Wild Side of a Perky Ass Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Yes, what the fuck! Why are you doing this to me, Mistress?

Nora reached for a shot and poured that down her throat to deal with the attention. It was weird but fun. Hazel and her new friends switched their gaze back and forth between Nora’s face and my face in her ass.

“No, this can’t be real!” Hazel yelled.

Nora’s asshole continued to pucker in my mouth and then the girls went silent when they heard her moaning slightly.

A loud explosion shot out of Nora’s ass into my mouth and it caused my cheeks to ripple.

“What the fuck, did you just fart?” Hazel couldn’t believe Nora could go this ballistic.

The attention on Nora and me became worrisome as they all gathered around and watched. Only Nora and Mistress faced away from me. Hazel and the new girls fixed their gaze on my face in Nora’s ass.

She grunted and began to push.

A very soft but thick log of shit emerged from her ass and slid out so easily that it took only a few seconds for this massive turd to be fully expelled. It lost its shape in my mouth because my mouth couldn’t contain its length unaltered. This log of shit bulged my cheeks out and caused the girls to murmur loudly.

There was loud cheering around me, and now, even Mistress turned back, leaving only Nora facing away from me.

It van seks hikayeleri was night already, but the party lights reached us pretty well, bright enough.

“Oh my, what the fuck!” Lexi chuckled.

“Oh, yeah, what the fuck!” Grace responded, with awkward-sounding English.

Seeing my cheeks bulging out because my mouth was pumped with Nora’s shit was very hilarious for these ladies, and embarrassing for me. I needed to eat and swallow, but didn’t want them watching me as I take that load down into my stomach. It was a very embarrassing moment.

I realized that I was prolonging the horrible moment by waiting for them to look away before I swallow, meanwhile I hated the taste of Nora’s shit. It was bitter and irritating.

No. They’re not looking away. And Nora has more to expel, and it would only make matters worse if her next turd meets this one in my mouth, and so, I was forced to do the needful.

As I made the move to swallow, Nora’s shit moved down into my throat and then I realized how huge that turd was. The ladies babbled surprisedly at the sight of Nora’s shit bulging down my throat as I swallowed.

With their thin, feminine voices, they screamed and drew attention our way, and I found this annoying. People around stared at us at this moment, but luckily for me, I was a little bit shielded by their bodies as they crowded around me.

“Are you done?”

“No,” Nora said to Mistress.


Nora pushed again and her asshole opened up for another soft, fat turd.

The turd filled my mouth and bulged my cheeks out again and the ladies reacted with even more excitement.

“His name is indeed Toilet,” Hazel confessed.

“What? What is his name?” Grace asked, in that awkward-sounding English again.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” Mistress asked.

“Oh well, I’m not. I’m Japanese.”

“Oh, yeah, I can see that in the shape of your eyes and your cheeks, and most of all, your diction, apologies!” Mistress chuckled.

Grace grinned, “None required.”

“How come your name is Grace? That’s not Japanese.”

“Westerners are fond of making fun of my name.”

“I promise, I won’t. Tell me, what’s your name?”


Mistress grinned and asked Lexi, “What’s her name, please?”


“You? I don’t understand.”

“Yes, Yu.”

“You? As in who are you?”

“Hell, no,” Lexi replied, “Y, u; Yu.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Y, u, who are Yu?”

They all burst out laughing and Nora laughed with her asshole also, by ripping a fart into my mouth. This momentarily took the attention away from Grace’s real name to Nora and me.

Mistress poked Nora on her side, “What is wrong with Yu?”

“Fuck!” Grace cursed, “this is what I’m saying.”

“Yu mean what yu are saying?” Mistress uncontrollably kept up with being silly by enunciating the pronunciation.

Grace shook her head and said to Mistress, “I give up on you.”

She’d said it already before she realized she had just said the word too, though she meant ‘You,’ Mistress chose to hear ‘Yu.’

They all laughed and bonded well as they heartily laughed together over the funny and friendly atmosphere.

“Are you Japanese too, Lexi? What’s your Japanese name?” Mistress asked.

“Does my English give that away too?”

“Not at all, but you have puffy cheeks.”

Lexi grinned. “My parents are Indian, but I was born here.”

Grace went back to her question, “So, what’s his name?”

Hazel was more than happy to answer. “His name is Toilet.”

“And that’s why he’s eating shit?”

“Yes!” Hazel pointed at Mistress, “this is his owner, but we can all use him.”

“What?” Grace sighed questioningly.

“I haven’t used him before, but now that Nora’s doing it, I must also shit in his mouth tonight.”

Mistress turned to Lexi and Grace, “I’d be pleased if you also help me feed my dog.”

“Toilet?” Grace asked for clarification.

“Yes. His name is Toilet. He is a dog.”

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