Aunt Vera

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I am an eighteen year old girl that lives with my parents and one sister. My Aunt Vera comes and visits often. She is the total opposite of my mother, she is fun and exciting. She has always been closer with me than my sister. We always go to the movies and out to eat when she comes. She is my mother’s sister and she is thirty-two years old, no husband or children, she is strictly a business woman, but she was a sexy.

She would come in to see us a couple of times a year, being as though she lives five hours away she can’t come more than that.

This particular time she visited, my mom picked her up on her way home and when they arrived at the house, she appeared to have smeared lipstick on her mouth and her shirt near her breasts. We thought this was strange, but we didn’t question it because Aunt Vera was wearing red lipstick and we all knew how excited she acted.

Aunt Vera hugged and kissed me, I even think she kissed me on my lips but I was not sure. I frowned but she smiled at me and asked how did it feel to finally be eighteen. I smiled and told her great, and even greater when I graduate. tecavüz porno She expressed that I should come and stay with her when I do, because living in the small town would get me nowhere.

My mom adamantly disagreed, but she smiled and winked and said we will see.

Later that night, I thought I heard some moaning. Being sure that everyone was asleep, I eased downstairs and saw my dad sitting on the couch, and Aunt Vera’s head was in his lap.

he had his head back with a look as if he was in heaven. I slipped away and was so upset. About ten minutes later I heard someone enter mom’s room, thinking it was dad, I eased to the door to see what was going to happen.

I was super shocked to see Aunt Vera! She got into bed with mom and kissed her forcefully and said, “I want you to taste your husband’s seed.” Mom nodded and they kissed and fondled each other until they were both moaning and shaking. Aunt Vera finished with mom and walked towards the door, and I ran back to my room before she saw me. I heard her tell my dad that mom was ready. üvey anne porno Dad went back into the room with mom, and I heard mom ask him how was it, he told her great as usual.

Dad started to get undressed and mom commented on how sexy the lipstick looked on his cock.

She decided to lick it off and I could hear him moaning again.

After several minutes of moaning, I heard their bed squeaking and I masturbated and fell asleep. I could not believe what was going on!

The next day mom and dad was working, and my sister was at our neighbor’s house. Aunt Vera came into my room fully dressed and heavily made up, the heavy amount of red lipstick she had on was very sexy. She smiled and walked up to me as I was getting ready to go to the store.

She asked if I liked her lipstick, I said of course, she smiled and asked if I had a boyfriend, I said no, then she asked if I wanted to borrow some of her lipstick, I said sure.

She smiled, grabbed me, and kissed me. Lipstick was all over my mouth because she was passionately kissing me. I was üvey erkek kardeş porno in shock because not only was this a woman, she is my Aunt! We continued kissing and then she dropped down to my breasts and started kissing them thru my shirt. Her kissing caused red lipstick to be all over my shirt much like mom’s shirt was the day Aunt Vera arrived.

I was getting so hot until I almost collasped right there.

She smiled and lifted my shirt and kissed and licked my breasts. After several minutes of this, she told me to lay down. I did, and she applied the red lipstick very heavily to my lips. Aunt Vera pulled up her skirt and sat on my face and told me to eat her out. I ate her and she erupted right on my face, it seemed as if she cummed forever. She was rubbing her pussy all over my lips and then she got down and rubbed her breasts all over my face and mouth.

Then she ate my already soaking wet clit out and I cummed so hard until I was screaming.

When she finished ravishing me, she stuffed her tongue deep into my mouth. Then smiled and whispered that when my mom came home, I was to tell her that I was moving with her when I graduated.

She expressed her excitement about my being her red mouthed slut niece. When mom came home, I told her, and she seemed upset but didn’t dare protest.

I went to live with her and she certainly kept me full of red lipstick, as well as other things!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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