A Fantasy or Two

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It is Monday, garbage day. Already my fun meter pegged out as I carted garbage cans to the curb. If taking the garbage out is the high point of my day, I am doomed.

The weekend was full of unbridled sex and debauchery, wine, weed, and women, in my mind anyway. The weekend did have its share of wine and weed; the Internet provided the women and my hands provided the sex and debauchery. However, I am satisfied with the arrangement.

The newest game in my arsenal involves dildos of different sizes and my ass filled with them while I stroke my cock. Since I am not into scat, I also like to take long hot enemas to clear my ass of shit before anything else. I spend two to three hours giving myself enemas. I start with small amounts of hot water and build up to almost two quarts. I retain the water as long as possible and enjoy feeling the hot water invade my colon. When I finish a round of enemas, my ass is clean enough to eat.

Before you begin thinking how pathetic my life is, you need the back-story: I am 63 years old and enjoy a mostly comfortable life. I am married to a woman who was once the hottest woman I knew. She loved sex and we fucked like rabbits, then menopause set in and her hormones dried up and so did sex.

Therefore, I need the Internet as an outlet. Wine and weed, and other smokeable spices, occupy my rational mind. I do have escapes from what is my reality and try to escape at least twice a month to the lake. My wife does not enjoy coming to the lake any longer and allows me my couple weekends a month on my own.

Most weekends I hang out with neighbors, drink beer, and tell stories that are as much true as they are laced with a lot of bullshit. Some weekends my 30-year-old daughter comes for lunch and a couple hours of conversation getting caught up with her life.

My daughter is not married and her life is not full of intrigue although it is full of work problems and boyfriend problems when she has a boyfriend. She has known for some time my dilemma at home and even knows what I do to take the edge off. Okay, she does not know about enemas and dildos.

She called thinking I might escape this weekend and asked if she could come visit “and just hang out for a while.” We agreed on a time and while I waited, I got the cabin in order for a weekend of escaping.


Amber works hard to keep her figure tight as it was in her younger days of high school and college. She is five feet one inch, about 108 pounds, with a petite firm figure. In many ways Amber is hot as her mother was and as a modern single woman, she is hotter in many ways. She knows I appreciate her appearance as I often tell her how lovely I think she looks.

Sometimes, my fantasies include her; I suspect she knows that as well, albeit never spoken of. Amber arrived with an overnight tote.

When she reached the door, Amber gave me a fierce hug and a brief kiss on my lips. Neither of these is overly sexual, yet we both know how emotionally lifting a hug and kiss is.

“What’s with the overnighter? Are you actually going to accept my open offer to stay the weekend with me?” The answer was obvious considering the tote.

Amber nodded and went directly to the bedroom.

One bedroom, one bed, and it seems she just commandeered it. The door closed and I heard her opening the closet, the closet where I store my toys. I do not hide them and was fully aware she would see them.

The bedroom door opened and Amber stepped out in a bikini that uncovered more than it covered. “I am going out on the deck for some of this warm spring sun. You need to tell me about your enema bag and dildos. Change and come out with me.”

Amber’s comments were nonchalant, no surprise or questioning. She knows I like to experiment and sometimes it is a real turn on for me when we talk about it. I can only presume Amber feels the heat as well. I changed and followed her out.

The deck is built high overlooking the lake. At 15 feet above the ground, it is hard to see up onto it and the design of the railing blocks direct eyesight anyway. When I reached the deck, Amber was already stretched out on a lounge chair looking far too sexy. I did nothing to hide the rising tide of sexual emotion.

“Not much to look at is it?” Amber’s teasing was not lost on me.

“I don’t see how you could have less on. You are making the dirty old man come out of me.”

“Is that what you call that thing I see sprouting. I was contemplating an all over tan.”

“You don’t have to be modest on my account.”

We were being overtly sexual in a way we never had before. I began realizing that Amber has an agenda for the weekend; she confirmed it by taking off her top. Her firm 34A breasts stood proud on her chest and her tiny nipples were cute pink buttons capping her creamy flesh. I took a lounge chair next to her.

Amber rustled a bit then I noticed with great astonishment, all her rustling around left her naked. “Dad, I’m naked.”

“Very naked,” I answered as I stared at her hairless pussy escort seks hikayeleri with a very prominent bulge announcing my male parts in full bloom. I began easing off my shorts as Amber watched.

As my cock came into view, Amber no longer contained herself, restraint disappeared. She moved from her recliner to kneel next to mine. I watched her hand encircle my cock as her mouth opened to take me in. We both sighed.

Amber sucked me well and I came much sooner than I wanted to. I barely gave a warning before starting to paint her tonsils. Amber swallowed every drop and continued sucking long after I wilted. “Your sperm made me and now your sperm is in me.”

“Come lay beside me, Amber.” The lounge chairs were wider than normal deck chairs and two people could comfortably lie on one. As Amber stretched beside me, our faces met; I cupped my hands behind her head and pulled her into a kiss. Amber moved to lie directly on top of me. I felt her breasts boring into my chest as my hands began caressing her back and reaching for her cute warm butt.

My cock is not used to this much stimulation. It has been years since a hot woman excited me like this and my usual recovery time halved and halved again. Amber felt it also. She maneuvered to capture my cock at the opening of her warm moist pussy. With no effort on her part, she impaled herself.

We looked at each other in the face. Amber’s face reddened with her excitement, her eyes widened as she felt herself taking my cock. A look of pure lust and the evil desire of incest almost frightened me. “I want more cum in me, dad.”

On the deck, in broad daylight, we fucked. Amber did a great cowgirl. Her breasts barely bounced on her chest and her nipples swelled to hard points which I pinched making her bounce hard on my cock and cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain. I pinched in rhythm with her downward thrusts.

Amber built to an orgasm and her moans got louder. Neither of us cared who heard and at her crescendo, I emptied into her. The warm sun and our activity left us drenched in sweat and our slippery wet bodies slid against the other. Amber clamped her pussy against my shrinking cock as it popped from its warm hiding place. When Amber relaxed, I felt a large quantity of our mixed cum erupt from her onto my cock and crotch.

Amber spun on me and used her mouth and tongue to vacuum and lick me clean. Her pussy continued to leak and I returned her favor licking her cum and mine from her pussy and all around. Amber had another orgasm from the attention and I drank the offering.

Amber managed to turn herself around and we came face to face again. “I really do want to know why you have an enema kit and dildos. I can only guess why.”

“Easy to answer,” I breathed. “I like being pegged in the ass and I don’t do scat. My question for you, is this what you planned for the weekend?”

A smile appeared and brightened the moment. “Yes, but I did think you would protest a little. Tell me about your toys.”

We lay together in post-orgasmic bliss and I began telling Amber my story. As I told it, she became visibly excited again, her nipples swelled, and she massaged my mostly wilted cock at the moist junction of her sex. I even explained how I might like trying anal sex with a man, Amber gasped and moaned as if having a small orgasm.

Seeing her in a state of lust and feeling her rub her pussy with my cock made me want her again. I was getting hard enough to try penetrating her again. Amber felt it and opened herself to me with a promise to give me my wish.

Our sex was long and passionate this time. Every few minutes we adjusted to another position until Amber spooned into me. I knew from her reaction that her g-spot had direct contact with my cock and she exploded in a gushing orgasm. She begged me to cum in her again and I thrust hard for another few seconds before giving her what she begged for.

After three orgasms, I was spent, sweaty, and needed a shower. Amber slowly rose to sit on the edge of the lounge cushion. The film of sweat covering her body made her shimmer in the afternoon sun and she radiated an aura of kaleidoscope color as sunrays refracted in the sweat on her body. Completely mesmerized, I stared in awe at my daughter as the impact of our sex set in.

“Dad, are you okay,” the question woke me from my trance.

“Amber, I have had fantasy dreams of our sex, yet never imagined you might feel the same way.”

“So, you’re not ashamed of me and my behavior?” The aura began to slip away.

I gathered my strength coming to sit next to her. “Amber, you just taught me I can still perform, can make a woman feel sexed. Incest is a word that has no meaning to me. I will be your dad all the time and lover when you want.” Amber rested her head on my chest.


My world took a turn for the better this afternoon and I wanted it to continue into the night, Amber’s body excited me. We couldn’t stay on the deck much longer as the sun began making its westward sweep and warmth of the spring sun gave way to a cooling afternoon.

“We need a warm shower, Amber. This sudden cool is giving me shivers.” I reached for my shorts not putting them on, just picking them up and walking naked into the cabin.

“Dad, I will make dinner. You have to do something for me while I cook.” I turned to see Amber gathering her bikini to follow me in. “I want you to do your enema routine.” The way she said it and the look on her face told me I was in for some adventure.

Amber dashed off to the shower first coming out in just a few minutes. Still naked, she was showered and clean. Her hair was damp, which she quickly blow-dried. I grabbed my enema bag and disappeared into the bathroom for some deep cleansing first then a shower.

I was much longer in the bathroom. Each bag of enema water flushed my rectum and up into my colon. The almost hot water warmed me deeply.

Each time I expelled the contents, my ass got cleaner. Enemas are like a sexual encounter, the warm water feeling like pints of cum flooding my bowels. My prostate swells from the stimulation and sometimes I can have a prostate orgasm just from the water and enema nozzle. In the shower, I washed and continued douching my ass making sure that whatever happens tonight, I am clean.

I joined Amber in the kitchen just as naked as she.


We ate a simple light dinner salad with a few sips of wine. After dinner Amber made quick work of cleaning up as I watched her naked body prance around. I felt very turned on by her beautiful firm form and began feeling the urge to get my ass sexed.

“I have some weed to smoke Amber. I’m in the mood, you?” Amber smiled as she disappeared into the bedroom. In moments she reappeared carrying my toys and a strap-on. With her was a large bottle of lube with a pump attachment.

I already had two pipes primed with weed and when Amber sat next to me, she made it clear that we were in for a wild night. We smoked our pipes and quickly got stoned; I primed another round for when we were ready.

Amber was glassy eyed as she reached for a dildo. The one she played with was smaller than most, only about six inches long and an inch thick. She began playing it across her body, took it in her mouth before finding her wet and ready pussy.

The dildo found its way into Amber’s depths and she gave a deep sigh as it disappeared. Next, Amber began adjusting her strap-on locking one dildo in her pussy and locking a big one onto the front of the strap-on. I watched in amazement as Amber rotated and ground her pussy against the small dildo in her pussy. Amber’s senses were heightened from the weed and her body jerked through a loud orgasm.

As she began calming from her sexual high, Amber began to giggle and laugh. I didn’t know at what she laughed, yet, I became infected and laughed with her. We took a couple hits from the reloaded pipes to keep the buzz high.

The dildo still in Amber’s pussy continued to rub her as she masturbated the other with her hands. Sounding suddenly like a little girl, Amber broke the silence, “Daddy, are you ready?”

We hit the pipes a couple more times before I laid out on my back and turned my ass hole up to my probing dildo strapped to my beautiful Amber. “I want to watch you fuck me, Amber.”

Amber pumped several large squirts of lube on me and in me before lubing the nine-inch long two and a half inch thick toy destined for my ass. I do have a couple bigger but those will have to wait.

Amber positioned my dildo at the entrance of my poop shute and pressed. As hard as she pressed into me, she also pressed the small one into her. I squeezed my sphincter muscles making Amber press harder, push with all her might. She was close to another orgasm; I decided to hold my muscles tight until she hit her peak. Then I would relax and let myself be penetrated completely.

I didn’t wait long for Amber to cum again and as she thrust and pushed, I relaxed my muscles and all nine inches slid into me hard and fast. I cried out with her as my cock squirted a little clear semen. The sudden realization that Amber penetrated me fully sent her into another round of orgasms. I felt her juices spraying onto my ass cheeks making me more wet.

Amber lost control as the wave of her orgasm caused her to pass out for a moment. Keeping my legs spread and raised high, I pulled Amber’s limp body to me so she wouldn’t fall back and get hurt. As she began to come around, she mumbled a bunch of gibberish I could not comprehend. I held her stroking her hair and back. Amber’s stiff nipples bore into my chest.

“Amber? Amber, are you okay? You want to stop to rest?” My answer was not verbal, it was physical as Amber began pumping the dildo into me.

Amber must have pumped me for seven or eight minutes. The constant thrusting massaged my swollen prostate and we reached mutual orgasms together. Amber didn’t know guys could orgasm from anal and prostate massage. Hearing me scream out in orgasm with her was deafening. We both fell limp.

When we recovered, Amber pelted me with questions and I explained my p-spot in terms of her g-spot. When I concluded, Amber was excited again. I made her take off the strap-on and began attacking her pussy with my tongue. Her clit stood out proud and swollen from excitement and I sucked it into my mouth at the same time I pushed a finger into her pussy and wagged it in a come here motion. I knew I stroked her g-spot when she gushed her heavy fluid. I could not believe how much and how often Amber came.

We exhausted ourselves, needed to rest, relax, and recover. Amber fell into a semiconscious state from her orgasms and the weed; I was not far behind. We fell into a deep sated slumber.


At some point during the night, we shifted positions. I lay flat out on the couch and Amber wedged next to me against the back of the couch. Morning light invaded my mind and brought me back to reality. Amber was still out; I let her sleep.

When I was able to move, I slowly got up not disturbing Amber. Her naked body made me stir with renewed desire and it took more effort than I thought I had to leave her alone. I noticed her red, raw, swollen pussy and knew Amber didn’t need any attention right now.

I had a wonderful feeling knowing how much satisfaction we gave each other and my ass still felt the stretch of my dildo, some call it a ghost cock. I picked it up and headed for the bathroom.

My hot shower helped loosen my sore muscles and the hot enema made me clean for now. I spent a few minutes in the shower giving myself some more dildo and remembering the day before. I put on some shorts, moved to the kitchen, and brewed some coffee.

Amber was out, deep in sleep and didn’t stir for another two hours. When she finally appeared among the living again, it was with a hug and good morning kiss as though she was again my little girl. She grabbed a cup of coffee and dashed off to the bathroom. I knew she would see my enema bag and the washed toys. I wondered what her reaction would be.

Amber darted from the bathroom to the bedroom and back as she prepared for her shower. With Amber awake, I moved out to the deck. The early spring morning was cool and refreshing. A hot mug of coffee helped warm against the cool. It wasn’t going to be warm today as yesterday. Amber joined me on the deck.

Amber wore one of my knit shirts that did a fair job of covering her although it was obvious she wore nothing underneath. “Dad, I took hamburger out to thaw. Can we grill burgers this afternoon?”

I smiled thinking Amber planned to stay the day. “Sure. Then you plan to spend the day? What do you want to do? We can get out the paddle boat or we could enjoy a nice long walk.” I stood at the rail looking out at the view.

Amber stood next to me, placed her hand over mine, and we laced our fingers together. It was a natural act we’ve enjoyed since she was old enough to hold my hand. My cell phone rang, the caller ID told me it was my wife; I answered and we talked for several minutes about her catering assignment tonight and how late it will last. I mentioned Amber visiting, said we would grill burgers and I would be home the next day. Intentionally, I left out last night’s overnight stay and maybe tonight as well.

I broke our handhold to draw my arm around her waist pulling her closer, “Amber,” I whispered, “are you staying tonight?” Her head bobbed up and down.


Amber and I spent most of the day outside talking with neighbors; we had a simple light lunch, and took an afternoon walk around the lake area. Part of the lake district is developed with many nice homes and many more simple stick-built cabins. Other areas were wilderness and undeveloped because of flood potential. We walked among the homes and cabins for a while before going into the wilderness along the river.

We silently walked for several minutes watching the river flow, seeing new spring life growing, and seeing birds and animals in their spring mating rituals. Amber spied an open green space near the river surrounded by brush and tall trees. Off she ran stripping off her clothes. Mine came off as well, inhibitions landed in the grass with my clothes.

I caught up to Amber, only because she slowed to my pace. When I reached her, she was bent at the waist leaning against an old tree trunk displaying her butt, her tight little ass hole, and her pussy. From behind, I wedged my cock between her hot butt cheeks, put both arms around her middle and drew her tightly against me. “In my ass, dad.”

We were far to dry and I was not going to force my cock up Amber’s ass. I broke from our embrace to kneel behind Amber using my tongue and fingers to wet and stretch her ass hole. I hoped Amber was wet enough and relaxed enough to take me.

Amber panted and sighed loudly while I rubbed my cock against her pussy collecting her moisture. I penetrated her a few times getting my cock wet with her pussy. As Amber began rocking against me, I withdrew from her pussy, poised my cock at her ass hole and pushed. Amber let out a loud cry followed by several soft moans until I was in to the hilt.

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