Ambrosia: Food of the God’s

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After a day and a half of delayed flights and multiple airports, George had finally made it, with friend in tow, to the beautiful island of Santorini.

“Let’s go to the beach straight away after we check into the hotel,” said Annie, George’s super chic friend from NYC.

“Okay,” George answered, although his voice hinted he was so tired nothing really mattered. He was just so happy for a vacation. Work sucked, his personal life sucked, and well, everything just kind of sucked.

After checking into the hotel and going out to the black sand beaches, George let his worries go. Who could hate life when everything around him was so spectacular? The huge mountain of rock jetting out from the ocean, the little resort town behind him, the crystal clear blue water in front of him, he simply forgot everything and let out a sigh of happiness.

“Come on, let’s get an umbrella,” Annie said, as she sprang up behind George and grabbed his hand. They skipped and ran to the nearest umbrella, depositing themselves into two comfy lounge chairs. They both shed their cover ups revealing a girl in a sexy bikini and a boy in a chic boyshort Lycra swimsuit.

“Oooooh, don’t we look sexy,” Annie chided.

“Look who’s talking, Ms. I’m About to Bust Out of My Top,” George retorted.

“Bitch!” Annie joked.

They lay in the hot sun, soaking in the rays, helping their pasty complexions take on some deeply needed tans.

“So I made dinner reservations tonight in this little town of Oia,” Annie said, interrupting George’s drifting thoughts.

“Really?” came the groggy reply.

“Yeah, it was recommended by Conde Nast Traveler. It is supposed to be really good and have excellent views of the sunset, overlooking the caldera.”

“Sure, whatever,” George replied, as he drifted back to sleep.


“Shit!” George awoke with a start, as cold water dripped on him.

“Ha ha,” Annie laughed, standing over his chair, letting water drip from her hair onto him. “The water is fabulous. You have to go in now!”

“Fine,” George got up, stretched quickly, and then ran to the water after feeling his feet start burning from the hot black sands.

“Damn, this is hot. It’s like walking on burning coals,” he said, as he watched Annie jump in ahead of him.

He took his time as he got used to the cool temperature of the water. He finally jumped in and swam out until he could no longer touch the bottom. This trip had made him think a lot about his life—primarily his personal life and how dead it was. It would be so nice to go on consecutive dates again (not just be a one date wonder). He hadn’t been on any dates in a while, let alone been touched by another man. It was sad really. He wasn’t into the whole random hooking up or having a ‘fuck buddy.’ He was really old fashioned, meaning he liked the whole let’s have sex in the committed relationship sort of deal. It could sound boring to some, but that’s the way he operated.

“What-cha thinking about there buddy?” Annie asked as she swam over in his direction.

“Oh nothing, just how much you are going to hate me when I do this!” George replied as he sent a splash in the direction of her face.

“Hey! Not fair!” As she splashed back.


After a few minutes of the splash war, they called a truce and Annie retired to her lounge chair while George continued to fight the ocean currents. He looked out at the blue surrounding him and thought about all of the promises he made his friends this summer. This was supposed to be his summer of ho-dom. Although it was against his better judgment, he had decided he would give it a go if the situation presented itself.

He swam back to shore and he and Annie gathered their things and went back to the hotel. They dressed for the evening, Annie wearing a brown jersey knit dress and George a midnight blue linen shirt and linen khakis. Both looked the part of the American tourist, but it bothered neither of them. They hopped on the bus and headed to the town of Oia.

“Oh, I can’t wait,” Annie said happily. “I have been waiting to try this restaurant since we made our travel plans to Greece.”

“Okay,” George said. He didn’t care one way or another where they ate. But if his friend was happy, that’s all that mattered.

They found their way to the restaurant, a small place with an upper and ground level patio overlooking the caldera and the Mediterranean. They were seated by a friendly Greek woman, who placed them on the upper patio near the railing, so they had an excellent view of the impending sunset.

“This view is amazing!” Annie commented, elation resounding in her voice.

“So is he,” George commented as he looked around the restaurant spotting a tall man, mid 20’s, his hair fashioned in the chunky spikes—the “in” hair fashion in Europe. He had a good day or two of stubble on him; a patch of chest hair shown through his oversized untucked white Oxford shirt. A gold cross glinted in the diminishing sun, his long legs accentuated isveçbahis yeni giriş in tight black pencil jeans and his sporty silver Nike tennis shoes.

“Oh God, here we go again,” Annie commented, “I am so going to buy you an escort. I can’t take you when you get like this.”

“Oh, whatever. He’s straight. It’s fine.” George retorted. Being in Greece, his gay-dar was not working at all because most of the European men looked gay anyways, so he just didn’t bother.

Elena, the woman who had seated them, brought them menus and following her was the swarthy man. George looked up at his face, into his big brown eyes; the man smiled and George just melted.

“My name is Gianni, and I will be helping Elena tonight,” Gianni said in his accented English, as he put some water and bread on their table.

As Elena and Gianni walked away, George commented to Annie, “I usually don’t like hairy guys, but damn, he is uber hot!”

“Will you just decide what you want to eat and stop drooling over our waiter!” Annie exclaimed, exasperated at her friend.

“Sorry,” George said. “I will stop talking about boys. It’s just there are so many cute ones here and I can’t tell if they are gay or straight, and I am horny.”

“TMI!” Annie said, glancing up from her menu.

George just smiled and they continued with ordering and eating their meal, while Annie watched the gorgeous sunset and George watched Gianni help the other patrons. Toward the end of dinner, Annie raised her glass and made a toast.

“To best friends,” Annie said, raising her wine glass.

“Yes, to us.” George replied, raising his water glass.

They drank and George asked, “I wonder where the bathrooms are? I really have to pee.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask our waiter? He is right behind you,” she replied.

“Oh,” George replied. He reached behind him, moving his arm up to gesture at the waiter, before he turned around. He felt his hand brush against a thigh, a buttock, and up a shirt, before he saw that Gianni was standing behind him, with his back facing George. George quickly retracted his hand, and as Gianni turned around to face his, George felt the blood rushing to his face.

“I am terribly sorry,” George stammered, embarrassed because he wanted to keep his hand longer on Gianni’s firm ass. Gianni flashed a big grin.

“It’s no problem really. Do you need something?”

George asked Gianni where the bathrooms were.

“Come, I will show you, as it is a little confusing.”

George got up, smiled at Annie, and followed Gianni down the stairs to the main patio.

“How are you and wife enjoying Santorini?”

George chuckled at Gianni’s question and answered, “She is not my wife. We are just good friends. I’m gay.”

George was waiting for Gianni to make a face or tense up, but all he got was an “Oh” as Gianni took him down another flight of stairs through a door with ‘W.C.’ written on it. A sink stood to the right of him with an empty women’s and men’s stall in front of him.

Gianni touched George’s shoulder and with his other hand pointed to the empty men’s stall. George turned to face a smiling Gianni and said “thank you.” He locked eyes with the gorgeous waiter and realized Gianni’s hand had not left his shoulder.

“Fuck it,” George thought, “If I get punched for this, it will be well worth it,” as he leaned into Gianni and kissed him firmly on the lips.

Gianni responded by kissing George back hungrily, drawing George’s body closer to his. George pushed Gianni against the door of the W.C. entrance, as they continued to kiss each other like long lost lovers. Gianni was running his hands through George’s hair and George felt Gianni’s strong back underneath his white shirt. As Gianni stuck his tongue in George’s mouth, George could feel Gianni’s penis expanding down the leg of his tight pants. The pants were strangling him and George liked that Gianni was in a little pain. George gently bit Gianni’s lip in a little love nibble, as he could feel his own pants tent from his strong erection. After they had kissed feverishly and felt each other up for about 10 minutes, a frustrated Gianni said, “We must stop. I have to get back to the other patrons.”

“Don’t go,” George said sadly, “I really like you.”

Gianni looked at George with his big brown eyes and said he was sorry, kissed George deeply and left with a smile as he opened the door and said, “See you outside.”

George stood devastated and confused. He looked into the foggy mirror, splashed some cold water in his face and fixed his hair. He went into the men’s toilet to relieve himself of that night’s libations, washed his hands and trudged back up the two flights of stairs to his table.

Annie looked at him and said, “It’s about time you got back. I was going to send someone to go look for you. Did the food not settle with you right?”

George answered straight faced and deadpan, “No, I peed. I also made out with our waiter Gianni for 10 minutes isveçbahis giriş too.”

Annie’s face broke into a girlish grin and she laughed at his response, “Right and the volcano started erupting again while you were gone. Well, honey, I paid the bill when you were ‘making out’ with Gianni, so we can go when you are ready.”

“Let’s go then,” George said, still not believing what just went on.

As George and Annie go up from their chairs, Elena came over and wished them a good night.

“Goodnight Ms. Virwin and Mr. Karras,” she said smiling. Gianni had joined her side and was waving and melting George’s anger with his smile.

“Goodnight, ” Annie and George replied, as they walked out of the restaurant.

Walking back toward the town square where the buses waited, Annie and George talked about the amazing food, which lifted George’s spirits a little from the strange encounter he had with Gianni in the bathroom.

They passed another restaurant, and a waiter winked at George. “I’ve still got it,” George thought to himself.

“This island is so weird,” George commented, on the bus ride back to their hotel.

“Why is that?” Annie asked.

“They just are,” George replied.

“Who’s they? The people?” Annie quizzed.

“Yeah. Everyone here.”

“No they aren’t. They’re quite friendly. That one waiter tonight was really nice. About 10 minutes after you went to the bathroom, he asked me where we were from, how long we were staying, where we were staying, etc. Actually he asked a lot of questions. He was just nice. Maybe he liked me,” Annie said.

“Ha. Maybe he is just a jerk who wants to come and rob us,” George spat out.

“Aren’t we Polly Pessimistic. No, I think he was just being friendly.”

They got back to the hotel and George went to bed trying not to think about the amazing kisses or Gianni’s smile. He couldn’t help feeling the paradox of being both turned on and depressed about his encounter with the gorgeous waiter as he managed to fall asleep.


The next day George and Annie awoke as usual, after the hotel had stopped serving breakfast at 11am. They donned that day’s swimming attire, a lovely cherry ornamented Shoshana bikini for Annie and a black Lycra Prada European cut bathing suit for George. With a high affinity for fashion and Premier cards at Saks they hit the beaches in style everyday. They trotted down to the black sands and paid a man for their umbrella and lounge chairs.

They picked out an umbrella next to a British bloke named Jeffrey who had come with his friend Brian. Annie had been chatting with Jeffrey since arriving at Santorini and George was happy she had a romantic prospect for their time on the island.

“I’m going to go in the water for a bit to cool off,” George said after settling in and saying good morning to Jeffrey and Brian.

“Alright babe, don’t drown,” Annie said with a mischievous smile.

“Bitch!” George said laughing, as he ran across the blazing hot sand. When he reached the cool water he slowed, until he was finally coaxed to submerge himself fully into the cool Aegean waters. As he swam, he again thought of the preceding night. He decided he couldn’t get caught up in the weird night, but think of all of the hot foreigners he saw on the beach. Too bad they were all straight, but it didn’t hurt to look and enjoy God’s creations. George eventually swam to shore and returned to the umbrella where Annie was reading her James Patterson crime novel.

“How’s the water?” she asked.

“Cold,” came the reply. George sat on his lounge chair and sprawled out to allow the sun’s rays to warm him. Ipod in place, he drifted in and out of consciousness for an indefinite period of time.

In his state of semi-consciousness he felt a shadow pass over him and remain there.

“Annie, stop standing in my sun! You’re ruining my tan!” George croaked.

“I’m lying right next to you. How can I be blocking your sun?” she replied, “Get up and move your chair if you are in a shadow.”

George opened his eyes, but his unadjusted eyes could only make out a beautiful smile and a familiar set of brown eyes in the glaring sun.

“I am terribly sorry,” came the accented English voice from the smile.

George rubbed his eyes to make out the mirage clearer, and as he did, he felt a smile erupt throughout his body as he realized who the voice belonged to.

He sat up and looked at Gianni, and said “Hi” with glee in his voice and a million thoughts rushing in his head. Why was Gianni here? Damn he really looked hot. Do I look okay? What is he doing here? Do you think he wants me?

“It is part of Ambrosia Restaurant’s customer service policy to follow up with all of the patrons we kiss at the toilets,” joked Gianni.

George’s smile got bigger (if that’s possible). Annie had sat up at this point and had a flabbergasted look on her face.

“I was wondering if I may take a walk with you and perhaps ask you some questions,” isveçbahis güvenilirmi Gianni continued, “It may take some time so I wanted to come and ask you personally.”

George looked at Annie and managed to let out an, “Uh,” before she flatly said, “Go. You need this. I will be okay with Jeffrey and Brian.”

George mouthed her a “thanks,” grabbed his towel, bag, and flip flops and stood up.

He yelled, “I wasn’t lying last night!” to Annie who still had a stunned look on her face, as he walked away from the chairs.

For the first time, George actually took in the full splendor of Gianni. He was about George’s height, slightly shorter, with broad shoulders. Gianni was wearing a red Lycra boyshort swimsuit, which left little to the imagination, but contrasted well against his lightly tanned skin. His black chest hairs lay short and close to his toned chest and flat stomach.

He lifted one of his toned arms and pointed down the beach toward the nearby cliffs and said, “Let’s walk that way.”

As he walked forward down the beach, George lingered behind allowing him to get a better look at this gorgeous man with a wonderful swimmers build. George’s eyes trailed down Gianni’s shoulders, down the muscles of his strong back, and rested on his firm little ass that filled out his red swimsuit perfectly.

Gianni turned his head and caught George standing there looking at his butt and smiled knowingly. “Come on,” he said.

As they walked, they talked of each other’s backgrounds. Gianni had been a transplant from America—his parents had returned to Greece when he was 13 and he grew up in Athens. He had just finished studying at Deree College, with a Masters degree in hospitality services where George had almost gone to undergrad. It was a university where the classes were taught in English. Gianni was now working at his uncle’s restaurant, Ambrosia, for the summer, and he would work after the summer holidays at his uncle’s hotels in Washington, DC and New York City. George perked up at the mention of Washington, DC. He told Gianni that he lived there and that Gianni was more than welcome to stay with him if he needed a place to stay. Gianni thanked him, grabbed George’s hand and squeezed, smiling all the while.

“Where are we going?” George asked, after they had reached the end of the beach and were facing the mountain side and cliffs near Kamari Beach.

“We have to climb a few meters up and go around the mountain a little. There is a place I go when I want to be alone,” Gianni answered.

“Okay, lead the way,” George said. The trek wasn’t so terrible, so George didn’t complain. They continued their hike and continued their conversation. They talked of families, dreams, past loves, and current love lives. George hadn’t had a relationship in two years, and Gianni had broken out of an abusive relationship six months ago. George felt a connection with Gianni; he couldn’t help but feel elated at the prospect of this meeting.

“This is it,” Gianni said. George looked around to see that they were in a rocky alcove on the side of the cliff. A small platform of rock jutted out into a calm pool of the crystal clear water below.

There was nothing around except for the water in front of them, the boulders surrounding them, and the sun above them. A secluded alcove which provided tranquility and solstice for a young Greek man.

“It’s beautiful,” George commented.

He found a place to drop his bag and turned to Gianni.

“I thought you would like it,” Gianni said, grabbing George up in his arms and forcing a kiss on his lips. George grinned as Gianni was kissing him.

Gianni pulled back. “Why are you smiling?”

“Because I am happy, silly,” George giggled.

“Well keep smiling, because you look so cute,” Gianni said returning George’s smile.

“Come on,” Gianni said breaking their embrace. He removed his swimsuit and quickly dove into the water.

“Hey!” George said as Gianni started splashing him.

“Watch out for the sea urchins,” Gianni said, as he watched George remove his swim trunks and dive in towards his direction.

George swam to Gianni and splashed him back. They swam to each other and had fun rough housing—splashing on another and tossing each other in the ocean. George was having a great time as Gianni ended up facing him in the water.

“It’s so beautiful here,” George commented, “I just can’t believe life right now.”

“Why not?” replied Gianni, looking into George’s eyes, “Just enjoy life. Enjoy your vacation. Life is too short to work all of the time and not enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. There is still so much I want to experience and see, but I would like to experience life with someone and not alone.”

Gianni kissed George, as they both struggled to stay afloat and tread water.

“Let’s go,” Gianni said. They swam to the edge of the water, and Gianni got out and then helped George get out. They spread some towels and sat down, allowing the sun to dry their glistening skin. Their lips touched and they began to kiss again feverishly. George allowed Gianni to feel his growing lust for him, as George explored Gianni’s body. George made his way down Gianni’s body licking his salty skin, tweaking his nipples, allowing his hands to caress his skin.

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