3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 08

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Double Penetration

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 08

Volume One: Homecoming

Chapter Eight: Joanna & Abigail

Edited By: Todger65

Summer 2000

Jo headed out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where she saw Aunt Liz topless and a breast pump at her nipple. She almost licked her lips as she looked at her big beautiful nipples wanting to suck at them so badly.

“Hey Aunt Liz, pumping?” Jo grinned.

“Yeah, I have to; I always produce way more than the baby drinks.” Liz smiled warmly the way she always did. Aunt Liz had a warmth about her that made people feel better about themselves. Jo had always felt she could tell Aunt Liz anything.

“Well if you ever need someone to suck on them for you, I am your girl.” Jo joked thinking about earlier that morning when she got to suck on her aunt’s tits.

“I will keep that in mind sweetheart.” Liz laughed making her breast shake and gave Jo a little wink.

“What do you do with the milk anyways?” Jo grinned.

“I keep some in the fridge for when I have to work and Maggie or Nicole or your mom watches her for me.” Aunt Liz worked as a physical therapist nurse which was work that suited her well. Picking people up when life had beaten them down.

“Why you want me to save you some for your coffee?” Aunt Liz grinned.

“Well if you got any extra. It wasn’t that bad.” Jo grinned and shrugged her shoulder; pretty sure she had that same goofy smile that Alex teased her about when she liked a girl.

“I always have extra sweetheart.” Aunt Liz smiled.

“Well I will leave you to it and go see if Abbey can do my hair.” Jo nodded. With breast that big she could have feed more than a few kids.

“Okay, I am going to jump in the tub after I get done here. I am a little sore after my workout so if I don’t see you before you leave it is really good to have you home sweetie.” Aunt Liz smiled. Jo leaned in and gave her aunt a little kiss.

“Thanks for letting me use your shower.” Jo said heading for the door but looking back at her big damn tits one last time.

“Anytime sweetheart.” Ant Liz smiled.

Jo headed for her Cousin Abbey’s room and knocked before she entered where she found Abbey who quickly stood up and turned from facing the wall.

“Oh my, what or you doing?” Jo grinned.

“Nothing.” Abbey blushed fiddling with something in her hand as she stood in the way of whatever she was doing. Alex always said Abbey was the world’s worst liar which was one of her endearing qualities because she could never bullshit you; she meant what she said.

“Oh really.” Jo said closing the door behind her and locking it. Jo walked over grinning as she gently pushed Abbey aside and bent down noticing a small hole. As she looked into it she saw Alex’s bare ass which Jo knew all too well having ran behind him when they did the naked mile run at college.

“Oh my fuck, you naughty little girl.” Jo said as she shot up and covered her mouth.

“You’re not going to tell Alex on me or you?” She blushed brightly as she looked down at a nail she held in her hand. Jo noticed the end was painted to match the wall, no doubt to hide the peep hole; she had underestimated her cousin she thought.

“Only on one condition.” Jo reached out and touched her cheek.

“What’s that?” Abbey said shyly biting her lip. Jo let her sweat a second.

“You do my hair.” Jo winked.

“Okay.” Abbey smiled as she took a deep breath.

“You really should have locked the door.” Jo smiled as took a seat in the chair beside Abbeys desk glancing at the prom picture as Abbey pushed the nail into the wall. Jo could still remember sitting here while Abbey had worked her magic and made Jo feel like a girl for the prom. Jo never saw herself as beautiful when she looked in the mirror and wasn’t really comfortable with makeup like most girls but Abbey was an artist and Jo didn’t recognize herself that night. It had been a perfect night even ending with Jo getting to push Makala in the pool, something she had wanted to do for four years. Jo never liked that cheerleader bitch.

“I thought I did; guess I didn’t shut it all the way.” Abbey blushed a little as she grabbed her hair brush.

“So I got to ask, have you ever spied on me?” Jo grinned looking at her in the mirror. Abbey blushed harder.

“I take it that as a yes. So what did you think?” Jo teased.

“I was just curious.” Abbey shrugged, nothing wrong with that. Hell Jo still checked out guys ever now and then though she had no interest of sleeping with any of them.

“Trust me you’re not gay.” Jo smiled.

“I know that.” Abbey said as she began to do her hair.

“You ever think about that night, you know when you showed me how to.” Abbey blushed looking at Jo in the mirror.

“Every now and then why?” Jo smiled, they hadn’t really done anything though Jo had wanted to but Jo hadn’t come out of the closet yet officially.

“It’s just you saw me naked and all.” Abbey blushed.

“Wait is that why you acted all weird when I came out.” Jo smiled. Abbey had been a little düzce seks hikayeleri weird around her not knowing how to act at first.

“Maybe a little.” Abbey smiled.

“Abbey you’re a beautiful girl but you’re not really my type.” Jo smiled back, that was a lie. Jo would fuck her in a heartbeat but Jo didn’t think she deserved someone like Abbey.

“What’s that mean?” Abbey smirked being a little defensive.

“For one you’re straight.” Jo smiled.

“Oh.” Abbey laughed as if she had to be reminded.

“Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind burying my face between those big tits of yours and motor boating you though.” Jo teased just to lighten the mood.

“Joanna.” Abbey blushed and bit her lip as she started to braid Jo’s hair.

“What, you got a nice rack.” Jo shrugged. “Also you’re way too sweet and innocent.”

“And that is a bad thing?” Abbey smiled.

“No probably not but I like a girl who can take charge.” Jo grinned remembering her first time, Jo had been nervous as hell. Kitty had teased her about it, the big bad Jo who would fight anyone, being afraid. It had been the push she had needed to be who she wanted to be. Though things with Kitty had ended badly it had been what Jo needed at the time and they were still friends now having made up with each other.

‘It’s just I’ve been a little curious lately.” Abbey said.

“What about girls?” Jo grinned at her cousin in the mirror wondering if a smidge of her was actually gay though Jo doubted it.

“Yeah, I mean I totally like boys and peckers and all that it’s just.” Abbey said making them both laughed. “I occasionally wonder what it’s like to be with a girl, I mean you done it with Kitty, and mom in college and…” Abbey stopped as if she had caught herself from saying something that she wanted to.

“And?” Jo grinned.

“…it’s just I have to wonder what it’s like to be with a girl.” Abbey shrugged.

“Any girl in particular.” Jo smiled knowing she was fishing in swimming pool as her Uncle would have said, wondering how many of his silly sayings would be stuck in her head for the rest of her life.

“Jo.” Abbey blushed and giggled.

“You ever, you know think about guys like that?” Abbey asked with a smile.

“I do have my moments, I did date a few but the second I kissed a girl I knew for sure.” Jo smiled, she had only ever kissed one guy that had made her stop and think twice about guys.

“You mean Nicky or Kitty.” Abbey grinned.

“Oh god she told you about that.” Jo laughed at knowing Nicky had talked about her first girl on girl kiss with Jo.

“Yeah me and Nicky talk a lot about stuff like that now.” Abbey shrugged.

“Bet she has some stories.” Jo smiled Abbey just nodded keeping quiet. “You know if you’re really curious about girls, I can always give you a little kiss and see what you think.” Jo teased.

“I already did that.” Abbey bit her lip and lowered her eyes shyly as she smiled from ear to ear.

“Oh with whom?” Jo said taken aback.

“I am not telling. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.” Abbey teased.

“Spoiled sport.” Jo stuck out her tongue and acted hurt.

“Though you are still my favorite girl to kiss.” Jo felt Abbey hand touch her chin and lift her head back as Abbey leaned over her and kissed her upside down. Jo couldn’t really stop her considering she had a grip on Jo’s half braided hair with her other hand, tugging at if gently; not that Jo wanted to stop. Jo actually kind of liked it, being taken by surprise and slightly forcefully. The kiss had surprised Jo but she found herself kissing back as she made out with her cousin for a while. She reached up and ran her fingers through Abbey’s hair as Abbey softly caressed her cheek. Jo was just as surprised when Abbey stopped abruptly leaving Jo wanting more.

“What was that?” Jo said after she had caught her breath.

“Maybe I am not as innocent as you think.” Abbey blushed and bit her lip in that cute way. Between the peephole and that kiss, Abbey was certainly not.

“But still sweet, is that Cherry?” Jo smiled licking her lips enjoying the taste of her cousins lip gloss. The girls talked for a bit longer as Abbey did Jo’s makeup making her look pretty for her homecoming before she went to see mom and Izzy.

Early Spring 1999

“Joanna can you please have a talk with that son of mine.” Uncle Frank said from the front seat as they drove down the road as the rain beat down on the roof of the large pickup truck.

“I am not getting in the middle of it.” Jo said; she had come with them because Alex was in one of his moods and just wanted to hit something so he was punching the hell out of the punching bag at his house while Jo, Abbey and Uncle Frank ran to get Pizza. Jo’s little sister Izzy had stayed to keep Alex company which was her sitting there pretending to read in the basement while Alex was shirtless punching the crap out of the old bag. Izzy was persistent, if nothing else, but hard-headedness runs in the family. Izzy had always adored Alex but after he had saved their lives Izzy crush had gone to DEFCOM one.

“What are you talking about?” Abbey said looking over at her dad. She had called shot gun earlier as usual and made a mad dash for the truck, Jo was too tired from track practice to move let alone race.

“Alex wants to go into the military.” Jo said filling her in, surprised she didn’t know since Alex and his dad had been having this argument for several days now. Alex saw it as a way to pay for college so his mom and dad didn’t have to plus he wanted to follow in his dads footsteps.

“So why don’t you want him to.” Abbey smiled no doubt trying to be the mediator.

“I lost a few friends in the gulf; I couldn’t live with myself if something like that were to happen to your brother.” Uncle Frank said rubbing his head. Uncle Frank never talked about his time in the service.

“You should tell him that.” Abbey smiled, her logic was always a bit straight forward.

“You know men; they have trouble expressing their feelings.” Jo teased though she was just as bad.

“You’re not thinking about joining also are you?” Uncle Frank glanced back at Jo in the mirror.

“No as good as I look in green and as cool as it would be to be called G.I. Jo I don’t really think the military is for me. I prefer to shoot at stuff that doesn’t shoot back.” That, and Jo didn’t think she could bring herself to shoot another human being as much as she wanted to sometimes.

“Oh I love this song, turn it up.” Abbey said messing with the radio.

“So did I back before they played it to death?” Jo grinned.

“Come on sing it with me Jo, why’d you smile while you were sleeping…” Abbey began to sing, she had a beautiful voice which was no surprise since she was in the school choir along with her cousin Candy. “…Far away and dreaming.” She glanced back at Jo and grinned. Jo shook her head and joined in.

“I could spend my life in this sweet surrender. I could stay lost in this moment…” They sung before Abbey turned her head to look at her dad.

“Dad look out.” Abbey yelled.

Jo turned her head just in time to see an eighteen wheeler coming right at the truck as they were crossing the intersection. The sound of the semi’s wheels trying to brake was all Jo could hear as the large vehicle was unable to stop. Uncle Frank gunned it. Joanna felt the collision, the sound of metal crunching and slicing filled the air and the pickup flying through the air. The truck flipped, Jo felt her face slam against something as the truck landed hard.

Jo opened her eyes, she had blacked out for a second or two as she found herself upside down. She felt something hot running down her face; she touched it and pulled back her hand to see blood. She felt dizzy as she felt her eyes ready to close again.

“No.” She said as she shook her head. “Abbey, Uncle Frank.” She yelled as she opened her eyes back looking up front. There was smoke though Jo didn’t see any fire. She couldn’t see Uncle Frank from where she was but she could see Abbey hanging upside down in her seat. Jo braced herself and undid her seat belt. She crawled over and shook Abbey who made a little moan. Thank goodness she thought.

Jo knew she was trapped in the back and the only way out was through the door in the front. Unless! Jo turned around. The back glass was shattered but was still intact. The tail gate was completely gone. The semi-truck had taken off the ass end of the pickup. If Uncle Frank hadn’t had floored it they would all be dead already Jo thought. Jo elbowed and punched at the back windshield till it came out. Jo crawled out and stood up feeling dizzy as hell, but managed to keep her footing. She decided to go around Abbeys side. She saw what was left of the tail bed lying nearby. Gasoline was everywhere leaking from it. One spark and the entire thing would go; Jo was surprised it hadn’t already. The semi had run off the road into a nearby tree after it had cut through the pick up like a knife through butter. Jo came around to find Abbeys window broken through the roof was caved in so she didn’t know if she could get her out through it. Being short had probably saved her life Jo thought. She leaned in and shook Abbey. Abbey made a whimpering noise.

“I am going to get you out.” Jo said though not knowing if Abbey could hear her. Jo looked over at Uncle Frank who also wasn’t moving and was covered in a lot of blood. Jo tried the door but it wouldn’t budge she yanked on it again and it came open but only moved about an inch at most. She needed something anything. She looked around until she saw it, the large stainless steel tool box that had been behind the rear cab. Jo ran to it and found what she needed. A large hammer, sure she could use a crow bar or something but this would have to do. She ran back to the car and shoved the claw end into the space between the door and the car and push with all her might. It gave a little but was still stuck as hell. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye. A guy; from the way he was dressed she would guess was the trucker.

“Help me.” She screamed, truthfully she wanted to take the hammer and bash his skull in but she needed help if she wanted to get them out. She hooked the hammer lower in the door; he ran up and grabbed the door, pulling while she pushed even with both of their strength the metal only wined in protest.

“It’s no use.” He yelled.

“Shut up and pull.” She yelled back. Jo saw fire come out of the bottom of the hood of the truck from the engine block. It was growing by the second.

“We got to get out of here. It is going to catch fire; you can’t save them, they’re as good as dead.” The truck driver grabbed Jo arm forcefully trying to drag her away.

“Let go of me.” She yanked free and drove her open palm into his face as he stumbled backwards onto his ass.

“Your crazy bitch. You can’t save them.” He said as he scrambled to get back to his feet and away from the pickup truck.

“Then I will die with them.” She said as she grabbed the hammer and wedged it back into the door. The trucker took off leaving Jo alone to die. She pushed with all her might but it was all for not. She turned the hammer and pounded into the door out of sheer frustration before she threw it away. She was fighting a fight she couldn’t win. A voice in her head told her she should run while she still could and save herself like the trucker had.

“Fuck that.” She said aloud to that little voice in her head and reached down and grabbed the door just inside the window with both hands and yanked and jerked with all her might. She would fight until she was dead and then she would go kick Satin or Saint Peter, or Buddha, or whoever she saw first in the fucking balls. Jo only ran toward something, never away and she wasn’t about to start now. Glass cut into her hand but she didn’t fucking care about the pain. She put her foot against the car and pulled with everything she had, until the door gave way. Jo grabbed Abbey and undid her seat belt.

“Joanna.” Abbey coughed looking at her. Yes, she was still fucking alive Jo thought.

“Hey you.” Jo said.

“Get Abbey out of here.” Uncle Frank coughed.

“Dad…” Abbey said though only barely conscious, Jo looked up to see Uncle Frank holding his stomach where a piece of the car was sticking out, she could tell it was in deep.

“Uncle Frank, I will come right back for you.” Jo said grabbing Abbey under her arms.

“No, get Abbey and You out of here.” Frank coughed up blood into his hand.

“But…” Jo began to say.

“You heard me damn it. Get the hell out of here girl.” He screamed at her before coughing again. “Keep Abbey safe for me.”

“Yes Sir.” Jo said, unable to find the words as she started to pull Abbey away. She wanted to tell him so much but couldn’t. She wanted to tell him that she loved him but couldn’t find the words. She knew she wouldn’t be able to come back for him in time. The fire was growing too fast. Tears ran down Jo’s face as she started dragging Abbey away toward the ditch.

“No dad…” Abbey fought as she held out her hand toward the car trying to reach for him. Jo managed to get them both to the ditch as she felt the explosion as the gasoline that covered the road caught fire and ignited into a giant fireball. Jo dived backwards, taking Abbey along as she felt the heat on her face. She covered Abbey as she felt glass and debris rain down around them.

The Next Day

Joanna lay on the top bunk of her bed touching the bandages the doctors had put on her hands, mostly because it hurt. She felt numb to everything around her. Like being in a dream waiting to wake up but the pain in her hands reminded her she was very much awake. She hadn’t eaten or slept. She couldn’t close her eyes without being afraid of what she saw when she did. She had thought earlier about going for a drive to get the hell away, but when she got in her truck her hands began to shake and she couldn’t breathe. Jo heard a knock at her door but didn’t roll over to see who it was as it opened.

“Jo we or going to your Aunt’s sweetheart are you sure you don’t want to come?” Jo heard her mom say.

“No.” Jo said. She didn’t want to see her Aunt and cousins. She couldn’t face them right now; she couldn’t go to the wake or funeral either.

“Can I get you anything?” Mom said.

“No thanks.” Jo said. Jo didn’t want anything that any person could provide. What she wanted was impossible.

“You sure you will be okay alone.” She could feel mom’s warmth, a hand trying to reach out to her in the dark.

“I’m fine mom.” Jo said. She didn’t want to be alone but she also knew that she didn’t want to talk about it or her feelings.

“Okay if you need anything just call me.” Her mom said trying to reassure her with her voice. “I love you.”

“I love you to.” Jo said feeling a tear roll down her face onto the pillow. Jo thought she heard them leave as she lay there. She didn’t want to lay here numb to the world but she didn’t have the strength to do much else. A few minutes later she heard a knock and the door opened, she had sworn she had heard mom and sis leave but mom had probably came back to try and get Jo to come one last time.

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