A Whole Weekend of Passion

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This is the part of a story experiment that I decided I wanted to conduct. I’ve written a second story with the same beginning, but a decidedly different outcome. Things go pretty well for James in this timeline, but for a timeline where Samantha doesn’t react quite as well, look for “A Whole Weekend of Revenge”! Sequels to come, hopefully!

James stared at his sleeping older sister and her girlfriend in the semidarkness.

Ever since she had come home from college for Christmas two weeks ago, Samantha had been sleeping in the nude. James had seen her at a distance one night when she had forgotten to close her bedroom door and couldn’t help but wander inside. He was not disappointed – Sam was apparently a fitful sleeper, and regularly kicked off her blankets to reveal her smooth, slim body and her large, milky tits to the cold midnight air. In that moment, James could not bring himself to care that he was standing over his sister, that the two of them had grown up together and cared about one another as family. All he felt was his hungry, throbbing cock.

He hadn’t been able to bring himself to touch Sam, as much as he wanted to grope or fondle or even finger her. But that night and every night since, James pulled out his cock and jacked off over his sister’s sleeping body until he brought himself to glorious, spine-curling orgasm. James had shot his load on Samantha’s big tits, her firm, athletic stomach, her tight, round ass, her gracefully arching back, her strong, slender legs, and, once, her plump, pink pussy. James figured that she was such a restless sleeper that by morning, the cum had been rubbed into the sheets before it could dry on her skin, and his sister was none the wiser.

And, tonight, Samantha’s girlfriend Paige had spent the night. Sam had come out as bi to their mom and dad a year and a half ago, and the family had been understanding and supportive. So, as a show of good faith, James and Samantha’s parents had let Paige stay the weekend while they left town to visit an old business friend.

Things could not have been more perfect.

Paige wasn’t built the same as Sam. She was shorter, stockier, with bright red hair that contrasted shockingly with Sam’s dark brown. However, where Sam was slimmer, Paige was jaw-droppingly voluptuous. Her wide, rounded hips supported a huge, juicy ass, and her breasts were bigger than James’s head and turned every shirt that dared attempt to contain them low-cut. James couldn’t blame his sister – if he were a girl and Paige had decided to hit on him, he probably would have switched teams entirely.

So, after a languorous hour and a half of listening to his sister and her girlfriend having the loudest, most orgasmic sex he had ever heard, James allowed himself to peek through Sam’s door. Page had draped herself over Sam’s chest, their magnificent breasts pressed against one another, and the two had fallen asleep in each others’ arms sweaty, sticky with each others’ cum, and content with the world.

As James crossed the room to the two sleeping women, his erection was so overpowering that he could barely stand – and this was the first night in a whole weekend of sexiness. He stood over his sister and dropped his boxers.

James began to work his cock, pumping his engorged shaft with near desperation. His sister, her girlfriend, their naked skin in the half-light, their delicate curves and osmaniye seks hikayeleri the softness of their flesh. It was almost too much for him. Much quicker than usual, James felt tension in his cock, and then finally the bursting release of orgasm.

James’s cum shot out onto his sister’s stomach, watching the thick gray trail ooze its way down her hipbones to soak the sheets beneath her. But, to his alarm, his cock continued to pump load after load onto his sister – several more wads onto her stomach, three thin streaks across her tits, and, to James’s alarm, one ecstatic and venturesome strand across her sleeping face.

James froze, his hand still on his cock. He didn’t know if he would be better off running out of the room, or staying as still as he possibly could. Seconds ticked by like hours, and despite the tension, he still couldn’t help but admire his sister’s cum-covered body, still accompanied by her sleeping, curvy girlfriend.

And then, after an age had passed, Samantha opened her eyes. She ran her tongue across her lips, licking up her brother’s cum and smiling slightly. She looked at James and ran a slender, manicured hand from her neck to her supple breasts, gathering James’s cum and smearing it across her body in a sticky, glistening sheen. She reached out to James, beckoning with her fingers, and James found himself leaning inward so that she could reach his dick.

Samantha had known all along. Or maybe she had suspected. But there wasn’t an ounce of surprise on his sister’s face as she played with the cum on her fingertips.

James felt his sister’s slim fingers, still warm and slick with his sperm, wrap gently around his cock. The sensation was just as Jim imagined it would be, firm and gentle and close.


Sam tightened her grip on James’s cock and pulled him closer to the bed, and worked his shaft gently, the slickness of his cum providing a heavenly layer of lube.

“Finally caught you, James,” she said, smiling. “Now what am I gonna do with you?”

“Please don’t be mad, Sam,” James stammered, “you’re just… You’re so hot. I’ve wanted you so bad for so many years.”

“I can tell,” Sam chuckled, glancing down at the thin film of semen that coated her body. “Don’t worry, I know what you mean. And now that you’re legal, I don’t have to be a pedophile anymore.” She laughed and winked at him. “And neither does Paige.”

James began to stammer in confusion, but Sam cut him off by pulling him into her bed by his dick. James landed on top of his sister, and Paige awoke with a yawn.

“Did you finally catch your brother jacking off on you?” she asked Sam, running one hand sleepily down James’s arm.

“I sure did,” Sam said, “here.” She scraped some of James’s cum off one of her breasts and inserted it into Page’s mouth. Paige gave a contented purr and began to clean Samantha’s body of James’s sperm with her tongue.

“Paige admitted that she had a thing for you before I did. We talked about getting you in bed, but figured it was just kind of a pipe dream because of, y’know, the incest and all that. We didn’t think you’d go for it.” James leaned over his busty sister and her curvy girlfriend and tried to fathom any universe in which anyone would ever not go for it. His cock, still hard even after its furious milking, was drizzling precum onto Samantha’s belly.

“Apparently we were wrong, though,” Paige laughed. James smiled guiltily. Before he could do anything else, Sam pushed him on his back at the foot of the bed, pouncing on his rigid, upended cock. She leaned over him, grabbed his dick and began to jack him off.

“God, this is so bad,” Samantha laughed to herself. “But I’ve thought about your cock since I was sixteen. Ever since you started cumming on me I thought about what it would taste like. And now…” Sam lowered her face, wrapped her lips around James’s cock, and began to suck. James felt his muscles go slack as warm pleasure surged through his body. He watched his sister descend on his dick, eagerly pushing it inside her mouth and licking at it with her tongue.

Paige watched the show with James for a minute before eventually shrugging to him and smiling. “Might as well help out, right?” She moved to James’s side and lowered her head on his shaft, kissing and licking it with her full, soft lips before her girlfriend could swallow its length.Paige moved from the shaft to James’s balls, sucking on them and teasing them with her tongue while Sam worked above her.

Eventually, the two moved on top of him, pressing their tits together and working on his dick in a double titfuck. James gripped the sheets as the soft skin of their breasts rubbed against his shaft and head. Eventually, Sam slipped her brother’s cockhead back in her mouth while Paige continued to rub her massive tits on James’s length. Paige groaned as Sam pushed her brother’s shaft down her throat and motorboated her at the same time. Sam saw stars burst behind her vision as she choked on Jame’s cock and suffocated in the fleshy expanse of Page’s tits.

After what seemed like an eternity of his sister’s warm, wet mouth and Page’s huge, soft tits, James sat up. It was time for him to push Sam over, and when he did, she squealed in surprise. He climbed on top of her and looked down. His sister was beautiful – dark hair, slender body, round, pale tits, and full, expressive lips that smiled up at him as he gazed at her. She was beautiful, and she was his.

James lowered his waist until the head of his dick pressed against Sam’s pussylips, and she shivered visibly. “Are you sure? You really want to fuck your big sister?” Sam asked, looking into James’s eyes. He paused, blinked. He didn’t know what would happen in the future if he did. He didn’t know if he cared.

“Fuck yeah, he does!” Before James could react, however, Paige grabbed James’s hips and pushed down, forcing James inside his sister. The two of them gasped and James began to pump into her, arching his back to bury his cock further inside Samantha, who gasped with each thrust. James increased his pace, and watched, fascinated, as Sam’s tits bounced with each thrust. Paige propped herself up on a pillow and watched the show.

James and Samantha were on a separate plane of existence – their desires fulfilled, their dreams realized, their carnalities in the process of being appeased. All James felt was the warmth and slickness of his sister’s pussy, and all Samantha could feel was the rigid piston of her brother’s dick sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her body.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” James breathed. “I’m finally going to cum inside you, Sam.”

“Fuck yes!” Samantha screamed. “Spray your cum inside me! Make me yours, James!”

“Woah, okay, I’ve got a few problems with what’s going on here,” Paige said. She waited for James’s asscheeks to clench taut and for his ecstatic moan before reaching under him, pulling his cock out of Samantha’s pussy, and shoving it in her mouth. James gasped in surprise and Sam moaned in unfocused disappointment. Paige tasted Sam’s juices on James’s dick before her mouth was filled with a flood of hot, salty cum. Paige swallowed it all and sat up, facing the two siblings. She shrugged sheepishly.

“Sorry, babe, but I don’t think you really wanted any one-armed kids kicking around as a result of tonight. And while I’m totally fine with him fucking you, you are mine.” Paige laughed. “Sorry, I’m not normally the jealous type.”

Sam laughed and said that it was no problem while James struggled to reclaim his erection. Sam and Paige made their amends, Paige promised James’s next load to Samantha, and the two took turns sucking life back into James’s boner. Paige retrieved a dildo with a large bulb at its base and shoved it bulb-first inside herself, giving her a large and impressive ribbed pink cock. Paige demanded that Sam ride her dick while James lubed up to take her in the ass. James looked to his sister to see if it was okay that he take her that way, but she had already slid onto Paige’s waiting cock and was bending over, asscheeks spread, waiting for James to spread her lube on his cock and climb on.

So, James took his sister in her third hole while she rode Paige’s silicone dick. He felt his lubed cock push into Sam’s ass, past her anus and farther inside her warm, tight hole. He felt Paige’s cock slide in and out on the other side of the thin wall of skin, and the two cocks worked in tandem to tear a raw, pleasure-panicked scream from Samantha’s throat as a series of orgasms rocked her body. Samantha’s ass clenched around James’s dick and he felt the breath leave his lungs from the sudden blow of pleasure. He continued to drive his dick into Sam’s ass, but he felt the pressure mounting once again; this time, his whole body ached for release as his muscles strained and his blood vessels and nerve endings seemed to thrash and writhe under his skin with the mounting pleasure.

And then, all at once, those nerves burst like a liquid detonation within his body, rushing outward from his core and coursing through his cock to push a load of cum into his sister’s ass. He grabbed at his sister’s tits as he exploded inside her, and she gasped at the force of his release.

“Oh God,” Samantha breathed, “I can feel it. I can feel him cumming in me.” James sprayed his load into her like a hose, painting her intestines with his seed. When James finished, he fell aside, exhausted from pleasure and effort. Sam rode Paige’s dick a little while longer before falling aside herself.

After James washed his dick off in the bathroom, he padded back into Sam’s room, where she and Paige asked him to join them in bed. They pressed him between them, sandwiching him between their breasts and causing his body to thrum with warmth.

“You know, I never got to fuck you,” Paige said, reaching for James’s dick and playing with the now-flaccid shaft. “You’re going to need to fix that tomorrow.” James felt his cock harden between Paige’s soft fingers.

“You’ll get your chance,” Sam said, reaching for James’s dick herself, “we’ve got plenty more that we can do with each other.” She sighed contentedly and began to work her brother’s stiffening shaft as well. “After all,” she said, “this is just the first day in a whole weekend of sexiness.”

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