A Perfect Birthday Gift Ch. 02

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NOTE: Everyone are of legal age.

The room was quiet now, dead silent as three out of four girls was staring at the last one. Rachel was standing with her pajama pants and panties pulled down half way on the thighs, totally exposing her wet sex to the other girls, which couldn’t take their lust filled eyes from her crotch. What she just had told the birthday girl and the other two was still ringing in their ears and none of them called even say anything, even cocky Sarah, who had started this game was dumbstruck. Had they heard right? Had she actually said she wanted to be humiliated and generally treated like a slut? It wasn’t until Rachel lost her nerve, slowly hoisting up her panties and pants that the trio was dragged out of their daydreams of playing with her, she was blushing like a tomato now and when she spoke she stuttered and her tongue wasn’t behaving like it should.

“I’m so sorry for messing up your party, Sarah! I’ll just leave and please don’t tell any one!” She took three steps before Sarah, Karen and Marie all grabbed for her pants to pull them down and stop her, but it was Sarah that answered her.

“Are you mad? That was the hottest thing ever, is it really true? Cause if it is then that is the bahis siteleri best birthday present ever!” She said with a genuine smile just like the other two, both was nodding in agreement. They wanted to continue, they wanted to fuck her and come all over her and do all kinds of nasty stuff. This was really a dream come true for all four.

Rachel just stood there, her pants around her knees and her plain, boring panties on display. She couldn’t even respond at first, they accepted her, for who she was, for what she was and what turned her on, they even seemed to be eager to continue. Tears ran down her cheeks as those emotions of relief, happiness and pure ecstasy ran though her like bulls in a stampede, the girl just dropped to her knees and in a cute, clumsy heap she tried to hug and kiss all three at the same time. With the result that all four was giggling and laughing hard with in seconds.

“Ooh god yes! It’s all true and I’ll do anything for you, so please please, I’ll do all your homework! Anything you want just don’t ever stop”

She she half told, half screamed out as she kissed any piece of skin she found, she also got affection back for the first time in her entire life that wasn’t from her parents. It was Karen that was canlı bahis siteleri the first one that came back to her senses, or at least got reminded that they were four horny young women that wanted nothing else then to get nasty so she poked Rachel on the arm.

“Rach, it’s your turn to ask someone!”

Rachel bounced up with a huge smile on her face. “I dare you all to make me to eat your wet cunts while you write nasty stuff on my body and just fuck me silly!” She announced as she ran her fingers over her semi naked body teasing the other girls, which all three laughed and nodded happily.

Sarah jumped up and started pulling down her own pants flashing her pink g-string, while Karen and Maria pulled Rachel legs from under her, it was a lovely hard hit against the floor since the chubby girl didn’t try and brace her fall, it felt to good to be at the mercy of her new best friends. They rolled her on to her back and Sarah sat down on her knees so that her wet pussy and g-string was just over her face. She smiled sweetly and kissed her own finger before placing it on Rachel forehead.

“Now bitch, make me cum!” and she grabbed the brunette’s hair in a hard grip and yanked, forcing her face into her crotch. Rachel immediately canlı bahis started to lick all over Sarah’s wet slit and the minimal fabric, she was very inexperienced but she let her tongue act just like she let her own fingers played with her cunt. She danced and teased the girl’s clitoris under the moist G-string and Sarah could do nothing but pant and moan loudly, it was the best she had ever felt, so much better then the pathetic jocks she had fucked before. The blond birthday girl started to gyrate her hips faster and faster, and it didn’t take long before the natural carpet muncher to gave her the first of many orgasms, she screamed, she panted and she pulled her so close that Rachel couldn’t even breath for a few seconds, not that it mattered, the young woman loved the treatment, she loved the taste of her first mistress’s pussy and she drank as much as she could, even though some of it dripped all over her face.

Meanwhile Karen and Maria pulled and yanked the last bits of fabrics of Rachel’s body and throwing the destroyed clothes into the bin, Maria started to finger fuck her bushy cunt with two fingers that just slided into her dripping wet hole, to which Rachel only could moan into Sarah’s warm moist crotch. Karin found a bright red marker pen, not a permanent one but it would do, but before she started writing anything she squeezed the white, round mounds hard and yanked the brunette’s nipples as well.

“So.. What should I write on her, girls?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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