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Big Tits

Author’s Note: All participants are over the age of 18. This is my first submission and constructive criticism is appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


“Anybody home?!” Matt shouted into the quiet house. He let the front door close behind him as he dropped his backpack next to his suitcase. “Hello?”


The voice came from behind him was a woman’s and was at the same time strange and familiar. Turning around, Matt saw a blonde blur before he was almost bowled over by a person about a head shorter than he was. He felt slim but strong arms wrap around her chest and smelled a familiar scent of strawberries. Jen. There was a great sense of calm that Matt felt at his sister’s arms around him. He had been away at college for a full 8 months without coming home and didn’t realize how much he missed his family until then. Matt glanced down to confirm his suspicions and indeed saw a blonde head resting against his chest. With a smile, Matt took Jen by the shoulders and pushed her back to examine her.

“See I’ve got a sister,” he said with a smile. “But you are waayyyy blonder than she is!”

Jen smiled back and gave her hair a little flip. “Do you like it bro?”

Matt opened his mouth to speak, but was momentarily lost for words. It wasn’t the hair that struck him dumb, but his sister herself. When he had left for college in September, Jen had been growing into womanhood, still awkwardly trying to find herself. Yet over the last few months, she had grown into an amazing woman. Matt had seen pictures from her 18th birthday that had hinted at her beauty, but to behold her now, he was speechless.

Gone were the braces and glasses with scraggly hair and instead was a perfect smile set against soft, smooth skin. Her now blonde hair fell gracefully onto her shoulders, resting on the blue tank top she wore. The fabric hugged her body, her breasts perfectly round and pushing on the straps. Her legs were bare, her hips and ass tucked into a pair of jean shorts that left little to the imagination. Matt’s breath was taken away as he beheld the woman before him

“Seriously do you like it?” Jen asked again. “I’m starting to feel self-conscious”

“No!” Matt said quickly. “It looks great.”

Jen smiled and gave him another big hug. “I’m glad you’re home. I’ve really missed you.” As she turned and walked away, Matt couldn’t help but watch the gentle sway of Jen’s ass as she sauntered off. He was distracted enough that he stood there for a few minutes after, painfully aware of how hard his cock had gotten looking at his sister.

Carrying his bags upstairs, Matt tossed them onto his bed and made his way back downstairs. Hearing the TV in the den, Matt followed the sound to find Jen sprawled on the couch watching some show about housewives of some city. Pretending not to see her, Matt went and started to sit on her stomach.

“Hey! Cut it out!” Jen said with a laugh.

“Oh sorry,” Matt said with mock sincerity. “Didn’t see you there.”

Jen slapped his shoulder and sat up. “Bastard.”

“Oh you know it,” Matt laughed, settling into the couch. “Where are mom and dad?”

“The Dominican.”


Jen laughed. “Yeah they didn’t tell you. One of their friends had a deal or something like that so they are on vacation for another week.”

“And they left you alone?”

“I’m 18 now thanks,” Jen said, rolling her eyes. “I’m not a little kid anymore.”

Matt was almost too eager to agree with her. “No you aren’t.”

Jen rested her head on her brother’s shoulder. “I’ve really missed you. It isn’t the same not having you around the house.”

Almost instinctually, Matt wrapped his arm around her, resting his palm on the side of her stomach. He pulled her close to him, feeling the warmth of her body as she tucked her legs under her and snuggled even closer into him. He felt the slow rise and fall of her chest as she lay against him and to Matt, nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. After a few minutes, Jen tilted her head up to him and Matt looked down at her. Jen’s lips were barely parted and it looked as if she wanted to say something, but the longer the gaze lasted, the more intense it seemed to get. Maybe it was Matt’s wishful thinking, but he could’ve sworn Jen was about to kiss him.

But the moment passed and Jen laid her head back down on his shoulder, this time shifting her position so her breasts were firmly against Matt’s body. Not for the first time today, Matt felt a stirring in his groin and was suddenly worried his sister might notice. He didn’t have the biggest cock in the world, but he was pretty well endowed and his shorts were loose enough to betray his erection. Matt shifted a little but his hand slipped down and he only managed to grab his younger sister’s ass.

“You bad boy,” Jen mock scolded. “Were you trying to grab my ass?”

“I, uh, no…” Matt started, suddenly embarrassed and stuttering. This only made Jen laugh more.

“It’s okay brother,” she said giving him a soft kiss on pornhub the cheek. “You’re not the first guy to go crazy over my ass.”

Jen got up off the couch and made her way outside, exaggerating the shaking of her hips for Matt’s viewing as she walked away. Through the sliding door Matt saw her push the jean shorts to her ankles revealing a tiny red bikini bottom and pulled her tank top off to reveal an equally small top. The fabric barely covered her areola and offered a magnificent view of her breasts and ass. Jen’s bronze body had seen a lot of sunlight and she kept it in great shape. Almost instantly, the erection Matt had been staving off was at full salute.

As Jen splashed into the pool, Matt made his way upstairs to his room, quickly closing the door behind him. He pulled his cock from his pants, all seven inches of meat laying in his hand as he frantically and almost desperately started to stroke it. Matt tried to think of porn stars or celebrities that he would fuck but his mind went back to Jen over and over again. He imagined her soft lips pressed against his, imagined her tight little body wrapped around his shaft, imagined her moans of pleasure as they fucked. It didn’t’ take long for him to finish, coming into a sock like he had back in high school.

His orgasm was intense, and it left him flushed and breathing hard. Matt cleaned himself up then collapsed in bed. He told himself that all he needed was a nap; that he was horny after not getting laid for two months and this was just a manifestation of that. He told himself he didn’t want to fuck his little sister, but in the back of his mind he knew it wasn’t the truth. Matt pulled off the remainder of his clothes and lay on top of the sheets in his boxers. His mind wandered, but it wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

Matt was awakened by a bouncing sensation and awoke with a start to see Jen straddling him, bouncing the both of them up and down on the bed.

“Wake up!” She shouted, her damp hair falling like a curtain around them.

It took Matt a few seconds to fully awaken but the realization of his circumstance didn’t take long to register. Every time Jen bounced, she was landing her still wet bikini clad pussy right on top of Matt’s boxers and his growing erection.

“Come on,” Jen repeated. “Get up!”

“I, uh, just give me a sec sis.”

“What is this distracting you?” she asked, increasing the speed of her bouncing.

“Fuck yeah it’s distracting me,” Matt said quickly, “Knock it off.”

Jen stopped bouncing for a minute and leaned in, bringing her face right to Matt’s. “Make me.”

With a grin, Matt rolled over, pinning her underneath him. They had played this game for years as children, even though Matt had always been the stronger of the two. As she had grown, Jen had become stronger too, and now she was wrestling Matt and giving him a run for his money. The two of them rolled around on the bed, each trying to get the upper hand on the other. Jen squealed and laughed as they rolled around until finally she grabbed a pillow and hit Matt over the head with it. In defeat, Matt lay down on the bed as though he’d been knocked out, supine and at her mercy.

Jen straddled Matt and raised her arms in victory, but instead of a smile, her face took a more serious look. As Matt caught his breath from the exertion and laughing, he realized in the struggle he had become fully erect again and Jen was sitting right on his boner. Jen seemed transfixed, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Matt was aware of how warm her crotch was pressed up against his. He tried to shift himself, but only managed to rub his hard cock right over Jen’s pussy. Her breath caught in her throat, but she didn’t move away. Matt propped himself up and looked at her.

“I’m sor…”

Jen put her finger to his lips. Hesitantly leaning forward, Jen pressed her lips gently to Matt’s. They sat like that for almost a minute, their lips barely touching, feeling their bodies pressed against each other’s.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Jen whispered when the kiss was broken.

“Would it be crazy if I said I wanted to do it too?”

“No,” she said with a smile. “You know why I never stayed with any of my boyfriends?”


“They weren’t you.”

“But I’m your brother.”

“So?” Jen leaned forward and kissed Matt again, this time deeply and passionately, pressing herself against his body, grinding their crotches together as their mouths danced together. Jen ran her tongue over Matt’s lips and he responded by sucking it gently. They ran their hands over each other’s body, reveling in how the other felt. Jen was rocking her hips over Matt’s cock, grinding her barely covered pussy against it with frantic desire. Matt’s hands slid down to her ass, pressing her harder against him as he matched her thrusts with his own.

The second time Jen broke the kiss. She gazed into Matt’s eyes, her own filled with desire. She reached to her back and undid porno 92 the strap of her bikini. She let the fabric fall away onto the ground and she gently caressed herself as Matt watched.

“Do you like them?” she asked, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

Matt pulled her close for another kiss. “I love them” he whispered in her ear. Sitting her up again, he kissed down her neck, her chest until he reached her bare breast. Jen’s nipple was hardening in the cool air conditioning and Matt sucked it into his warm mouth. Jen gasped in pleasure, continuing the slow grind as her hands caressed the back of Matt’s head. After a few minutes of one nipple, Matt switched to the other with the same effect. Jen’s breathing was becoming more ragged as Matt’s careful ministrations continued, her panties were soaked with desire and her crotch radiated heat as she straddled her big brother.

“Matt?” she said, barely able to whisper.


“I want to suck your cock”

Matt leaned back from her breasts and smiled. “Then go ahead.”

Sliding down the bed, Jen slowly worked her brother’s shorts to his ankles, unleashing his cock from its fabric. Jen felt her pulse quicken as she saw his wide and long Matt’s cock was. She had always imagined how big it was, but finally feeling the hard, hot meat in her hand was more amazing than she had imagined. Slowly, she leaned forward, licking the pre-cum from the tip before she swirled her tongue around his head.

“Fuck you’re so good at that,” Matt groaned

“Mmmmm you ain’t seen nothing yet big brother”

Jen took a breath then slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. She could feel her mouth spread a little as she took his cock deeper into her mouth, sucking gently. Matt’s tip left her mouth with a pop, leaving a trail of spit behind it. Jen took it, rubbing Matt’s shaft and getting it wet with her saliva. Then she really went to work, bobbing up and down on his cock, pushing it as deep as she could into her mouth before pulling it out with a gasp. Matt was beginning to twitch and jump with pleasure as Jen sucked him. He could feel his head touching the back of Jen’s throat as she gagged on him.

Matt held his breath for a moment, caressing his sister’s hair. “You’re gonna make me cum” he whispered.

Jen smiled as she pulled his cock from her mouth. “Mmmm not yet handsome. You gotta make me cum first.” Matt grinned as he sat up, giving Jen a quick kiss as they changed positioned. He spread her legs, moving his face closer to her panties. He could smell the sweetness of her sex as he saw the dampness on the fabric. He slowly moved her underwear to one side, exposing her slit. Starting at the very bottom, Matt slowly ran his tongue up the length of her pussy as Jen gasped and moaned loudly.

“You like that little sister?”

Jen didn’t answer, but tightened her grip on her brother’s hair as her legs trembled on the soft mattress. Matt dove back in with gusto, licking and sucking as Jen practically screamed in pure pleasure. He watched for moment as her juices dripped from her pussy down her asshole and onto the bed. Matt licked up every drop her could, his tongue teasing his sister’s asshole as he did so. She jumped and squealed with delight.

“You’re gonna make me cum big brother.”

The words were barely a whisper. Jen’s breathing was ragged, her moans now simply gasps as she felt her orgasm building inside her. Her words did nothing but spurn Matt on as he slipped his tongue inside her wet slit, teasing and toying her clit, desiring nothing more in that moment than to taste his little sister’s cum. It wasn’t long before Jen’s back was arched, her pussy grinding against Matt’s face, her heart pounding, legs shaking as the orgasm crashed over her. She settled back down to the bed, legs twitching as she looked down at Matt.

It seemed to Jen she had never seen Matt smiling so big. She could see her wetness on his face and was even more aroused as she saw Matt sticking his tongue out as far as he could to clean her juice from his face. As Matt finished cleaning his face, Jen wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. They sat and kissed for what seemed to Jen like blissful hours, though it was only a matter of minutes. She felt Matt’s warm, hard body pressed up against hers and knew there was only one way the night could end.

Without breaking the kiss, Jen leaned back in bed, pulling her brother with her. Reaching down to his pulsing cock, she gave a few short strokes before she guided it to her aching pussy. Matt suddenly broke the kiss and tried to move away, but Jen’s arms were around his neck and he couldn’t move far.

“But Jen,” Matt whispered. “We are…”

“I know,” she whispered back. “We are brother and sister and it’s wrong and taboo and we shouldn’t do it and I don’t care. I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me yours because I’ve always been yours.”

Matt’s heart nearly qiqitv porno burst from his chest as he listened. He saw his sister, the woman, not just the little toddler who he annoyed and the younger sister who had always followed him. He saw that she was a woman. Saw that she was his woman. Without another word, Matt positioned himself over her and started to slide himself into her warm wet pussy. The head parted her lips and spread her wide as he slipped inside her. Jen gasped and moaned, body trembling with delight as Matt went deeper and deeper inside of her, her wetness providing more than able lubrication for him

Jen moaned loudly, holding Matt close as she felt him enter her. She could feel her pussy stretch around his hard cock and it felt to her like something she was missing her whole life had been returned to her. The pair paused as Matt slid completely inside her, his balls resting against her asshole. The two stared into each other’s eyes as they savored the sensation of one another. Matt gasped as he saw tears slowly running down Jen’s cheeks.

“Jen…” he started, and began to pull away from her. Jen immediately wrapped her legs around him, pinning him inside her.

“Don’t,” she whispered. “It’s okay.”

“Then why?” he asked, his hand moving to her face to wipe away the tears.

Jen smiled and kissed him tenderly. “Because you belong inside me. It’s just…perfect.”

Matt leaned in and kissed her deeply. His arms wrapping around her as he began slowly rocking himself inside her. Almost immediately their breathing became heavier as Jen thrust her hips up to match his strokes. She gasped each time she felt the full length of his shaft inside her, her hands moving over her brother’s back as his tempo increased. The slapping sound of their bodies echoed in the still house, both so engrossed in one another that the world around seemed to fade away.

Matt’s strokes her coming hard and fast now, his cock burying itself to the hilt inside Jen’s soaked pussy. Bringing one hand to his tongue, Matt licked and sucked the tips, getting them wet with his spit before moving down to circle Jen’s clit. His touch had an immediate effect as Jen sat upright almost immediately, mouth open and panting with delight. Her fingernails dug into Matt’s back as thrust upwards to his hand and cock. Without warning, Jen’s body went stiff, and a loud groan emanated from her throat. She pulled herself to Matt as she came, her pussy spasming around his hard cock. As the orgasm receded, Jen caught her breath and looked into her brother’s eyes.

“I want to ride you big brother.”

Switching positions took a matter of seconds. Matt held his cock upright in his hand as he watched his sister lower herself onto it. There was no hesitation this time, no slowness as she took his full length immediately and started to ride him hard and fast. Matt’s hands grabbed her ass as he thrust into her. Jen sat up and leaned back, savoring the cool air on her bare breasts, teasing her rock hard nipples as she felt her brother slamming her pussy.

Matt watched his sister above him, her body bare and warm, glistening with a soft layer of sweat. Her pussy was wrapped tight around his shaft, her juices running down his balls and legs, more dripping out with each thrust. Matt slowed his pace, feeling his orgasm close and not wanting the moment to end. He leaned forward and took one of her breasts roughly in his mouth, sucking hard on her sensitive nipple, tasting the saltiness of her sweat. Jen gasped and moaned, her hands finding the back of Matt’s head and pressing himself into her breast, wishing the entire globe could disappear into his mouth.

Jen ground herself down on his cock, savoring the hard meat inside her and judging by her brother’s increased breathing that he was close to orgasm. She bounced herself hard, fingers caressing every part of him she could as she felt him pound her again and again.

“I’m gonna come Jen.”

She needed no more encouragement. Jen rode him as hard as she could, squeezing him inside her as she bounced on his shaft. Matt put his hands on her hips and started to lift her off him so her could come, but Jen pushed herself down on him, pinning him in the bed and preventing his removal. Two thrusts later and Jen felt his hot come inside her, coupled with a loud groan for her brother. Jen rocked a few more times on his deflating cock before collapsing onto his chest. The two didn’t move for a while, their breathing hard and their hearts still pounding in their chests. Jen felt Matt’s cock deflating inside her, felt the warmth of his come as it slowly leaked out of her, mixed with her own.

“That was…” Jen started to say, but trailed off, unable to find the words.

“Amazing?” Matt asked.

She giggled. “That doesn’t seem to do it justice”

Matt laughed at that. “So true.” He sighed as she snuggled closer to him, his arms wrapped around her protectively. They lay in Matt’s bed for a long time without speaking; the sweat and come that mixed between their bodies spoke more than they ever could. With a sigh, Jen sat up and moved to stand. Her legs were still a little shaky but she walked to the foot of the bed and picked up a towel lying there. She wrapped it around her body and went back to her brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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