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Back when I was just an 18-year-old high school senior. I was an Olympic caliber swimmer. After an All-American senior swim season, I decided to compete in state, regional, and national competitions. To do this I had to seek sponsors for expenses such as training and lodging at each competition.

Luckily my dad knew this guy Ralph who owned a construction, excavation, and paving company. I went to Ralph and pleaded my case. Ralph was a very imposing character at his 6 feet and 4 inches. He was mammoth in size as well. He had to weigh at least 285 and I mean 285 in muscle. His chest huge so broad and defined above a little beer gut, His legs were sculpted, finely rippled from the years of manual labor.

Ralph was very receptive and made a strong promise to help out as much as possible. He said it wasn’t totally in his control however, as he had hired a man to run the business end of his operations. So Ralph took me to meet Joesph. Joesph was a little bowling ball of a man. He was probably around 5’8” weighing about 250. He was one big gut, balding and graying probably 10 years ahead of Ralph’s 42 years.

Joesph was an uptight penny pincher of a man. “How much will this set us back?” he asked. Upon replying around $15,000 he gasped. He gave Ralph a death stare and turned my way. “Absolutely not,” he said. Ralph pulled him away and they went at it. After a brief yet animated discussion Joesph reluctantly cut me a check. “You better be worth it kid,” he remarked.

I went straight into training. To have more time to focus on my development as a swimmer I dumped my girlfriend at the time Joyce. I spent every waking minute trying to better myself as a swimmer. I spent hours in the pool, in the weight room, running, and doing yoga. The training was paying dividends. My doughy 170 turned into a solid 185 pounds of fine tuned muscle. I lost all my baby fat off my newly shaved aerodynamic gaziantep escort body and in the process trimmed almost 5/10 of a second off my times.

A week to competition, a meet in Atlanta, I’m primed a perfect diet and intense training regiment have me at my peak. I was bursting with energy because of my trainer’s no getting off strategy, the same way boxers won’t have sex before matches. I invite my sponsors to the meet figuring there’s no way they’ll show for a meet so far away, but figure it was polite just the same. To save cash I would be traveling out to Atlanta by myself.

I get to Atlanta a day before the meet. Did a light work out and got a massage and called it an early night. At the meet I was unstoppable winning every heat I had entered. After the medal ceremony my two sponsors approached me. They congratulated me on my victory and invited me back to their hotel room for a celebration. I figured I would be lonely being on my own in Atlanta for another day and rationalized that I deserved to cut it loose for one night.

I arrived at their place to a room service meal and 2 bottles of champagne on the table. Ralph proposed a toast to my medal and me. We ate and drank like champs. Full and quite tipsy we removed ourselves from the table and plopped down on a couch. After yet another drink Ralph reminded Joesph that they had a surprise for me.

His memory refreshed Joesph produced a pair of Speedos the same brand and size as mine but emblazoned with their company logo. Surprised and moved by the gesture I thanked them profusely. “Go ahead try it on,” Ralph said. So I left and put it on in the bathroom. “Oh that’s great,” Ralph stated and asked me to turn around. Joesph moved in behind me saying he wanted to check out the print on the logo.

Sitting there modeling a pair of Speedos for two older men had an unanticipated konya escort effect on me perhaps it was the no sex vow but for some reason I started getting hard.

There was no hiding it in my tight suit. It was obvious I was aroused. “What’s that kid, showing off for two guys getting you hot, fag?” Ralph asked in a demeaning tone. “You want dick sissy?” In shock I couldn’t speak.

“Well here you go pussy,” Ralph exclaimed while yanking down his pants to expose a thick hard 7 incher. I bent at my waist taking his cock into my hand and licking its purple precum soaked mushroom tip.

From behind I felt my shorts being tugged down. Joesph yanked them down and spread my legs. He moved in close and started tonguing my hairless asshole. As he did I moaned. “This little slut loves it,” Ralph said. “Lick my balls faggot,” he barked.

As I licked his big hairy sweaty balls Joseph replaced his tongue with a finger and roughly finger banged my tight saliva coated entrance. Groaning in a mix of pain and pleasure I licked and sucked on Ralph’s balls.

Suddenly a second finger was shoved in my ass. Ralph meanwhile turned around for an ass licking and I did not disappoint at the moment nothing in the world was hotter than the idea that my face was buried in the ass of a guy my Dad’s age.

Joseph removed his fingers for a moment I felt empty. Then I felt the cool liquid lube being applied and three fingers were slammed into me. Then four, he was tearing my ass apart and I loved every second of it. Then I felt him tuck his thumb, he was going to fist me.

He got in a little ways but couldn’t form a fist. I wasn’t loose enough for that. Ralph turned back from his rim job and smacked my face with his cock smearing precum and spit across my cheeks and forehead. “I’m gonna fuck your ass slut,” he sneered.

I was placed on all kayseri escort fours as Ralph and Joseph switched up. Ralph oiled up his hard on and without mercy slammed into my asshole taking my cherry. Joseph fed me his fingers telling me to taste my asshole. Then presented a little 5-inch pecker for me to suck on.

I sucked away, deepthroating his 5 inches. Then I did it again and got his cock and balls in my mouth at the same time. As I did I heard and felt a stinging smack on my ass cheek as Ralph administered the first of many spanks.

Then Ralph told Joseph he had to get my asshole it was so tight. I was in some pain but loved my fuck just the same. I got nervous though when Ralph told Joseph to get under me and get inside me too. I thought there was no way I would be able to take both of them. Joseph got under me and attempted to no avail to get in me.

“Hold on a sec,” Ralph said as he pulled out of me. Ralph grabbed the lube slammed the top in my hole and squeezed until lube was spilling out of me. Allowing Ralph to enter first from the bottom we retried the dp and after a few moments of positioning and effort we succeeded, they both got their cocks in me.

I was stretched to the limit and in heaven. Two cocks pumping me hard, they weren’t going to last much longer. Ralph was ready first he pulled out and came to my face before I even got it in my mouth he was cumming coating my face in sperm and dripping on Joseph’s.

As I got it in my mouth I swallowed greedily all the semen I could. That was all Joseph could take as he unloaded his heavy nuts in my rectum. Filling my anus with his cum.

He slid out from under me as I remained on all fours, moving behind me he fingered my cum filled ass then fed it to me. I felt so slutty eating the cum from my asshole of his fingers. After my meal I was told to clean their dicks, which I did.

Joseph then jerked my hard shaved cock and played with my smooth balls until I burst. He caught my load in his hand and fed that to me too.

Finally they dressed again and said they had to go to sleep. They gave me $500 and said they would see me next meet. With that I left for my motel room excited and confused about what had just transpired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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