Strip Poker Disaster

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Aria Lee


“Okay, see you in a bit.” I said as I got off the phone. I had just been invited to the house of my friend Courtney, a cheerleader, to play a game of poker. I excitedly got dressed, and headed over to her house. When I got there, everything seemed perfectly normal. There were 4 girls and 1 guy sitting at a table with cards all laid out. Courtney got up and greeted me.

“Great! Ben’s here. Finally we can start.” she said. I recognized the other people at the table. The girls were Danielle (a blonde cheerleader), Elena (a brunette), Bryce (the hottest blonde at school), and Alyssa (a cheerleader who I had been friends with since I was 3). The boy was Tyler, the star quarterback on the varsity football team. I was certainly excited to be hanging with such a popular crowd.

The game started, and before I knew it we had been playing poker for around an hour. We all started to become visibly bored, so Courtney made a bold suggestion.

“How about a game of strip poker?” Courtney asked. I immediately looked around nervously, but as others muttered approval I had no choice but to go along with it. The game began, and little by little articles of clothing dropped from each member of the table. After about a half hour of play, Bryce was topless, her tanned, huge bust glistening with the slightest bit of sweat and complemented with her golden hair. On top of that, Courtney was in her panties, while Tyler and I were shirtless. Both me and Tyler had fairly nice bodies, and the girls seemed to enjoy eyeing us from across the table.

Tyler lost the next hand, and off went his pants. As his jeans dropped, I couldn’t help but notice an obvious protrusion in his boxers. It wasn’t an erection, but rather a long arcing bulge in his boxers. The girls said nothing, but as Tyler sat down I noticed Elena give Alyssa a stunned but excited look. Elena noticed me staring, and shot me a quick smile before focusing on her cards.

As things turned out, Tyler lost the next hand as well. All the girls seemed to drop their cards and get settled in anticipation, knowing that this time he would be completely bursa otele gelen eskort naked.

“Do it.” Danielle said. Bryce licked her lips. Tyler stood up, and boldly dropped his boxers to his ankles.

“That’s impressive…” Bryce muttered sexually as Tyler revealed his thick, long cock and huge balls. All the girls had a look of shock on their faces. “Tyler, you’re HUGE!” Courtney cooed.

From my spot on the table, I had a view basically from behind Tyler. What I saw was unbelievable. His dick hung well below his balls, almost to his knees. It looked to be about a foot, and as thick as a coke can, all while completely flaccid. The girls all sat there admiring his dangling rod of masculinity, while he stood there triumphantly. After Tyler sat down, I got a better look at his dick. It was truly gigantic, flopping around along with a pair of low-hanging apple-sized balls. I caught Bryce looking at Elena with her hands in a circle shape, trying to inconspicuously remark on the obvious size of Tyler’s engorged seed-makers.

We then carried on with the game as normal, which I was dreading more than ever. As luck would have it, I lost the next hand. I got up and took of my pants as quickly as possible, revealing my tightie-whities and then quickly sitting back down, saying nothing. Courtney stifled a giggle, perhaps at my awkward rush to sit back down, or perhaps at my lack of bulge.

After Alyssa and Danielle lost their first few hands, I lost another one. This was the moment I had been scared of. Here I was, about to get naked in front of 4 of the hottest girls from school who had all just finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over another man’s huge manhood. I stood up and froze awkwardly, not wanting to go through with it. Courtney noticed my hesitation.

“Oh, just get it over with,” Courtney said as she reached for the waistband of my briefs. Before I could react, she yanked down my briefs, revealing my tiny penis to the table. Immediately Courtney’s expression changed from that of playful laughter to pure shock. For a moment, all was silent. Then a few girls tried to hold back giggles. bursa eve gelen escort bayan The giggles evolved into full-blown laughter in a matter of seconds.

“It’s soooo small!” Danielle laughed with Courtney. Elena and Bryce were laughing at my small penis and balls as well, and even Tyler (the obvious Alpha-male of the table) joined in laughing at my misfortune. The only one not laughing was Alyssa. All I could see on her face was a look of pity. It was a look of pity at my humiliation, but also of shame that I (the boy whom she had spent so much time with as a kid) had never become a true man.

“Looks like somebody got short-changed in the manhood department!” Bryce laughed, using her thumb and forefinger to illustrate my tiny size. It wasn’t long before the girls decided they had to compare our sizes. Tyler, of course, loved the idea, and I had no choice. When we stood side by side, you could see the girls face’s change between the look of animalistic lust when they gazed at Tyler’s throbbing piece of meat, and the look of disgust when they saw my little penis sitting on top of my blueberry-sized balls. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt like a little boy next to Tyler, who probably felt like a king.

Eventually the humiliation led me to get hard. The girls noticed this, laughing at my tiny hard-on. “Let’s measure it!” Elena said in the same way that she would talk about a small, cute, puppy. By this time even Alyssa had joined in the fun. Courtney returned with a ruler, and measured both our penises.

“12 inches!” she said boldly after measuring Tyler’s soft cock. The measurement was followed by collective amazement and excited whispering among the girls. “3 inches!” Courtney said in a mock-pouty voice after measuring my penis. Laughter ensued among the girls.

“Tyler is 4 times as big as Ben even when he’s soft!” giggled Danielle.

“I…I…” I stammered nervously, not knowing what to say.

“Let’s see how big Tyler gets.” suggested Bryce, ignoring me with a look of pure desire on her face as she gazed upon Tyler’s cock. In an instant, the girls had forgotten all about me and were on their knees around Tyler’s dick.

“You’ve got one big dong,” cooed Alyssa. “He’s like a horse,” claimed Bryce. “Yeah, Tyler the Horse,” Elena added, satisfied with the nickname. Tyler just stood there, hands on his hips, looking at me as the 4 hottest girls at school all competed for opportunities to stroke his throbbing horse-cock. Before long, Tyler’s dick began to rise, creating a buzz of excitement among the girls. Once he was fully erect, Courtney grabbed 2 rulers, licking her lips.

“We need 2 rulers for this stud,” Courtney said, “Oh my god, 17 inches!” The girls all giggled, some rubbing his ripped chest. “He’s so manly, I need to fuck him,” said Bryce. She led him by the dick over to the table, laying him down on top of it. All the girls hurried over to get in on the action. Alyssa was the last to move, shooting me a quick sad glance, seeing me in all my humiliation, before turning to get a taste of the Alpha-male’s bigger cock.

Despite their change of location, I was still only about 10 feet away, and I was amazed to see that all 4 girls were jacking him off at once, with 8 hands gripping his absurd meat. I couldn’t help but jack off myself, admiring the spectacle all while trying not to cry. The girls began to take turns riding his cock. Bryce was first, her huge tits bouncing up and down as she rode Tyler the Horse. Next was Courtney, who screamed with pleasure as she forced Tyler’s cock inside her. Third was Danielle, who managed to make out with Tyler as she rode his manhood. Last was Alyssa. She mounted Tyler, letting a real man fill up her pussy lips. As she rode his cock, moaning in pleasure, a carnal urge overtook her. She looked over at me, jacking off and wallowing in my self-pity. She grinned.

“I can’t believe I ever was friends with you Ben!” she yelled while riding Tyler. “If I had known you had never grown up like the rest of us I would have never talked to you, I was done hanging out with toddlers a long time ago!” Tears were running down my face.

“Enjoy it while it lasts, because this is the only time you’ll ever know what it’s like for a girl to be satisfied by a real manly cock,” Alyssa continued. After that, Tyler pulled out, glazing all the girls’s hair, faces, and tits with shot after that of cum. The last bit he saved for me, coating my dick from 10 feet away. The girls giggled.

“Get out of my house, little boy,” said Courtney, tossing me my briefs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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