A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 2

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Sebastian began to stir as the first light came through the open window. Someone had opened the curtains of the four poster bed during the night and the shadow of the early morning sun crept slowly along the carpet towards the bed. As he stretched, his arms encountered soft warm flesh on either side.

The soft light was enough for Sebastian to recognise the Russian beauty he had taken so quickly last night. She was lying on her side watching him intently.

“Hello, Sebastian. I am Anouscha. I am from Russia.”

“Hi, Seb. I’m Debbie. I’m from New York, USA.”

He recognised the voice behind him and turned over to see what this American minx looked like. The light was behind her; he could make out the long hair and the lovely curve of her body as she lay on her side facing him. Both women snuggled up and gave him a good morning kiss, resting their soft breasts against his chest.

“Hello, Sebastian. I am Baptista and I am from Brazil.” A soft South American voice that oozed the suggestion of sex under a hot Brazilian sun!

Sebastian looked toward the end of the bed but could see nothing at first; but he could feel the warm hands taking hold of his feet and gently pulling his legs apart. Then the tickling of her long hair and the sensuous feeling of her lips kissing him all the way up the insides of his calves and thighs. At the same time, as her hands explored upwards up the outside of his legs and hips, the two women beside him were kissing each other as well as Sebastian; he sensed that they too had opened their legs and were gently playing with themselves. Debbie put her fingers up to allow both Sebastian and Anouscha to taste. Delicious!

Then he felt the lips below reach his balls and a tongue run all around them and up the hardening shaft above. The head rose up ready to take him in her mouth; her broad smile revealed perfect white teeth – she was another stunningly beautiful girl with bright shining brown eyes and a large mouth which she lowered and kissed and licked the tip of his dick. Enjoying the first drip of succulent pre-cum, she then took him in her mouth and sucked him in and out with lengthening strokes until he was all the way in.

Baptista’s hands were now straying and exploring the bodies of the women, caressing their breasts and pulling hard on their nipples, while concentrating on the work she was doing with her mouth. Her hands went down each of the women’s sides and clenched each buttock hard so that they could feel the fingernails digging into the soft skin. While they both continued to rub their own clitoris, they felt two of Baptista’s fingers sliding in and out of their tight wet cunts with the same rhythm as she was applying to him.

“Yeh, baby. Finger-fuck my cunt.” Yelled Debbie, while the Russian began to gibber in her own language. They sounded different until they both came, Debbie first and then Anouscha, loud primeval screams right into Sebastian’s ears.

For a moment, this took his mind off the pleasure surrounding his dick. He signalled with his eyes that Baptista should move up and finish him off. She immediately withdrew her mouth and came up to kiss him and the other women. Her fingers came up too and were sucked and enjoyed by them all.

Now she got into position above him; he could see for the first time her athletic brown body and perfect large breasts. She slid on easily; he admired the way her pussy lips arap porno wrapped around him and the prominent clitoris poked out above. She soon got into her stride, speaking to him in Portuguese that grew louder and more strident as her pace quickened and her breasts bounced more energetically above him.

Meanwhile, Anouscha and Debbie had moved so that they were positioned over Sebastian’s face with each cunt close enough for him to smell the pungent aroma, each strong but subtly different. They used one hand to rub their own clitoris whilst fingering the others’ pussy.

Baptista put a hand on each of the women’s shoulders to steady herself as her fucking became faster and faster.

Anouscha came first this time followed by Sebastian as he exploded hard into Baptista; she quickly moved off and lay on her back with a pillow under her bottom. Then Debbie:

“Oh yes; yes; fuck; fuck; fuck; fuck. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh..” A short silence as if she had finished, then a second stronger wave of convulsions racked through her body. The others watched amazed as the American let out a long ecstatic final scream of release. Few would still be awake in the hotel now!!

Sebastian rested and watched with pleasure while the three naked women arranged the breakfast things on the balcony over-looking the swimming pool below. They each moved so elegantly and naturally as if they were sisters who had been together for years. Anouscha and Baptista had only basic English but could make themselves understood well enough.

They all enjoyed a long relaxed breakfast after a refreshing swim in the pool. Sebastian had just one glass of champagne while the girls had enough to have them giggling and playing games in the water. One glass and the food made him drowsy so he sat in the shade in his dressing gown and dozed off contentedly.

He was awoken by the voice of an English woman.

“Excuse me. I’m Amanda – I’m looking for Sebastian.”

“That’s me. Welcome. I gather you had problems with the trains last night. Any way: champagne?”

“Lovely, thanks. I’m sorry I’m so late, but it was unavoidable.”

“Don’t worry; you’re here now and looking very pretty I must say. Meet some of the others; they are a bit less formal, you’ll see.”

The three others has just finished their swimming and sun bathing and arrived back giggling like school-girls, still naked with wet hair and water running off them onto the warm stone floor. Amanda shook their hands rather aloofly with a supercilious expression on her face; she had not been told there would be others there today and did not welcome competition! She was proud of her body but knew that it was larger and older than the youthful figures she was trying hard not to look at. Debbie caught the tone first.

“What’s up with you, Mandy? Never seen naked pussy before?”

“I’ll see you later, Sebastian. I must unpack” Debbie said and turned and walked away, with a scowl on her face. Sebastian admired her shapely, full figure and thought to himself that it was a pity if she was upset.

But Debbie had other ideas; she signalled to Anouscha and Baptista to follow her. They ran after Amanda and caught her up just as she reached the pool. She was at full tilt and a small push from the three together was enough to send her hurtling over the edge and into the deep end. The expression of shock bedava porno and fury on her face, as she struggled for a second to keep her balance and then fell backwards into the deep end, sent them into unashamed hysterics. Even Sebastian could not help smiling.

Luckily, Amanda was a strong swimmer; Sebastian tried to help her out but she brushed him aside. She took the towel he offered and allowed herself to be guided, tears running down her face, to the changing room.

“Sorry about that, Amanda; youthful high spirits, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll be OK in a minute or two. After all, I’m here for fun too!”

“I’ll be back shortly. Have a sauna to warm yourself up.”

Left alone, Amanda took off her wet clothing, unaware that she was being watched; the security guard, sitting in front of the TV screen, had enjoyed the sight of the naked women by the pool and now feasted his eyes on her voluptuous body as she undressed. He unzipped his shorts and rubbed slowly on his dick, as he became more aroused.

Shoes off, dress unbuttoned and slipped off, bra pulled off the large mature breasts and unclipped, sexy panties pulled down revealing a full damp bush between the legs. Amanda towelled herself dry and stretched showing off the shape of her uplifted breasts; she liked what she saw in the mirror. At least she was a real woman; strong, curvaceous and experienced. She smiled in anticipation of the delights ahead.

As she wrapped a towel around her, entered the sauna and poured water on the coals, Sebastian had returned with the others; they had come to apologise and make up.

He knocked on the door. “Are you OK?”

“Of course, come on in. It’s lovely and warm.”

Sebastian signalled the others to go into the neighbouring sauna and entered Amanda’s. She was sitting cross-legged on the wooden bench with the towel underneath. She had time to move her hand from between her legs. Already the sweat was pouring off her body, over her mountainous tits and down between her legs. As he sat opposite, pouring more water on the coals, steam rose and filled the small room.

Amanda lay back and relaxed, each breast falling to one side of her body which glistened as he slowly ran his eyes up and down the white, seductive flesh. She raised her knees and opened her legs enough for him to see that the skin around her pussy, below the pubic triangle, was clean-shaven. He could see the first signs of arousal, pink around the hole and plenty of damp between the pretty pussy lips and over the prominent clitoris that she had been rubbing secretly. He could feel himself begin to harden as his own sweat began to flow. He lay back too and enjoyed the heat all around them.

But Amanda took the initiative; she had gone without sex for more than a year, since that shit of a husband had walked out on her, and the sight of an erect penis over a firm stomach was too much for her. She couldn’t wait. By the time the three others joined them – their curiosity had got the better of them – Amanda had her legs around his head, so he could suck and tongue her, and her mouth around his dick.

Debbie was delighted: “Go Mandy; go, girl!”

They sat in line on the bench opposite, brazenly kissing and playing with each other’s tits and cunts. Amanda was ready to cum, but wanted him inside her. She didn’t know that he had had three orgasms already cüce porno today and would take longer than usual. She moved around and got on top of him; although her cunt was tight and she was nervous now that it would hurt, she pushed down determinedly until half his dick was inside her. That felt wonderful as she moved slowly up and down, but she could not imagine getting any more in her. Sebastian had grasped her fleshy arse and was trying to get further up her.

“Give us a hand, girls!” he gasped.

Debbie grinned. She got up, placed a hand on each of Amanda’s shoulders and thrust down as hard as she could. She felt resistance and then suddenly it slid all the way in. Amanda gasped with pain and tried to pull out again, but Debbie continued to press down until Amanda began to feel the pleasure of small orgasms masking the pain.

She used her free arm to push Debbie off. “Fuck off. Thanks, we’re fine now!”

As Amanda moved more fluently, a sixth person entered the crowded room. The silent pictures on the screen were not enough now and the tall black security man had left his position to join them. He had removed his clothes and stood there with his huge nine-inch dick at full attention. The three girls tried to pounce on him but he brushed them aside.

He watched Amanda straddling Sebastian, her ample bum rocking up and down. Using his hand, he transferred pussy juice on to his dick to provide at least some lubrication. Even so, only a strong man could have forced himself up that tight little bum hole. Hands on her hips, he thrust hard in and out gradually entering inch by inch.

Sebastian could fell the movement of his new friend causing Amanda’s cunt to tighten with a vice like grip around him. Amanda screamed with pain and pleasure but was powerless as the black stud took over and controlled the pace of the fucking. She felt as if her whole body was full -Sebastian not moving but very hard inside her, the force behind pushing her up and down his shaft like a red-hot poker ramming harder and faster. Her body wracked with a delicious agony as the orgasms swept through her.

Debbie had her mouth as close to Amanda’s cunt and arse crack as she could, licking the black balls and lapping up her juices as they cascaded down between her legs, mingling with the sweat of them all. Anouscha and Baptista were now standing, offering her pussies to the black man’s mouth, caressing their clitorises but most of all savouring the sight of Amanda being fucked by two men at once.

No one could remember who came first. They were each oblivious of their surroundings. Amanda probably started full-blooded orgasms first and kept going the longest – her screams were by far the loudest. Sebastian simply felt himself explode and dribble up Amanda’s cunt. He had no energy to make much noise. The security guard came in a huge last thrust and grunted noisily. The girls just squealed as they came; Debbie drinking all the fluids like a greedy little pig with a big self-satisfied grin on her face.

When it was over, the black man gave a half-apologetic wave and left, followed closely by Annouscha who took his hand and lead him out of the changing room and back to her bed-room. Baptista gave a cry of animal pleasure, skipped naked to the pool and dived back into the cool clear water. Amanda and Sebastian lay in a heap of sexual exhaustion, while Debbie continued licking and tasting between their legs, enjoying the subtle differences in taste and texture between the spunk from her cunt and that so much quicker still oozing from her bum. Soon there was nothing left but the smiles on all their faces and a satisfying soreness between both Sebastian’s and Amanda’s legs!

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