Jack and Jerome

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Jerome looked at his phone.


“Damn!” he thought. He thought that maybe this time it would happen. Last time, years ago in Alberta, it didn’t. And he’d been so ready to take the plunge. But the guy never showed. For some reason it felt different with Jack, their messages has gotten hotter and hotter, more detailed; less fantasy and more, well, planning. But the morning was slowly ticking by, and he hadn’t heard anything yet, despite the shared discretion and trust of exchanging actual phone numbers.

Trying to keep grounded and distracted from the growing ache in his groin, he busied himself in the garden, doing some weeding, listening to music in the warm sun. He could hear the sigh of the wind in the nearby trees, birdsong and the drone of cars in the distance. Happily his neighbour’s air conditioner was silent.


His phone chimed. He stood up, knees cracking at the abrupt transition from totally bent to totally straight. He vowed for the millionth time to do more yoga. But looking at his fit body, salt and pepper hair across his chest and abdomen, reasonably taut stomach, and well-toned legs, it was clear that some sort of promise was indeed being kept. His green eyes scanned toward the phone, sitting on the deck railing out of the sun.

Jerome strode over to it and looked at the message. It was Jack. Finally!

“Just stopping for gas. Sorry I couldn’t text you when I was leaving, too much to do.”

Well, that’s it…he’s actually coming and this was actually going to happen.

It started out on Realjock, a website catering to athletic gay men who wanted to connect with other gay men, for friendship, sex, dating, and relationships.

The thing is, some men on that and other sites, it seemed, to Jerome, were just like him, Straight Men who want to have sex with Straight Men, SMSM for short. A lousy acronym, Jerome thought. But it adequately described men, like him, who were turned on by the idea of having sex with a man, oral and anal; turned on by the thought of grabbing a man’s hips as he thrust himself into that man’s asshole, so hot, so wet and so tight. Those very same men who were NOT attracted to men; didn’t get horny looking at a guy’s bearded face, or his legs, or sic-pack abs, not like when they looked at the delicious curves of a woman. It was enough to simply be human and horny and wanting to experience every flavour of pleasure that life could offer.

So Jerome found himself on Realjock perusing pictures of guys’ cocks and asses, photos of their toned, muscular bodies. No interest in bears. The other thing was, it was not easy to find bi-curious or bisexual men who were of the same mind in Smithfield. A bigger city? Yes. Smithfield? Not so much.

But there was one guy who seemed to fit the bill, nice cock, nice body, and wired like him, wanting sex, but no romance, kissing or dating; just fucking. After a couple of tentative, careful messages, ‘Jack’ asked Jerome what he was into. Here it came. He had to tell Jack the truth that he was merely bi-curious, had no experience, couldn’t promise anything, but did emphatically stress that he wanted to experience man to man sex. So he did, adding that he was dating a wonderful woman. A woman with whom he’d just shared his desire to have sex with a man.

Jerome’s messages seemed to have been compelling enough; certainly they were explicit enough to warrant a growing connection between the two men. They shared pictures, short videos, and then moved onto Skype; but nothing in person.

Yet it seemed so close to the real thing. The watched porn together, watched each other ride their toys, stroke off and cum on camera. But nothing in person yet. For whatever reason, it wasn’t yet time for the flesh to come into play.

Weeks went by, then months. They’d connect when they could, text when they could and mutually stroke when they could. Jerome was beginning to despair that he’d ever experience the real thing. But then the timing DID work in their favour.

Jack was free that coming weekend, so, tongue thick in his mouth, Jerome asked him to come down. Or rather, invited him to come down and fuck and suck and fuck some more. His weekend was equally devoid of commitments. Jack was more than happy to accommodate Jerome’s fantasies at last; oh happy day!

And now it was the weekend. FINALLY!

Jerome cleaned himself up, washing carefully as best he could. He made sure he was ready to provide a clean, attractive experience for Jack. He hoped Jack had done the same.

“Bing Bong!”

Trembling nervousness, Jerome answered the door.

And there he was. The man he was going to fuck.

Jack was about the same height and build, if not a bit more toned. Younger too, maybe by as much as a decade. Jerome was glad they’d exchanged face pics so neither of them was unpleasantly surprised. It was one thing to not be specifically attracted to men, but it was another to at least find them objectively aesthetic. His brown eyes were friendly, kocaeli escort bayan and he smiled as he put out his hand.

“Jerome, it’s great to finally meet in person,” he said amicably.

“Same here, Jack. Come on in,” Jerome welcomed his friend inside. Jack took off his shoes and was led into the living room. He saw the clean, bright space, artwork on the walls, no personal pics. The place felt more like a hotel room than the intimate space of someone’s home.

“Would you like something to drink, eat?” Jerome offered. “I bought some steaks from Costco for later.”

both men thought at the same time without saying anything.

“Maybe a beer?” Jack asked.

Jerome was glad had a stash of some craft beer chilling in the fridge. He himself never partook, but figured to not deny his guest.

The two guys sat down on the sofa. Jack, seeing his buddy’s obvious nerves, made small talk to at least take the edge off. The artwork was an optional start.

“Nice paintings,” he commented.

That was the trick. Jerome’s face transitioned from friendly but nervous to open and animated.

“Thank you,” he said with a smile.

“Did you do them?” Jack asked, mildly surprised at the powerful effect that one, small comment had.

“Um, yeah,” Jerome said, trying to be modest but so painfully unable to hide his pride. Indeed, his artwork was one of his pride and joys. He never tired of being complimented on his work. He stood up and guided his friend throughout the house, pointing out each one, and a quick anecdote that came with them.

They ended up in the bedroom.

“Sooo, that’s all of them,” Jerome said, leaving things quiet for a moment. Then Jack noticed the paraphernalia on the bedside table; massage oil, a dildo, condoms. He looked at Jerome and went over to the table to pick up the dildo.

“So this is the one in your video? That first one you sent?”

Jerome turned a bright red, suddenly thrust into the reality of their situation. He stood for a moment, at the knife edge of choice. He could close off, and let this be a dreadful misunderstanding, offer to pay gas and gently escort Jack out of the house. Or he could go forward, embrace the moment, take the fantasy in his hands and make it happen.

“That’s the one,” Jerome indicated. “Feels a bit stiff, though, probably because of the metal shank.”

Jack gave it a tentative flex. It was indeed, very stiff.

“It IS stiff,” he agreed. “But not in a good way. I’m surprised you could enjoy it.”

“Well, most others turned too limp,” Jerome complained. “So now I’m using this, which is a bit too hard.”

“You must have a goldilocks ass,” Jack quipped with a smile. “You don’t want too soft, nor too hard; but juuust right.”

Jerome looked at Jack with a sudden, honest intensity. “Yes I do, want it just right.”

Jack swallowed. It was like this every time, and he never got tired of it. The excitement, the thrill of taking a man’s virginity, feeling him open up as his cock slid in, hearing his moans. He was sure, now, in this moment that it was going to be this way here now too.

“I want it too,” he said. “I want it so very badly.” He cupped his groin through his shorts, started to fondly himself, feeling that pulse rise in his cock.

Jerome mirrored him, feeling himself as well. “You want my cock?” he asked, his voice thick with growing lust.

“Ohh yeah I do; in my mouth and in my ass,” Jack breathed, starting to lose himself in a growing tide of want, of need.

“Me too Jack. I want you to fuck me in my ass,” Jerome said.

That was enough. The two men could feel the heat rising between them. The hot dialogue was enough; it was always enough to push them over the edge.

They stood opposite each other for a moment, both of them so balanced between wanting to initiate, but also be taken, that they didn’t know what to do. But Jack, being the more experienced took things in hand. He reached forward and cupped Jerome’s groin, stroking it through the material.

Jerome closed his eyes in wonder and pleasure, feeling, for the first time in his life, another man touching him in that part of his body. He let the feel of Jack’s hand rubbing him fill him with lust and want; the blood flooding into his cock in a sudden surge, making it throb. He had dreamt of this moment for so many years and it was finally unfolding. He felt Jack’s hands fumble a bit and looked down to see him much closer now, opening his belt buckle. He reached out and started to undo Jack’s pants as well.

“No no, let me. This is your first time,” Jack offered. He gently pushed Jerome down onto the bed, pulling Jerome’s shorts all the way off, letting Jerome’s cock spring free. It was about 7″ long, circumcised and curving to the right. Not as big as his larger toy, but big enough to fill him just right in all the right places. He followed Jerome’s cock down to the bed and licked up along the shaft.

“Ohhh, damn,” Jerome said in an almost kocaeli sınırsız escort breathless voice. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Believe it buddy,” Jack said before engulfing Jerome’s cock in his mouth with an ‘mmmm’ of pleasure.

Jerome held his head up as he watched in stunned amazement as a man sucked his cock, deeper and deeper with each motion until jack had him all the way in. It was an incredible feeling, like nothing he’d ever experienced. And he wanted more, so he let his friend suck his cock for a few more minutes before saying

“My turn.”

Jack lifted his mouth off Jerome’s cock and looked up at the man lying prone on the bed. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure,” came the answer. Jerome sat up and undid Jack’s pants, pulling them and the underwear, a pair of black silk briefs, down past the bulge of his own, uncircumcised cock. Then, with a trembling hand, he reached out to stroke it. It felt warm in his hand, so different than his cold, hard dildo. It was then, at that moment, he knew he’d never be satisfied with a toy again.

Oh boy.

He pulled gently at Jack’s cock, feeling the texture of the veins, the gentle throb of the pulse, its silken smooth surface. He turned sideways, not sure how to go about doing this, and simply took it into his mouth. He swallowed it about halfway down, then a bit more until he reached his limit, the tip tickling the gag reflex at the back of his throat. He knew he could do better, and wanted to, but the angle wasn’t right. He couldn’t relax his throat while holding his head up sideways. So he manoeuvred Jack onto his back and resumed, this time gently, carefully letting the tip of Jack’s cock go farther back, until he was kissing Jack’s base.

“Oooh fuck man,” Jack moaned. “You’ve never done this?” he asked incredulously.

Jerome shook his head silently, not letting Jack’s cock out of his mouth.

“You’re a natural,” Jack complimented.

Jerome was pleased that he was pleasuring the other man so effectively.

“Turn around man, let’s 69,” Jack suggested. Jerome complied, swinging one leg up and over the other man’s face, and settled his cock into Jack’s waiting mouth. If he thought sucking a man was intense, experiencing it while giving it was mind blowing. He angled his hips so that jack could take him deeply into his throat while at the same time becoming more confident at throating Jack’s cock. He alternated between long, deep swallows and short, quick sucks at the head, his lips squeezing at the glans, or his tongue rubbing up along the length. He tried different speeds, using his hand, and of course going down to lick Jack’s balls. He embraced every moment, every sensation, all the while reveling in the feel of Jack’s mouth and hands on him. He then got bold enough to lift Jack’s hips a bit so he could snake a hand under Jack’s butt. Curving his wrist and fingers, he managed to get a fingertip near Jack’s anus, and gently circled it.

“Uhhhh,” Jack groaned at the feel of his friend’s finger near his ass. It felt amazing, and he wanted Jerome’s finger in deeper, but nothing more happened yet.

There was so much else to experience first.

Jerome got off Jack and told him to turn onto his stomach. He then got the massage oil and told jack to pull off his shirt. Jack now lay completely naked on Jerome’s bed, his head to one side, wondering what was to come next. So far things had already exceeded his expectations. Most first time guys were more uncertain and less giving. Jerome really seemed to be committed to giving as well as receiving.

Jack felt Jerome straddle his bare back, and suddenly warm, slick hands were rubbing up and down his back.

A massage??? Really???


Jerome’s hands were confident, sure, and while not overly strong, at least assertive enough to make jack squirm a bit. Only then did he notice he was lying on a throw blanket.

So Jerome had planned for this! Nice.

Jerome’s hands wandered up to his shoulders and then back down…finally to his butt cheeks. He felt Jerome’s fingers knead into his flesh, then down along his legs. He felt his feet get massaged, Jerome’s hands squeezing and cracking his feet, making him shudder with enjoyment. This was a first, getting a foot massage from a guy in such a sensual manner.

Jerome ran his hands back up Jack’s thighs, and then parted his legs a bit to get access to Jack’s nether regions. He pulled open Jack’s cheeks to reveal his pink rosebud. He turned to the side and grabbed the lube. He drizzled a bit of the lube at the crest of Jack’s ass-crack. And watched it run down the length. He cupped a finger just above the balls and stroked it back up, past the ring.

“Ohh fuck,” Jack shuddered when he felt Jerome run a lubed finger along his ass crack. Almost involuntarily, he arched his back up, egging Jerome on, until he felt the finger, slick with lube, slide up into his asshole.

Jerome felt his izmit anal yapan escort finger slide easily into Jack’s ass, past the muscular ring of his anus. He was finger-fucking a dude! And it felt wonderful. He had always been into ass play and this was just another facet of that predilection. He nudged Jack’s legs open more so he could reach and pull Jack’s cock backward for stroking with his other, slick hand.

Jack was breathing heavily now, meeting Jerome’s finger each time it slid into his tight ass. Jerome added a second, and more lube. He felt Jack’s anus loosen up, and keeping his fingers in Jack’s asshole, reached for a condom. Jerome needed two hands for this part, and so pulled his fingers out of Jack’s ass with a deliciously wet slurp. He then rolled the condom onto his hard cock and lubed it up.

Jack had been watching this with anticipation, and, meeting Jerome’s eyes, nodded.

“Do it man, go in me.”

Jerome positioned himself at Jack’s opening and pushed inward and downward very slowly and very gently. One millimetre, two millimetre, three millimetre and then…he was in.

Just like that.

He was now fucking a man’s ass. Well, not actually fucking it yet, but he was inside. And that was a lifetime further than yesterday.

He started to push in deeper, then pull back and in and out. Slowly, he pumped his cock in Jack’s ass, going deeper each time, adding a bit more lube until he was all the way in.

It was amazing, so hot, so tight at the base of his cock and warmly loose further in. He re-positioned his legs to straddle Jack’s on the outside and started to fuck jack with more assertiveness. Soon he was thrusting in hard and deep, fucking Jack’s ass with mounting confidence. Jack met his thrusts upward with a synchronous chorus of masculine grunts.

“Uh, uh, uh,” was a new symphony to Jerome’s ears. Such power they had, as men pleasuring men; so different from the soft/hard, Yin/Yang exchange between men and women. This was an entirely different equilibrium.

Jerome pulled upward and got Jack into his hands and knees. He then reached for a remote, turning on his computer’s camera. It wasn’t recording, but it did allow the men to watch from a different, erotic angle, the kinky masculine sex that was occurring. Maybe next time they’d feel comfortable enough to record it for their pleasure.

Next time?

Oh yes. No way this was not going to happen again, came Jerome’s sweaty thoughts as he pounded his raging hard-on into Jack’s eager ass.

“Oh my god, you are such a fucker!” jack almost raged in pleasure as his ass was pummeled by his more than enthusiastic newbie.

“Fuck your ass, so fucking sexy, this is fucking amazing!” panted Jerome as he lost himself in the incredible sensations. He breathed in deep to control the sensations, and with a strong exhale, let the impending orgasm recede away. He couldn’t cum yet, not without one other thing.

He pulled out and rolled jack onto his back. He then sucked Jack’s cock again, to get it hard, and put a condom on it. He rolled the tight latex down the length and poured a generous smear of lube on it. Then, literally quivering with need, he climbed on top of jack again, this time to straddle Jack’s cock near his own asshole. He reached back and grabbed the tip and manoeuvred it to his entrance. With a sigh of pleasure and a slight twinge of pain, since they’d done nothing to prep him, he let his weight push the tip of Jack’s cock into his ass. This took some doing since he was quite tight, but eventually was able to get him all the way in.

“Relax man,” jack said unnecessarily, hoping that this late in the game things wouldn’t turn sideways. But Jack needn’t have worried. Jerome took his cock in his ass with relish, loving the pressure on his prostate and the friction along the walls of his anus. Tentatively he rose up and lowered himself down again, each time letting Jack come out of his ass and then penetrate back in. a delicious feeling. But he wanted to be filled all the way, so letting out a breath, sat fully down onto Jack’s cock. He could feel his buddy’s warm cock filling his asshole, Jack’s hands on his butt, his own cock rock hard, jutting out in front already leaking pre-cum.

Up and down, deeper and harder Jerome rode the cock.

“I’m fucking a man in my ass!” he panted.

“That’s right man, ride my cock, fuck yourself on it,” Jack commanded.

So Jerome did. Letting the last inhibitions go, he slammed himself down onto that beautiful cock again and again, until his knees started to ache from the strain. Reluctantly he got up and stood up to stretch his legs. Jack took that opportunity to get in behind him and with an iron grip on Jerome’s hips, slid back in.

“Hold on, more lube,” Jerome said.

“Oh sorry man,” Jack apologized. He pulled out, and slathered more lube onto his granite shaft and slid back into Jerome’s tight ass.

“Ahhh, much better,” Jerome sighed. They both looked at the computer screen, showing their profile, man behind man, his joined, flesh connecting them as Jack thrust into Jerome repeatedly.

“Fuck my ass,” Jerome demanded, pushing back wantonly. “I want you to cum in me.”

“What, bareback?” Jack asked incredulously.

“No no, just don’t pull out when you cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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