Strange Incounter

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I am so angry, my boyfriend is so selfish. I’m totally frustrated by what he does to me. I know when we lay down at night he wants me to give him head. And any and every time he wants it he get it. He never has to go with out. We get in bed at night he starts to play with my ass. I know that what he wants he laid in bed and don’t say a word. Before I know it his dick is in my mouth. Before I know it I’m sucking him until I hear him scream and he coming all over his ass. Then he get up, clean himself up grab a sandwich and falls asleep. Not one damn time, does he ask me if I need it?

For as long as we been together he shouldn’t have to ask me. He should know already what I want. For a female with a lot of tits and big round ass he acts as if he doesn’t know what to do with them. If I was a man and I had a woman with the size of tits I have I would be all over those fat ass tits. Nice big round nipples I would suck them like baby bottles. I would make my woman scream my name out.

I don’t want to forget about my pussy. Now you know what they say about big girls, we have fat pussy. I knew some guy who would bury his face into a fat girl pussy. He would suck and lick it like an animal. Make her come until he could drink her clean.

My boyfriend he won’t even touch it unless I am begging him to do it. Sometime I want him to suck on my tits. When he does it, I like to escort ataşehir watch I get on top and ride. While I am riding him my tits are big enough to hang over his mouth .I be bagging him to suck them.

Big tits hanging over my mouth I’m going to suck. My pussy is so lonely that it stays wet, he never touches it. It probably has cob webs on it. He will not suck on my pussy if his life depended on it. I feel like the only female in the whole fucking world that not being please by her boyfriend.

We have been together for a while I have never cheated on him. Masturbation is my best friend and if that cheating, oh well. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Finally, I decided that rubber plastic dick was not enough. I went online check out a couple of website. I ran across this one web site it was a chat room for people who was having trouble like me. I couldn’t believe how many men and women were on this site.

There were wives, husband, and girlfriend, boyfriend, hell gay and lesbian. I had a couple of women on there that approached me but I let then know right then what I wanted MEN ONLY. I even had this one woman who was somebody wife asked me to join them. I consider it but then I change my mind. Because what I needed was satisfaction with pleasure. Not fun with a husband and wife who wanted to spice up their sex lives.

So after a couple of weeks, kadıköy escort bayan looking through these websites I finally found him, and he was no joke. He told me how his girlfriend was the best thing in his life he loved her very much. He didn’t want to cheat on her this way, but he needed it too. But what I figure was that if he would do this one time get it out of his system then it would be over and done with. He told me how his girlfriend felt about doing sexually favors.

He told me how she won’t suck his dick the way he likes it. He said it very hard for her to get him off. She tells him how tried she gets sucking his cock. He told me how she always gags with his dick in her mouth. She even sometime backs off when he wants to suck her pussy. She does care for him. I asked him if this was her first relationship.

He told me that he believes that it was but he felt that she just didn’t want to please him. I told him what I wanted and how I wanted. We mat up with each other at the local hotel when I mat him he was a very handsome man he was built and muscular and very sexy The day this happen I decided that I needed this so much that if only I would get this out of my system that it would make me feel better. He did just what I needed him to do. First he did what my boyfriend never did for me. Kissing, I love tongue kissing, my boyfriend never tongue escort bostancı kiss.

Foreplay was next I love the way he kissed me on my neck. I love the way it felt I felt really good I wish my boyfriend would do it for me. I love the way his hand felt all over my body my pussy was getting wet, just by him touching me. My body was hot and I was ready. He continued kissing me moving from my neck to my jugs licking and sucking each one just the way I wanted. After spending time pleasing my soaking pussy with his finger just like I like it then he moved down to my wet spot and lick me clean. He made me come over and over again just like I like it. After he made me come I got down on my knees and open my mouth wide.

He entered my mouth with force. I knew when he forced himself into my mouth he wanted it rough. So I went alone with it he deep throat me. He was forcing his rod in and out my mouth. After getting him hard with my mouth I climbed on top of him and he played with my tits, squeezing and slapping my nipples so hard. I love how rough he was with my body I was so totally turn on. My pussy was soaked. I rode him like I was riding a bull.

We fucked so hard and long with him force fucking me and spanking my ass. He fucks me until I collapsed on the bed after having my fuck fest I went into the bath room to clean myself up. When I came out he was gone I sat down on the bed I realized that sex can sometimes be a like a drug it make you feel good at the moment but once the feeling of the drug wears off you began to feel the effect of it. That when I started feeling bad about what I did with this stranger.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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