An Irrisistable Boy

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The telephone call that was to change my life totally happened one normal Friday night and it was from my sister who lives 180 miles away from me. I was having a quiet time all by myself after months of arguing, being harassed and pestered. I had finally got rid of my philandering husband. It had been quite an ordeal just getting him out of the house. And he wasn’t a happy bunny!

He felt I owed him something! Can you believe that? He, who had just about fucked and shagged anything that came his way. I think he would have fucked a sweeping brush from a hairdressers shop given the chance!

When we had met four years ago, I already owned my own home, my parents who were wealthy in their own right had bequeathed my sister and I, a house of our choice and there was no mortgage, absolutely nothing to pay except running costs. We both regarded ourselves as being extremely lucky to have such caring and nice loving parents.

I had a good job, I was reasonably well paid so my life was good and it was cosy. I had never had a need for a man, don’t get me wrong, I have never batted for the other side, although I have to confess I have been tempted a couple of times. But I have had plenty of boyfriends, many lovers and my life was great. Then I got to thirty and I seemed to change, the idea of having a husband started to appeal to me.

The only caveat my parents placed on my sister and me regarding the houses and everything pertaining to such, was. Papers had to be signed by any future husbands that they would have no claim to the property’s and property of ours. Unless said husband etc was to build, increase in size and value or whatever, then they would be given their share. This turned out to be a god send in my case.

I am thirty four now, my sister is forty, and we got our respective properties at the age of twenty, or rather the money to buy the said property. I don’t have children; I didn’t want to bring a child into the world as a single parent, so I was always cautious. And then I met Brian who was to become my husband.

He was great to be with, made me laugh, we got on terrifically, I wasn’t to know he was a serial love cheat. If I had I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near him. We got married even though I still had lingering reservations about it. We had been wed a few months when I began to suspect he was messing around.

I found out for sure and then I found out even more. Every time he went out with his mates, he always went on Friday night, boys night! And he wouldn’t come home until the next day sometimes. There were marks on his neck, the smell of perfume, the odd lipstick mark. Any way long story short, I set divorce proceedings in motion, he of course contested them. He wanted half of everything we had, WE?

He got nothing, then he wouldn’t go, he was sorry, all the rest of it, it never stopped him and the girls though did it. Then a month ago I had the locks changed, he couldn’t get in. He caused a commotion, someone called the police on my behalf and he spent the night in jail and was fined for his shenanigans. When he came the next time all his belongings were in bags waiting for him, my dad was there and saw him off with a huge flea in his ear.

Now a month on I am back to my happy carefree self, or I was until my sister called me, I had no idea what was in store for me, but to be fair, no one else could have known either. We have always been close and shared our lives, even though its mostly by phone and e mail now because we live apart. My parents also moved away last year to the seaside to retire, so I’m here on my own but with my happy life too

I have plenty of friends, I’m happy at work, I have an active social life and unknown to any one, I also hunt the guys too, ha ha ha ha.

I’m 5ft 4″ good looking so getting a guy isn’t a problem except some of them seem a bit scared to approach me, so I have let a guy know if I’m interested in him.

All my bits are in the right place and work terrifically, my nipples can and do send me into orbit if handled correctly. My neck is like a volcano when kissed and nibbled in the right order. And my pussy is very receptive to a good cock. And there is nothing more I like than holding one and eating it! And the icing on the cake? The thick cream going down my hungry neck when it explodes in my mouth because I was the one that made it explodes!

But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not sex mad, I’m not a nympho, I love sex, but every thing is in moderation. I count myself as very lucky really to be the person I am, where I am, and what I do. Life really is sweet for me, especially now I’ve got rid of that loser husband, what a tosser!

I am well adjusted, I don’t think I have any hang ups, I regard myself as an equal to most people. Give way when I need to, and don’t when I don’t have to. But this was all to change in the most dramatic and unexpected way. My life was about to turn on its head and leave me hanging upside down.

The Friday night, and the phone call.

“Hi Claire, Casibom its me,” said my sister.

“Hello me,” I answered cheekily.

“Huh that old chestnut, you ought to be on stage sis,” she laughed. I laughed with her, I love her with all my heart, and I know she loves her baby sister the same way. Neither of us knew what she was going to ask me would have the affect it was going to have.

“Peter has been accepted for Kings College. Claire,” She told me proudly.

“That’s brilliant Sue, just great,” I said, not realising the possible implication.

“Yes, he starts there in September,” she said.

“Lovely, does he need anything,” I asked, “is there anything I can do for him?”

Peter is Sue’s only son, her baby, she dotes on him and he is a smashing lad, I love him, and I know he loves it when he comes over with his mom and dad.

“Well there is actually,” Sue said.

“What, what can I do?”

“Can he stay with you until he gets settled, and find somewhere later?” Sue asked tentatively. I never even hesitated.

“Sue I would love to have him here, he can stay as long as he likes, as you know I’m on my own again, thank god!”

“Oh Claire I was hoping and praying you would say that, oh thank you Claire thank you, thank you,” Her tears was running down the phone and into my ear! I cried with her, if she’s happy, so am I, if she sad, I’m sadder.

“Its okay Sue, when will he be coming?”

“Can we bring him this weekend, he has a lot to do and sort before he starts. I want him fully settled and no worries, and I know he’ll get that with you Claire, oh thank you, thank you, thank you.” She blubbered. I had to laugh at her.

“I’ll have his room ready for him for Friday next? Is that what you are looking at Sue?” I asked her.

“Yes Claire yes, that’ll be great, but I don’t know what I’m going to do without him, he’s my baby you know.” She whimpered. I laughed again.

“Yes Sue I know, I’ll take great care of him, don’t you worry.” I told her, we chatted about this and that, what she wanted me to do, all the motherly things as well.

I got his room ready and was waiting for them to arrive on the Friday night; they all piled in, bags and cases, a computer, a swivel chair, one of those Tablets, books, folders, a drop down desk. It was like a school room by the time they had finished. Sue and her husband stayed the night and in the morning after breakfast, and after much weeping and wailing from Sue over losing her baby, they eventually left. But I also sensed some tension between Sue and Peter, I put it down to her sadness.

Peter and I spent a very leisurely weekend doing this and that, we went for a pub lunch, he is 19 his dad says he can go on his own! The reason he is starting late at college is because he is taking his gap year before he goes! He is a very handsome boy, and I had told Sue that he was going to be a heart breaker in a year or two. ‘Don’t say that Claire, he’s so lovely, the thought of him with a girl kills me’ she had said wanly.

If you or any one else had told me that within four days he would be fucking the life out of me I would have told you to go and see a head shrink. But that’s exactly what happened, It was so unexpected, so unreal, so surprising, that I didn’t have any thing to fight it, or him with. He took me over completely. I never knew I was the person he uncovered.

From the Saturday until the Monday things were what you would only term as normal, but I was sensing from him a power, an aura, a sense of inner strength, a strong demeanour, strength of personality. He had always been a strong minded boy, if he decided to do something, it would get done, come hell or high water.

I’m still not sure what it was or even is. I only know it is, and was, more than I could handle when I faced it and him. And in my short visits to his home, and he to mine I had never noticed it. But now I could feel it, it came off him in a shower of sparks, okay; a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture?

I had had the Monday off to be with him, and he was intriguing me more and more. I didn’t know, or never knew he had, or has, a sort of dominant but gentle nature, one that I found out can over ride your own in a way that it subverts you. And I was entering into that position very quickly. Looking back, I know now that he knew very well what it was he had, it seemed to generate its own personality electrical supply, which shocked and stunned you unknowingly, but seemingly happily into place.

The day it happened was as normal as usual for me. I went to work on Tuesday morning; at three in the afternoon Peter called me and asked me if I would come home right away.

“I want to see you Aunty Claire,” he said.

“Okay I’m on my way,” I told him without asking for the reason he wanted to see me. He wanted to see me, so I went home. It was the first time in our, unknown to me, relationship, and I had just said yes, instead of asking why? I hurried home none the less, he Casibom Giriş needed me didn’t he?

When I got in I called to him.

“Peter, I’m home honey.”

“I’m up here Claire,” he called back. ‘Claire,’ he had said, not Aunty Claire? I thought. I went up and walked into his room. He was standing by the window. And he was wearing only a pair of boxers. This was the first time I have even seen him in a state of undress. The woman in me couldn’t help but admire the handsome strong young man that he was.

Tall and strong, smooth and supple, lithe and with easy movement. But I also noticed something else. The room was charged, it crackled, or it seemed to. My inner senses switched on, what is it? I wondered. I felt my nipples click on, they stiffened inside my blouse. ‘Oooooh,’ I thought wickedly to myself.

“Come here Claire,” it was said with commanding softness, but it hit my brain like a hammer. I walked up to him, a cocoon of charged particles surrounded me, I shivered involuntarily. I asked him if everything was alright.

“It is now,” he said, and put his arm around my shoulder. I felt like a little school girl in the presence of a strict dominant teacher. He looked at me, I lifted my face and looked at him, it was hypnotising, and that’s exactly what it was, hypnotising. Then he kissed me, I couldn’t have been more shocked or taken aback. But did I pull away, did I remonstrate with him, did I admonish him and tell him to stop being silly? Did I hell.

I let him, and in moments I was kissing back, my arms went around him, and we locked into a lovers embrace. I never once thought, ‘what the hell are you doing Claire,’ it never entered my head; my head was full of the kiss that was knocking my socks off. He took his time, all in hindsight, he just led the way and I followed, my 19 year old nephew was seducing me as easily as taking candy from a baby.

I seemed to be in a cloud, floating somewhere. Here I was, a full grown woman of the world, an ex husband who I had tossed out, took whichever lover I chose to take, went out with any guy I deemed to go out with, do what I wanted to do, go where I wanted to go, and be what I wanted to be. And I had, if the truth could have been known then, submitted to him, my sisters son, my nephew, he had got me, he was about to take me, and I had no thoughts on the subject.

I was where he wanted me, I was where I wanted me to be, although this was still not in my head. His kiss grew deeper and deeper, and I went under with it. He wasn’t stood side on to me now either, he was facing me, my arms up around his neck, his around my waist holding me to him. And his cock was pressing into me, it was burning a hole right through me.

I had never experienced such a feeling of such intense submissiveness, it wasn’t in the grovelling sense, but in the sense that I needed to do it, do it for him. It was just the most natural thing to do, give in. But I wasn’t giving in, not yet anyway. Peter was doing the taking, and he was taking me, I had no say, but that didn’t matter at all, all that mattered to me was the moment.

His hands closed over my bum and lifted me slightly; this had the effect of rubbing his cock on to my pussy. I mewled into his mouth. He then let go of me, and pushed his shorts down freeing the thing that was to push me all the way over the edge. He stepped away from me and I was looking at it, then I was being lowered on to his bed.

Now he was over me, my clothes started coming of with all the help he needed from me. I just looked up into those eyes that melted into mine, they burned into me. Soon I was naked but I didn’t know it, my hand found him, he smiled at me.

“Hello Aunty Claire,” he said. My submission to him was under way. I felt grateful for it, don’t ask me why I didn’t know then, and I still don’t know now, all I do know is I will be his as long as he wants me. It all fitted me so good, and so well, giving him me, was something wonderful.

The thing is, and I have to tell you before I go on. I am not a submissive woman in any sense of the word, I can and do hold my own; I always have done, even now. I am no body’s fool I can tell you. It’s just him, he can literally bring me to my knees with just so much a s look, or a word. I love it, I love giving everything I am to him, even though he has expanded my horizons somewhat, much to my not too keen (at the time) surprise, but I’ll get to that later.

I grasped his thick young cock in my hand like I had been doing it all my life, he felt so deliciously good. I know now he is fully experienced, I assume, though he has never confirmed it, that this thing he has, this controlled power or what ever it is that he has on me, has stood him in good stead. My sisters boy was about to enter me.

I was agog with wanting and waiting, I had only been there moments and yet the wait seemed to be lasting a life time. I couldn’t drag my eyes from his, he held me in space, a time continuum. Like ‘beam me up Scottie,’ as captain Casibom Güncel Giriş Kirk would order. I just wanted it to happen to me.

I felt the nudge, then I guided him into me, he pushed, I pushed, I let go and he sank into me, and we met in the middle. Nothing in my life has felt so good as that very moment. He was flat on me, his lovely cock was where god had made it to go, deep into his Aunty Claire’s quivering pussy. He came up on his elbows, hooked his hands under my shoulders and then he took off!

If I didn’t know what it was going to be like, I soon found out. It was utterly breath taking, his smile never left his lips, he kissed me, smiled at me again. And then the first of many wondrous debilitating bangs, thumps, crumps, and explosions rocked my world. He fucking (pardon me) took me to pieces, to the cleaners.

I just held on while what ever it was he had in his system abated itself, I have never under gone such a beautiful hammered fucking as that, wonder never came into it. I just floated about under him as he made love to me, because that’s what he was doing, he was fucking me senseless yes, yet the love was pure divinity.

Slaps and groans came and went, as his hips slapped into mine again, and again, and again. I realised I was staring at my feet, they were high over his back, my knees under his arms, my hands fixed into his back as I got beaten more and more. I have always been a multi climaxer, if that’s the right term, but only in given moments with the right guy, but I was blasting them out now wholesale.

The term, rag doll, and me are now close friends, Peter pumped me up like a flat tyre, he filled me with cum so much, it dripped out of me as he refilled my vagina, it mingled with my own and ran out on to his bed. He toppled onto me when he had emptied his balls, I just held him and told him I loved him. That I had just been given the ultimate gift a man can give a woman, utter satisfaction, and complete contentment. And I meant every word, and every letter.

I lay there dazed, and as dazed as any person, or woman could ever be after that, he had over run me, defeated, and routed me. I had surrendered at the walls of his mind. And I couldn’t have felt better. The guilt could come later as far as I was concerned. He rolled away, then twisted towards me, pulled my shattered body to his, kissed me passionately, then said.

“You won’t believe how long I have waited and wanted to do this Claire,” no pretences at Aunty now!

“Well,” I whispered back to him, “you have certainly made up for lost time Peter that was truly amazing honey, it really was, and you are truly amazing too.” He laughed.

“Yea, I suppose I am Claire.” I lightly punched his arm, he pretended to be seriously hurt, so I kissed it to make it better.

“That’s not what wants kissing Claire,” he said, looking me in the eye. I opened my mouth to speak then understood what he was saying. I nodded my head and went immediately down on his half still thick cock, the one that had just given me light, and air to breathe.

I lay my head on his stomach and went to work on the young man that was to become my master, it was something I was completely ignorant of, but that’s what he was going to be. I sucked him all in, all out, I slaved (no pun intended) over him, he wanted a blow job, he was going to get my best. I drank down all his and my juices that were over and around him, the smell of us was over powering, it blew my senses of equilibrium out of the window.

I munched on his balls, I devoured him, I fingered his ass as I went. I licked him like a child’s lollipop; I sucked him like the worlds most powerful Hoover. I became almost demented in my desire to get him to cum again. He got fully erect again. I worked hard on him and at him. I loved servicing him; my goal in life at the moment was to have him blow a load down my willing waiting throat. I had to wait a while, in fact I had the feeling that he was making me wait until he was ready, before he gave me his spunk!

When it came I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I really thought I had too when it jetted into me, thick hot creamy powerful spunk is a fabulous aphrodisiac for me. I came at the instant he washed my mouth with his nectar of cum. I cringed around him as my orgasm bit deep into me, sending me near insane with desire for this boy.

I lay there on him, his cock soft now; but still captured between my lips. I didn’t want to let it out. The smell and taste of him was hurting my brain beautifully. He was caressing my back, it felt so sensuous, it was so lovely, I almost cried. ‘How has this happened?’ I said to myself, I couldn’t think how, I only knew that it had, and I also knew it would happen again, as many times as possible, and when ever he wanted it.

I understood inside that it wasn’t going to be down to me. The feeling of ownership was in me, belonging. He was the owner, and I belonged to him, natural progression, evolution in progress, my head and heart told me. This boy had a power, a power that was I knew, greater than me. I utterly loved it and what it meant, the more I thought about it, the significance became more meaningful and more apparent. I was owned, I was his, he was the man, I was his woman, end off!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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