A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 01

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Authors note: The following story is mostly fantasy although some of it is based in my personal experience. I’d like to thank ChickpeaAlpha for reading the first draft of this story. She did correct the original draft’s grammatical and spelling errors. But she made several suggestions which led me to go back to work and rewrite the whole story.

I hope you like it because what was originally 12 pages long has now turned into a much longer work as new ideas keep coming to my head as I write.

Robert and Vanessa are in their early forties and they have been married for twenty years. They live in a suburb of a mid-western city, a quiet neighborhood of upper middle income families. Robert and Vanessa live in house with three bedrooms and a nice fenced backyard. They converted one of the bedrooms into a sort of study for both of them. Robert has an interest in photography and Vanessa likes to paint landscapes. The other bedroom serves as a guest room and for their two sons when they visit. They are both away at college and only come home a few times a year, mostly during the holidays.

They have been friends with Edward and Pamela for several years. They live a couple of streets away and Edward works for the same company as Robert, they are both middle level executives although in different areas, Robert is in marketing and Edward in engineering. Pamela works part time at a local boutique and they have no children. Edward shares Robert’s interest in photography but he admits that Robert is better photographer.

The two couples consider themselves to be somewhat liberal. Both Robert am Edward, share many of the same viewpoints and attitudes. Pamela is a very easygoing and extroverted person while Vanessa is more reserved.

They all get together at least every other week, usually for a cookout at either of their places. They share many common interests so their conversations are always lively. Usually, when they get together, and after a few beers or glasses of wine their conversations usually turn to sexual topics. They talk about them openly and unabashedly. They flirt with each other and dance with each other very closely most of the time but they haven’t gone any further than that.

That is, until one day when Robert and Vanessa went over to Edward and Pamela’s place for lunch and everything began to change. They had some steaks and a salad in their yard; since it was a warm summer evening, the four of them were wearing shorts and the ladies had on their bikini tops. They had a good French cabernet wine with the meal and when they finished eating, Edward opened another bottle.

They were sitting in the backyard finishing their last glass of wine when, quite unexpectedly, Edward asked, “Have you ever made a video of yourselves while you are having sex?”

“No, of course not!” Vanessa promptly answered. “Why did you ask? Have you?” she added.

“Well, yes we have,” Edward said. “As a matter of fact, we’ve made several.”

“And Ed also likes to take pictures of me. We have lots of them,” Pamela added, “with and without clothes.”

“Well, no, we’ve never done anything like that,” Vanessa said. “But Bob has suggested it several times, especially when we were younger. But I never felt comfortable with the idea, so we haven’t.”

“You know I’d still like to do it some time, honey,” Robert said.

“If I didn’t do it when I was younger, I don’t think I’m ready for it now,” Vanessa said quite firmly.

“Why not?” Pamela asked. “You’re very attractive. We thought you guys might have done it, you know. Why, Bob is a great photographer and I bet he would take some amazing pictures”.

“Yes,” Edward added. “We thought for sure you had done something of the sort, you know. Especially since you like photography and filming so much; we’ve seen some great videos you’ve made of your family parties and vacations, and the editing you’ve done on some of them is great, too.”

“Well, as we said,” Robert replied, “I’ve tried to get Van to pose for me in the nude on several occasions, but since she’s been reluctant, we’ve never done it.”

“Besides, what would we do with that sort of pictures? We can’t show them to our family and friends,” Vanessa said. “What do you do with the ones you have?”

“Before, we just looked at them every now and then,” Pamela said. “The pictures, you know.”

“And görükle escort the videos,” Edward continued, “We like to watch those to get in the mood for lovemaking. It turns us on more. We usually end up having some wild sex afterwards.”

“Before?” Vanessa asked. “What do you do now?”

“Well some time ago, I caught Ed looking at a porno site on Internet,” Pamela said. “I was kind of pissed off at first. But then I started looking with him. It’s a site where people post their own pictures and videos.”

“You’re kidding!” Vanessa said, surprised.

“No, really!” Pamela replied. “There are pictures of all kinds of people, mostly women of all shapes and sizes, and couples and groups fucking and sucking and all sorts of stuff.”

“Well, the thing is,” Edward said, “A couple of months ago I convinced Pam to let me post some pictures of her on this site, and a couple of weeks ago we posted a video of us having sex.”

“Really?” Vanessa said, even more surprised, “I don’t believe it. Aren’t you afraid someone will recognize you? Or that friends might see them?”

“Well, not really,” Edward answered. “We didn’t use our names and you can’t see her face on any of the pictures, or on the video. It’s just our bodies showing.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” Vanessa said. “I don’t think I could ever do something like that.”

“Well, we thought you might have done it already,” Edward went on. “But anyway, there’s something we wanted to ask you. You see, the videos we’ve made are kind of… I don’t know how to say it. I just set the camera on a tripod and we do it. Most of the videos on the site are like that, but there are some with close ups and different angles. We tried that once and the result wasn’t all that bad, but it’s too much of a hassle, if you know what I mean, holding the camera and getting the right angle or working the zoom with the remote or changing the position of the camera while having sex. You kind of lose it and have to get all started again.”

“So what did you wanted to ask us?” Robert said.

“Well, since we like the videos you’ve made so much, we’re wondering if you’d like to shoot a video of us,” Edward said, “You know, while we’re having sex.”

Robert was surprised by the proposal and he took a few moments to answer, looking first at Edward, then at Pamela y finally at his wife. He could see the expression of surprise on her face. “Would you be OK doing that?” Robert asked, “I mean, having sex in front of someone.”

“We’ve never done it,” Pamela said. “But we’ve talked about it and it kind of excites us, just thinking about it, you know, like actually having someone watch us having sex. God knows how many people have seen our videos and my pics, and you should see the comments we get. Some of them are quite a turn on.”

They had talked about it some more and finally Edward gave Robert a DVD with a couple of videos they had made and several pictures of Pamela. Robert and Vanessa promised they would look at it and think about the proposal. Pamela also gave Vanessa the name of the Web site.

* * *

On the ride home Vanessa said, “Wow, I don’t believe what Ed proposed? I just never thought anything like that would ever happen. I mean, we’ve known them for so long. I’d never thought they would do anything like it. “What do you thing hon?”

Robert said, “Well, I don’t know. It really caught me by surprise. I mean, it had never even crossed my mind.”

“I mean, for them to actually want to have sex in front of us while you film them.” Vanessa said, “And to have Pam’s pictures and their video on Internet. I don’t believe it. But I mean, would you actually do it? I mean watch them and make a video?”

“I don’t know, hon,” Robert said pensively, “Why don’t we watch what they gave us and then decide. Aren’t you at least a bit curious?”

“I guess I am. I just don’t know what kind of pictures they are, or their video. I mean, so they would have people look at them. You wouldn’t ever want to do such a thing, would you? I mean if I’d ever had let you take some pictures of me without clothes, you wouldn’t want the whole world to see them, would you now?”

“I guess not.” Robert replied.

But he had been churning the thought in his head and he could feel some excitement creeping into his loins. He loved to watch his wife when she bursa sınırsız escort bayan was naked and he guessed other men would also be turned on by her body. The rest of the way they rode in silence, lost in their own thoughts.

* * *

When they got home Robert asked Vanessa if she wanted to watch the video, but she said she wanted to look at the page first. They went into the bedroom and Robert got his laptop. After a few tries he found the page. They used the password Pamela had given them and found her pictures.

For the first time Robert saw Pamela naked. She was blonde and she had a slim but well rounded body, with long legs and a firm butt. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Vanessa’s but not too small, a b-cup he guessed. Vanessa was a C. Pamela’s breasts were perfectly rounded and capped by light pink aureoles and nipples. In some of the pictures the nipples were hard and pointing straight out. What surprised them was Pamela’s pussy; she had it completely shaved and her outer lips were clearly visible. They were thicker than Vanessa’s.

They had set up the laptop at Vanessa’s vanity and they sat close together in front of the computer. Robert put his hand on her thigh and began caressing her. She parted her legs a little as she continued looking for another set of Pamela’s photos.

Vanessa was shocked that her friend could expose her body like that. You could see every detail of her anatomy. But she was also beginning to get aroused, she didn’t think it was from looking at her friend’s nude body, it was Robert’s hand on her thigh causing her arousal.

Then Vanessa entered the video section. Before they found Pamela’s and Edward’s video they watched a few of other people. One featured a guy masturbating in front of a computer screen where you could see a woman sucking a man’s dick. Vanessa was mesmerized by the size of the man’s cock. It was huge! She placed her hand on Robert’s thigh, and he slid his further up hers. He slid his hand under her shorts and found that her panties were soaked. He slid a finger under her panties and when he touched her clit she moaned softly. Just then the guy in the video shot his load over the pictures of the woman they saw on his screen.

Vanessa was definitely excited now. Even before Robert slid his finger into her, her juices had begun to flow. The clips they were watching were from real people, not like some of the porn movies that Robert had brought home a few years ago, those were professionals acting in movie. For a brief moment Vanessa pictured herself as being in one of the clips. But, no, that was wrong! She tried to push the image from her mind but her body obviously was not in agreement with her brain.

They watched another one of a woman with very large breasts masturbating and one of an older lady sucking a black man’s cock. Finally they located Edward and Pamela’s video. It was shot in their living room. Edward was fucking Pamela from behind and they could see Pamela’s breasts pointing down, her head turned the other way so her face would not show. Edward was only visible up to his chest and part of his cock could be seen sliding in and out of his wife’s pussy.

Robert had been playing with Vanessa’s clit all along, and he inserted a finger into her. She pulled his shorts down and took his cock out and began masturbating him. Just then they saw Edward collapsed on top of Pamela, letting out a loud groan. Pamela was moaning loudly too. Vanessa clasped her legs around Robert’s hand and she came just like their friends were cumming in the video. Then she got up, taking her clothes off. She sat on the bed, spreading her legs as the video started again.

“Come on, honey,” she said in a hoarse voice. “Put it in me, and please I need you inside me!”

While Robert kicked off his shorts and took off his t-shirt, she began running her fingers along her slit. He knelt in front of her as her fingers parted her lips. Vanessa hadn’t acted like this in a long time, if ever. Robert was surprised, pleasantly so. He had long ago given up in trying to make his wife bolder in their lovemaking, not that he had any real complaints, but she was just kind of reserved. She took hold of his cock and moved the head inside her slit a few times. She hadn’t been this wet in a long time. She placed the head at the entrance bursa otele gelen escort bayan of her vagina and he pushed forward, his cock going all the way inside her in one thrust.

Vanessa felt Robert’s member sliding into her easily and gasped involuntarily. She hadn’t been this wet in a long time. Seeing those videos had turned her on. Specially seeing her friends having sex in a Web site where thousands of people could see them had gotten her all excited.

She hadn’t thought much about porn, she was totally unaware that people would expose their bodies and have sex, not as a business, just for the fun of it. She had always thought that watching porn movies was not really as exciting as some people said they were, including Robert. There had been a time when he brought home several and they had watched them together. Robert was always excited by watching them and Vanessa had to admit that he was more enthusiastic in their lovemaking afterwards. He had even wanted to make a video while they had sex but Vanessa had refused the few times he mentioned it. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Robert had increased the tempo of his movements. Since he first penetrated Vanessa he had felt the warmth and wetness of her inner flesh enveloping his penis. He had begun moving slowly in and out of her, pulling back until just the tip of his member remained inside her vagina and then pushing forward slowly until it was buried to the hilt. Images of Pamela’s naked body kept flashing in his mind. He had to admit he was excited by looking at her pictures and watching her being fucked by Edward. All those times they had flirted during the last years came to his mind.

Robert pictured Pamela’s nipples poking through her tops when she didn’t wear a bra, or how her body felt pressed against his when they danced. He had to admit that he had fantasized about her many times and he would love to have sex with her. But he didn’t, he hadn’t taken things beyond the flirting point out of respect for Vanessa and also out of respect for Edward. He didn’t even know how Pamela felt about it.

Vanessa had enjoyed the slow rhythm too. But as Robert increased the speed of his movements she began moving her hips to meet his thrusts. She moaned softly and moved one of her hands to fondle her breasts. The images of Edward’s cock sliding in and out of Pamela kept flashing in her mind as she felt Robert’s cock in her.

She lifted her feet from the floor and placed them on the edge of the bed so she could move her hips better. She began rotating them as Robert kept moving back and forth. She had forgotten that the video was still playing on the laptop but as she heard Pamela moaning on the screen she turned her head to watch. They were doing it doggy stile and suddenly there was a close up of Edward’s cock sliding out of Pamela. Edward grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down Pamela’s slit before plunging back in. She saw Pamela move her hand under her belly and it went between her legs. Vanessa moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm beginning to build up deep inside her.

Robert had turned to watch the video when Vanessa did, but his attention focused on Pamela’s swinging breast. That was one of the things he liked about fucking doggy style. When he did it with Vanessa he would try to find a position where he could see her breasts swinging in the mirror as her body moved. Pamela’s breasts were smaller than Vanessa’s so they didn’t swing as much but her nipples were longer and pointed straight down from her chest.

He turned his attention back to Vanessa when she moaned loudly. She was raising her hips further up, meeting his downward thrusts. She was pulling her nipples with one hand and playing with her clit with the other one. This had always been a special turn on for Robert, watching his wife playing with herself while he fucked her. He began moving faster.

Vanessa’s orgasm was building up inside her until it exploded. She gasped and moaned loudly and bucked her hips wildly, almost throwing Robert off her. He grabbed her hips and lunged forward. Robert could feel Jan’s inner muscles contracting around his penis, milking him. As Vanessa’s orgasm continued wracking her body, Robert saw the flush spreading from her crotch up her belly, breasts and neck until her face was flushed. He continued moving back and forth until his semen started flowing out of his penis, filling her.

Robert collapsed on top of his wife. They were both panting heavily. Vanessa felt Robert’s pennies shrinking inside her until it slid out of her. Then he got off her and fell on the bed at her side. They kissed tenderly and they just laid there, each one lost in their own thoughts.

To be continued.

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