A New York Tale Pt. 03

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Big Tits

I wish I could tell you that I had woken up to a blowjob, but that’s a thing of fiction. We didn’t wake up cuddling, she was on the other side of the bed, the left side. I was on the right side, I normally slept on the left, so sleeping on the right caused me to wake when the sun shined into my eyes. My stomach growled and I quietly got out of bed. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and snuck out to grab a bagel from across the street. While I waited, I thought about how crazy last night had been. My thoughts reverberated between how amazing it was and how worried I was that she would tell our college friends I licked other men’s cum from her. There was the positive that it might improve my standing with the ladies, but it would definitely put my reputation at risk with most men.

I got each of us an everything bagel with lox, lettuce, and tomato and went back to our apartment. I put the bagels into the fridge, tossed off my clothing, and snuck back into the bed. I thought about what I wanted to happen next and decided to see what I could do. I slide under the covers, she was on her side, her ass up. I could see her asshole staring at me. I moved my head forward and slide my tongue out into it. I moved gently and tried to arouse her until she woke. After a few dozen licks, she began to moan and pulled the covers up. “Haha, I wanted to wake you up by doing that. You beat me to it.” She chuckled. She reached over and grabbed my cock. “You never came last night. Let’s fix that.” She leaned over and slid my member between her lips. She worked it with her tongue, wrapping it around my tip, quickly getting me excited.

She shifted onto me and squatted over my cock, placing it between her legs and gently guided herself down onto me. “Is it dangerous for us to fuck? As roommates?” I asked. “Too late”, she said, pushing her fingers into my mouth and impaling herself on me. She bounced up and down on me, her tits flying around, bouncing like kangaroos. After a few minutes of fucking, she asked me to move behind her, into doggy style. There my balls slapped against her clit. She was tight and she queefed as I fucked her. I found myself slapping her ass as we went at it. I slide the tip of my thumb into her ass and she moaned. She was loud, like she had been the night before with that group of other men.

We kept at it, but I held back until she was about to cum. We finished at the same time, her muscles milking my splooge out into her. After I had filled her with my juices, she collapsed on the bed next to me, panting heavily. “I guess if we knew it would be like this, we could have saved some money and gotten a one bedroom.” She winked at me.

“Well, then, where would you host your gangbangs?”

“Haha.” She laughed.” Okay. I need to use the bathroom.” She jumped out of the bed and walked all ten paces to the bathroom.

“Wait, I haven’t licked you clean yet.” I said, quickly following her. She tried to keep her legs together, but I quickly pulled them apart. I watched a drop of cum fall into the water and decided to let any more go to waste. I thrust my head between her legs and began to lick. She moan and pushed her back into the toilet, and tried to push my face away with her hands. “I have to go so bad. Can you do it after?” She asked.

The piss would wash away the cum, so I shook my head as I licked and placed my hands around her back to keep myself close to her. “If you keep going, I won’t be able to control myself.” Did she mean she’d piss on my face? That sounded hot. I kept licking and then suddenly, I heard a fart. I mean, I thought it was a fart. Her pussy had not vibrated like she had queefed. “Guess you really don’t want to move.” She said and she pulled forwards slightly towards the center of the bowl. The smell hit me immediately. She was taking a dump. I’d watched lots of scat porn, but this was different. I immediately got hard again. I rarely got hard again so fast. I tried to hide it and I kept licking. I didn’t want her to think I was totally fucked up.

She moaned as she let it slide out. I could tell it was big and thick. Like the black mamba of turds. Very long, it glided into the water, looking for its new home now that it had been birthed to the world. Heaving breathing and her pushing her twat against my lips told me she was close to cumming. I moved my tongue to her clit and spun circles on it. She placed her hands on my shoulders as she ground her cunt against my face. Within a few moments, she squirted on my face. She looked down at me and said, “That was wild. I could get used to that.” She moved her hand over to the toilet paper dispenser and found that there was nothing but cardboard in her fingers. “Oh shit, we’re out. Do you mind grabbing me a fresh roll?”

I looked up at her and gave her a kiss, making her taste the squirt-piss combination that covered my lips and I left to grab a roll. From the kitchen, I shouted, “We’re out. We’ve got none.” I returned to the bathroom to see her sitting on the throne, panting, catching her breath. “Okay, I’ll just Batumi Escort take a shower.” She said and she leaned back to flush the toilet. Nothing. “Huh.” She said. I walked over to the shower to turn on the water. A few drips of brown water. The system was off. “Hmm. Okay.” She said and she walked to her room and grabbed a white t-shirt and wiped her ass with it. There was an obvious brown shit smear on it. She tossed it onto the floor of her room.. I watched it fall and thought how nice it would have been if I had gotten to lick her clean. With no shower and no water to brush my teeth, I had better not before going to the office. I quickly aimed my gaze back up at her and put away from my darkest fantasies.

“I really hope they fix the water soon. I know you were supposed to be out of town, so I kinda planned a girls night of wine and food here. Would be pretty bad if that was still floating there when they came over.” She pointed to her digested dinner, floating in a sea of yellow in our grey and white bathroom.

“At least there isn’t cum in there too. That would really raise some questions.” I pointed out.

“Haha, yeah. I guess I’ll go to the gym, shower there.”

“I’m heading to work.” I said. “But I’ll be back later, hopefully after the girls leave. I don’t want to interfere with your bonding time.”

“Oh no worries. It’s low pressure. It’s not like last night. Just some friends, wine. Maybe some cheese and prosciutto.” She said.

I threw on some clothing and grabbed a citi-bike and left for the office. The entire time, my mind was occupied by what had transpired. It made for slow, inefficient work. I finally wrapped up around 10:00PM and jumped on a bike and headed back up to our apartment.


When I opened the door, I was in for another surprise. A different surprise than the one from the night before. Tonight, they were all sitting around, four of them. Joanna, a short chinese girl with small breasts and a facial mole, sat on the couch, holding a glass of red wine by the bowl. She was wearing a light colored top and had her legs angled to the side under her. Britt, a korean girl with incredible tits, sat at our small table, eating a piece of bread with cheese spread on it. Kat sat on the other side of the table, fingering a glass of wine by the stem and Nita, an Indian girl sat other other side of the couch from Joanna.

A chorus of His echoed at me and then please for me to join them. I took a glass from the kitchen and placed it on the table. Kat and I had been ordering wine together, they had already plowed through a few bottles and were drinking an Oregon Pinot. I filled up my glass and asked.

“So, what have you all been up to?”

“Oh, just catching up.” Said Joanna.

“We were actually going through some of the more embarrassing stories we had. You know, it’s kinda fun.” Nita corrected her.

“Haha. I guess” I commented.

“Any way, it was Kat’s turn.” Joanna tried to steer back the conversation to their moment at hand.

“I think you guys know everything about me.” I looked at Kat in the eye as she spoke and tried to figure out if she had already told them about what had happened today.

“Oh, he knows something we don’t know.” Nita said, noticing my look at her.

“I have no idea what he’s thinking.” Kat tried to defend herself. “You all know everything, there is nothing new.”

“Bullshit. Did you two fuck or something.” Nita pushed.

“Even if we did, why would that be a big deal?” Kat resisted.

“You two fucked? No way. When?” Joanna pushed.

“Just once. It’s not a regular thing.” Kat answered.

“Oh, so who was bad in bed?” Joanna asked.

“It wasn’t that. It was just… well, recent. Who knows if it will continue.

I stood up, realizing that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day and really had to go. I moved for the door and Nita said, “Wait, where are you going? What are you doing?”

“To the bathroom and to go to to the bathroom.” I explained.

“You explain to him, it’s your home.” Britt said, looking at Kat.

“Umm, well, it’s still clogged. And umm. We’re worried that when the water comes on, it’s going to spill everywhere. So we’ve made a rule. Only shitting in the toilet. If you want to pee, well, there use the carafes.” Kat said.

“Um. Okay.” I opened the door and walked in and shut it. It smelled like shit. Literally. Inside of the bowl were 3 thick turds. All of them were continuous. On the ground there were two vessels, one was my wine decanter. The other was a glass water carafe we had. The carafe was full of pee. It was still warm to the touch and it made me wonder how recently they had used it. Probably pretty recently given all of the wine consumption. The decanter had a bit of pee in it, but not much. I looked at the bathtub and thought, that’s funny. They could have peed into the tub or the sink. Maybe some of them have pee fetishes too. I made up my mind not to tell them and let them carry on. I leaned down over and placed Georgia Escort my nose against it, it was incredibly strong smelling. It was so sexy. As I looked in the glass, there were some thick fluids floating at the top. Either cum or the juices from one of the ladies. Either way it was very sexy. No toilet paper in the toilet or the trash, that meant they 2 of the women probably had dirty assholes. All of this excitement was going to make it difficult to pee.

After spending a few moments smelling and admiring their work, I unzipped my pants and emptied my bladder into the wine decanter. It was so tempting to dip my dick into the warm fluid, too bad there was nothing to dry it on. I shook off my cock and zipped up my pants.

I walked out and brought out the wine decanter. “Anyone for a glass of Chard?” I said. They laughed and I placed it back in the bathroom and shut the door.

“Okay, your turn. Time for you to share something.” Nita looked at me.

“What if I don’t want do share? Can I just go into my room and not listen?” I asked.

“No fucking way, you’ve got to. You just heard Kat’s.” Nita replied.

“Well, hers was about me? Doesn’t that count?” I probed.

“No double counting. That’s a rule.” She answered. “I just made it up.”

I looked over at Kat and said, “Okay. What is said here, stays here?” I looked at them and they all nodded. “Well, all of mine are fairly boring. But I do have one which would really incriminate someone else here.” It was obvious to all of them who I was talking about. “It’s embarrassing for me, but I think that someone else would be better to tell it. The person who it incriminates.”

With that, Kat sighed and shared the story. Half of it, the part of me walking in on her, licking her clean, licking her ass, and us fucking the next day. She left out the part where I licked her clean while she took a shit. The girls stood with their jaws agape.

At the end, Joanna chimed in. “I think you broke the game. I can’t believe he actually licked stranger cum from you. That’s so hot. And from your ass. I’ve never had a man lick my ass. ”

I was stunned. I thought I was screwed. They’d think of me as a totally unsexy disgusting pig. They were excited, turned on even. They weren’t even shocked by the fact that Kat was into gangbangs. Now my mouth was agape.

There was barely a moment of quiet, but I felt nervous and I spoke. “Well, now you know more about me than I know about you. You’ve all got to give me something. Something that will make me feel like you can’t share my secret without risking your own secrets.” I looked over at Britt, we were close friends. I was a bit worried she would be upset finding this out in this way. She had a face on her head, she was thinking, her eyes transfixed on the bottle of wine.

Joanna spoke up, “Well, you could lick my ass right now and then you’d have a secret on me.” That girl was always horny, a man eater.

I threw out an awkward laugh. “Well, then you’d just have more on me. You’d have me as prolific ass eater and pervert extraordinaire. Why don’t you tell me a secret of yours. All of you.”

Joanna responded, “Okay. That seems reasonable.”

“But if you still want him to lick your ass, that can be arranged.” Kat said, winking at Joanna.

Britt then spoke up. “Okay, I’ll go first. When I get fucked really hard, I squirt. Everywhere. It’s like really embarrassing.”

Kat chimed in. “That’s umm, normal. You can’t use that as a kink.”

“Then why they fuck do men find it so weird?” Britt asked.

“I think it’s hot. I’d like you squirt on my face any day.” I accidentally let slip out.

Britt answered. “I might take you up on that.” She licked her lips and I could see her nipples getting hard. They always got hard when she was excited. “Okay, fine. I post naked photos on reddit.”

“Oh no way. Me too. AGW?” Joanna said.

Britt nodded.

Joanna, “Okay, I’ve got one. I grew up in a small house and I could hear my parents when they had sex. When I was a kid, I used to listen to it and rub myself against the corner of the bed. They were really explicit and did lots of dirty talk. Mostly in Chinese though.”

Kat spoke up. She looked at Brittany as if she had spaced out for a few moments., “If you’re comfortable showing the internet… why not bring out your exhibitionist right now?”

Brittany, “Maybe later, we’ll make a trade. You let your boy toy drink my squirt and I’ll let you see my tits.”

“I’m not her boy toy.” I defended myself.

Nita butted in. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have anything. It’s not that I’m not kinky, I just haven’t done anything really… you know.”

Britt spoke up, “Well, hmm. Why don’t you do something kinky that you’ve wanted to try right now? Joanna seems eager to turn this into an orgy anyway.”

“That could work. What do you suggest?” Nita acquiesced.

“No, you have to do something you want, that turns you on.” I said.

“And no one is judging here?” She Tbilisi Escort clarified.

We all nodded.

She looked down at the table to the spread of food. She pulled her skirt up and her panties to the side and revealed her pussy. It was dark brown with even darker lips. She grabbed a grape and placed it into her pussy.

“Is that kinky enough?” She asked.

Joanna replied. “What’s so kinky about that?” She leaned over on the couch and grabbed another grape. She pushed it into Nita’s twat. “Now if we bet on how many you can fit in there and go until you can’t fit anymore, that’s pretty kinky. I say…” She felt a grape in her fingers. “10. And I bet… I get to sit on the face of whoever I chose.” She looked right at me.

I spoke up, “Did Joanna take a shit in the toilet? I don’t object to licking her dirty ass, I just would like to know what to expect.” I ask the group.

“Haha, that’s funny. Let’s keep it a surprise.” Kat said, revealing a bit more of her kinkiness. I was constantly surprised by this woman. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from a woman who liked getting gangbanged and then pissed in my mouth. She continued. “I bet on 4. Nita’s no whore. If I win, I want Joanna to have to lick my ass.”

Joanna realized she might be a target in all of this. Her eyes grew wide.

Nita spoke up. “Do I get to bet?”

“No!” The girls said in unison.

“I will take 6” Britt said. “I haven’t decided what I want yet, is it okay if I pick later?”

“Sure.” I said. “I’ll take 8. And here, I’ll reveal another kink about myself. If I win, no more peeing in the bathroom. You can still pee in the carafe, but you have to do it in front of everyone else.”

“I like that, upping the stakes.” Joanna said. “But be careful here, Nita is a prude as we’ve realized.”

“I’m not a prude! I’m the first one showing my self to the rest of you. I’ll piss in front of you all. I’m not shy. Remember, you’re all looking at my private bits.” She said, working a third grape into herself.

After a few moments in, she had 7 in. “It’s getting tight, I don’t know how many more I can fit in.” She said.

“Well, at least I don’t have to lick Kat’s ass.” Joanna said.

“You make it sound so bad. I’ll have you know she has a delicious ass.” I said. I had always thought Kat was the sexiest and she was my roommate. It was my instinct to defend her.

“That’s 8.” Nita said, sliding another piece of fruit into her pussy. “I think I can do one more. I feel so stretched out. I’ve never felt like this.”

She reached forward and got a 9th in. Her attempts to get a 10th were futile. It just wouldn’t fit.

“So what happens that it’s between the two of us?” I pointed at Joanna but my eyes were on Nita’s twat. It was gaped with a grape poking out. I just wanted to stick my dick into her. I was getting real hard.

“I guess with both win. So no more peeing without being in front of anyone and I get to sit on your face.” She said, stepping forward.

I leaned back onto the ground and licked my lips. She pulled down her pants and panties. I couldn’t see what she had worn or what her pussy looked like because she quickly mounted my face. My head was pointing the wall and she mounted herself so she could see the rest of the group. I stuck my tongue out as I looked at the back of her body, her hair dangling into my view. I quickly discovered that she hadn’t taken a shit, but her ass was still a bit musky. Not musky, but sweaty. I tongued the outside, moistening it and then slide my tongue into her.

“It tickles a bit, but it’s nice.” Joanna said. “So what do we do now?” She asked.

“Well. Hmm. What if we do dare or shot. If you accept the dare, you don’t have to drink, otherwise, you have to take a swig of your wine.” Nita proposed. I thought to myself, we could make it shots of pee. Though my mouth was full of ass, so i would be the only one who would know of my idea.

“I can get behind that.” Britt said. “Can I go first?”

Nita took a glass of water and placed it under her cunt. It looked like she was going to let them all drop out into the bowl. Britt got up and pushed Nita into the center of the couch.

“Okay, Joanna, I dare you to eat one of the grapes from Nita’s cunt.”

“Yeah. I’ll do that. Pass them here.” Joanna put out her hand for the bowl.

“On no, you’ve got to do it fresh from the source. You’ve got to get your mouth right in there and suck them out.” Britt said, taking the glass from Nita’s hands and placing it down on the table.

“Okay, but I’m not getting off his face.” Joanna pouted. Nita placed her hand against the last grape and stood up and waddled over to Joanna. She squatted over her face and said, “get to work.” as she started to rub her clit while Joanna worked on her moist hole. Underneath her, I tried to move my tongue to rub her clit, but I just got more asshole as she ground against me. As Nita moaned, Joanna took advantage of the noise and let out small little farts onto my face. With each fart, my nose sunk deeper and deeper into her asshole. Joanna finished the grapes, I presume, for I could not see with her ass covering my face. “Okay, I guess it’s my turn. Kat, I dare you… wait. What toys do you have?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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