A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 12

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[Readers will benefit from reading earlier chapters as it now takes too long to summarize all of the developments that will play a part in this episode. Since the story does involve mild depiction of bodily functions, those who find that distasteful in any way should read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]

Eleanor’s happiness at the impending success of her latest creative idea for Goose Cookers was building to a crescendo. She worked closely with the technical staff and found she enjoyed seeing her thoughts translated into an actual product. Then she also sat down with the women from the in-house ad agency to work up the campaign.

This was all about her concept of building on the “What’s Good for the Goose…” proverb to introduce a line of Silly Goose underwear for the men in the lives of Goose Cooker customers. Silly Goose had prospered because it encouraged women not to take themselves too seriously, which was quite a step in the Women’s Republic.

Now it was necessary to leave the implications vague so that the underwear could be understood as a fun product for a woman to give to the man in her life or a disciplinary item that would be worn for punishment. So when designed, the panties avoided excessively feminine colors because it was quite enough that they looked like—panties, the kind of stylish femmy panties that both women and men would like.

When she returned to her pleasant living quarters that evening, Eleanor was surprised to find that Jackson had returned from the Men’s Camp to which she had sent him for re-education a few weeks ago. He apparently was anxious not to be seen by her as holding a grudge, although he was indeed still sore at how draconian Eleanor’s reaction and punishment were for his uncaring remarks.

So he had prepared a dinner for the two of them, with some nicely-cooked blanquette de veau with mushrooms and noodles and asparagus. Lastly, there was an apricot pie with some vanilla ice cream. Eleanor was amazed. She had not expected him today and still less had she anticipated that he would show her this kind of loving treatment.

She took him in her arms and hugged and kissed him. She was anxious not to seem too regretful over what she had done but she did want to make him feel wanted.

“I can’t go on without saying something,” she said simply. “I’m really sorry that I put you through what I did. When I think of it, I almost get sick, darling. I just hope that sometime you will find it in yourself to forgive me.”

Jackson was really amazed that his wife had apologized so soon. He hoped all along that she would miss him, since he knew she did like male company. After all, he recalled (definitely to himself alone, this was not something for him to mention to Eleanor) that her dalliance with Graham had brought on the awful punishment she had suffered at the hands of the Women’s Republic legal system.

“It was not fun, sweetie,” he said with a slight smile. “In fact, it sucked. But I do understand that you remain a bit sensitive and I will remember to be aware of that in our future.”

“Jackson,” Eleanor replied, “I don’t want you to have to feel careful around me. I want you to take me in your arms and make love to me and sweep me off my feet. Let’s say we are starting anew and I pledge not ever to behave like I did when I lost my temper and had you punished the way I did. By the way, tell me about it.”

Jackson again kissed her deeply and sat down at the table as they began to enjoy the dinner he had prepared with such care.

“It is a deeply demeaning experience,” he began, telling her about the female noncoms and the panties that the men were forced to wear. He thought it better not to mention the gorgeous Sgt. Denise, whom he would give quite a bit to encounter sometime in some other context than the Men’s Camp.

Then he added, “You might have been as surprised as I was to find that none other than Graham turned up at the camp.”

Eleanor’s brow rose and her face grew stormy.

“Don’t get upset,” Jackson immediately said, “he had been sent there clearly for having offended some woman. And the camp commandant and the other officers heard about what he had done and apparently treated him quite harshly. Don’t worry, I wasn’t a part of it except that they knew to whom I was married.”

“I really don’t want to hear about him,” Eleanor rejoined, but then grinned and asked, “So what did they do to him?”

Jackson smiled in return. “Darling, these women can be quite severe,” he started again. “They put him in the commode that the female officers use to do their business. He was in there for most of the morning. Sound good enough to soothe you savage breast?”

Eleanor smiled and said that it sounded quite appropriate and told Jackson what he may not have heard while imprisoned, that Graham was in jail and being ankara seks hikayeleri considered for a mandated sex-change operation.

Jackson let out a whistle and then settled down to dinner. Eleanor then looked deeply into his eyes and told him she loved him very very much and hoped he would forgive her for what she had done.

“I do really think now that I’ve got this out of my system,” she said softly.

Jackson came round and held her in his arms and then when they had finished the dinner and she had complimented him on the whole production, they moved into their commodious bedroom.

He had recognized from the start of their relationship that it would quite a while before sex would again come naturally for Eleanor, so he was very cautious in approaching her. He had gotten her comfortable with his manipulating her clit until it rose and with the secreting of her juices from her vagina, indicated that she was fully aroused. He had been even more careful when inserting himself inside her. It was warm and velvety to his senses but he knew that even if the physical scars on her once-infibulated labia had healed, the psychological injury remained.

Now, however, Eleanor whispered to Jackson that she was ready, that she had missed him, and that she wanted him inside her right now. He did plunge into her with some care but then enjoyed being able to thrust and thrust away as she became more and more responsive. He felt her inner walls press on his prong in rhythm with his movements. As rarely as it had ever happened to them, or for that matter, to any couple, they actually did have their orgasms at the same moment and then just kissed away as Jackson moved away and began to lick his wife’s opening to enjoy their combined juices.


The new panties that Eleanor had imagined were put on the market with the company’s usual panache and became a very trendy hit. Janet invited Eleanor to the annual Christmas luncheon for the firm’s top executives. Although Eleanor was an assistant vice president, she normally would not have been in line to attend this supremely top-level affair.

The luncheon of course was at the Victoria, the exclusive women’s club to which Janet had invited Eleanor to join soon after it became clear that Eleanor was becoming a huge asset for the company. There was a table for about eight set up and at the head were Janet, with Chair Deb and CEO Toni joining her there. Then along the sides came several different women vice presidents, all of whom Eleanor had met by now and all of whom had appeared both competent and friendly, despite Eleanor’s having heard that a few were challenging in personal relationships.

After the women had enjoyed some light drinks, basically Cosmos but with only half a measure of liquor, Deb rose and thanked everyone for a superb year.

“As usual,” she went on, “I have the privilege of introducing the person who almost always is responsible for our success and whom I know you all appreciate more than I can say, our Senior V.P., Janet.”

The assembled women applauded Janet, for whom they all had sincere affection as well as respect, since she had both hired all of them and had carefully nurtured and brought them along.

Janet stood and thanked Deb for the graceful intro and nodded that Toni too should bear much of the credit for the company’s success. Then she began the thrust of her talk.

“You know that I have always emphasized that our secret weapon toward achieving the success we have won for Goose Cookers is our ability to work together,” she began. “Outwardly we will not single any of us out for public felicitation because we feel truly that this is a team enterprise. Only at this annual luncheon will we acknowledge special performance,” she declared.

“So I am taking this opportunity to say here that Eleanor has made a real difference for us this year,” she said with a smile. “You know that I don’t tend to avoid difficult subjects but always feel they need to be approached head-on and resolved. Well, Eleanor came to us with a mixed record. She herself will admit that she had been publically disgraced. We must pay tribute to a woman who did not let these setbacks stifle her immense creativity which has benefited us and helped us have one of our most successful years,” Janet continued.

“So I want you to join me in giving her a round of applause,” Janet concluded, “just as you all should know that I appreciate all of your contributions but do try to single out one of you and only once a year.”

The table erupted in applause and Janet motioned to Eleanor that she could say a few words.

Rising, she held onto the table and managed a thank you: “Janet has said it all, much more effectively than I could, as always. She took a chance on me at a time when not many people would have done so. I hope I may continue to repay her kindness with what we all want to see here: achievement for all of us.”

Janet resumed her effective chairing of the luncheon proceedings. She smiled as she approached her next item of business.

“You all know that we normally adjourn from this lunch into a reception in the next room—what was once the room where the cabinet, all men, used to convene when the government visited our city,” she explained. “Well, with only a tiny bit of coaxing, I have invited our current cabinet to attend our annual private reception and they will be there to meet us, after which we will adjourn for tea with them.”

With that, the executives rose and Janet led them through the private corridor to the main reception room she had described. The oaken paneling was truly impressive, Eleanor thought, and she continued to be amazed at Janet’s worlds of influence. She was to be amazed even more than she had expected.

They entered the room and about eight women stood, smiling, as Janet led the Goose Cookers executives in and introduced everyone to everyone else. No less than the President of the Women’s Republic was the first distinguished guest to be introduced. Janet went through telling everyone in both groups whom they were meeting.

Then she suggested that the President say a few words if she so felt inclined.

The President, Yvonne, was a woman in her early 50s with a lovely figure and face, along with sandy blonde hair in a stylish do. She acknowledged Janet’s warm introductions and then said, “Ladies, and I use that term because you are all highly distinguished women, I’m delighted to participate in this get-together of my cabinet with the leadership of one of our most successful and creative companies,” she said plainly. “And Janet, as always, I shall continue to rely on you for the kind of advice and counsel that clearly has led to your company thriving as it has.”

Janet then invited all to join her at the large table for tea. There were places as it had been carefully arranged that a cabinet member would be seated between two Goose Cooker executives. Eleanor was slightly awed to find herself on the other side of the President from Janet at the head of the table where those two were seated. On her other side was the Secretary of the Treasury.

They chatted and Eleanor learned how these accomplished women behaved socially and also something about their backgrounds and families. She was slightly reticent until the President turned to her and said, “Eleanor, I’ve heard from Janet about your amazing creativity and I wanted to tell you something you may not have heard, but that I was told by none less than Chief Justice Dianne that you are someone who retained your bearing and integrity through a very challenging situation. Be assured that many of us in the capital are aware of what happened to you and how well you have responded to what others might have been terminally affected.”

Somehow Eleanor passed beyond the chance of blushing. “Madame President,” she began respectfully, “I can’t begin to thank you for saying that. I hope I continue to deserve the confidence Janet and the others here have placed in me and that I merit the praise you have conferred. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

After some remarks at table by Chair Deb and the Secretary of State seated next to her, Janet rose and said that she knew the President and her cabinet needed to return to the capital so she thanked them for coming and told them that they deserved the respect that the Women’s Republic had vested in them.

Once they had left, she commented to the executives that this had clearly been a success and thanked them all.

Eleanor’s head was reeling from the surprise of taking tea with the most powerful women in the government. Janet walked with her to the ladies’ room and smiled, “I know, it seems a bit light headed to meet those women for the first time. You won’t believe that I was a bit shaky on my first outing with them. But then again,” she grinned, “I did go to school with many of them.”

Eleanor mumbled her overall appreciation as they entered adjoining stalls and closed the doors. She heard Janet ruck up her skirt and lower her panties to pee, and she did the same. She wondered why hearing another woman pee was still such a turn-on for her but she let her pee loose and finally was able to wipe quickly but cleanly and get herself put back together to stand at the sink mirror with Janet and make sure all was in order.

She reflected on how her pee fetish had been sated by hearing Janet urinate and then she recalled how turned on she had been when Justice Lesley had lost control when undergoing that incredible caning from Senior Correctional Office Annette.


Janet emerged from the next stall and a quick stop at the sink and look in the mirror was all she needed to put herself together. As always, she looked perfect for her position, Eleanor thought.

They left the ladies room and Janet turned to Eleanor and with more than her usual business-like manner, suggested that they might return to her flat for a nightcap.

Eleanor showed a bit of hesitation, which Janet found appropriate, but finally said that she had told her husband she would be late today so, yes, she would happy to visit Janet’s place.

Janet drove, inviting Eleanor into her shiny classic red Alfa Spider. Eleanor realized that there was no demure way to get into a low-lying sports car, so she realized she had not intentionally flashed her hostess. Janet grinned and told her she was pleased to see that Eleanor was wearing their company’s product underneath her skirt, at which Eleanor turned mildly red in the face.

“I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you,” Janet responded, picking up instantly on Eleanor’s show of surprise. “I’m afraid I grew up in a house full of brothers and my being in a sorority just brought out my somewhat devil-may-care attitudes. It has served me well in business, I might say,” she confided, “but sometimes I know that people are taken aback so I have to keep a lid on it.”

They arrived at the building where Janet had a penthouse flat and Eleanor was amazed at how Janet took the car into a slightly obscure garage door where they got out, walked to a door that required a card to open, and then rode in an elevator that appeared to go only up to Janet’s penthouse.

The elevator opened right into the foyer of Janet’s flat. She quickly ushered Eleanor into the pantry where she fixed them some after-dinner cordials and then led her guest into the delightfully appointed living room which had a marvelous view overlooking the city.

“Eleanor,” Janet started, finally able to relax in her own place, “I was attracted to you as someone we needed because I could see you were unconventional and people like you are also likely to be creative. Frankly, your so-called misbehavior was actually something that made me feel you were right for us, because unconventional people do get into such situations.”

She stopped to let Eleanor digest this and motioned to Eleanor in her somewhat controlling way to come over and sit next to her. She softly put her arm around Eleanor’s shoulders and drew her to her own frame.

“I hope you know that we really do appreciate you,” she went on. “Deb and Toni agree with me that we like you so much for your creativity but we also like the way you relate to us as a person.”

Eleanor decided it made sense for her to respond and she did, “Janet, I can’t express to you how much I am enjoying myself with the company and here in this city, where I knew hardly anyone. I think things have gone so well that I over-reacted to my husband’s not appreciating how good I felt when I came home that day in high spirits and he was for some reason a complete downer. I suppose I have a tendency I need to be aware of to be overdramatic, because otherwise I never would have sent him to that camp for three weeks. I’m lucky he doesn’t despise me now.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t,” Janet answered, “and what you did made me feel you are a woman who understands her power. You did overreach back in the capital and you paid a severe penalty.” She drew Eleanor closer to her and now, holding her tight, gave her a deep kiss on the lips.

Eleanor had never thought much about intimacy with other women but now she realized that this was likely one of Janet’s things, and she had no objection to anything Janet might propose, or knowing Janet’s take-charge attitude, just go ahead and do anyway.

They now cuddled together as Janet inserted her tongue deep inside Eleanor’s open mouth. She reached down and expertly unhooked and unzipped Eleanor’s stylish navy skirt that she had worn for the event at the Vic with the President and cabinet. Then Janet undid her own tweed skirt and deftly retrieved both garments and lay them carefully on the adjacent chair.

She giggled as it became clear that they both had worn the Silly Goose panties that Eleanor had conceived for the company. “I guess it’s good that we took your idea and produced our usual quality product with a nice ample cotton crotch,” Janet whispered, “so that when girls like us get excited these panties do their job!”

Eleanor stood and unceremoniously but slowly slipped the panties down, exposing her nicely trimmed bush. As she expected, Janet spread her legs and nodded as Eleanor got down on her knees between Janet’s attractively-stockinged legs and carefully inserted her thumbs in Janet’s panties and as Janet lifted her bottom, pulled them down and off, placing them with hers on the clothes in the chair.

She moved back between Janet’s legs and applied her mouth and tongue to Janet’s red-haired pussy. She loved the taste and enjoyed feeling Janet’s clit grow as she became more and more excited by Eleanor’s tongue caressing her split.

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