A Happy Ending

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I tell you to take off your clothes and cover yourself with a towel and lie down on the table while I go into the other room to get some lotion. I leave the room, and give you enough to remove your clothes. Before coming back into the room, I knock and ask if you’re covered. You tell me that you are. So I open the door and walk in. The first thing I see is your beautiful bare ass as you’re lying on your stomach. I ask why you didn’t cover yourself. You tell me that you just didn’t want to. Simple enough, I think to myself.

I walk to the table and survey your body from this angle. It’s amazing. I apply some of the lotion to my hand, then sit the bottle down on the little table I’ve set up beside the massage table. I rub the lotion into my hands a little in order to warm it up. I start with your shoulders. Rubbing the lotion in deep and hard with my hands. You moan slightly with the soft pressure. I work my way down your back, rubbing my hands and fingers into every inch of your skin. The lotion making your already soft and smooth skin feel even smoother. I’m getting slightly turned on as I caress your bare skin.

I finally work my way to your bare ass. I caress them softly, eliciting soft moans from you. I slowly work your ass cheeks apart, trying to get a peak at your tight pink pussy. You quickly realize what I’m trying to do. So you turn over. Which leaves me speechless as I’m now staring at your naked body. From your perfect 36D breasts, down your sexy stomach, to your bare pussy. It’s difficult, but I control myself. I will finish the massage before I do anything else.

I apply a little more lotion to my hands, then start with your stomach. I rub the lotion into your stomach, then up a little to right below your breasts. porno izle I make my way back down your stomach, past your glistening pussy, down your legs. Your long, sexy legs. I massage your thighs for a bit, getting a little closer to your pussy every second. I then continue down your legs, massaging every inch with my fingers as I go. I get to your feet, and pay a little extra time to the soles of your feet. While massaging your feet, I pull your legs apart just a bit. Just enough to get a better peak at your waiting pussy.

I decide that that’s enough. I rub the rest of the lotion into your legs as I make my way back up. I graze your clit with one finger as I pass. I hear a soft moan escape your lips. I get back up to your breasts, and grab one as I lean down and kiss you. It catches you by surprise, and almost don’t know how to react. Then you return the kiss. It gets deeper and more passionate the longer we kiss. Finally, I break the kiss. The look of amazement on your face tells me that it worked.

I kiss you once more, then begin to kiss your neck and nibble your earlobes a little. You start to squirm a little at these pleasurable feelings. I make my way down your neck, to your breasts. I slightly pinch one nipple as I start to lick the other one. I nibble slightly as I continue to flick my tongue across it. You’re squirming even more. Even moaning a little. I let one hand slowly make its way down your body. I rub your clit a little. Then I start running my finger up and down your slit. Teasing you.

I look at you for permission. You nod your head. I slowly slide one finger into your tight virgin pussy. You bite your lip as I slide the finger in inch by inch. I stop for a second and lean down and give you a reassuring amatör porno kiss. I slowly pull the finger back out. It’s soaked with your juices. I push it back in a little bit faster. I continue this process, slowly gaining speed as I go.

After a while of this, the one finger is going in easily enough, so I add another finger. I repeat the process I used with one finger. Slowly going in, slowly pulling out, and slowly gaining speed. I lean down and flick my tongue across your clit one good time. This makes your back arch as you let out the loudest moan yet. I decide to do it again, but repeatedly. I then go back down to one finger, and slide my tongue inside your wet hole. I quickly flick my tongue back and forth while it’s inside your pussy, driving you crazy. I feel your already tight pussy clamp down on my finger and tongue as you cum. I start licking at all the fresh juices coming out. They taste so good that I can’t get enough.

After this, I climb onto the table with you. I rub the head of my cock up and down your slit, then rub the juices down the length of my cock to lubricate it. I rest the head at your slit and look up at you. I ask if you’re ready. You slowly nod your head in anticipation. I slowly slide the head of my cock into your pussy. You wince a little, but don’t tell me to stop. So I slowly continue to slide the rest of my cock into your pussy. Inch by inch I go, until I’m all the way in. Then I stop for a minute while your pussy adjusts to its newest visitor.

I lean down and kiss you deeply once again, reassuring you that it’s gonna be just fine. You nod your head, letting me know I can continue. I slowly pull my dick out until just the head is still in. Then I slowly slide it anal porno back in. I continue this slow in and out for a while. Making sure you’re comfortable with everything. I ask if I can go a bit faster, and you mouth “Yes.” So I push in a little faster, and with a little more force. You don’t protest, so I continue to slowly build speed.

After a while, I’m fucking you as hard as I can, and you’re moaning and screaming as I pound your no longer virgin pussy. I slow back down so you can calm down a little. I ask if you wanna change positions. You nod your head, so I ask which you wanna try next. You tell me to lie down on my back on the table. I do so, and you straddle me. You slowly lower yourself onto my dick.

I pull my legs up to get some thrusting power. I reach down and push you up by your ass. I push you back down onto my cock as I thrust up as hard as I can. You scream loudly. I slowly pull back out while pulling you back up. Then I quickly push you back down and thrust up hard once again. You scream again. I grin slightly. I keep this up for several minutes before I get a little winded. I let my legs down and let you ride me for a while.

You rock your hips back and forth quickly, which feels absolutely amazing. You then put your feet onto the table, and lean back with support of your hands. Then you quickly bounce up and down on my dick. All I can do is lean back and enjoy this as you fuck my dick. You start moaning and screaming again as you cum once again. This time, it’s too much for me. So I tell you that I’m close to cumming. You get off of me and stand beside the table. You grab my dick and start jacking me off. After only about ten seconds, I feel that surge. Then I feel it spurting out and watch it land all over your hands and my stomach.

You walk to the head of the table, and lean down and kiss me. Then you whisper “Thank you. For making my first time so amazing.” I just nod my head and lean up and kiss you again. Feels like the start of something great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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