Best Birthday Ever

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“You’re too mopey these days. You need to get laid.”

Like I didn’t know. “Thanks, sis. Now we know, and knowing is half the battle.”

She rolled her eyes. We were breakfasting before school, standing around the kitchen island. Mom and Dad were off to a destination wedding for one of their friends that week. “Don’t you think you’ve done this virgin thing long enough? You are almost 19!”

“It’s not a choice – I just keep striking out. And you’re 21 and still living at home, so don’t fucking lecture me.”

“That’s because you’re playing baseball when you should be shoving your cock in dumb sluts.”

“Give me a break.”

She shook her head, smiling. “Bro, this year your birthday is gonna come early. I know plenty of hot bitches.” She did. My sister and I got along great, even though she ragged on me, and I had met most of her friends. I would kill to fuck half of them.

She was a hot bitch herself – lean and athletic, with raven hair and large, perky teen tits. She went to a private Catholic school and liked to parade around in her short-skirted schoolgirl outfit when my buddies were over, and I had ended up almost punching a couple of them for the things they said they’d like to do to her.

“If you bring a hot, dumb slut over here to fuck me, then you can consider yourself good for my birthday and Christmas.” She laughed, grabbed a juice box, and bounded off to start the day.


I didn’t realize she was serious. That weekend, our parents were still gone, but we were responsible enough not to have a house party. Well, we were too lazy to have one. I had been invited to one, however, and was torn between my urge to go and try to score, and my urge to play video hockey and try to score.

My sister butted her head into my bedroom. “Bro. What are you doing tonight?”

“I don’t know. Still undecided.”

“K, well, cancel and pending plans. I’ve got a hot slut set up for you. She’s black and has a killer ass.”

I had been drinking a coke and almost choked on it. “You WHAT?”

“You heard me. Her name’s Karen and she’s DTF. I met her at a party a few weeks back. I told her my bro was hard up and needed devirgining and she practically jumped in the boat.”

“You – I – um, I -“

“Shut up. She will be over in like an hour. One thing though, bro.” She smiled her devilish smile. “You owe me, so you’ve got to let me watch you two fuck.”

What? “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, loser. Now get yourself showered and presentable. She’ll be here soon!” Then she popped her head back out and disappeared.

She couldn’t be serious – but she said it all so matter-of-fact. Knowing my sister, as strange as this all seemed, it wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility. I would have to follow her and grill her about it some more, to see if she was serious or pulling my chain.

First, though, I would have a quick shower. Just in case.


As I towelled off, another towel wrapped around me, I hunted my sister down. She was lounging in the living room, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Still dressed for school, even though it was the weekend – I knew she’d taken scissors to her uniform to make the skirt quite a bit shorter than the regulations allowed. Her long, tanned legs hung bare over the loveseat armrest.

“Got your shower on, bro? Don’t bother getting dressed.”

“Now look here,” I started in on her. “Quit fucking with me. You’ve had your fun.”

“My fun has not begun,” she cooed. “You know what will be fun? Watching this horny black girl toss around your pasty, know-nothing ass. It’s gonna be rich.”

“Not that I believe your little white lies about big black whores, but even if I did, what makes you think I would allow you to humiliate me by letting you watch me fumble around with one?”

She laughed like I’d told the best joke in the world.

She was starting to piss me off. “Come on, sis. Let’s not get the weekend off on the wrong foot.”

“Listen, buddy boy. One: There IS a hot, stacked black bitch on her way to fuck you. Two: I expected a little more gratitude! Three: If I want to laugh at you while you struggle to last five minutes as you plow her pussy, that’s the least you can do! You’ll be plowing her pussy and, trust me, not that worried about how funny you look.”

I was about to protest but then the doorbell rang.

Sis slammed the TV off and bounded to the door. I froze. Was this really happening? Or was she fucking with me? Her friend might be in on the joke. Soon she rolled back into the room, giggling, following by a drop-dead gorgeous girl.

“Ashley, this is him.” She gestured my way. Ashley was slim with large breasts spilling out of a tight tube top. Her flat, pierced belly was bare, and her curvy, bubbly black ass was wrapped in skin-tight denim shorts. Her skin was dark chocolate and her hair was long and straight and dyed blonde. My sister had found a blonde black girl for my first fuck.

Ashley waved at me, looking me up and down. Then she laughed gerçek porno out loud and grabbed my sister’s arm.

My sister laughed and pointed towards me. “OMG dude, your dick!”

I looked down – there was my cock, stiff as a board, pushed out through the towel into the open air.

I grabbed the towel to cover my dick, but my sister had other plans. “Oh no you don’t!” She lunged and snagged it away from me. I went to cover my dick with my hands but it was too hard and too big to hide.

Ashley stepped forward and reached down to pull my hands away. “Don’t cover up dude!” She grabbed the shaft and started stroking it. “Your sister tells me you’re a virgin. Is that right?”

I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just nodded.

Ashley smiled. “I love breaking in virgins. It’s like, my hobby. First things first, we gotta get you off quick so that you can last later. Just shoot you off quick and get it over with so we can take our time later.”

With that, she sunk down to her knees and slipped her mouth right over my cock.

I was in heaven. The hottest black girl I had ever seen in real life was slobbering all over my cock. I could feel her tongue bathing it, swirling around the head. It was just like in my fantasies.

Excerpt, of course, that my sister was staring as us. She had slumped onto the couch and was about two feet away, eyes wide, transfixed.

I feel a weird mix of love, gratitude, and pissed off. But then Ashley started to deep throat me and I forgot about my sister entirely.

“Oh my god,” I said. Instinct took over and I grabbed the back of Ashley’s head. She repositioned a bit to get my cock further into her throat.

“Holy fuck,” I heard my sister gasp. “Wow.” She leaned forward to watch closer. She was getting quite a show.

If a show she wanted, a show she’d get, I thought. I wrapped my hands in Ashley’s hair and started to throatfuck her.

“Yeah,” was all my sister said. Her eyes were wide as plates. I slammed my cock down Ashley’s throat, hard. She seemed like she could take it. It didn’t take long before I came, shooting my load down her slutty throat. I hammered balls deep as I came, held there a moment, and then pulled my cock out. Cum and saliva dripped all over our parents’ favorite throw rug.

“Shit,” I said, worried about the rug.

“Round one,” gasped Ashley. “A good start.”

“Holy fuck, bro!” My sister practically leapt to her feet. “You fucked her throat like a pro! I can’t believe it!” I couldn’t believe her – she was giddy. Wrapped up in her excitement, she grabbed me for a hug.

My wet cock pressed right into her bare stomach, right between where her skirt ended and her button top began, and she pulled back. “OMG I’ve got cock juice on me,” she squealed. “Puke.”

I had started deflating, but when my sister hugged me I got hard instantly. It weirded me out – but she didn’t seem to notice. Ashley just gave my cock a look. “Round two?” She asked. She started stripping off her clothes. Her big black tits made me forget all about the weirdness of feeling my cock against my sister’s stomach.

My sister noticed them too. “OMG those tits are amazing.” She reached to grab them. “Are they real?”

“You decide,” said Ashley.

My sis ran her hands over Ashley’s globes, squeezing. Slack-jawed. “I can’t tell,” she laughed.

“Take a closer look.”

My sis shrugged and dived in. Her tongue darted out to lick across Ashley’s nipple, then latched on, sucking, it into her mouth.

I just stared as my cock got stiffer and stiffer.

My sis swallowed the other nipple, in ecstasy, then pulled away. “They’ve gotta be real.”

Ashley laughed. “Sorry girl. Fake hair, fake tits. Not that he cares.”

She slipped off the rest of her clothes, exposing a shaved pussy, and slid over to me. Slid down. And started rubbing my cock between her tits.

I was still lubed up with her spit and my cum. And I couldn’t tell that the tits were fake either.

My pale white cock sliding through her dark black tits was an incredible sight. My sister seemed to think so too – she practically had her face in Ashley’s tits, eyes glued to her cleavage as my cock slipped up and down her chest.

I couldn’t resist – I pulled my cock out and slapped it against my sister’s cheek.

“Hey!” she shouted, jumping back and grabbing her face where my cock had hit her.

“You’re too nosy,” I complained. Ashley just laughed.

“I’ll nose at whatever I want. That’s the deal, remember? Or do you want me to pack up my bad bitch friend? I’ve got half a mind to pull her into MY bedroom and leave you hanging out here.”

She was right. “Fine,” I grunted.

“Where IS the bedroom?” asked Ashley.

“Follow me,” said my sister, skipping out of the room.

I still wasn’t thrilled that my older sister was tagging along as I had my first taste of black chocolate, but she had a point. She was the boss, and I totally owed her. gay porno Ashley and I followed her up the stairs and – into our parents’ bedroom?

“This is creepy,” I said.

“The bed’s bigger,” she replied. She sat down and patted the space beside her. “Come on, baby bro.”

I hesitated, and so Ashely pushed past me to sit down next to my sis. “What’ll it be?” I was annoyed she was asking my sister, not me, but under the circumstances didn’t think I could complain.

“You know what I want to see?” said my sis. “His cock shoved all up your big black ass.”

I almost blew my load again, right there. Ashley just purred and turned over. “Why don’t you get it ready for him?”

She was crouched on the bed now, head down on her folded arms, her hot ass in the air. My sister didn’t waste any time. She grabbed Ashley’s ass cheeks and spread them out. She spit into Ashley’s rosebud, rubbing it into the asshole with her thumb. Then stuck her tongue out and started eating Ashley’s ass out.

Ashley moved one of her hands to her pussy, stroking it while my sister tongued her ass. My sis was really getting into it now. She lapped at Ashley’s asshole, holding it open with one hand, and used her other hand to undo her own top.

My sis was twisted now, with her front facing me and her neck craned into Ashley’s ass, which was also facing me. She squeezed and stroked her own exposed breasts as she darted her tongue into Ashley’s ass. Then she spit into Ashley’s asshole again, and pulled away. She gestured for me to come over.

“She’s all ready for you, bro.”

As I came closer, she grabbed my cock. “You’re gonna need some lube too.” She spit on it and started rubbing her hand up and down to spread the spit along it.

I was stunned. Still stroking my cock, she spit in Ashley’s ass some more. Then she turned back to my cock. Her eyes were glazed. Her tits were out. She had her brother’s cock in her hand.

“You need more than that,” she said. She moved her head forward, and sucked my dick into her mouth.


I know how these stories go – there’s always a part where the guy says that he had always wanted to fuck his sister, but never thought it would really happen, and so on. I’m not that guy. I never wanted to fuck my sister.

Sure, I snuck a peek at her tits or ass now and again, like any younger brother might do from time to time. Just idly, like you’d look at a chick you thought was hot but who didn’t really attract you for whatever reason.

But I never really thought about fucking her, or wanted to, or thought about her at all in any sort of sexual way. I never thought she’d be guiding my cock and watching as I lost my cherry. I certainly didn’t think she’d be sucking my cock.

I moaned loudly as she squeezed her tits with both hands, and slid her tongue around my shaft, her mouth up and down its length. I stared as she moaned around my cock. My sister. Moaning as her mouth slid up and down the shaft of her brother’s dick.

She was so beautiful.

I almost grabbed her and started to throatfuck her, not even thinking, but she pulled me out. Still holding my dripping cock, she lined it up with Ashley’s asshole.

I hesitated. Truth be told, I wanted to plunge back into my sister’s mouth. I wanted to see her lips wrapped around my dick again. But she had other plans. “Come on, bro. Fuck her. Fuck that slutty little asshole.” She held my cock towards Ashley with one hand, and plunged the other underneath her schoolgirl skirt. Gasping and getting herself off. “I want to watch you destroy that tight black ass with your virgin cock.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pushed my dick forward and started to squeeze it into Ashley’s hot ass.

My dick isn’t huge, but it’s big enough – Ashley started to whimper as I drove my cock in, steadily, my sister urging me on. She was tighter than I thought she’d be. I would have cum immediately if she hadn’t sucked me off earlier – a smart girl, this one.

My sister had let go of my cock and was squeezing her tits again with that hand, frigging herself with the other. Panting and moaning as she watched me slide my cock into Ashley’s tight hole.

“Deeper, bro. Push it deeper. Get balls deep in that bitch.” My sister was really plunging her fingers into her pussy now. “Tear that ass apart.”

I was doing my best. I pushed further and further until I had buried myself in Ashley. She was biting my Mom’s pillow and grunting. I pushed a bit further, as far as I could go, and then started sliding out. And back in. And out again. Moving a bit faster each time.

It felt amazing, sliding in and out of Ashley’s tight ass, slow thrusts, plunging deep. But my sister wasn’t having any of it.

“I said destroy her ass. Not make love to it. Fucking DESTROY it. Fuck that bitch until she’s bleeding!”

I picked up the pace, starting to ram Ashley more. She squealed and bit the pillow, grunting louder. Sis started bitching again anyway. “Fuck that whore! evli porno She’s not a fucking flower! Come on, bro! Show me what you’ve got!”

Something in me snapped at that. As hot as the whole scene was, and as crazy as everything had become – as wild as it was that my sister had just been sucking my cock, and as amazing as everything felt – she was getting on my fucking nerves with her bullshit like she always did. I couldn’t even fuck some black girl’s ass without my sister bitching at me!

I’ll show her, I thought. “You want to see me destroy her ass?” I said. “All right, sis. Take a close look.”

I grabbed her head and shoved it onto Ashley’s ass, so that her face was right up against where my cock was jackhammering her hole. I fucked Ashley a bit faster that way, and then let my Sis go – she pulled back and I shoved her onto the bed, then grabbed Ashley and shoved her forward further. I had been standing, pounding Ashley from behind, but now I slumped myself forward, onto the bed, crouched like a dog and laying on her back. I wrapped my body tight around Ashley and buried my shaft in her ass again, up to the hilt.

I pulled my arms tight around Ashley and started pounding her ass as hard as I could. She started screaming – inarticulate cries mixed with a the occasional “fuck” and “yes” – as I crushed her ass. My sister was on her back now, head turned to the side to watch us. Her top was gone, her tits out, and her panties gone. She had three fingers in her snatch and was furiously getting herself off as I ruined Ashley.

It didn’t take much longer before I felt my cock pump Ashley’s asshole full of cum. I shoved deep and gasped as I felt it shooting out of me and into her tight black ass. My sister must have realized what was happening, because she shouted and came almost immediately afterward.

Ashley was limp like a rag doll now. I pulled out of her, getting up off of her. I had certainly destroyed her, like my sister had commanded. Her raw ass was pulsing and started leaking cum.

“Well, Sis,” I said, “was that a good enough show?” She was collapsed on the bed, hair wild, eyes glazed. I don’t know if she heard, because she didn’t nod. I reached over to grab her head and pull her towards me. “You’re missing out,” I said, pushing her face towards Ashley’s dripping ass. “Check this out.”

The sight of my cum dripping out of Ashley seemed to wake her up. “OMG!” She laughed and grabbed around the bed – I was confused until she returned to Ashley’s ass, phone in hand. She snapped a few pics of Ashley’s leaking black ass and giggled. “Fuck bro, you really DID destroy her!”

She had seemed a little sex-crazed for a while there, but having cum my Sis seemed back to her old self. Except then she dropped the phone and plunged her tongue into Ashley’s ass.

Ashley gasped and I just stared as my sister lapped and sucked. Sucking my cum out of the girl’s raw asshole. She bend forward, moaning and grunting, really getting it all.

The sight was incredible. An amazing blonde black girl, a stranger really, curled up and glistening with sex-sweat. My cum leaking out of her asshole – getting sucked out – and my pale sister with her raven hair spilling down her bare white back. Bent forward and digging in – panties gone, wearing only her socks and her schoolgirl uniform’s skirt. Bent to suck her brother’s cum out of a black slut’s destroyed ass.

With her own ass and pussy pushed out towards me.

I watched my hands drift down to her ass like they were someone else’s hands. They pushed her skirt up and swam over her tight cheeks. Two of my fingers dipped down and thrust into her soaking cunt.

She moaned and grunted into Ashley’s ass as I fingerfucked her. Ashley had basically passed out by this point – my Sis pulled her mouth off Ashley’s ass and laid her head on it like a pillow, moaning and gasping.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Yes. Yes. Oh, bro. Do it. Do it, bro.”

I didn’t think – I couldn’t. I just slid my fingers out and slid my cock in.

All the way in. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she let out a loud, inarticulate moan. I pushed my cock in as far as it could go. My first stab into a pussy – and it was my sister’s pussy. I pulled back and pushed myself back in.

She felt like heaven, smooth and wetter than I thought a pussy could be. Her cunt was hotter than a furnace. I slammed in and out of her, instinct taking over. She moaned louder, and starting shouting as I fucked her, harder and harder.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck your sister. Fuck that cunt. Fuck that sweet sister cunt you fucker fuck yes bro fuck your sis fuck her fuck me fuck fuck yes fucking hammer that cunt fffUUUCCCkk!”

She was the boss – I slammed her harder and harder as she shouted louder and louder.

“FUCK me! Fuck your SIS! FUCK! Fucking punish that bad sister that fucking slut fuck that pussy fuck it fuck it bro fuck ME fucking shoot your sister full of cum, come on!”

I just gasped. “You. Area. Dirtytfuckingwhore.” And kept pounding that pussy as hard as I could.

“Fucking cum in me you dumb fuck just fuck me cum cum cum come on! Cum in your sister your slut just fucking shoot me full of CUM!”

After destroying Ashley’s ass, I never thought I’d cum again. But I did. I flooded her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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