Alyssa’s Journey

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Alyssa was feeling nervous sitting in the first class seat of the British airways plane as the flight entered its final hour. She wasn’t a nervous flyer but today was different. She was nervous because she wasn’t sure why she was on this flight in the first place. She was travelling from New York to London for the first time in her life to meet Justine. She called for the flight attendant and asked for a refill of her wine. This was her third glass. She needed to calm her over thinking mind.

She met Justine on an online chat platform about 6 months ago and instantly connected with her. Justine was a 29 year old girl who was ran her media consultancy firm. She was bisexual and had taken a liking to Alyssa, who was a decade older than her at 39 years of age. They flirted back and forth for about 3 months before they shifted to Zoom calls. It didn’t take long before Justine convinced Alyssa to shed her clothes for her. Alyssa did so with a smile. She was eager to please Justine and was ready to do anything she ordered her to do.

From the very first day, Justine made it very clear to Alyssa that all she was looking for was some fun and not to expect any sort of long term commitments. She was very transparent about her lifestyle which involved a lot partying, drinking, dancing and sex. Justine was not a monogamous, everyday girl. She had a long term girlfriend, Rebecca and a number of other friends with benefits. She was the life of the party and partying was her life. Money was never an issue with her and allowed her to live life on her own terms.

Alyssa was the opposite of her. She had always been monogamous and was never the party kind. She was an introvert and had never really experimented much when it came to sex. She was pretty submissive in bed and would never initiate sex but she never denied her former lovers access to her body.

It didn’t take Justine too long to figure out the submissive nature of her new online friend. She quickly adopted the role of the dominant one in their long distance friendship. Justine taught Alyssa a number of little tricks to pleasure herself during those zoom calls. She even made her buy a number of internet connected vibrators that she could control from London. She would make her wear these vibrators to work and would bring her to leg shaking orgasms while Alyssa worked. Soon, Justine would decide the clothes she would wear or the kind of make-up she would apply or what jewelry she would wear. Justine was taking control of her life and Alyssa was happy to follow those orders. These orders made her wet and she wanted to please Justine in any way she wished.

And so when Justine floated the idea of Alyssa visiting beylikdüzü escort her, she agreed immediately. There was nothing stopping Alyssa from taking a trip to London. She had a high paying job which afforded her the luxuries she wanted. She wasn’t in any sort of relationship. She didn’t have any close friends or family to tell her to rethink the decision that she’s already made. Taking days off work was easy. There was no reason for her to not take the trip.

She landed in London, collected her suitcase and went out the airport. She didn’t think there would be problem in recognizing Justine, courtesy of all those Zoom calls, but here she was not able to locate her in the crowd. 5 minutes went by and she started to get nervous, but she pushed her nervousness away. She thought about calling her, but Justine had made it very clear to Alyssa, before she boarded her flight, that she wasn’t supposed to call her. Alyssa didn’t question her. It didn’t matter how absurd it sounded, it was on order and she followed orders without question.

“Alyssa? Is that you?”

Alyssa looked up, relieved to hear her name in a foreign country. Her eyes were frantically searching the source of the voice. Finally, she saw a hand waiving at her. She moved towards the waiving hand and she got closer and closer, her smile turned into a frown. It wasn’t Justine. It wasn’t a stranger either. It was Rebecca, Justine’s girlfriend.

Rebecca immediately hugged Alyssa and before she could ask what the hell was happening and where was Justine, she grabbed her hand and pulled her and immediately started walking towards her car.

“We’re so glad you’re here Alyssa…Justine can’t wait to see you. She’s really sorry that she couldn’t be here herself, but you know her, always busy. “

They both entered the car. Alyssa was just absorbing all the information she could get from Rebecca. She was pissed off and rightly so. She traveled from one country to another, spent a fortune on flight tickets, took days off work and Justine couldn’t be bothered to show up at the fucking airport. She was pissed.

“So, as I was saying, Justine put me in charge of you. I am to make sure that your stay here goes as smooth as possible. To that effect, your stay will be at The Meridian, it’s a really nice hotel just outside of London. We are heading there right now.”

There were so many things going on in Alyssa’s head. So many questions that she needed answered. She felt a little overwhelmed. The reality of her situation donned on her. She was sitting in a car with a stranger in a foreign country and for what? Some fling? She was overwhelmed and could barely get a word out.

“Will Justine be there at avcılar escort the hotel?”

“Ummm…not at the moment sweetie, but she will join us tonight probably. “


“This is going to be uncomfortable Alyssa and want you to stay calm, okay? See the thing is we both know you’re here because Justine wants you in her bed. Now, you know who I am, you know what my relationship is with Justine. But every now and then Justine gets a craving for a new girl. You are the new girl. But don’t worry; you will have the time of your life.”

Rebecca put her hand on Alyssa’s thigh and caressed it gently. She moved closer to her and moved her hand slight up lifting the fabric of the sundress Alyssa was wearing, exposing more and more skin. Alyssa shifted nervously in her place trying to get away from Rebecca but she didn’t stop her from moving her hand up. For the first time since she boarded the plane, Alyssa became aware of what she was wearing. She was told by Justine to dress up in a short Hawaiian black sundress so she would be easily recognized.

“You need to realize something Alyssa. There is a hierarchy and Justine is at the very top of it. And to get to her you have to go through me. I can’t have Justine wasting her time on every little girl she fancies over the internet. You will have to prove to me if you’re worthy enough to have an audience with my Justine.”

Rebecca kissed her neck as her hand went inside the dress and found her panties. They were soaked. Rebecca smiled at encountering the wetness. She moved her lips from the neck to the ear and bit it softly. Alyssa was struggling under touch. She didn’t want to be touched by Rebecca. She certainly didn’t want to be touched inside a moving vehicle whose driver’s eyes were barely on the road. But she couldn’t deny the fact that she was wet because of the way she was being touched by this beautiful girl who was so much younger than her. She couldn’t understand why she was reacting like that to her touch. She let out a little moan as Rebecca slid her panties to the side and touched her pussy lips. Her eyes closed and legs opened up. She was giving herself to Rebecca. Her touch felt good. It had been quite some time since she had been touched like this.

The car came to a stop. The 2 women were too busy to realize that they had reached the hotel. Rebecca pulled herself away from Alyssa who was breathing heavily and her eyes were still closed. She paid for the cab and got outside and so did Alyssa after adjusting her dress back to how it was supposed to look. They both checked in and Alyssa went straight into the bathroom. She wanted to stay in there for as long as she could since she didn’t know or esenyurt escort understood what was expected of her. She had started to regret coming to London like that. She should’ve made her own plans and should’ve come here on her own terms. “Why did I let Justine control so many aspects of my life? Why did I get into car with Rebecca? Why didn’t I stop her from touching me the way she did? What am I doing here?”

She pushed her thoughts aside and put on a brave face. She wanted this to be all over but she couldn’t stay inside a bathroom the whole time. She opened the door and went out and saw Rebecca standing in the middle of the room with absolutely no clothes on. She had a stunning body. Alyssa couldn’t help but admire the perfectly round tits and her hard pink nipples. Her pussy was completely hairless and smooth. Rebecca stood there with a smile knowing fully well the effect she was having on Alyssa. She walked towards her slowly, grabber her shoulders and pushed her against the wall behind. Her hand ventured from the shoulder to Alyssa’s flushed cheek as she leaned in and put her lips against hers. She kissed her gently and softly as her hand explored her body. She gently grabbed and squeezed her right tit before moving her hand further down to find her ass. Rebecca pushed her naked body against Alyssa’s as she bit her lower lip before pulling back leaving Alyssa completely breathless.

Alyssa was taken by surprise when Rebecca pulled her closer to her and began to undress her. She lifted up the dress by her thighs, caressing them in the process. Her hands squeezed her ass as she went up and didn’t stop till the dress was off of her. Alyssa was left standing with just her panties on and she felt shy. She covered her 36C breasts with her hands. She kept looking down, conscious of her body. Especially in front of Rebecca and her pristine supermodel body. Rebecca moved Alyssa towards the bed and pushed her on it. She grabbed her panties by the helm and pulled it off hurriedly. Slowly but surely, Rebecca was losing her gentle touch. She got on top of Alyssa and kissed both her nipples once.

“One of the things that Justine absolutely loves in a slut like you is the ability to eat pussy. So I’m going to make sure that you’re at least a half decent cunt licker.”

Rebecca got of off Alyssa’s body and assumed position over her face. She lowered herself so her pussy was within the reach of Alyssa’s tongue.

“You need to make sure that I cum all over your face. But it won’t be so easy. You see, Justine doesn’t have patience for inexperience and she can’t just sit on your face for an eternity before she gets an orgasm.”

Rebecca bent over Alyssa’s body and slid 2 fingers in her pussy. Alyssa moaned and instinctively lifted her ass up.

“Make sure that I cum before your 5th orgasm hits.” Rebecca grinned devilishly.


Next Chapter is coming soon

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