A New Life: Extended

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(This story is a sequel to “A New Life.” You may wish to read that story first to gain some background for this one.)

Riiiinng! Riinnnnng!

Mary Bursman paused on her son’s lap, his hard cock buried deep within her wet pussy, as he reached for the portable phone.

“Hello, Bursman’s residence. Tim speaking.”

Since Tim’s father, Paul Bursman, was pastor of Thomasville Community Church, the family never knew what a phone call might bring. So no matter what they were doing they stopped to answer.

“Oh, hi grandma.” Tim said. “What’s up?”

Mary smiled and began to move on Tim’s cock again as she realized it was Paul’s mother on the other end of the phone. Tim ought to really enjoy fucking his mother while talking to his super religious, ultra conservative grandmother, she thought.

Tim almost groaned out loud as he felt his mother’s hot, tight pussy slide up and down his sensitive cock. No matter how often he had sex with his mother (and that was almost daily these past few months) he still marveled at how wonderful it felt to be buried inside her welcoming body. He looked up at her with lust filled eyes. He knew what she was thinking and she was right. Committing incest with her while talking to his uptight grandmother was a real turn on.

“Sorry, grandma. What was that?” He had been so distracted by what his mother was doing he forgot to listen to what his grandmother was saying. “No, dad’s not home right now. He has a church meeting tonight. … What? … Yea, mom’s home. But she’s kind of busy right now.” He smiled at his mom and began to thrust with his hips, driving his boy-cock hard up into her steaming cunt, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

After listening for a minute, Tim said, “Oh, OK. Just a minute,” and held the phone out to his mother. “Grandma says it’s important and she needs to talk to you..”

Mary sighed and took the phone from her son. “Hi, Hannah. What do you need?”

As she listened to her mother-in-law talk, she continued to move on her son’s hard cock. Tim reached up and began to squeeze and caress her heaving breasts. Mary had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out loud as the sexual pleasure coursed through her body. Oh, how she loved fucking her son!

“I’m sure Paul will be able to see you tomorrow,” She managed to sound half way normal considering the circumstances. “What time do you think you will get here? … About 11 o’clock in the morning. … OK. I’ll tell Paul. … We will see you then. … OK. Bye.”

Mary tossed the phone onto the table, grabbed her son’s shoulders, bent forward to push one of her erect nipples into his mouth, and began to drive her cunt down hard on his thick cock.

“Oh, fuck, Tim! Suck mommy’s tit. Fuck my hot, incestuous pussy. That was so wild. Talking to your grandmother while you fucked me and played with my tits was driving me mad. I wanted to groan out loud and let her know I was getting fucked so good by my wonderful son. It would have really blown her mind. I’m so hot, honey. Fuck me. Fuck your mommy-slut real good, you motherfucker, you.”

As his mother increased the speed of her thrusts, Tim sucked on her soft breast for all he was worth, lashing her hard nipple with his tongue. He could feel the scalding heat of her wet pussy and knew she was really turned on. Again he began driving up into her open hole as hard as he could. Their frenzied fucking quickly brought them both to the point of climax.

“Fuck me, mom,” Tim cried out. “I’m almost there. I’m going to cum so hard in your hot, tight pussy. Take it, mom! Take my thick incestuous sperm deep in your incestuous womb. Oooohhhh, ffffuuuuccckkkk!”

Mary felt her son’s cock jerk inside her overheated pussy as he sent jet after jet of hot, sticky cum shooting into her hole. The heat of it triggered her own orgasm.

“Yyyyeeeesssss, Tim! I’mmmm cccuuuummmmmiiinngg! Fill mommy’s cunt with your hot seed. I want all of it. … Oh, shit! I’m cumming soooo gooooood!”

Tim and Mary clung to each other as their orgasms washed over them. Mary hugged her son tight, feeling his hot breath on her sensitive breasts, as her pussy squeezed and sucked on his throbbing shaft. Tim could feel his mother’s body milk him of every last drop of sperm he could produce. He shuttered as he sent one last shot into her receptive depths.

As they sat there basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, the door opened and Lydia walked into the room.

“Hi, mom. Hi, Tim. I’m home. … Wow! It looks like I just missed out on a wonderful time.”

Mary looked over her shoulder at her daughter. “Mmmmmm,” she purred. “That’s what you get for studying at the library so late.” Then she slowly slid off of her son’s lap and stretched out on the floor with her legs spread wide.

Lydia watched as her brother’s thick sperm began to leak from her mother’s puffy, red, obviously well-fucked pussy.

“Well, at least I get to taste the results,” she said, as she knelt down between her mother’s legs.

Taking kocaeli seks hikayeleri a deep whiff of the musky scent of Mary’s cum-filled hole, she lower her face and licked up the entire length of her twat, drinking in the combined flow of her mother and brother’s fluids, before sending her tongue deep into her mother’s cunt for more.

Mary raised her knees, spreading her legs wide, as she opened her bald vagina to her daughter’s hot tongue. “Oh, yyyeeesss!” she moaned. “That feels sooo goooood. Suck mommy’s pussy. Lick all of your brother’s sticky, hot seed from my incestuous twat.”

Inflamed by her mother’s words, Lydia pressed her face hard into the wet pussy as she sucked and licked the sensitive flesh. Tim watched as his sister ate out their mother. Reaching down, he began to stroke his semi-hard shaft. “Yeah! Lydia. Do it. Suck mom’s pussy. I sure pumped a load of cum into her. Suck all of my seed out of her fuck-loving hole.”

That’s how Paul found his family when he returned from his meeting at the church: his wife, Mary, laying naked on the floor, her knees up, her legs spread wide, moaning as their daughter sucked her cunt; his daughter, Lydia, fully dressed, on all fours, her face buried in her mother’s twat, her ass lifted and inviting; and his son, Tim, also naked, sitting nearby watching the action as he stroked his hard, thick cock. The sight was enough to get him hard and turned on in an instant.

“Now, this is the way a man should come home and find his family,” he said, as he quickly undressed. “All together, loving each other; not off in their own little worlds, in separate rooms someplace.”

Naked, he walked up behind his daughter, lifted up her skirt exposing her naked butt (he knew she never wore underwear anymore), and slid his hand between her legs to feel the slick wetness that leaked from her excited pussy. Pushing her legs apart, he knelt down and guided the head of his engorged cock to her pink opening.

Lydia moaned into her mother’s twat as she felt her father’s big cock fill her hot pussy. Raising her head for a moment, she said, “Oh, yes, daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your daughter-slut with your big, hard daddy-cock. I love you so much. I need you to pump your hot incestuous seed into my hungry womb. Fuck me, daddy, and make me cum.” Then she dropped her face back into her mother’s wet pussy and attacked her clit with renewed vigor.

“Ooooooo, yyyeeeesssss!” Mary cried out as her leaking cunt quivered under her daughter’s attack. “Lick me good, honey! Drink all of mommy’s hot juices. … Fuck her, Paul. Fuck your incest-loving daughter and make her cum. Show her how much you love her. Drive that big cock of yours into her hot, little twat and fill her with your love seed.”

Tim couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. He moved over and pushed his hard cock into his mother’s mouth. “Suck me, mom. Let’s make this a whole family incestuous fuck fest. Suck my cock and make me cum in your hot mouth.”

Soon the only sounds in the room were moans, groans, and excited little cries as the four Bursmans fucked and sucked their way to a family orgasm.

Paul came first, triggering a chain reaction. “Oh, fuck! Your pussy is so hot and tight. You feel so good on daddy’s cock. I’m going to cum, honey. I’m going to fill your cock-loving twat with daddy-cum. Here it cccuuummmss.”

Lydia could feel the force of her father’s ejaculation as he sprayed his thick cream into her willing fuck hole. The taboo of it sent her over the edge. She moaned and pushed her tongue hard against her mother’s extended clit as her vaginal muscles milked the hot seed from her father’s pulsing cock into her young womb.

The extra pressure against her sensitive clit sent Mary orbiting into orgasm. A flood of cum juice poured from her mature pussy to bathe her daughter’s face. At the same time she sucked hard on her son’s pulsating cock, wanting to taste his creamy sperm as it poured into her mouth.

Tim grabbed his mother’s head and held her tight as his cock bucked in her mouth, sending his thick, white cum shooting to the back of her throat and down into her belly. “Swallow it, mom. Suck my fucking cock and drink all of my hot seed. Oh, ssshhhiiittt!”

The Bursmans collapsed into a heap as their orgasms faded. “Wow!” said Lydia. “That was great. I just love spontaneous family fun.” Paul smiled. He knew his daughter just loved to fuck, anytime, anywhere, as long as it was with her family. But he couldn’t fault her for that. He loved it too.

“Speaking of family,” Mary said. “Your mother called a little while ago. She sounded pretty upset about something, but wouldn’t say what. She is driving up here tomorrow to talk to you about it, Paul. Says she will be here around 11 o’clock in the morning. I hope that is OK with you.”

“Sure. I wonder what would bring her this far.” Paul said, knowing that his mother would never make the trip unless something was really important.


Paul ushered his mother into his office. He could tell she was agitated and knew instinctively that something was really bothering her. He also noted that she was carrying a small plastic bag with her.

“Here, mom. Have a seat.” He said, indicating one of the chairs he used for counseling. “What’s wrong? You seem upset about something.”

“Oh, Paul,” Hannah sighed, on the verge of tears, her voice trembling. “I don’t know what to do. I’m in shock.”

“What’s happened?” Paul asked, taking her hand, trying to comfort her.

“It’s your father,” she replied, pulling her hand away. “I was doing some cleaning in his bedroom yesterday. (Paul knew his parents had slept in separate bedrooms for as long as he could remember. It was part of the sexual training his mother insisted on when he was growing up.) While working in the closet I knocked a box off of the shelf. When it fell, it opened and these fell out.” She handed him the plastic bag.

When Paul opened the bag he was stunned to find three sex magazines inside. One was a voyeur magazine with pictures of shots up women’s skirts, or down their blouses, or beach shots where the women were topless or even nude. The second one showed hardcore fucking in all kinds of different positions. And the third magazine was full of sex stories, everything from swingers to homosexual and lesbian action, to bondage and even incest.

“These are dad’s?” Paul asked, incredulously.

“Yes,” his mom replied. “I thought I knew him. Now I find these. And there are more just like them. Paul, your dad is some kind of sex pervert. What am I going to do?” She broke down and began to cry.

Paul took a deep breath. His head was swimming. His father bought and read sex magazines. Unbelievable! Then slowly he began to understand. There had been no sexual activity in their marriage for years. If his dad was a normal healthy male he needed some outlet for his desires. Since his wife would not fulfill them, he had turned to another source. If Paul could get his mother to understand his dad’s needs and see her place in helping him satisfy those needs, maybe he could help his parents find the joys of sex that he and Mary had discovered.

“Mom, when was the last time you and dad had intercourse?” he asked.

Hannah gasped at her son’s question. “Paul, how dare you ask such a question. You know sex is not a topic of discussion in our family.”

“Well, maybe it had better be now.” Paul responded, pointing to the magazines that lay on his desk.

Hannah looked at the magazines and shuttered. “You know your father and I don’t have to do that anymore. We’re done having children so there’s no need. It’s wrong, a sin.”

“No, it’s not, mom.” Paul replied. “I know that is what you taught me growing up. But it is just not true. I have had a lot of reason to study the Word on it lately. And I have discovered that it is not a sin. God made us sexual beings and encourages us to fulfill each other’s needs. It is a beautiful thing. That’s one of the reasons he established marriage.”

Hannah stared open-mouthed at her son. First her husband, and now her son. Was her whole world falling apart around her? “How can you say that? Of course it’s a sin. It’s what we believe.”

“No, mother. It may be what you believe. But that is not what God says in the Word. Here, let me show you.” And with that Paul showed his mother several passages that clearly showed sex in a positive way, even requiring husbands and wives to satisfy each other on a regular basis, even if having children was not the issue.

“All of these years, mom,” he said, “you have been refusing dad sex, and in so doing you have been sinning against the Word. Dad is a normal man, evidently with a normal man’s desires. Since you would not satisfy them, he had to find another outlet. You are partly to blame for these (he indicated the magazines).”

Hannah broke under Paul’s evidence. “Oh, Paul,” she sobbed. “What am I going to do? I am such a horrible wife and mother. I’ve ruined everything.” She buried her head in her hands and cried.

Paul felt sorry for his mother. He knelt at her chair and took her crying form into his arms. After a few minutes she began to calm down. Suddenly she pulled away from her son and sat stiff in her chair, her eyes questioning. Paul had never held her like that before.

Paul returned to his chair a little confused. One minute his mother was letting him comfort her, the next she was like a block of ice. What was going on? His pastoral instincts told him there was more to this than he knew.

“Does dad know you were coming to see me today?” he asked.

“No. He doesn’t know I found his magazines. I waited until he left for work this morning and then put a note on the table for him. He’ll find it when he comes home from work.”

“Mom, do you love dad?”

“Of course I love him. What kind of a question is that?”

“If you love him then you need to start satisfying his sexual needs. Maybe if you do he won’t need the magazines anymore.”

Hannah shuttered. “I … I can’t do that. I just can’t do it.” she cried, almost in panic.

“Mom, what’s wrong? I know there is more to it than this. What are you not telling me?”

“If your father loved me, he wouldn’t look at those magazines. It’s his fault.” she replied, almost in anger.

“Mom, quit it.” Paul said sternly. “You can’t pawn your problems off on dad. He must love you. Otherwise he wouldn’t just look at magazines. He’d be off having sex with some other woman. Something else is going on here. What is it? What are you afraid of?”

Again Hannah broke out in tears. Why was her son doing this to her. The memories came flooding back. She had tried to forget them, bury them deep in the past. But they kept coming back. And with them came the pain. Suddenly she had to tell someone or burst. She trusted her son. Surely Paul would not think her horrible.

Paul sensed her surrender. He watched as she slumped in her chair. She looked almost like a little child. He wanted to place his hand on her shoulder, comfort her. But somehow he knew she was not ready for that. He waited.

“I was raped.” She could barely get the words out.

“What? When? Where?” This was the last thing Paul expected to hear.

“When I was in high school, on my first date, actually. I thought he was such a nice guy. It was going so well. And then he started putting his hands on my … where he shouldn’t be touching. I got scared and told him to stop. Only he didn’t. He went further and further. He was too strong for me. I couldn’t stop him. When he … did it, it hurt, really bad. I cried and cried. Afterward he never spoke to me again.”

“Mom, that’s horrible. I never knew. … Does dad know?”

“No, goodness, no! What would he think of me?” Hannah sounded almost scared of the thought of her husband finding out.

“He loves you, mom. He’d probably begin to understand your fears and work with you to overcome them.” Paul tried to reassure her. After a short silence, he asked, “Why did you marry dad?”

“I love him,” was her simple reply. “I thought it would be different if we were married. But it wasn’t. The first time he tried to make love to me it hurt. All of the memories of that other time came back. I fought him. It was just horrible. … Later I read of a way to help with the hurt by using lubrication. We were able to have you. But I was always so scared. As soon as I could I insisted we stop. And now I’ve ruined our marriage!” She began to cry again.

Paul felt an overwhelming love for his mother. She had carried this burden for so many years. Now it was out in the open. Maybe he could help her; help her learn to love, help her learn to enjoy sex. He had to try.

“Mom, do you want to save your marriage?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, Paul,” she said through her tears. “But isn’t it too late?”

“No, I don’t think so. Like I said, dad must still love you. Otherwise he would have left you long ago. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage?”

“Yes, … At least, I think so.” she answered hesitantly.

“Do you trust me?”

“Paul, I trust you more that anyone. I could never have gone to anyone else with this.”

“Good. I have an idea of how to get you over this, but you have to trust me completely and do what I say. I think I will need Mary’s help in this, maybe even Tim and Lydia.”

“Mary? Tim and Lydia? How can they help? You are not going to tell them are you?” Hannah sounded almost in a panic again.

“Mom, trust me. It’s OK. They will understand. And I think you will feel safer with them there.” Paul urgently tried to persuade his mother.

Hannah looked deep into her son’s eyes. She could trust him. She had to. If she was ever to get past this, to save her marriage, she had to trust him. She sighed. “OK, Paul. I’ll do whatever you say. Please help me.”

Paul and Hannah returned to the Bursman home. Paul took her into their bedroom. He found one of his wife’s new silk dressing gowns and told her to change into it and wait. He also suggested she remove her bra so the back strap did not get in the way of what he wanted to do. She was a little hesitant about going braless, but when he reminded her that she had agreed to do whatever he said, she finally agreed. Then he went out into the living room and brought his family up to date on what had happened and what he wanted to do.

Mary and the kids were shocked at what they heard.

“Raped! How horrible,” Mary remarked. “No wonder her ideas on sex were so strict. Do you think we can really help? Will she accept what you plan to do?”

“I don’t know,” Paul answered. “She has promised to do whatever I say. We will have to go slow. I’m hoping the experience of loving sex will change her mind and open her up sexually. We’ll just have to try and see.”

“Wow!” Tim exclaimed. “Seducing grandma. This is wild. Count me in.”

“I’m willing to help,” Lydia added. “I think it would be great if we could get grandma and grandpa to see how wonderful sex really is. Count me in, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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