Addicted to Her Muscles

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Roger Simson crouched behind the huge bushes separating his back yard from his neighbors. He was glad to be heading off to college in the fall, hopefully to solve his problem of being the only 18 year old virgin in his class. He pushed his glasses up his nose, then slowly stuck his head up to peer over the forsythia.

“God her body is incredible.”

Diane Walker was dressed in a string bikini, doing preacher curls, making her magnificent biceps bulge and glisten in the summer sun.

“Shit, look at those arms. She could break me in two without working up a sweat.”

Roger’s heart began to beat faster as he took in her perfect form, with 125 pounds on the bar. His hand went to his rising cock and began to rub up and down, then he unhooked his shorts and pushed them along with his underwear down his legs.

Diane added 50 pounds to the bar, then began a set of Military Presses. Roger stared at the tanned broad shoulders and stroked his four inch erect penis as he watched her muscles flex and dance. His breathing became more ragged, as he began to stroke himself faster, taking in her 5’9″, 178 pound power packed body. It was hard to believe they were the same age, since Roger was only 5’4″ and tipped the scale at 125 pounds.

His hand moved faster and faster, with the pressure in his dick building, when suddenly his hand was jerked from his cock, pulled behind his back in a half-nelson, and an arm snaked around his neck, nearly cutting off all his air.

“You little scumbag pervert. Move!”

With his shorts around his ankles, he was forced through an opening in the hedge and made to stand two feet from Diane, who had stopped her lifting and stood with hands on her hips.

“Look what I found peeping at you. The little prick….who definitely has a little one was jerking off behind the bushes. Should I kick his ass?”

“Nah Leslie. antalya seks hikayeleri Why don’t we have some fun him? Turn him into our little love slut slave?”

Roger couldn’t move with the tight hold Leslie had around his neck, pinning his arm with her other hand and he was scared to death, shrinking his penis to its normal 1 ½ inches.

“Please Diane. I’m sorry I was looking, and I promise never to do it again.”

Diane moved toward him and firmly grasped his penis and balls in one of her big strong hands. “Word has it LITTLE man that you are still a virgin. That is all about to change. Let’s get him inside Leslie.”

Once in the living room, Leslie released him and he was told to remove all his clothes. Looking at the two eighteen year old power lifters, he knew that he had no choice, so he slowly removed his clothes and stood naked before them as they surveyed his body. First they felt his small arms and compared them to their own. Then they compared legs and laughed at his spindly scrawny twigs.

“Ever seen a naked woman Rogie?” Diane reached around and undid her top and let it fall to the carpet, then slipped out of her bikini bottoms. Roger couldn’t help but steal glances at the beautiful Amazon standing before him, but the raw power scared him as much as it stimulated it. There was no telling what this young teen was capable of doing to him.

He watched as she slowly moved behind him, then grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wide. “Oh my! Someone doesn’t know how to wipe his ass properly. You’re a dirty little boy. Do you know what we do with dirty little boys?” Grabbing his wrist she forced him to follow her to the couch, where she sat and roughly placed him across her lap. Her bare hand came down hard on his bare ass, causing fire in his buttocks and making him cry out in pain. Tears began to flow as 15 more followed, causing his reddened ass to throb with unbearable pain.

Finished, she tossed him on the floor. “Now go in the bathroom and wipe that ass. I want it spotless.”

Roger picked himself up and wiped his tears on his bear arm and moved toward the bathroom. Taking the toilet tissue, he firmly stroked his sore ass crack and discarded it into the toilet. Not wanting to anger the young teen again, he repeated the effort twice more, hoping that he was now clean.

Slowly he moved back to the living room where Leslie was now naked also. He bent over holding his ankles once again as Diane parted his cheeks for inspection, then he cried out as he felt a finger roughly inserted into his asshole. Diane brought it to her nose and took a sniff, then to Roger’s relief said, “That’s better. Now we can get on with our fun.”

“Please Diane. Let me go. I’ve learned my lesson. Honest.”

“Rog Rog Rog. Can’t you tell we like tiny little men? You look a little thirsty to me Rog. Doesn’t he look thirsty to you Leslie?”

Leslie had a smug smile on her face and said “He certainly does.”

Diane took Rogers fingers and entwined them in her own. She bent them back and forced him to his knees. “Oh my God. Plleeease Diane! I’ll do anything…Please stop!”

“Anything eh? Now you’re getting the idea. On your back little slut slave.”

Roger had no choice but to fall back on his back, holding his breath about what was to come next.

Diane slowly straddled his head with her legs and with an evil smile lowered her body, so her hairy crotch was just inches from his mouth. “Okay thirsty boy. I am going to take pity on you and give you a drink. Don’t spill a drop on my Mom’s carpet or your ass is dead meat.”

Slowly she let loose a steady stream of urine, filling his mouth, which he swallowed, out of fear for his life. The salty tart liquid made Roger’s eyes burn, but he was able to take in all of her warm yellow liquid.

“Good boy!”

“Diane, please. Isn’t that enough? I’m begging you. Please let me go.”

“In due time Roger. In due time. For right now, I want you to get on your hands and knees and wait for me. Keep an eye on him Leslie.”

Diane left the room and returned wearing a strap-on with a 5 inch plastic cock, complete with balls. “My Mom uses this on my Dad when she feels he needs it. I want Leslie to sit in from of you with spread legs I want you to lick her while I fuck you up the ass.”

“Please no Diane. I can’t take it!”

“Oh come now Rog. You can and will take it. You didn’t really think that you were going to fuck us did you? We are going to take your cherry yes, but it is your ass cherry we are after.”

Roger bent his head and began to lick Leslie’s shaven pussy and his whole body flexed as he felt Diane take hold of his ass and spread his cheeks. Slowly she ran a finger around his puckered opening, then covered his hole with KY Jelly and inserted one finger, then began to probe with two.

Roger whimpered, but gradually became accustomed to the probing, then he felt the head of the cock at his opening and he held his breath as she pushed the full 5 inch length into him. “Hold still, and don’t stop licking!”

Roger continued to lick as tears once again began to stream down his face, and his ass felt as if it was going to rip open. Diane kept thrusting, holding his ass in her firm strong hands as the other end rubbed against her wet pussy. Never before had Roger felt so helpless or used as both women began to moan at his expense. After what seemed like an eternity, both young women exploded in mutual orgasm, and the phallus was finally removed.

Dressing slowly, Roger left the two muscular 18 year olds with their words echoing in his mind; “Come back tomorrow, or we will come looking for you.” He now understood what is meant by being totally powerless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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