Accidental Union Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

First, I want to thank everyone for reading and following my story! This is a story with sexual situations, characterization, and a direction. You’ll get to know characters and their point of view though it is written in singular form. So please stay with me to at least chapter 5 to understand where it is headed. Chapter 4 has been written and I plan on posting chapters every 5-7 days. So tell your friends so they can join us on this incredible ride. By the way, sexual scenes are very close to my experiences, even the good humored part like falling out of bed, it actually happened. For the record, I have never participated in an incestuous relationship.


I wake up and it’s still dark outside, the curtains are closed and I guess it must be sometime early morning. The woman I had wild sex with just hours ago is still by my side and she smells wonderful. She has her head resting on my right shoulder, her breasts pressed against me, and a leg planted between mine. I try not to stir and be as quiet as possible; then it happens, I sneeze out of nowhere.

“Oh,” she says as she stretches her arms and legs.

I stay quiet not wanting to awake her fully.

She rolls over onto me, she’s on the prowl, and she kisses me with the same passion that possessed her last night. Her tongue parts my lips and I invite her in; our tongues dance like crazed young lovers. Still locked together she pulls me on top of her. Then whispers, “Take me.”

We kiss again, her lips still taste like strawberry lip gloss. I break away and start kissing her neck with an occasional playful bite.

She moans but lets me have my way. I move down to her left breast where my tongue plays with her nipple until it raises and hardens. Meanwhile, my right hand caresses her right breast then my fingers start to flick and play with her nipple. Again she moans, letting me know she’s enjoying what I’m doing.

“Kiss me,” she begs in a sexy low voice as her hand lightly pressures the top of my head.

I attend to her need as I make my way down to her mound. Its shaven, smooth and clear of any pubic hair and smells sensational. I dove right into her all ready wet pussy, the taste was divine. I started with her clitoris; my tongue flicked it repeatedly as my mouth pressed against her lips.

“Gauwd, that feels so good,” she said quietly but loud enough.

Minutes went by so I changed up on her; one short lick to her colitis and three long strokes the length of her cunt. In no time she was jumping about then I dove back into the colitis.

I showed no mercy as my tongue went back to using her colitis as its personal punching bag. I inserted a finger up her anus where my finger found plenty of lube from the previous evening.

“Oh gauwd!” she screamed as she mobil seks hikayeleri started to buck and ride my finger.

I inserted another finger on her down stroke to make it interesting.

“Yes, gauwd, yes,” she yelled as the bucking got more frequent.

I moved my free hand up to her breast and totally violated her nipple which was all ready raised and hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she raised as she squeezed her legs tightly around my head as her body went in to an orgasmic rage.

I pressed a third finger against her anal opening since her ass was airborne. She relaxed and let me in and she immediately went into the fetal position.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me,” she panted.

My fingers still in her ass I motioned her over on her knees so I could take her doggy style. She rolls over and gets into position; I enter her from the rear, and tore into her swollen wet pussy.

The oral sex really put her over the edge. She was panting furiously and moaning loudly. “Yes…yes…yes…fuck my pussy harder,” she demanded.

I grabbed her hips and started ramming her harder and faster as my balls slapped against her. This woman was wild; now she was moaning loader and on every thrust. I never had more fulfilling sex in my entire life.

She started to thrust back just as hard and as fast as she continued to beg for it. “Fuck me!

Fuck me,” she cried out.

Her whole body lightly shuddered at least five times in twenty minutes leaving my legs totally soaked with her juices. We kept at it and for another ten, and then she screamed and shook so hard I thought she was going to pass out. It must have been a heavenly orgasm because once it was over she turned and smiled at me and had a look of satisfaction on her face.

“Did you have fun,” she asked me panting heavily.

I smiled back as I pulled out and planted my cock right between her cheeks into her waiting anal cavity. With plenty of lube packed in there from the night before I slid in without a problem…or permission.

“Oh gauwd,” she cried as I shoved it in slowly until I was seated fully.

She laid her head down on her forearms which changed the angle of my penetration. The new angle made it extremely difficult for me to lay it to her. “Bitch!” I said as I reached for her hair and pulled her back until I felt the right angle. My mother taught me better than that so I planned on apologizing for the bitch remark later if it became a problem.

The bed was a king size, it had three pillows; she grabbed the two in her reach to support herself.

Once she arranged the pillows I gently lowered her but yet held on to her hair. I stood above her and abused her back door like it was her pussy.

“Ah, fuck,” she continued to say under her breath as I laid into her.

Ten minutes of hard fucking and I was about to come. She must have felt my dick pulsating because her panting got heavier.

Fuck!” she screamed to another mutual orgasm as

I shot my load deep into her tunnel.

I pulled out and told her to face me. She was on her knees when I pushed my dick to her lips and ordered her to suck. She opened and I pushed my cock into her mouth. I held her head with my hand and fucked her warm moist orifice.

“Mmm,” she mumbled as she slurped on my cock.

She seemed to enjoy a little abuse and every now and then I heard her gag as I drove it in further than was probably comfortable for her; but she didn’t back away. I reached down with my free hand and played with her nipple. I was so turned on I came within ten minutes; she swallowed rope after rope. When she was done she started licking my shaven balls; it felt so good.

“Are you done?” she asked as she lie on her back and spread her legs.

I kneeled down and entered her; again, I ripped through her pussy as she raised her legs to her side.

She put her fist to her mouth as she started to spasm. Again, we came together.

I rolled off of her as she turned again to a sixty-nine position and toyed with my cock. Licking mostly; like a cat cleaning itself.

I inserted two fingers in her pussy and we relaxed just enjoying one another.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had honey,” she said as she came face to face with me. Then she kissed me passionately and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start so I waited her out on the bed. I couldn’t wait to see her hard body in the light. I dozed off and awoke to a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’ll make breakfast; you can rest,” she told me.

“Open the curtains; I want to see you naked,” I said.

“Are you serious?” she asked light-heartedly.

“As a heart attack,” I said chuckling.

She opened the curtains. She was stunning from the backside. She had long blonde hair, a beautiful hour glass figure with a nice gap between her thighs, and a nice tight but shapely ass.

Anticipation was building, and then she turned.

“Mom,” I said in utter shock.

“Kevin!” she yelled in disbelief.

“Mom,” I said again while scanning her beautiful body.

“Where’s your father?” she asked as she grabbed the towel off the floor and quickly wrapped it around herself.

“I haven’t seen him,” I replied.

“What are you doing in my bed?” she asked quivering.

“I was with a girl,” I answered.

“I thought you were your father; you shaved your head,” she said surprised.

“Well, I wanted to surprise him,” I told her.

She hesitated for a moment as she paced once or twice then she asks, “Did we just have sex Kevin?”

“Well, I think so…that’s if, you slept in this bed last night and just had morning sex with a stud before you showered,”

“It’s not funny Kevin,”

“Maybe not but you certainly went overboard to enjoy yourself,”

“How can you be so calm?”

“Because I always dreamed of having sex with you,”

“Kevin, I’m sure all boys fall in love with their mother at one time or another. I hope you didn’t do this on purpose,”

“Great idea but I’m not that smart,”

She put one knee on the edge of the bed and started lightly shaking her head as she quietly but sternly says, “Kevin…you can’t tell anyone.”

“You’re the greatest…” I started

“Don’t Kevin,” she said throwing her hands up.

“You said it was the best…” I started again.

“Don’t, just don’t say anything,” she

“Nobody has to…” I started but she won’t let me finish.

“Go to your room and get dressed,” she demanded.

I did as she wanted, then I went downstairs and waited not knowing what to do next. I waited for thirty minutes; then I started breakfast.

“I’ll do that,” a voice called out from behind me.

“Mom…” I began.

“You’re dad left me for another woman six weeks ago; he said I wasn’t doing my job in the bedroom. I felt your bald held and thought you were your father. I wanted to show him I could be like the woman he wanted me to be in the bedroom. I thought he came back,” she explained to me.

“I’m sorry. I was out drinking and stuff…I don’t know how I ended up in your room to be perfectly honest,” I confessed.

“You’re going to have to leave after breakfast,” she told me.

“Why?” I asked loudly.

“Because…” she started.

“Are you afraid you might sleep with me again?” I asked.

“No, it won’t happen again,” she informed me.

“Mom, I love you…I’ll never hurt you,” I pleaded my case.

“It’s not right Kevin,” she told me.

“The neighbors…they don’t know anything about us. They would never know I’m not your husband and…,”I started but didn’t get to finish.

“No…no, no, no, it’s not right,” she weakly stated her case.

I could tell deep down she wanted another good fuck and I was willing to sacrifice everything to have her again. She’s 36 years old, five feet seven, has the body and face of a twenty year old, and in addition she has a very tight 34-24-34 figure. She’s every boys dream, including mine since I was a teenager, and I just fucked her; and I want to keep it that way.

“I’m your mother, “she said.

I approached her, “Go out with me tonight. We can go to a club and dance the night away. You can wear one of those short sexy dresses and heels and forget your troubles.”

“Like I said…” she began.

I threw my hands around her waist and pulled her in tight, and then I just waited.

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