The Craving: Finale

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Chapter 13

Sarah insisted we all go out to dinner that night. I had been looking forward to a nice calm evening where I could excuse the two of us and discuss what needed to be brought to her attention. Namely, that her daughter was fucking my kids, and me, and I was fucking them all too. Tonight was the night, I had already decided. Even if we had to wait until we all went to bed, I would tell Sarah everything and prepare for the worst.

Kristie was positively radiant at dinner, much more outgoing and bubbly than when we had first arrived. Sarah must have noticed that something had changed about her. Especially with how she had been acting right after she caught me fucking Matt in the living room. Without knowing yet that she had seen the whole thing, I had alerted Sarah that something was bothering her daughter. Kristie hadn’t spilled the beans so Sarah was still in the dark about it all.

We went to a fancy seafood place that Sarah enjoyed, and I was glad that at least she could enjoy her favorite meal to soften her up before I dealt her a hard blow. I fretted to myself the entire evening, but my children didn’t seem at all afraid. Breanna was just as bubbly as Kristie, and Matt just sat there with a glow about him from all the sex he was getting and would continue to get. I guess if they weren’t worried, I shouldn’t be either. But I was.

When Sarah got up to use the restroom, all conversation at the table stopped rather abruptly and the three kids all looked at me. I wasn’t sure what I had missed, so I just stared back with a questioning look.

“Well?” Breanna said when I didn’t say anything.

I just shrugged. “Well, what?”

Kristie spoke up. “You’re going to tell her, right?”

I nodded. “Not here though.”

“Of course not,” Kristie said. “But you could still try to steer the conversation to something that would help you out. Like, get her talking about dating or how lonely she is.”

I shook my head. “That’s mean, I don’t want to spoil the evening for her.”

“It’s better if you shock her as little as possible. Trust me, she may seem cheerful on the outside, but she is a very lonely woman. She doesn’t think she can talk to me about it, so she’s dying to vent to someone.”

I thought about that for a moment as Sarah returned to the table. Now that I took notice, she did seem overly cheerful. Maybe her daughter was right.

“So, Sarah…” I began. “When are you going to start dating again?”

I think I surprised even Kristie by how blunt I was being. But I knew my sister, and that she responded better to direct questions. I didn’t think she would be embarrassed by any means, especially in front of close family.

Sarah just smiled. “When I find a guy who’ll have a lonely old woman.”

“Mom…” Kristie shook her head. “You always say that.”

“And I don’t buy that excuse,” I said, standing my ground. “You have no excuse not to be seeking out a relationship. At least companionship of some form.”

Sarah shrugged. “It isn’t as big of a deal as you all apparently think it is. The thought of dating again is entirely exhausting.”

“But you have so much to offer!” Breanna countered. “Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Why are you all focused on this all of a sudden?” Sarah asked, intrigued by the shift in conversation.

I noticed Matt was staying quiet. He had a glazed look on his face. Was he thinking of his aunt joining us in our sexual trysts? Maybe he had imagined fucking her while he was filling my pussy with his wonderful manhood. For all I knew he could be mentally undressing her right now.

“We just want what’s best for you,” I said. “Your family is concerned about your happiness. We don’t mean to put pressure on you, we just want to know what you’re thinking.”

Sarah was holding to her resolve, but I could see that internally she was responding the way we intended. We had sparked something negative, and I felt terrible for having to do that, but it would work to our, and her, advantage later. She would only have to suffer with that feeling for a few more hours, hopefully.

On the drive home, Matt sat in the middle of the backseat between the two girls. I had been keeping an eye on their behavior to make sure they were respecting the rules that I had explained to them before arriving here. Breanna was doing fine, and Matt was still in a haze. But Kristie had her hand on Matt’s thigh at one point, I could see from my vanity mirror when I pretended to check my hair. Sarah was driving so her eyes were forward the whole time. I prayed they would stay like that when I watched Kristie start to fondle the growing bulge in Matt’s pants. There was nothing I could do to stop them without alerting Sarah, so I had to let Matt enjoy the thrill while fearing that they were flirting with danger. But, after tonight, that boundary could be eliminated.

Kristie’s movements became a bit more intense. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene in the mirror, though I kept kızılay escort up conversation with Sarah to keep her distracted. Matt’s face turned a bit red, and Kristie had a devilish smile as she continued to stroke his penis through the fabric of his pants. Breanna looked down once to see what was happening, and just smiled and averted her eyes to keep from drawing attention to it. I wouldn’t have to worry about her keeping our secret, that was for sure. She seemed to pick up on all the required behaviors naturally.

Kristie’s eyes caught mine in the mirror, and she motioned at her mother. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to say, but the look in her eye said it all. She was going to take things further, and she intended for me to keep Sarah busy while it happened. I shook my head, but she was already at work undoing Matt’s pants.

Sarah was quite content to keep her eyes on the road. She didn’t even glance over at me as we talked. I knew one of her favorites things to chatter on about endlessly was her job and how incompetent her boss was. I started her going so I didn’t have to talk much. That way I could continue to watch my niece jerk off my son and not be so obvious.

Kristie wrapped her hand around Matt’s thick penis and started stroking. Breanna just smiled at first, but at Kristie’s silent beckoning she joined in with her own hand. She reached into his pants and worked his balls and taint. Matt was all smiles as he was helpless to the ministrations of the two girls.

Kristie jerked him at a nice medium pace. Breanna’s hand was completely buried up to the wrist. I could tell she was reaching deeper than his balls. She must be fingering his ass, judging by the look on Matt’s face. Kristie quickened her pace when she could see how effective they were at getting him off. If Sarah had looked back and seen that, she would have no doubt veered us into a tree.

I knew my son well enough by now, even sexually, to see that he was close. I desperately wanted to see him explode all over himself and the two girls, but I was equally afraid they were going to give themselves away in the process. I couldn’t be too obvious, but I had to make sure Sarah’s attention was diverted. I pointed out a billboard and said something about a tiny little detail about it, so she would squint and focus entirely on it. It seemed to work, and it distracted her even from Matt’s rather loud sigh as he finally gave in. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the mirror as I watched the whole thing come to a climax.

Kristie leaned her head down to his lap and latched her mouth onto the tip of his penis. His shaft pulsed and throbbed as he spurted a nice big load into his cousin’s mouth. She swirled her tongue and lips all around his head while she drank his cum. Breanna’s wrist was twisting as she was no doubt drilling his poor asshole with her finger still. It must have felt amazing, because his face contorted uncontrollably. There seemed to be no pretense that they were doing something in secret. Good thing my sister was easily distracted.

After a few seconds of thoroughly enjoying his orgasm, Matt finally came back to and the girls released him from their clutches. Kristie swallowed his sperm and licked her lips in satisfaction. Breanna helped her cousin stuff his penis back into his pants and zip him up. They were full service, I laughed to myself. Matt hadn’t needed to budge the entire time.

When we pulled up to the house, Matt had to leave the car last. He was still hard, the poor boy. Sarah made some excuse about being tired and went right to bed. I knew it was really because we had hurt her feelings with our dinner conversation. I felt bad, but hoped that it would do what we had intended. This could end up being one of the best nights of her life,, if she responded kindly to it. Otherwise, she might disown me as her sister and possibly her daughter too.

I didn’t go up to bed right away with her. Instead I stayed in the living room and watched TV with Breanna. Kristie and Matt had disappeared, either to change into their pajama clothes or maybe to fuck. I wouldn’t have disapproved of the latter but I did hope that we could all spend some time together. I felt like I needed the encouragement for what was in store with Sarah. If it went well, Matt would need the strength to fuck his aunt.

After a few minutes of just my daughter and I in the living room, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

“That was quite a show you put on in the car,” I said. “Very dangerous.”

Breanna shrugged. “Whenever Kristie is around him, Matt seems to go into horndog mode. He can’t get enough.”

I immediately picked up on the underlying issue that must have been bothering her.

“Is he not giving you enough?” I asked matter-of-factly.

Breanna glanced at me nervously. She didn’t want to answer, as if it meant she was jealous of Kristie. Jealousy couldn’t really be a part of an incestuous family. The whole point was to show love to each other kızılay escort bayan and become bonded closer than a normal family.

“It’s fine,” Breanna said dismissively. “We’re on vacation. He should be getting to know Kristie more. I can be patient. It’s not like we won’t have time together when we get back home.”

My maternal instinct had been right on. “How often have they fucked since this morning when we were all together?”

Breanna kept her eyes forward on the TV. “He had her ass again about an hour later. Then when you and Aunt Sarah were up here talking, we were outside sunning and she sucked him off. For a long time, like ten minutes. I just watched them and we kind of chatted while she did it. I was ok with it, but even after he came she just kept sucking on him. It made me feel like she was better at it than me. I know I’ll get better over time, but she just seems so awesome at sex. And she’s a virgin technically!”

I smiled very motherly at her. “Your cousin is very experienced for someone in her rather unconventional situation sexually. I have a feeling she can suck or fuck any boy she chooses. She should be sharing Matt with you even while we’re on vacation. Do you want me to say something to her?”

Breanna shook her head. “No, no. I’ll be ok. Really, I’m not jealous of her having Matt. I was looking forward to having sex with her, actually.”

“I see. Well I think that tonight, while I’m talking to your aunt, maybe the three of you should spend some time together just playing around and becoming comfortable with each others’ bodies. Then when I bring Sarah down to join us, god willing, we can all have fun together. Afterward, when Matt is spent, which he should be after what he’s already been through today, you and Kristie can come together and I can show Sarah that its more than just fucking. We’re still a family.”

Breanna seemed to warm to the idea. “Thanks, Mom. I think you should go talk to Sarah right now. I’ll go look for Matt. He’s probably balls deep in Kristie’s ass right now.”

I would normally find my daughter’s boldness amusing, but instead I took a deep breath and readied myself for what could very well be the most volatile night of my life. But it could also be one of the best, if things went the way we all hoped.

Chapter 14

Sarah was in bed and the lights were out when I went upstairs to her bedroom. I worried that maybe she would be in a bad mood and wouldn’t want to talk to me. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer though. This was coming out now. As scared as I was, it was also an unbearable secret to try to keep from my dear sister.

“Sarah?” I said softly as I closed the door behind me. I instinctively started to undress without thinking, since we both slept naked.

“I’m awake,” she said. “I just have a headache.”

I slipped out of my underwear and crawled into bed beside her. I wasn’t sure how to begin, but Daddy’s voice echoed in my head just then.

“Remind her of me,” he said. “Get her thinking about what you both had in common.”

I nodded, and pulled the covers over us both as I snuggled up to her. She accepted me without hesitation and held me against her. Her soft breasts were right in my face as I reached my hand across her stomach and down toward her thighs. She sighed as I rested my palm right on her mound and firmly pressed it into her cunt.

“I have something to tell you,” I said.

She squeezed my other hand, sensing from my tone that this was going to carry some weight.

“You can tell me anything,” she said.

“Remember how you used to feel,” I began, “when Daddy would cum in you?”

The question was probably not what she had been expecting, and there was a brief silence as she thought about it.

“Of course,” was her response finally. “It was wonderful.”

“Not the sexual pleasure you got,” I said. “Not the feel of his big cock stretching your little cunt. I mean, in your heart. The way you felt when the man you loved the most in the entire world gave of himself for you. When he would leave a part of himself inside of you. When he would claim you as his own.”

Sarah’s expression was a mix of satisfaction and a frown, as she wondered what in the world I was getting at. Was I just being nostalgic, perhaps? Was I horny, trying to rile her up for some sister-on-sister action?

“I remember vividly,” she answered. “As you apparently do too.”

I rested my cheek on her stomach and looked up at her between her breasts. My hand was still on her pussy, in a comforting, intimate sort of way. I started to gently circle my fingertip on her clit, so softly at first that she might not have even noticed. I was letting my body act of its own accord now, though my mind was entirely focused on this life-changing conversation.

“I found a way to feel that way again,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest.

Sarah looked down at me with a look of confusion. Not that I could have been escort kızlay referring to very many different things. There were only two men in my life now, my husband Tom and my son Matt. She could have discerned that I was speaking of having sex with Matt, but more than likely she thought I was referring to something having to do with Tom. Maybe she thought I had told Tom about my secret relationship with my father, and he was ok with it and incorporating the fantasy into our sex life. My mind was spinning with the possibilities of what could be going through Sarah’s mind.

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“I’m committing incest again,” I replied fully expecting her to jump off the bed and scream at me.

Instead, she just stared at me. Her eyes were questing through mine in the dark, with us barely able to clearly see each other. There was silence between us for at least a full minute, maybe longer. I stopped breathing at some point as I awaited my fate.

“…Matt?” was all she said, almost so softly it was a whisper.

I gave her the most pitiful expression I could, pleading with her to understand, as I nodded.

Sarah’s face twisted into a grimace as she started to cry. I cringed and pulled away from her, withdrawing my hand from where I had been softly masturbating her. I was ready to reach for my clothes and run out of the room, to quickly gather my children and hurry out to the car, to live the rest of my life regretting this decision. I felt guilty and selfish and perverted all at the same time.

Sarah’s hand stopped me. She grabbed my arm and pulled me back to her, until I was face to face with her. Without saying anything, she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. Her tears wet my cheeks as I allowed her to do anything she wanted, too stunned by this turn of events to react. Her hands clutched at me, holding my breast in one and my neck with the other. Her tongue hungrily sought out mine and intertwined with it. I was still helpless under her grasp, but I didn’t pull back or resist in any way.

“Oh, Mel,” she whispered between kisses. “I’m so happy for you…”

It took me a moment to process what was happening. It seemed too surreal, to expose my biggest secret to her only to be eagerly received and praised. Could it really be this good? Would she accept our family and join with us?

I started to kiss her back when I could finally control my body again. My mind was completely blank, in shock from this turn of events. We passionately kissed and pawed at each other’s bodies. Our faces were covered in each other’s saliva after a few minutes of this. I finally pulled back just long enough to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming.

“You’re ok with it?” I asked, out of breath.

Sarah nodded. “Yes, yes! I’m so happy that you could experience this with your family. It’s so wonderful that you can have what Daddy had. What about Bree? Does she know? Does Tom know?”

I shook my head. “No, Tom doesn’t know.”

Sarah squeezed my breast again. “It’s probably better that way, with the nature of how it would have to work. Maybe one day…”

“Bree…she knows. And she participates.”

Sarah smiled and leaned forward just enough to kiss my mouth softly once. “That’s wonderful, Mel. So the two of them…wow, you have such a wonderful thing going.”

I nodded. “It is wonderful. It’s new, but very exciting. It makes me feel almost the same as being with Daddy.”

Sarah sighed. “I wish I could have that with Kristie. But I think she’s too much of a prude to ever be ok with it.”

I almost laughed, but fortunately instead I just smiled lovingly at her.

“Kristie already knows,” I said. “She’s not a prude at all. She’s joined us too.”

Sarah was beyond surprised, and just stared at me for the longest while. I finally started to chuckle, even though it was probably rude. She started to cry again when she realized that everyone in the house was in on the same wonderful secret. I pushed her onto her back and bent down to start eating her pussy.

She really got into it as I lapped at her slick cunt. Her fluid was soaking the bed and my face. We were both high from the exhilaration of the secret. My mind was a fog of pleasure and hope. I couldn’t wait to get my sister downstairs where I hoped a giant orgy was waiting for us with the kids.

I gave her one nice orgasm before spreading her legs wider and going to town on her butt. I stuck my tongue as far up into it as I could reach, and fingered her clit while I licked her tight sphincter. I forced another orgasm out of her like that, demanding it from her body whether she was willing or not. I needed her to be in a delirious, depraved state when I brought her downstairs to be fucked by my son.

“Enough!” she laughed. “Enough, I need some cock now. Tell me that Matt is willing to put it in his old aunt…”

I gave one more firm lick of her pussy, and then crawled up onto her and gently nibbled on her breasts.

“Matt has the nicest cock you ever saw. Just like Daddy’s, big and thick. But he’s had his balls drained already today by your horny little daughter.”

“I can’t believe she’s fucking them,” Sarah said. “I thought she was a virgin.”

“Well, technically she is. But you’ll have to see for yourself.”

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