My Friend is a Secret Foot Model Pt. 02

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As soon as I arrived back home, I knew I needed more. This beautiful foot model whom I just met. It was pretty clear that she knew what I wanted. I tried to avoid speaking about what happened, still confused about everything I was feeling. This new found fetish of mine. A few days go by and I have no messages from here. So I texted, hesitantly “So, how about some feet pics? 🙂 “

I got a reply right away. “I was waiting for you to ask.”

A few minutes pass, and my leg is just shaking. Shaking in anticipation. I get a picture. It’s her beautiful foot, with a new anklet around, and this time, a toe ring. “Love the toe ring”, I texted back. My hand went down my pants, and I started to touch myself.

She texted back saying “Thanks. Got it for you. But I also have to send some pictures to other guys, is that okay?”

I was confused why she was asking my permission. Also, I felt a sudden rush of jealousy, that her feet weren’t exclusively mine. But I told her it was fine, but only if she sends me a picture maltepe escort every day. “Sure, I’ll make sure you’re the first. This is also my job, so I hope you can respect that.”

I replied right away with “Of course.”

“But I want you to come back to worship my feet, this time I want you to cum on them.”

This was a message I didn’t think I’d see from a this girl. My jaw was dropped. “I’ll see you in 2 days.”

The entirety of the two days were a long 48 hr tease. She sent me more pictures every hour. One picture that stood out in particular, was a shot of her feet, laying on green grass, as her anklet glowed from the sun.

I arrived back to Toronto, eager to see her again. Eager to place her foot on my tongue again. As soon as I landed, I told her I’ll pick her up from her place. “Come quick, my parents come home at 4pm. I’m free all day tomorrow too :)”

I quickly got my rental, and drove over to her place. I had 20 mins with her on this day, but that was enough. I couldn’t escort maltepe wait any more.

I pulled up to her long driveway, and she was already waiting at the home entrance. She RUNS into my car, places her shoes on my lap, and looks at me. “Didn’t take you long to come back huh?”

“I want a little more…”

“You have 15 mins…fuck my feet.”

I quickly pulled off her shoes, this time it was a bit tight. I finally managed to pull it off, as it swallowed the sock with it. Her bare foot was exposed. Freshly pedicured nails…for me. “Only for you” she said.

Her size 6 foot was placed on my lips. I began to suck her big toe. Already, I was close to coming, but I wanted to get a taste of her other foot. That’s why I was here. I quickly removed her other shoe, as her first foot now slowly shoved FULLY into my mouth. I couldn’t stop sucking her entire foot. All her toes were in my mouth, and I just heard her moan. I then pull her toe ring off with my mouth. Finally, her second foot was maltepe escort bayan free from her shoe, and I placed that in my mouth as well. Both her feet fit perfectly.

My cock was getting harder and harder, as both her feet were being sucked, kissed, licked all over. I licked her soles, as she arched her foot, then sticking her toes in my mouth again. Her other foot is then placed on my hard cock. “Fuck my feet, before my parents pull in. “

I pulled out my hard cock, and right away, she brought her other foot down, and began to us her heel, to lightly rub to head of my cock. She then brought her other foot down, and folded both her feet around my hard cock. She began to jerk it off, effortlessly. She moved faster, up and down, up and down.

In the rear view, I noticed a Mercedes pull in. Her foot kept going faster and fast. “Cum on my feet please” she moaned.

I quickly grabbed her left foot, shoved it down my mouth, deep, while her other foot rubbed my cock.

I put my hands around my cock, and quickly came all over her toes. Her parents pull in, and I quickly wipe off. “Just say hi, and I’ll tell them you just gave me a ride home from school…I’ll see you for much longer tomorrow, and you can do anything you like with my feet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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