New House, New Rules

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Aura was at work on Friday, and sent a message to her boyfriend Chuck

“I’m getting excited about our weekend, I have some very naughty plans, can’t wait to christen our new house…”

She placed the phone under the desk, and her other hand in her panties, and snapped a picture.

Chuck opened the message and was instantly aroused. Another message came through:

“I’d like you naked waiting for me on the couch when I get home, with some champagne. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I’m getting hard thinking about it,” he sent back.

“Show me please!” she replied instantly.

Chuck unbuttoned his trousers and sent back a picture of him grasping his cock.

“Wow super sexy!… I’ll be home in about 20 minutes. Stroke yourself slowly while you wait… but absolutely no cumming.”

Chuck loved these sexual teasing messages… he could see Aura was in a very naughty mood. He took out the champagne they had bought to celebrate their new house purchase, and poured two glasses and put them on the dining room table. He then quickly took off all his clothes, and sat at the table naked, still hard, looking at the sexy picture. He started stroking his cock slowly up and down, imagining all the wicked things that Aura might do to him.

Aura came in, and was pleased to see he was naked and fully erect. Chuck stopped and got up, giving Aura her champagne glass.

“Mmmm… maybe you should greet me like this every Friday!” she said as she squeezed his package.

“Cheers, here’s to our new house and making new memories.”

They drank the champagne, had another glass. They were chatting normally but Aura loved the fact Chuck was completely naked, and every now and then leaned over to make sure she touched his body. She felt quite tipsy now, which made her more playful.

Aura leant in close and whispered in his ear..

“I have a little show for you.. would you like to see it…”

“Definitely!” Chuck replied, feeling a pulse in his cock.

“But absolutely no touching! Can I trust you to keep your hands to yourself…?” she said playfully, caressing his inner thigh.

“Of course!” Chuck blurted out.

“Hmmm… I’m not taking any chances…” she said, and ran upstairs to retrieve some handcuffs, securing his wrists to the chair behind his back..

Aura dimmed the lights in the living room, and walked seductively towards Chuck. She slowly dropped the long coat she had been wearing all day at work, to reveal her tight white blouse and black miniskirt. She had on sexy fishnet stockings that disappeared up her skirt. She then playfully undid all the buttons on the blouse, ever so slowly, and dropped it to the floor revealing her black bra. Her ample breasts were popping out the low-cut blouse. She looked incredible!

She pushed him back on the chair… and starts kissing his cheek, ear, neck, down his chest. He was clearly getting quite excited and his cock was pulsing with anticipation.

“You like what you see?” She says and she passes her boobs over his mouth.

“I told you no touching!” she says and gave him a playful slap to the face. The champagne had really kicked in now and she had totally lost her inhibitions.

“That’s your last chance.” she said. “Or you’re in trouble”

She reached behind herself and completely removed her bra, letting it brush his cock as it dropped to the floor. She reached either side of her skirt and slid that down too… revealing some super sexy black lacy panties. They were a tiny bit see through and he could just make out her neatly shaved pussy underneath. He was completely in a trance looking at his sexy girlfriend, erection bobbing all over the place.

She walked up to the chair and straddles him. She lightly stroked him all over, türbanlı seks hikayeleri but made sure she didn’t touch his cock. It was driving him insane with lust, and she knew it! She then started reaching into her knickers and slowly teasing her clit, while he helplessly watched. She closed her eyes and kept rubbing.

Her position of power made her more and more full of lust, and she started breathing heavily, arching her back. She was on the verge of orgasm, standing above him.

She moved her pussy just inches from his face, so close he can smell her through the fabric.

“Now remember what I said, no touching”, she said as she carefully lowered her panty covered crotch over his mouth. He could feel how wet she was through the silky fabric. He wants to lick her so badly, but was completely under her trance so stayed motionless.

“Good boy”, she purred, as she pulled his head deep into her pussy. His cock was bobbing involuntarily. “Would you like to taste me?” she said, as her fingers from one hand reach down and lightly squeeze his balls.

“Yes, more than anything. Please…”

“You can kiss here.. ” she pointed to her inner thigh…. and he quickly obliged.

“And here”, she said, pointing to her other inner thigh.

What would you do to kiss here?” she said, stroking her pussy delicately through her silky fabric.

“Anything!” he blurted out, without thinking.

She paused, knowing so far everything had gone exactly to plan, and getting excited about the next part. She reached down and grabbed a little box from under the table.

“I want you to wear that cock cage we experimented with a while back. I want to drive you wild with lust, edge you to despair, and you have to do exactly as I say. You have 5 minutes to decide. Here you go” she said, and put the box on the table.

He gulps, suddenly realizing this was not just a normal teasing session. She had planned this for a while!

“I’ll be waiting for you”, she says as she leaned over and uncuffed his wrists from the chair.

“Oh and if you agree, I promise to give you the best orgasm of your life.” She winked and strolled off into the bedroom.

After a few minutes of fumbling around, she heard him come in. He was still totally naked and sheepishly covering his genitals.

“Show me!” she said, and he removed his hands revealing the cage they had bought a while back.

“Good boy!” she purred, and lifted the duvet to reveal a super sexy satin nightie she had changed into. “So you managed to get it on then!”

“I’ll take the key please…” She outstretched her hand. He handed it to her, and she attached it to a chain so it was dangling right between her firm breasts.

“Just so you remember whose in charge here” she giggled.

“Come and spoon me,” she said, and beckoned for him to lie down next to her.

She backed into him so could feel his warmth all over, and started grinding her ass into his cock. It was having the desired effect, she could feel his cock trying hard to escape its prison, but was unable to get any real stimulation. His pleasure was now resigned to being completely in her control, and it scared him but equally excited him.

As she continued to grind into him, he instinctively reached into her panties and started circling her clit. She was soaking wet, aroused by her new power and her strip tease earlier. It didn’t take long before she was panting heavily.

“Don’t you dare stop. Make me cum” she blurted out as he rubbed her clit faster and faster… her body was taken over by another earth shattering orgasm… the incredible sounds made him throb in his cage.

“Wow, that was so hot..” she finally said after she had recovered. She rolled over and looked him in the eye.

“You can taste me now” she said, and took his hand, suggestively moving it towards his mouth. Without thinking, he started licking his own fingers… it was not what he wanted, but that familiar scent was still incredibly arousing for him.

“Poor you, try to get a good nights sleep, we have lots of …. activities planned tomorrow” she said, and with that, reached over and turned the light off.

“But you said..”

“I promised you the orgasm of your life, but I never said it was going to be tonight.”

He moaned in frustration. He had worn the cage before for some teasing sessions, but never overnight. He was so hyper stimulated from everything he had seen… normally he would touch himself to orgasm, but now with the cage that wasn’t an option. He rolled over and tried his best to go to sleep. This was going to be quite the weekend.

The next morning…

“Morning hubby… how did you sleep?”

“OK.. But I woke up a few times with my cock trying to escape it’s cage… I had lots of naughty dreams about you… I woke up super frustrated.

“Mmmmm.. It really turns me on knowing you are all horny and the things you would do for me… ” Aura said, biting her lip. “Do you think I should unlock you now?”

“Oh yes please..”

“Prove how much you deserve it first..” she said as she playfully showed her breasts with the key dangling between them.

He wasted no time and got on top of her, lightly kissing and sucking at her breasts, circling her nipples. She moaned in pleasure. He lightly bit her nipples, circling his tongue round them. He started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear, which she loved. He gave her a long kiss, with his tongue darting in and out, and his lips felt electric. Then he kept kissing her neck, her stomach, and slowly moved down towards her sex.

“Ah, you know the rules… ” she said.

“Please may I taste you?”

“Hmmmm…… let me think….. NO” she said sternly.

“But you’ve proved to me how desperate you are..”

She proceeded to unlock him from his cage and it didn’t take long for his cock to spring up to her full attention. He was expecting her to start teasing him so what she said next shocked him.

“I want you to touch yourself.”


“Yes, start touching yourself, very slowly, and tell me when you’re close to cumming”

She was looking deep into his eyes. He had masturbated many times before, but never when she was there… this heightened every touch.

She sat there staring at his throbbing cock the entire time.

It took about 5 minutes of stroking, before he slowed right down and let go.

“I’m very close.” he said.

“I don’t believe you… Keep going. 10 more strokes.”

“I’m not sure I can… I don’t want to.. accidentally.. without permission.”

She reached over and grabbed his hand and placed it on his cock…she looked straight in his eyes, the sexual tension was electric.

“10.. ” she said.. and he started stroking so incredibly slowly, his veins were throbbing and he felt his penis was on fire.” 9…. 8.. 7 …. 6 … 5″, she continued to count, as her hand continued at his pace.

” 4 … 3.. 2.. 1.. and finished..” she released his hand and he released his grip on his cock too… his whole body was trembling in anticipation.

“Wow, that was so hot to watch..” she said. “I think all masturbation should be supervised from now on, ok!”

“Uuugh, I guess so” Chad replied, not really knowing what he had agreed to.

“I think that’s enough for now. Hands above your head.” She reached to her bedside table, making sure her breasts were right in his face, and fetched something in her drawer… and before he realised she had handcuffed his hands to the bedframe.

“Good boy… so now you’re right on the edge… and completely at my mercy whether I let you cum.”

She hovered herself over his throbbing cock.. and parted her knickers to reveal her beautiful pussy lips. “hmmm bet you would just love for me to lower myself down on you right now so you could explode inside of me.. “

“Yes please,” he said.

“Well I don’t think you deserve it… ” she said… and gave his balls a quick slap. They were full from all the teasing and he groaned in pain.

She started grinding her knickers on the tip of his shaft… Up and down, up and down, round and round, ever so slowly given his heightened arousal.. He was breathing heavily, and some pre-cum oozed out of his shaft onto the fabric of her knickers.

“Naughty naughty… ” she said sternly.. “I said no cumming without permission,” as she wiped up the drop of cum from her panties.

“But I…”

“Aah..” she quickly moved her hand over his mouth and held it there. He could taste his own cum on her fingers. He had never felt so submissive, but also strangely aroused.

“Rules are rules.. you will be punished for that.. later. Do you understand?” she said as she lifted her hand off his mouth.

“Yes” he said.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, mistress”.

That was the first time he had ever said it to her, and hearing it sent a tingling sensation through her body.

“You know,” she said “when you first told me about this little fantasy of yours of being teased and denied.. I was intrigued, and happy to experiment.

But now it’s becoming as much a fantasy of mine as it has yours. I love the power I have over you.. and your little.. ” she reached back and tightly grabbed his cock and balls.

“Knowing how helpless and horny you are makes me so wet, I had no idea! I wonder what I can make you do in this state.” He stayed silent, not wanting to reveal any more sordid thoughts.

She inched up her pussy right next to his face..

“Would you like to lick me?”

“100% yes I would.”

“That’s a shame, you see it’s my choice and today I’m feeling cruel. So you can just stay right there” she said.

She reached back over to the drawer and pulled something out. He heard a familiar vibrating noise. She teased his legs, rubbing it up his thighs slowly, before placing it under his balls. This made him jump with the sensation. It was heavenly, but not enough to take him over the edge, and she knew that.

Then she moved the vibe down and placed it in her pants, just letting it touching her clit. He heard her starting to moan and pant. Her movement started to get more and more frantic. The sounds and feel of her warm body bucking around were a sensory overload for him, and his body was involuntarily thrusting up trying to get some stimulation on his rock-hard cock.

After a few more seconds she was bucking wildly on his body, screaming to her second incredible orgasm. She collapsed on top of him, and didn’t say anything for about a minute. He was still as rock hard as ever.

“Phew, all this talk got me quite excited” she said.

“I can see that”.

She reached over to the headboard and took off the handcuffs.

“Looks like you better go have a cold shower,” she smirked, looking at his straining cock. She handed him the cage. “I want you locked back up, then you can hand me back the key and make us a nice breakfast.”

He was excited, but suddenly nervous how long she would keep him denied and on edge.. when they had played before she had always given in soon, maybe an hour or so, but this time he could feel was different.

Aura was really getting a buzz out of keeping him locked. While he took his cold shower she started planning what other games to play in the house…. there were plenty of rooms left to explore! She felt herself getting wet again in anticipation…

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