Afternoon Nap

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Big Dick

She took the bag out of her bottom bureau drawer. Inside, still in the box, was the toy he’d given her, the one she so rarely had opportunity to use. Though it had been less than a week since her last use of it, prompted by his asking whether she used it at all.

After taking the toy out of the box, she stripped from the waist down and lay on her bed. She wanted to take off her shirt and bra as well, for easier access to her tits while she fucked herself, but her room was too cold. She would warm up once she started.

Picking up the toy, she let her mind wander to the day he’d first mentioned it. She hadn’t known how to react when he’d said he wanted to buy her a sex toy. And then, a few days later, he told her he’d already bought it, that he’d been thinking about her so much he couldn’t help getting it, even though he knew it would be a while before she would have it. And then the day he’d given it to her, the last time they’d been together…

She turned on the toy, both the vibration and the twister, and teased her clit and pussy lips with it. She wanted it inside xnxx her… No, she wanted him inside her, but this substitute would have to suffice. Ordinarily she used lube with the toy; it was thick, and the one time she’d tried it dry, it had hurt. But tonight, after the conversation she’d had with him in the chat room and on instant messenger, she was so wet lube was unnecessary. She eased the large portion of the toy into her pussy, fucking it back and forth until it was in and the smaller head vibrated against her clit. It took only seconds before her first orgasm hit, and she cried out his name as her pussy clenched around the toy.

As she continued to fuck herself, she closed her eyes and imagined that it was his hand holding the toy, as it had been the night he gave it to her. Imagined it was him pinching her nipples. She slipped deeper into the fantasy. His hands, moving over her body. His thick cock in her mouth, precum leaking from the head. She’d always loved the taste of him…

What would it be like to taste him again, to feel his body against hers? It had bakire porno been months since their last time together; circumstances had gotten in the way. No regrets now, though… not with her mind bringing him back to her, her imagination vivid enough that she could almost feel his fingers. Like the night they’d met, when he’d fingered her clit and pussy in the parking lot at the bar. He’d told her later that others had seen, and the thought had made her hot. Remembering it now had the same effect; that and the motion of the toy brought her to another screaming orgasm. “Fuck me!” she shouted as she came. “Oh, god… fuck me!”

Her mind wandered further, to things they’d talked about but had never done. His tongue on her pussy… mmm, that would feel amazing. How many times would she have cum if he’d done that to her? Just the thought made her pussy contract as yet another orgasm went through her.

In the bag that the toy had been in was her butt plug. Should she use it? That was something else she’d wanted, his cock in her ass, but they’d bedava porno never managed it. She pictured it, his cock slowly working into her ass, stretching her to accept him. She came again, moaning, begging him to fuck her ass as if he was really there. And decided not to use the butt plug; its reality would pale in comparison to her fantasy.

She rested after that orgasm, leaving the toy to move on its own inside her while she paused to catch her breath. She’d always cum easily with him; apparently just thinking of him had the same effect. She imagined him beside her, naked, holding her after a fuck. Imagined herself bending down and taking his cock in her mouth, cleaning her juices from it as he’d always asked her to do. With this image in her mind, she took hold of the toy and fucked herself to a final orgasm. “Oh, god!” she cried as the orgasm built. “Oh, my fucking god… fuck me! Fuck…” The orgasm hit, the hardest of the night, and she screamed his name.

When she finally recovered, she cleaned the toy in the bathroom and replaced it in her bureau drawer, then went downstairs to her computer. Within seconds of her turning on her instant messenger, a message from him popped up. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“Very nice.”

“Any interesting dreams?”

She smiled. “I’ll email you all about it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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