At the Commander’s Disposal Ch. 01

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He found her.

Assigned to an undercover unit outside of his unit. She was assigned to the well known BDSM club known as Plaisir Douleur, where only the most dominate and the most submissive come to play once the sun went down in the valley, a valley that held warehouses filled with drugs, sex trafficking and illegal sales of military weapons to foreign countries.

Neil wasn’t a stranger to the club, oh no, he was a black card member where anything was at his service without questions asked and so were his five brothers, who were here tonight indulging in their sexual taste and who were also keeping an eye on his woman.

Macy McCullin, a woman that made his dick hard just by the mention of her name and also the one who ran away before he woke up to have a repeat performance of the amazing sex that gave the woman his soul. A mixture of anger and desire filled him as he watched the woman he loved on her hands and knees with a collar around her neck, completely naked, being pulled along by one of the most dangerous man’s right hand man, Antonio Giordano.

Antonio was a man who did what he was told, played when he wanted to and killed just for the sport of it. He wasn’t a man to respected, but he was a man that was feared. Neil thought differently as he made his way through the dance floor, filled with the scent of sex and sweaty bodies.

To the untrained eye he was friends with the man who killed one of his men, but to those who knew what Neil and his brothers were capable of, they would see that Neil was a man about revenge and honor, a man who fought for what he wanted. He never killed a man unless it was absolutely necessary, never stole anything and never lied. He did things with dignity and for purpose, never the opposite.

He caught the eye of Macy. She quickly looked away, probably muttering a curse of some kind as he slapped Antonio on the back as a friendly gesture.

“Hey man. I haven’t seen you here in a long time.” Antonio ended his conversation with another Dom, Eric, before turning his attention to Neil. Antonio was a big guy, built even, but without a gun he would be defenseless up against his enemy. With a sly smile Antonio returned the friendly gesture.

“Long time no see King. How have you been?” Neil shrugged running hand through his hair, slipping a quick glance at Macy, who looked a little too interested in the marble floors then the conversation at hand.

“You know how it goes. Mission after mission. I’m just here tonight to find me a good time, if only temporary.”

“I heard about your last mission. Sorry to hear about Wolf man, we’re all going to miss him.” Neil wanted to laugh in the face of the man who ordered the hit on his best man. He was guessing Antonio didn’t know that the hit was faltered and one his men were killed during the ambush thanks to the lead Macy tipped out. Actually it wasn’t a guess since he did in fct know Macy had covered up her tracks and theirs with a press of a button.

“Yeah I know. He was a really good man with an amazing family. I just can’t imagine how his wife and three kids are doing.” Neil said, putting emphasis on the kids part. Antonio sighed petting the top of Macy’s head like a good pet, only making Neil grind his teeth together in pure anger.

“I heard she moved adana escort to Arizona with the kids.” Yeah another lie his team put out and Antonio believed.

“Yeah that’s what I heard to, but anyway who’s your new pet? She’s a pretty one.” With two yanks on the leash Macy stood as graceful and confident as ever. She kept her gaze down, her feet spread should width apart and her hands at her side. With another yank at her leash signally for her to look, finally saw the man she ran from five years ago and Oh dear God he had gotten sexier. The years did well for him, she thought as she watched him give her a slowly once over, stopping for a second at her breast. She rolled her eyes, men will be men, she thought as Antonio yanked on the leash again signally for her to speak.

God, she hated this leash and stupid collar. She never felt like killing someone so much, but being under orders and having to wait until her team took this sick son of a bitch down she had to wait it out.

“Master forgive me.” She spoke quietly keeping her eyes locked with Neil’s. She saw the anger in his eyes, it was there, there was no denying it. Smiling inside, Macy bowed her head and began to introduce herself.

“My name is Pet, please forgive my rudeness earlier.” She said, blinking up innocently with a slight smile brightening her eyes. Ignoring her, Neil looked at Antonio with a frown.

“She doesn’t look like the type who would be submissive enough for you. What made you choose her?” Antonio shrugged, reaching over to grab Macy by the ponytail only to jerk her down to her knees. Neil had to fight the urge to ram his fist into Antonio’s face at the sound of Macy’s whimper that quietly left her lip.

“She is a hard one to handle, but I’m doing my best. She’s a feisty submissive.”

“And you like your submission.” Antonio chuckled

“You know me too well. Let’s have a seat, shall we.” Antonio suggested turning, pulling Macy along with him. They walked over to a secluded booth, a booth were they would be able to see the coming and goings of anyone and those trying to approach. Antonio wanted to talk about something private and didn’t anyone else hearing, Neil thought as he took the seat across from him.

Macy crawled underneath the table and without a second thought once Antonio release her leash, dove for the front of Neil’s pants, but surprisingly he already had them unbuttoned. She grinned as she pulled them down a little further, until his hard cock stood in all its glory. The slit at the end of his cock was moist with per-cum. Macy couldn’t take her eyes off of, luckily the table was high enough and there was privacy or they both would be screwed.

Neil cleared his throat as Macy blew on the tip of his cock before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking as hard as she could. She felt his thighs tense as a hand speared through her hair, holding her there. She wrapped her fingers around all eight and half of him and stroked his length or all she could wrap. God he was so thick and delicious.

Salty per-cum teased her tongue making her want more. Pulling away from him to merely to flick her tongue over the weeping slit. With a quiet moan she took him all the way to the back of her throat and swallowed. As her eskişehir escort tongue licked the underside of his cock, he coughed to covering up groan that vibrated his body only making Macy pull away and repeat.

The fingers tangled in her hair gripped harder, he knew she loved that sting of pain he could only give her. With a gasp she released him only to pull his pants down further so she could gripped his balls with a grip that would have any man crying for relief, but not her man. As her grip got tighter so did his. It was a battle, a battle she would win, she thought as her cunt flooded with her juices.

Sucking, swallowing, and squeezing became the routine for what seemed like an eternity until she felt his liquid heat hit the back of her throat. Like a starving child, she suck the head until nothing was left, even when it soften, she couldn’t help, but still lick, knowing she would have to leave him.

“Pet come here.” She heard Antonio say. She wiped her mouth quickly, and took her hair out of the ponytail before crawling out under the table. Something stung her ass before she realized it and jumped covering her ass.

“Come back here Pet.”

“I got your pet.” She growled under her breath, before obeying Antonio who gripped her hair, swinging her around till she landed on his lap. She gasped as he pinched the inside of her thigh hard, before smacking the exact spot to force her to pay attention.

“Neil and I have agreed to let him train you just the way I want you to be. He tells me he has experience breaking girls, and you my dear need to be broken.” She looked up at Neil seeing the cynical smile curl his lips. He wasn’t just going to beak her, he would make her pay for leaving that night without a word, she thought, running a hand through her hair trying to not appear a nervous wreck as Neil’s smile got even bigger.

“How would you like that, Pet?” Macy shook her head.

“I don’t want to be his pet, I want to be yours.” She said, trying to come off pleading even the words were huge enough lies she could, but hear Neil laugh under his breath. Antonio arched his eyebrow.

“Is that so?” She nodded running her hand down his slender arm. Oh how she missed Neil body. Antonio had nothing compared to Neil and it made her sick to her stomach she had to play as if she were attracted to this evil man in front of Neil.

“It is so Master. Why would you give me over to someone who doesn’t have you touch or your cock?” She batted her eyelashes as she heard the sounds of Neil growling.

“I believe she just insulted you my friend, but in that polite way I love so much.” He kissed her before he handed over her leash to Neil. “You will stay with him, obey him and if you don’t your punishment will be sever, the worst you have ever gotten under my hand or watch. Do you understand me, Pet?” She bowed her head and walked over to Neil. He pinched her nipple with a hard enough grip all she could feel was pain and no pleasure.

“I believe your Master asked you a question Macy.” He snapped pinching her other nipple for the hell of it. She narrowed her eyes wit a fiery glare that had him titling his head.

“Is there a problem Macy or should I get my riding crop and let every man in sakarya escort this room take a crack at that ass of your?” She knew he would do it too, not just because they were both undercover, but he wanted to see if she would you right disobey him like she had done before.

She swallowed down her nasty retorts. “No, Master Neil there isn’t a problem.” She turned towards Antonio with an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry Master. I understand you perfectly. I will obey him without question, Master.”

“Should we put her to the test?” Neil suggested slapping her ass. Antonio shook his head standing up.

“No, I think you have everything under control. I have to go now, Pet you be good now for Master Neil.” She gave him a quiet nod, sinking to her hands and knees, watching him leave, knowing once he turned the corner by the bar Neil would have words for her, but thankfully the rest of the King Six showed up.

With a sigh of relief Macy stood up and slide next to Neil inside the booth while his bulking brother crammed into the seat across from them. With a growl Neil took off his jacket and covered Macy body. Her body was his, not his brothers and it seemed they got the hint when they busted into laughter along with Macy.

“Neil they have seen me naked before you know. There in this club every night or mostly every night. I don’t know, but there is no reason to go all he-man on me now just your brothers are here.”

“I know Neil. We know she has an amazing body, but you claimed her long ago.” Dale King, the youngest of the brute said taking a sip of his beer.

“Cheers to that.” His twin, Derek King, said clinking beer bottles together.

“Well thank you, you two.” Macy said smiling, only to have Neil growl louder.

“Gosh you would think you were an animal as loud as you growl.” Kade King, the second to oldest, muttered giving Macy a quick wink.

“Maybe he is an animal and we just don’t know about it.” Brock King, the second middle child, mused slapping his twin Jacob King on the back making him choke a little on his beer. Jacob smacked his brother upside the head with a laugh.

“You jerk!” He exclaimed as the table erupted in laughter beside, of course Neil who had a major hard on it was killing him not to drag Macy off to his underground dungeon in the club.

“You guys focus will you please!” Neil shouted smacking his hand on the table causing the laughter to cease. Macy rolled her eyes clearing her throat.

“Don’t worry about him you guys. He has a major hard-on right now. He might be a little grumpy for a little while until his hand can give him some release.” Jacob laughed as the others tried to keep theirs in. Neil turned his glare on her and she didn’t know, but she couldn’t speak. It was as if he was commanding her with his eyes and it seemed to make her embarrassingly wet.

He turned back to his brothers. “Antonio believes that he has killed Wolf and I led him to believe that his family has indeed moved to Arizona. Inform him Jacob as soon as you can. Kade make sure the rest of the team is following his every move. Dale and Derek you guys are in charge of finding out how he is getting more of military weapons. Brock I need you to hack into his security systems and have it linked to my phone so I can watch was goes on here when the place is empty.” All five of them nodded and before Macy knew it she was up in his arms, out of the booth and on her way to somewhere.

She turned her head up to look up at him. “Where are we going?” With a shake of his head and a smile that sent a shiver down her spine he answered.

“Oh you’ll remember.”

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