Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish Ch. 04

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After taking some time to cool off, I find myself pulling up to my driveway. It’s getting late now, I’ve missed dinner for sure, and once I turn off my car in front of my house, I’ve started to get anxious again. I sigh and pull out a cigarette, a few more minutes safe in my car might do some good. After lighting it up and taking a long drag, I start to think about the events of the last 24 hours or so. I had been tied up in the back of a strip club, seduced and then orally taken advantage of by my eldest daughter, who is also a stripper, then the next morning, seduced again, and fucked by said oldest daughter. This does not even include the act I had done before all of this. Mouth raping my youngest when they both first arrived! That same daughter, the young one this time, also saw me and the eldest walking out of the eldest’s room, acting like two people who just got done having sex. Oh AND I gave the eldest 50 dollars right in front of the youngest. The 50 was for plan B… because I came inside the oldest…

I let my head hit my steering wheel in frustration. The worst part of all of this? I felt more alive after all of the antics with my eldest daughter Heather then I had, well, ever. I liked it. I loved it, and I wanted it to happen again. I raise my head and look at my reflection in the rear view mirror.

“I am a bad father.” I find myself saying aloud. After a few ringing seconds of quiet, I find myself laughing quietly, a sad kind of laughter. It was very true, and I had no idea how to fix the situation I was in now.

I get out of my car and walk my way to the door. With a deep breath I open it, and step my way into the kitchen. I feel my back tighten when I see the two girls, mildly alarmed by my sudden appearance at the door. They both give me smiles, Heather’s is full of life and Kara’s is, well, almost apprehensive. I close the door, at least they are not mad at one another. Heather is dressed very different then how she left, full tight jeans and white sneakers propped up on the table, with a zip up running top. An odd combination for her, perhaps she had gone out? Kara was in a large black hoodie and what seemed to be a simple black skirt, kind of gothic like, a thick material that just passed her knees. She had on long black socks and a pair of her flats, much in her style, but both girls were rather bulkily dressed, and if I am not much mistaken, the heat in the house must be on. Heather pats my Lazy boy.

“Welcome home pops, saved you a seat,” she says cutely. I almost laugh at her stale joke, but instead, I walk over to my seat, trying very hard to keep my senses alert. Both my girls spring up, Heather walks right over and takes my coat, and Kara walks to open the fridge. She grabs a beer for me and some other beer-like drink for herself. I am still on guard for what is going on, but Heather pushes me into my seat and goes to hang my coat… it is hot in here. I am watching Heather with suspension, what could those two have talked about. Did Heather cover our actions with some story?

“Long day?… Daddy?”

I feel my eyes widen slightly as I turn my eyes to the source of the question. Kara is holding out the beer she opened for me, a plain expression under beautiful blue eyes. I feel myself shiver, the last time my youngest had called me daddy was… I swallow pointedly, and take the beer, avoiding looking at her eyes, very beautiful indeed. I nod and smile, trying not to let the situation get awkward again, I mean, as far as the situation could be going, this was pretty good.

“We were just talking about you dad,” Heather says and I raise my eyebrows at her.

“Oh yeah? All good things I hope?” I say, honestly curios as to what they might have been saying. Kara sits down between the two of us, and Heather leans forward to keep speaking to me.

“Well questions mostly, do you mind if we ask you a few?” She says innocently. I shrug and take a swig of beer. Right away I smack my lips, it’s not my normal stuff, stronger I think, but not bad.

“Sure, what do you want to know?” I say glancing at the TV, some show about female models is on, they seem to be in competition of some kind. Heather giggles.

“I know! Lets make it a game! Each one of us will ask a question and we can go in a row! Like a little get to know one another game.” She says, again I see no harm in that. Honestly it might be a good time to find out a little about them in our time apart, even if it is a bit sudden. I nod and sip my beer again. Heather sits up straighter. “Ok I will start, that ok?” She asks, I agree, and Kara is looking straight ahead, but also nod, she seems to be very interested in the TV. “And no lying! If I think your lying I’m going to call you out!” she warns, and I smile. What would I have to lie about? I wonder taking another swig of my drink. “OK, let me think… How many sexual partners have you had?” She asks.

I nearly spit out my beer. What kind of game was this going to be? I thought this bitlis seks hikayeleri was a ‘what was your first job or first tattoo’ kind of questions game. I look over at my eldest, her cheeks were perked up in a grin as she sips her drink. She really did think I was going to play along! How could I answer that question with both my daughters being the only ones who would hear the total? I thought she had said they had been talking about his before I came home? Surly this was not the subject matter they had been discussing?


I feel my eyes widen as I turn to look at my youngest. She was still looking pointedly at the TV, but she was blushing a little bit. Heather frowns at her.

“Including same sex.” Heather corrects and I feel my eyes widen even farther. What was she insinuating? Kara’s face grows hot, and she throws a dirty look at her sister.

“Four” she says finally. My jaw drops slightly. My youngest daughter had slept with another girl? I definitely had not figured that, if either of them I would have guessed Heather but… Kara looks over toward me. “Need another beer…Daddy?” She says hesitantly. I look down in my hand and see my beer is almost gone… I was nervous drinking again. I finish it off and Kara gets up to get me another. Once she is seated again, Heather clears her throat.

“Well? I did not hear a number yet Pops.” She says, waiting with a grin. I run my hands in my hair… well now I had to think. I try my best to remember, but I have much more time of life to sift through. After a minute or so I think I have the number… but I have to know something first, to see if I can lower my total.

“Does sexual partners mean… like… just intercourse?” I ask, and Heather giggles, Kara glances at me, but then keeps her eyes on the TV.

“We will say, sex or oral” she says, her eyes flashing. I realize, when I give her my number, I will also be telling her what number SHE is. Oh well, can’t back off now.

“Twenty-three” I say, but I feel I have to defend myself as Heather laughs and claps and Kara’s eyes bulge. “But it’s quite a bit lower if it’s… you know, just sex.” This really only makes the two girls look at me. My dick jumps in my pants when I watch the both of them nearly in unison, lick their lips unconsciously. Heather trills.

“Oh, yeah? So dad likes to be on the look-out for blowjob queens and head whores?” She says as if it is news to her, and the most interesting thing ever. I sputter at the dirty way that she says it.

“That’s not exactly what I…” I start to say, but honestly how was I going to correct her? Restate exactly what she said in a less dirty way? What she had said was ultimately true, I did seem to be good at finding women who didn’t mind sucking me off just watch my reactions. Even recently, my blowjob to sex ratio was very one sided. I really should call that Kelly girl back. So instead of arguing, I take a deep swig of my beer. Heather continues to giggle but she does not seem upset at all about my number, perhaps she likes the fact that I have been with more then a few women. Heather then gives Kara a soft shoulder bump.

“Ok, ok, your turn for a question Care.” She says, downing her drink and getting up for a refill. Kara takes a quick sip of her own then looks between the two of us. Heather comes back with yet another beer for me, I am not quite done with the one I have, so I finish it off and grab the new one, glad for something to do with my hands. Kara clears her throat.

“What… part of the body… do you find most… sexually attractive?” She says slowly, looking first at Heather, but finishing her sentence while looking at me, only mild interest in her face. I feel my hands go cold, and I watch Heathers eyes light up. Just as quickly as the thought of saying legs appears in my mind, if vanishes. Heather knew better then most, and she would call me out the second a tried to bullshit my way out of this one. Instead I try desperately to try another path.

“What’s with all these… sexual based questions? I mean… is this really the only things you two want to know?” I say, trying my best to sound fatherly. It seems to work on Kara, she lets her eyes fall to the ground and she bites at her lip. But Heather just laughs and crosses her legs.

“Oh don’t be like that Dad! We can find out all the other types of aspects of what you have been doing knocking around this house over some nice dinner at a restaurant. Right now we are just two girls and a guy, drinking a few nips, and asking the kinds of questions one can only ask in confidence… don’t you… trust us, Dad?” she says, putting those last few words in her best pouty sad voice. To put the nails in my proverbial coffin, Kara raises her eyes again, a kind of, apologetic begging in her eyes. I sigh, knowing I am beaten, I drain my third beer. Heather starts off the question.

“Sexual? God it has to be those things! You know the ones! On a guys hips! You know, the ones I was playing with on dad that one time after the bar!” She says and bites her lips hard. “Fuck! More men should have those…but then again, it helps sort out the sexy ones I guess.” She says sipping her drink. I feel my face getting red. Heather had played with those very spots both times we had been sexual, in the strip club, and this morning in bed. Kara nods along, as if agreeing. So perhaps the both of them put me in the ‘sexy ones’ category. Then both sets of eyes turn toward me. I pull my beer from my mouth and steady myself, this would most likely be an interesting reaction.

“Well, myself, I think that, sexually… that I would have to say a women’s… Feet, are the biggest turn on for me.”

Now I had been ready for several reactions from my two daughters. In Heathers case, I was spot on with my guess: Smugness. She was most likely very proud that she was already well aware of my secret, and that it was going to force me to be honest. I was not however, prepared for Kara’s reaction. I had been thinking, laughter, mocking, understanding. This was not to be the case though it seems. Kara’s eyes seem fit to burst right out of her head and her jaw drops as quickly as the bottle in her hand. The bottle had nearly been empty so the contents to not make to much of a mess as the bottle clatters to the ground, not breaking, but making quite a noise. She gapes at me in disbelief, for a time, then quickly rounds on her sister, a demanding glare on her face, as if this was somehow Heathers fault! Heather however, ignores her sisters gaze and, with difficulty through her laughter, speaks to me.

“Yeah I thought so. Thought I caught you sneaking a peek at my feet a few times since I got here,” she says as innocently as she could through her stifled giggles. Kara suddenly looks over at me with question, then looks forward and down, her mouth still slightly open, as if trying to remember if she could recall any times I might have been peeking at her feet. She was after all, in flip-flops or barefoot most of the time. I quickly stand up and grab the bottle Kara dropped, not looking at her sock and flat clad feet and retreat to the kitchen to get myself another drink.

What was I doing?! I think as I grab another beer and open it. I did not need to take part in this game. Why did I just admit that? And more importantly, what was with Kara’s reaction? Was it because she had a foot fetish herself? Why would that be Heathers fault in any way? I hear the two of them having a very quick exchange or words, Heather sounding giddy, and Kara snippy. I take a drink, should I stop the game here… how bad was this going to turn out in at the end of this?

“Daddy?” My body freezes, Kara’s voice saying that word… it has a resounding effect on me now. “Can you get me another one of the Seagrams?” She says innocently. I close my eyes for a moment, collecting myself.

“Sure thing… sweetie” I say trying hard to make it seem like the little pet names are a normal thing. I grab one of the pink flavored drinks and turn around. The two of them are waiting patiently for me to return…but… I blink. Both of the girls had removed their jackets. Kara was now wearing a very tight black tank top, Heather had on one almost just like it, but in pink. Their now bare arms and shoulders letting them both look much more attractive, their breasts stretching the shirts… and if I was not mistaken, two sets of hard nipples poking out of braless shirts, more visible proof of them being fit and attractive young woman. The sudden change catches me off guard. I take a sip and then walk my way over to the girls, Heather suddenly slides to the far side of the coach, away from Kara, she grins at me.

“Why not sit with us, instead of being all reclusive in you lazy boy?” She says patting the area between the two of them. I have long since given up arguing with her on the little things, so I grin and scooch myself to sit between them, luckily the two girls are quite small, my large frame makes it a little snug on the couch. I feel Kara’s leg and shoulder on mine and try not to look like it’s a big deal. I could have sworn this couch was bigger. Heather places her hand on my leg, causing me to jump a little. At this range, I can clearly see the outline of her nipples poking out of her pink tank top.

“Comfy?” She says, leaning toward me. I nod and give my best smile I can manage right now.

“Sure is snug… are you sure you would not rather-,” I start, but Kara cuts me off, her bored voice coming slightly more rushed then before.

“It’s your turn, Dad.” She says, then looks like she misspoke, I see Heather throw her a dirty look for some reason. And both girls drink some of their beverages. I look between the two of them with some confusion, but decide to let it pass for now.

“OK… my turn.. well.” I start but Heather cuts me off.

“And don’t be an old man about it, Dad, ask something you actually want to know.” She warns, poking me in the side. I try to laugh it off but Kara insists as well.

“Yeah, Daddy, you don’t wanna be boring right?” She says, as if that would be the worst thing ever. I look between the two of them… This was simply not fair, how was I supposed to maintain my composure when they teamed up on me like this? My mind runs rampant with that though for a moment… Heather riding my dick while Kara rides my face… I shake my head quickly. None of that! I needed to keep this as normal as possible. I settle on a safe… Dirty question… one that would be asked by any sane man, not just a horny father.

“What do you prefer in a man? You know, like your dream guy?” I say with interest. The question seems to pass because both of them look like they start to think. Naturally Heather speaks first.

“Strong, you know, big arms and such.” She says, Kara speaks almost right after.

“I like long hair, kinda… biker-ish or basest.” The two go back and forth.

“Tall, decently taller than me.”


“I love when a guy spoils me too! You know buys me stuff.”

“A little facial scruff is nice.”

“Pretty eyes.”

“Brown eyes”

“Works with his hands.”

“Goes out of his way to help me… like… carrying stuff,” Kara says, I listen intently, and with each comment I feel myself breathing a little heavier… If I did not know any better, it sounded like they were describing…

“God… sounds a lot like someone I know,” Heater says, as if this is news to her. She gives me a faint smile just before Kara puts her drink down from chugging it.

“Big dick, too,” Kara says in her normal tone, but I have to remind myself to breath. Did she really just say that!? I look at her with raised eyebrows. She glances at me and her face has gone red. She stands up quickly. “Need a refill, Daddy?” she asks, padding to the kitchen. Heather nods and shrugs,

“I can agree to that, so how about it, Dad?” She asks, gesturing at my crouch I nearly choke. Mostly because I am well aware that she knows better them most women I had been with exactly what I was packing, but I was not just going to play that game! I take the beer from Kara as she comes back, noting that she too still has a set of hard dots on the front of her shirt.

“Is that your question? Seems unfair, since Kara won’t be able to answer that question,” I say, trying to play it calm. Heather laughs and Kara frowns.

“Ok, ok, you’re right, let me see here,” she says, playing with her lips as she thinks. Then, her eyes suddenly open wide, an idea had hit her, and this could mean only more trouble was about to take place. “Ah… I have one. So you said that you have a thing for girls feet right?” She asks, making me blush, Kara also blushes, and looks at her older sister, just as curios as I was. “So spill it, who has cuter feet, Kara or me?”

I actually close my eyes tight. I really should have seen this coming. I mean, look who was coming up with the questions. Yet, I have no one to blame but myself for allowing Heather enough rope to hang me with. She really was a mastermind of this game so far. Even so, like a long lost game of chess, I try to work my way forward without losing pieces, I notice the two of them staring at me, honestly they both seem like they really want to know. Kara is actually biting her lip in anticipation. Suddenly I come up with a plan. Perhaps I was over thinking this, maybe the simple path was the way to go.

“Kara” I say simply, and sip my drink. Their reactions mark my first victory for the night. Heather lets her eyes flash and her face drops to a slight frown. Kara on the other hand turns bright red, looking down at her socks and flats. Heather continues to glare across at me, not only does she want more of an answer then that, but her competitive side is getting the best of her. As far as she knows, I have only seen hers up close, and while that’s not quite true, I had snuck a few kisses on my youngest feet on that faithful night a while back, Heather definitely knew how to use her feet more effectively. Heather speaks grumpily.

“Just like that huh?” she says quickly. I shrug at her which makes her grit her teeth slightly. She sucks on her tongue for a moment, so I speak.

“So, unless Kara has a preference between the two of you?” I say nonchalantly. Kara goes even redder, if possible. I just want the game to move on, we would have to run out of questions here shortly. But Heather will not give in so easily.

“Under the rules we can call out lying… and I’m not going to call it a lie, if, you can give good reason to why you think Kara’s are cuter then mine!” She says confidently. I blink a few times. That had not been a part of the deal. But I swallow and think of how to move forward. Kara is breathing heavily, but looks up at me, waiting for my reasons. I am not sure what is ramping up my youngest so much, but I decide it is best just to try and answer.

“Well, for one thing… she… well her feet are, softer looking, and…” I start, but Heather cuts me off.

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