All Mine Ch. 02: Killing Her Softly

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Author’s note: thanks for all the positive feedback. I’ll keep this story going for as long as people are interested! Enjoy.

The situation only grew more turbulent. Melinda knew she had no hope of escaping during the altercation, and frustration fueled arousal as Anne pushed things further.

The taller, more physically capable woman dragged Melinda a few feet, before pinning her on the floor and ravishing her. Melinda bucked and struggled for a bit, before giving up, much to Anne’s amusement. “That’s right, settle.” Regardless of how intimate the situation grew, Anne kept her devil-may-care tone of voice. Melinda begged her to talk more quietly, lest a janitor hear them.

“Don’t talk so loud. Do you want somebody to find us like this…?”

Anne replied with an armor piercing question. “What, you don’t want me to get caught? Don’t want a big strong man to play the hero and rescue you? I knew you were enjoying this.” The raven haired amazon grinned at Melinda, who was incensed by the accusation, but knew damn well it was true. “You’re a cute little freak, desperate to get fucked like a toy. Isn’t that right?” Anne gently stroked one of Melinda’s wrists with a finger, itching to have more of her prey.

Melinda furrowed her brow, opening her mouth to say something. The moment her lips parted, Anne lowered, kissing her and cutting her off. Anne’s mouth and tongue moved in a way that shook Melinda. She forgot what she had to say, her only thoughts shifting to more more more. Anne parted their lips and sat up, straddling her and keeping her wrists pinned against the floor. “I’m sorry. You were going to say something?”

It drove Melinda up a wall. Anne’s game wasn’t just sex; she was an incorrigible tease. Melinda panted, both incredibly aroused and horribly frustrated that Anne was picking on her with impunity. But, her annoyance wavered when she observed Anne’s body. She was still in workout clothes. An olive sports top covered her breasts, but left her firm abs completely visible. Her muscle definition was flawless, each seam forming a valley of perfect skin. She was a damn sight stronger than Melinda, something that turned her on. As much as she hated to admit it, this woman’s provocations and physical bullying were making her ache for more.

“Wow. That look your giving me is stunning.” Anne spoke before Melinda could catch herself. She’d been staring for several seconds. Melinda turned away, trying to free one of her hands. Anne’s grip tightened slightly as a response, and pressed harder against the floor. Anne raised her eyebrow for a moment, then pushed both of Melinda’s hands above her head, pinning them down with one of hers. Melinda gasped, and Anne went to work, lowering to Melinda’s level. She licked Melinda’s lips, then gently bit the lower one. She placed gentler love bites on her jaw, then down to her throat. Then, she inflicted a painful, soul searing bite izmit escort that made Melinda writhe. Anne’s legs shifted, one getting between Melinda’s and pressing up against her hot, aching sex. Anne worked her hips as she held her quarry captive, grinding on her and tasting her skin.

Her free hand rested on Melinda’s belly, and worked its way up. She stroked the redhead’s ample, soft chest. She didn’t squeeze, or pinch. Just rested a hand there, tracing Melinda’s form. Her hand moved under Melinda’s arm and down her side, sliding from her curved waist to her hip. Melinda monitored the hand as best she could. In a few moments, it would likely reach her womanhood, fingers aiding Anne’s busy, grinding hips.

Do it, Melinda mentally pleaded.

Suddenly, Anne stopped. Her free, exploring hand moved up to her face as she checked her watch. “Shit. Getting close to closing time. Here. Get up.”

Anne got off of Melinda, who felt rather confused, suspicious, and most importantly disappointed. After all the roughhousing, teasing, and the scorching buildup, Anne didn’t even want to go all the way, apparently. The redhead stood, rubbing her wrists. “Get dressed,” Anne commanded. Melinda sat up, still nursing her hands, then adjusting her swimsuit. “Go on. Hurry up. You don’t want to be locked in, do you?”

Melinda did as she was told, but she was rather shaky on her feet, and still flushed and disoriented. She nearly slipped, but Anne moved quickly, catching her. Melinda almost thanked her, but the dark haired woman leaned in and gave her neck a lingering kiss, keeping her tilted back. Melinda managed so wiggle free, but not before Anne could grab and squeeze her behind. The redhead jumped at the touch, managing to turn and say something. “If you’re so hard up, why are you letting me off easy?” She summoned her courage, looking Anne in the eye. “Couldn’t get it up?”

Anne snorted. “Think about that for a second. I couldn’t get what up?” Melinda folded her arms, realizing her comeback had fallen short. Anne reached out and cupped her cheek in a playfully condescending way. “And who said anything about letting you off easy? I just don’t like the locale. Now get dressed, and get your keys.”

Melinda dressed herself quickly, sliding out of her swimsuit the moment Anne wasn’t looking. She had air dried decently enough, so she was comfortable putting her clothes on. Her locker still open, Anne passed her as Melinda was slipping into a hooded sweatshirt. The dark haired woman reached into Melinda’s locker, grabbing her car keys. “I’ll drive.” The woman took a glance at Melinda’s car key. “Volkswagen, huh? Nice. I’ve always wanted one.”

Anne’s intentions clicked in Melinda’s head. “Wait. We’re not leaving together.” The woman dropped her heel down as she spoke, hoping that would drive home the gravity of her statement.

“Yeah, we are. I jogged here, so it’s not that far to my place.” Anne izmit kendi evi olan escort raised an eyebrow, looking down at Melinda, who was doing her best to seem stern and emphatic. “You can stay the night. Good? Good.” Anne spun Melinda’s keys on her fingertip, gripping them in her palm.

She knew from a mile away that Melinda was going to make a grab for the car keys. Melinda came at her, and Anne simply held an arm out, holding the woman back. It was pathetically easy. Anne grinned, holding the keys too high for Melinda go grab, and keeping her other arm on Melinda’s shoulder and holding her back.

Melinda tried to take a step back and move around, but Anne gripped the fabric of her shirt, grabbing her bra-strap as well. She turned Melinda and pushed her back against the wall. Anne moved in close, looming over Melinda, who swallowed hard. “Your mouth says one thing, but your body is telling a very different story.” Anne’s smoldering olive eyes moved up and down, devouring every minute motion Melinda made. The woman’s thighs were constantly shifting and grinding together. Her face was flushed. “I think you want me. But let me tell you something.” Anne leaned in until her lips were against the redhead’s ear. “I want you more, and you’re coming with me, no matter what you say.”

From then on, Anne kept a firm grip on Melinda’s forearm, holding her car keys in the other hand. Melinda was taken along, like a girl being led by a parent. Even if she tried to escape, her chances were slim; even if she got her arm loose and ran like hell, Anne would run her down. She had an incredibly fit body, and Melinda, despite being in shape, couldn’t compete on any level.

Melinda entertained the thought. She knew she couldn’t escape if she wanted, and being picked up on Anne’s shoulder and carried was appealing. But she didn’t want to press her luck. Anne might get dangerously rough, or worse, decide that capturing her wasn’t worth the effort. Melinda was far too curious and invested to actually escape, unless things got truly sketchy.

Soon, Melinda was in her car, sitting in the passenger seat, trying to get comfortable as Anne adjusted the driver seat. Anne was smiling constantly, like a hunter strapping a thirty-point-buck to the top of her car. The redhead was trying her best to get a read on her.

Was she a genuine threat? Was going along with her foolish? She didn’t know anything about Anne, except that Anne could kick her ass without breaking a sweat, had no compunctions with taking what she wanted (including a person) by force, and that she was practically a living Wonder Woman in terms of sex appeal. Melinda looked forward, but Anne didn’t start the car.

When the redhead looked towards Anne, the woman leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. Melinda was startled by the stolen kiss, and rolled her eyes. Suddenly, things took a shift as Anne reached around Melinda and began adjusting her seat. With one hand, she pulled the lever, and with the other, she pushed Melinda and the chair down, locking it at a horizontal angle. Before Melinda could say or do anything, Anne had gotten on top of her.

A hand shot up the back of Melinda’s shirt, and with a light snap, her bra was unhooked. Anne pulled it out of the redhead’s attire, tossing it in the driver’s seat. Her hand moved up to Melinda’s chest. This time, she was much less womanly about it. She grabbed it, pinching her fingers together and catching the nipple between her index and middle digits. She worked it in her fingertips as she watched Melinda’s face. The redhead didn’t have a chance; the stimulation made her eyes roll back and her toes curl.

Melinda’s hand slapped against the passenger-side window as her back arced and legs spread. Anne caught both her hands, as she was wont to do, and pinned them over Melinda’s head. Anne very much liked the position, though it was a bit awkward in the tiny car.

The dark haired woman decided to go for it then and there. She grabbed the drawstring of Melinda’s sweat-pants, un-knotting them and pulling the elastic, letting it snap against Melinda’s stomach. She reached into Melinda’s pants as the woman bit her lip, practically begging for it.

Anne’s hand pressed down lightly against the nub of flesh above Melinda’s lips. She worked Melinda’s clit in slow, careful circles. Too much pressure didn’t seem right. Her intuition paid off. Melinda’s mouth hung open and she writhed under the touch. Keeping it up, Anne leaned in and kissed Melinda from her lips to her neck, working her hand slowly and softly, occasionally slowing to dip her finger into Melinda, a move that made her gasp every time. She was wet, further vindicating Anne’s suspicion that Melinda loved to be dominated.

This would be a fun time.

The dark haired woman quickened her pace slightly. She stopped kissing the dazed Melinda, who was getting close. She let go of her hands, and rolled up Melinda’s sweatshirt. “Hey…!” Melinda objected, but Anne pinned her hands again, keeping her trapped with her shirt rolled up, her breasts exposed. Anne took one of Melinda’s nipples into her mouth and sucked it, biting gently. That did it. Melinda’s body locked up completely, her thighs tensing as her womanhood spasmed. Her body arched and she let out a long, wispy sigh as she climaxed. Anne withdrew her fingers, and climbed off, moving into her seat.

Melinda was completely out of it. She wasn’t particularly experienced; her social anxiety kept her from daring extensively, and most men failed to please her. Her best friend had always been a bullet vibrator. This had been the best sex she’d ever had. Anne fastened her seat-belt and shoved the key in the ignition. She gave Melinda a quick glance, raising her eyebrow.

“Buckle up,” Anne said. Melinda didn’t respond, gustening there with her shirt up and her pants rolled down slightly. Anne rolled her eyes, smiling. She fastened Melinda’s seat-belt for her, and started the engine.

This would be a fun time indeed.

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