A Blind Date

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I would like to thank angel love for her time spent on editing my story for submission.


I am sitting at the far right table at the eatery in the mall waiting on you (my blind date). I met you through one of those online dating services. Just the thought of not knowing who it could be was exciting. I start to think about the possibilities as I keep watch for you. It could be anyone I think with excitement! It could be that hot chic in my home room class, who I would love to fuck the shit out of. Or it could even be my own sister, who has no idea that I would love to throw her down on the bed and lick that juicy wet pussy while I rub around her ass hole.

I have been thinking about it ever since I walked in on her in the bath. There you were sitting in the tub all wet and soapy playing with your perfect little pussy! Moaning and closing your eyes! I wish I could have sat there and just watched you get off while I jacked off, but I was afraid to get caught so I just went to my room and jacked off!

Thinking about it now is making my cock start to stiffen, but there is no way that it could be you! You aren’t into the whole Internet dating thing, and if you were I don’t think you would like that I was the one that they matched up with you!

Just then you walk in! As you walk over to the table I notice that you are wearing a short khaki colored skirt with a tank top that barely covers your perfect tits!

“Hey sis what are you doing here?” I ask with a smile.

“I’m meeting my date here,” you say smiling. “What are you doing here?” you ask me in return.

“Same thing!” I say, hoping that my fantasy came true and you are my date!

“Well how did you meet your date?” you ask me, “I met mine off of an Internet sight.”

“Yea, what site did you meet yours off of?” I ask.

I start thinking that you are probably wearing a nice thong elazığ seks hikayeleri that matches your bra under that skirt, or maybe even nothing at all! Making my cock fully erect! I look around hoping that no one can see under the table! I move my right hand under the table and start to slowly rub my raging hard on through my jeans!

“What site was it that you went to?” you ask me as I notice that you have started taking your foot and rubbing it on my leg a little!

“It was www.blinddate.com,” I reply warily.

“That’s the one that I went too!” you giggle with a smile on your face.

“I guess that would make you my date!” I say, in a joking tone, not knowing what your reaction was going be.

I get even more excited as I start to think about the possibilities that could happen with this! Oh, how I would love to stick my cock in that moist mouth, squeezing your hard nipples, and licking that beautiful clit and tongue fucking you while you suck my hard cock!

My thoughts are interrupted as I hear something hit the floor.

“Oops!” you say with a seductive grin, “I’ll get it!” as I see you slide under the table!

Oh God I really hope that she don’t notice my hard on I think as I cover it up with my hand!

“Hmmm…. what do we have here?” you ask.

“I don’t know ; what do you mea?” I ask, hoping that you aren’t looking at the bulge in my pants.

“Oh just this!” you say as I feel your hands run up my inner thighs and stop right at the base of my hard cock!

I feel you unzip my pants and pull my hard cock from its confines! Now more turned on then ever I sit back and feel you slide my hard cock into you wet warm mouth! Oh it feels so good! You slide him in and out while you lick the tip before you suck him all the way back in!

I sit there and try not to moan since I know that we are in a public place and people are around, but I can’t help it! It feels so damn good that a moan escapes my lips and then they just keep coming! I feel my cum rising up my shaft as you continue to suck on my hard member! I feel my legs start to tense up as my balls start to get stiff!

I lean my head back and open my mouth and moan real load as the shots of my hot cum splashes onto the back of your throat! I hear you moan from under the table as my cum hits the back of your throat! After you make sure that there is no more cum left you clean him off the rest of the way with your mouth sucking on my balls for a second and then put him away and come out from under the table!

I look around and see that we have an audience, and wonder what they are thinking right now!

“Lets go!” you say with a seductive look on your face as you grab my hand and pull me out of the eatery!

“Where are we going and why?” I ask as I follow you out to your car.

“We are going home because it is my turn to see how good you are!” you say as we get into your car and start home!

We arrive at home to find that our parents aren’t there yet! We go into your bedroom and shut the door! I walk over to you and start to kiss you passionately, sticking my tongue in and out of your mouth while I reach my hand up your skirt and feel your naked freshly shaved pussy! I then take off your shirt and undo you bra and release your beautiful breasts and then tae an erect nipple into my warm wet mouth and start to suck as I finger your wet pussy!

I then lay you down on the bed wanting to taste your juices! I slide your skirt off you and just marvel at how beautiful your pussy is! I move my mouth down there and suck your clit in between my lips as my tongue goes crazy licking you pussy while I still finger you! I remove my fingers and stick my tongue into that hot pussy of yours while I play with your clit with my fingers!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm ……………. Oh yea like that!” you moan as you grab hold of the back of my head and press me closer to your pussy!

I start sucking and licking on your clit with my tongue! I take my free hand and begin to rub your ass hole and watch you squirm like crazy! I feel you start to tense up and then hear that moan that I have heard through my wall so many times that means you are fixing to orgasm! I start to go faster and harder and then I feel you explode in my mouth!

“Ooooohhhhh God here it comes!!!!!” you yell as you get off.

As your body stops shaking I can see that you are totally satisfied and that you want more of me! So I position my self over you and then gently put the head of my cock at you wet cunt opening! I start to rub the head of my hard cock on your sensitive clit and watch you squirm with delight! You try to move so my cock goes inside you but I am not through teasing you! I stick just a tiny bit of the head inside that hot pussy and then I pull it out! Then I put him in more and pull him out! Then I position him right out side and slam him in all the way inside of you!

“Mmmmmmmmmm………. oh God sis your pussy is so tight and wet!” I say as I start to pound the hell out of you.

“Mmmmmmmmmm……….. your dick fills me all the way up” you say as you start to meet my thrusts!

I can tell that you are getting close to another orgasm because you are getting louder and louder! Just hearing you get loud is making me want to explode in your hot pussy!

“Oh yea I think I’m going cum!” You yell as I feel your fingernails dig into my back and feel you tense up!

I fell the first wave if orgasm come over you and your pussy gets tighter around my cock sending me over the edge!

“Oh God sis here I go!” I yell as I start to explode in your beautiful pussy!

“That was so good! We are going have to do this again some time!” I say, as I kiss you one last time and then go jump in the shower!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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