lounge, queenbet giriş Brandon nuzzled and kissed Elaine Moore’s neck. He wrapped his fingers in her mane of tightly-curled black hair and turned her face to him. They shared a long deep kiss before Elaine broke away and lowered her chin to rest on her sternum. The gesture struck Nicole as oddly modest…but only for a few seconds. Brandon tried to kiss her again, but she pushed his face away with a wicked laugh.

“You just keep the big meat comin’, Loverboy,” she murmured. “And let teacher supercharge this fuck.”

The hot-fucking teacher cupped one of her own lush, pendulous breasts in her hand and brought it up to her lips. Opening her mouth in a toothy smile she then bit her own nipple gently. To Nicole’s astonishment, Elaine sucked herself, drawing more and more of her ample tit-flesh into her mouth. Her eyelids fluttered in arousal and she lowered them, her chocolate brown eyes dazing distantly at nothing.

“Bet you could do that,” Luke said to Nicole. She didn’t respond, barely aware of what was happening to her as she watched her son fuck his teacher.

Elaine Moore’s self stimulation seemed to push her to a new level of excitement. Her round hips shook and she bounced faster against Brandon’s thrusts to the point that Nicole could now hear the slap of flesh against flesh.

“Goddamn that’s fantastic!” Brandon whooped. “It’s like stickin’ my dick into a butter churn!”

“Mmm…” was all that Elaine could say at first, around a mouth crammed full. After a while she slowed her hips and released her tit. “And that’s how Laney rocks a cock, baby. You like?”

“I love it,” Brandon said, stroking her shoulder. “Who taught you that?

“Taught me?” Elaine laughed. “Child, before I made the acquaintance of you and your pals I was mostly what you might call self-educated. My body is my instrument, and I always practiced whenever I could. Now if you’ll let me get back to it I’m gonna play me while ya lay me!”

With that, Elaine sucked on her other breast and the partners picked up the pace again.

“No matter how many times I fuck you, I can’t get over how tight your pussy is,” Brandon said at last.

“Honey,” Elaine purred, “your dick’s so big it’d stretch out a mare.” She extended a hand to lightly scrape her nails along the exposed length of the boy’s prick. “You’re the answer to a horny woman’s hopes and dreams.

For the first time, through her shock Nicole focused her eyes on her son’s prick as he withdrew it most of the way from Elaine’s clinging cunt. It was true: Brandon was hung like a laboring beast of the fields.

The red-haired mother gave out a straggled gasp, her breathing shallow in her moment of revelation. She’d always thought Brandon favored her side of the family. Seeing him naked and erect, she was suddenly certain that there was no way that Brandon was George Crane’s son.

From the egg-sized crown of the boy’s cock to the huge full balls now bouncing rhythmically against Elaine’s tight round ass, Brandon Crane was every inch Lou Foster’s boy!

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