Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 03

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She closed the door to her room and tossed her backpack to the other side of the room. She couldn’t care less about not finding a job today, or about Nadia not finding a boyfriend. All Alene cared about was the need relieve herself from the pressure in her cock. It’s been building up since she came this morning. What started as a tingle in her crouch now became a paralyzing pain she had to take care of.

It was a beautiful day, the kind you see in postcards. The sun was setting in the west over the quiet suburbs, the birds were chipping, it was simple a moment to remember, and Alene had a lot to remember. She was laying on her bed, cock pointing in the air, she waited all day for this. As the setting sun lit her naked figure she came, and came hard. She could tell this orgasm was going to be especially pleasant.

She could feel her balls swell and knew she crossed the point of no return. She closed her eyes, this is going to be messy… Suddenly, her balls tightened and she could feel the veins on her 5-inch cock start to bulge as the first shot of cum launched high into the air. It landed on the pillow right next to her left ear and splashed audibly. She opened her eyes in panic and watched the rest of her orgasm in utter shock.

The next shot was big, so big is covered her neck with a thick layer of cum. The following shot covered her chest with the white hot liquid and the rest of the orgasm went to flood her bellybutton. And so, this amazing afternoon ended for Alene. She got up to shower. The shot was bigger than she thought and she had to change ardahan seks hikayeleri her sheets as well. This was definitely a cum shot that puts any porn star to shame.

As she finished her bath her mind was set. The spell book gave her an amazing gift and she will use it to its fullest! She closed the door to her room and started searching for spells. Two pages in she found the spell she needed, more money.

“Damn, this is so shallow,” she muttered to herself, “but I really need it.”

“EGO postulo magis viaticus.” She whispered as she got dressed and went to the mall.

*3 hours later*

She stood in front of the mall’s ATM, surrounded by all the bags holding her shopping. A new hair dryer, lots and lots of new and expensive clothing, a new 1,000$ watch and much more. All in all, it must have cost her over 40,000$, but “magically” it all fitted on her credit card with no problem. As she inserted her card into the ATM and entered her pin the machine buzzed and asked Alene what to do, she asked for her balance.

“Thirty million nine thousand and forty three dollars.” utter shock spread through her face as she read the balance. She took the card and her bags and ran straight home, banging the door behind her.

“Fucking shit! This is real, I’m fucking rich! I don’t have to work for another day in my life.” She screamed in joy, opened the spell book and started flipping the pages, looking for a way to make her life even better.

“Ok, what next? Good food? No need. A car? I can buy that, regeneration of amputated limbs? No thank you. Instant death? NOPE!” flipping some more her eyes caught something, “this could be nice, let’s try it.”

She got in front of her mirror and removed her top. She liked most of her body, but her perky A cup breasts annoyed her, she wanted more.

“This will be fun,” she whispered, “Planto meus pectus maior.”

The first thing she felt was a tingle in her breast, it was pleasant, to pleasant. It was like an orgasm from her boobs. Squeezing the small orbs, she knew it, they were growing in her hand. The pleasure was so good all she could see was bright white light. An eternity of pleasure passed and she opened her eyes. The figure in the mirror was her own, but her breasts were no longer an A cup. She couldn’t tell exactly but they looked like a D cup to her.

“Oh my god, I’m prefect.” slowly she moved her gaze from her chest and saw her pants were wet, she must have cum while her breasts grew.

And so, Alene’s amazing day came to an end, she changed her cloth and went to bed. She was exhausted and went to sleep. Tomorrow at 9:30 Nadia will come to visit her, they will go shopping some more. With that she fell into a great night sleep.

*Next morning*

Alene opened her eye, the night was great, she was very refreshed. Slowly she realized what happened yesterday and ran to the mirror to check, hopping it wasn’t a dream.

As she removed her top she saw her breasts were definitely bigger. Good thing she now had money, because she will need a new wardrobe. Looking at the mirror she removed her pants, revealing a 5 inch cock. Suddenly, she felt it, the most crippling pain ever. She collapsed as the pain centered in her crouch, after a few painful moments the pain seemed to subside. She got up and looked in the mirror, the figure looking back at her was the same one, with one difference. The cock was bigger, much bigger. She ran and grabbed the ruler to check: 5 inches, 6, 7, slowly it came to a rest just short of 9 inches, she almost doubled in size. Her balls seemed to grow proportionally, Alene knew she had to cum. Slowly she moved one hand to her balls and the other to her long shaft. One hand squeezed as the other danced up and down the pole, it was so good. Soon she was nearing the edge of an orgasm. Just then the door busted open and Nadia came in.

“God damn girl! Its 10:30′ where…” Nadia started to complain but froze, seeing Alene masturbating in her room. This was all Alene needed, she came, and came hard. The first shot flow across the room and nailed Nadia square in the chest, it was a big shot that covered her chest and drenched her shirt. If this shot was big the next one was a real monster. It shot straight over Nadia’s head and smashed into the door, it continued for about 30 seconds, creating a small poll of cum under the door. Nadia’s mouth opened in shock as the next shot fired. The biggest one yet, so big is shot straight to Nadia’s mouth, filled it, then drenched her face and left her white with what felt like a gallon of cum. After 6 smaller shots the orgasm ended and Nadia was white with shock and cum.

Alene started to regain herself and apologized, “I’m so sorry Nadia.”

Nadia didn’t respond, she just turned around and ran away…

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