Bastille Day Ch. 05

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Did I get carried away again? No apologies! What started as just an enticing suggestion on a Literotica forum had turned into an unplanned celebration of Nudist Day with erotic experiences that exceeded – were exceeding – anything I had anticipated.

I woke up in the early morning with erection, but only with one telling me that I had to go to the bathroom. I tried to slip out of bed without disturbing Marge, but she snorted and followed me, snorting again as she watched me use the washbasin. She used the toilet and, we returned to bed, snorting again as we lay down. I remembered what Marge had mentioned before we went to sleep and asked:

“Anna? She said she wanted to spend a night with us? More with you or with me?”

Hm-hmm! We two have done pretty much everything we can with each other, so I suspect more with you.”

“Mmmm! If you don’t mind. We have, too, I think, but if she wants to. Petra didn’t seem adverse to what she had said.”

“No. … She could hardly complain after what all you two did.”

“Nice, that you said you didn’t have to be envious.”

“Oh, I was a little, having to watch you two finally finish, forgetting for the moment that I had just had two orgasms.”

“Yeah, I guess it was quite a show; it did occur to me that you all could see exactly what was going on.”

“Oh, we could, but none of us could really complain.”

“That’s good. Whose idea was it for you and Anna to change places? That surprised us.”

“Hm-hmm! I’m not sure. I think one of them – the men – did. Yeah, one of them said that he hoped we liked to suck cock as much as we liked to eat muschi – he said: ‘pussies’.”

“You did, obviously.”

“Of course. … Hm-hmm! Just as much, not more or less.”

“Hmmm? So what are we going to do with Anna?”

“You think we should … without the others?”

“If she said she wanted to.”

“Hmm! Of course, you do.”

“Not if you don’t, of course.”

“It would be a little more relaxed than last night. Can’t do that all the time.”

“That’s for sure. Wonder if the guys are thinking about doing that again.”

“Hmm! You are!”

“Just curious, wondering if they were, their suggestion that we all do it in a triangle.”

“Hmm? Six people on one bed?”

“There was a little space still, when we did it with Petra and Anna.”

“Hmm! At least we’d all be doing the same thing – just one big orgy.”

“Only if you wanted to.”

“And they all did.”

“We sort of should return their hospitality: not dinner, just a couple of bottles of bubbly.”

“True. Hmmm? What’s today? Tuesday. Anna tonight, if she wants to, then tomorrow evening, Wednesday, and maybe we can taper off the last two nights; we leave on Saturday.

“Getting back to the normal one-on-one.”

“Um-hmm, like normal people. Jeez, I’ve had enough sex to make up for the last few months.”

“Me too, and – hm-hmm! – you had your weekend with your brother, sort of to warm up.”

“Oooh! I had forgotten that. Not really, just when I said that.”

She smirked, snorting, and we agreed to get up. After our usual shower together, we dressed and went down to breakfast, greeting the other four at the buffet, and then sat with the older couple again.

When they mentioned that they hadn’t seen us at dinner, we told that we had been invited by the men for dinner as thanks for Marge’s having introduced them to the girls. They smiled with nods, remarking that it looked like she had done them all a big favor.

We spent the day on the beach, noticing less tanned persons who had probably arrived on the weekend. We snickered about a couple of American girls with good bikini tans, but who still seemed a little uncomfortable at being nude, especially when they were spoken to by men, a couple of whom were shaven with no trace of a tan line. Then we wondered how we would arrange the evening with Anna, wondering if she or Petra had told the men what she had said in German.

Before we could decide whether one of us should find them, Anna appeared, walking along the firm sand at the water, obviously looking for us. When she saw us, she waved and approached us.

She really had a nice figure, I suddenly thought to myself. (I’ve been enthusing too much about Petra’s perky breasts, unfairly.) Anna’s were really more the accepted ideal, as glances from men she passed confirmed, and their glances following her reminded me that she had a nice round ass, not like the flat flanks of some women. Before she joined us, I recognized that I was attuning my taste in anticipation of her spending the night with us. Oh, Marge also had a nice round ass.

Anna smiled as she sat down between our feet, facing us. Did her pussy/muschi lips also smile? Of course not, but I had glanced at them with that thought. Then she gave a wry smile and remarked:

“When they asked us this morning what I had said last night, Petra immediately told them.”

“Nice girlfriend,” Marge replied with snort.”

“Hmm? I guess. She’s more …, what’s the word?”

“Outspoken,” porno 64 I suggested.

“Yes, more outspoken than me.”

“In English, maybe; Marge told me what you had said.”

“Hmm? Of course. Yes, maybe.”

She smiled wryly again, glancing back and forth at us. Marge smiled mildly and replied:

“We thought it was a nice idea, … if you still want to?”

“Hmmm? That’s good; haven’t much choice; they did too.”

Her nice nipples had popped out, looking very attractive in the middle of her round breasts. She saw me glance at them and smirked slightly. I smiled and replied:

“Only whatever you want to do, … or just a night off.”

“Just maybe,” Marge remarked with a snort and grin at me.”

“You’re both so nice.”

“Anything you want to do,” I replied, but aware of my cock.

We all smiled. Marge snorted softly and remarked:

“You can tell Petra that she will have a good time.”

“Hm-hmm! I think she’s already thought of that; the three of them were smirking at each other when I got up.”

We all chuckled, and I replied: “We wouldn’t do that,” but we did, chuckling again. Then Marge said:

“You know where our room is. Later this evening.”

Anna smiled with a nod and stood up. Then I got to watch her nice round ass as she left us. Marge snorted, having seen my eyes following Anna, and murmured:

“Nice ass.”

“Not nicer than yours.”

“Oh, it is, like mine was when I was her age.”

“Still nice.”

She smiled, and we lay down on our stomachs, smiling at each other. I reached over and fondled her ass. She smirked and remarked:

“If you insist,” and tightened her ass muscle.

I grasped it, and she rocked her hips down with a snort, murmuring:

“Not here; save it.”

I feigned a scowl and gave her ass a soft slap and removed my hand, then murmuring:

“Now we can’t see what those two girls do.”

“Just as well; just think about Anna.”

“And you.”

We smiled and closed our eyes, and I did, more about Anna, wondering what she would want to do.

That evening at the bar, Sans-culotte said that he had discovered on internet that rumors said that on July 14th in 2013 the étape of Tour de France would end at Mont St. Michel. Quite a few had heard about the Buffy’s suggestion of a Nude Day flash mob. Other were intrigued by the idea, and a few asked where Mont St. Michel was. Sans-culotte explained that the north coast wasn’t so ideal for a nude vacation, but that there were places we could stay, warning us that it was just a rumor so far.

That didn’t dampen discussion of the proposal during dinner. Marge and I sat with another couple, thinking that if we sat with the other four, conversation and facial expressions might suggest that we did more together. Buffy, who knew more about nude resorts, was confident that we could find a place to sun and swim in the nude, even if the Tour on that day ended somewhere else. He had given up his original idea of staging a flash mob in Paris on the national holiday, now thinking about having it at the ten or five kilometer mark before the finish of the tour étape on the day, where TV cameras would be waiting for the first racers to appear. Those who had seen parts of the race on TV agreed that was a good suggestion, verifying that we would certainly get on TV.

In the bar after dinner, we did meet the others, and I insisted on treating them all to a glass of wine:

” … or a second one, after your hospitality last night.”

That was, of course, a suggestive reference – unintended. The others nodded, just snorting silently with smiles. We talked about other things. When I mentioned the American girls, the others chuckled, agreeing that they had seen others who were apparently new to such open nudism. The subject changed. We all seemed to be stretching our glass of wine, still with half full glasses when some others ordered a second glass.

Eventually, the first couples left the bar, two of them obviously together, not telling each other goodnight. We all smirked slightly, exchanging glances. As the oldest member of our group, I thought it appropriate to make the first suggestion that we also leave. I feigned stifling a yawn and remarked:

“I think it’s bedtime for a boy my age; I’m not accustomed to so much sun and fresh air.”

The others nodded with pleased expressions, letting me think that they had just been waiting for someone to raise the subject. Marge nodded again and said:

“And I need my beauty sleep.”

“You don’t need any,” I replied chivalrously.

“Well, the kind that makes me feel like I don’t.”

We all chuckled silently, and the others agreed, of course, that they wanted to go to bed. I asked for the bill, and we all finished the few drops in our glasses. I paid, and we went towards the elevators. When we saw a couple waiting, we hesitated. Then Petra said something in German. Anna nodded, and Petra spoke again. Marge replied with a smirk. Petra snorted with a grin and said a couple porno izle of more words. Anna and Marge snorted, nodding, and Marge told them all goodnight, so I also did, and the two of us joined the other couple before the elevator doors closed.

The couple wasn’t from our group, and we exchanged pleasantries about enjoying our vacations. On the way to our room, I asked what the conversation in German had been about.

“Hmm! Petra suggested that we go ahead, that Anna could join us later, and then wished us a lot of fun. When I replied, she grinned and said:

“We will!'”

“Hmm! Of course, you know how.”


We went in our room and undressed and went to the bathroom, washing a little. Then we wondered if we should already be naked when Anna joined us. Marge turned off the overhead light and turned on the bedside lamps, suggesting that we could compromise by being under the covers in bed. But when we were, I realized that one of us would have to get up to open the door. Marge got up and and unlatched it, remarking that Anna would then be sure she had found the right room.

Only a few moments after she was back in bed with me, there was a soft knock on the door. Marge said something in German. Before Anna had closed the door and stepped passed the closet, Marge whispered:

“Told her we are already in bed.”

Anna appeared with a slightly sheepish expression on her face, then smiling a little wryly. I said softly:

“Hi, nice that you wanted to spend the night with us.”

She nodded with slight smile and replied:

“Thanks. Nice that you wanted to have me.”

I wondered if she understood what that could also mean. Marge remarked:

“We already washed.”

“I did too, Petra’s suggestion. Hmm? This is a little funny.”

“For us too,” Marge replied, adding: “We don’t have to do anything, us either.”

She glanced back at me, and I nodded, agreeing: “Of course.”

Anna nodded with a slight smirk and began undressing. Although we all had seen each other naked and done everything naked persons could do with each other, it seemed that it was still a little uncomfortable for her to be taking off her clothes with us watching her. Conversely, perhaps because of her discomfort, it was delightful to watch her; to see her take off her bra and reveal her breasts and aroused nipples. A striptease is more interesting than just seeing a naked young woman.

She wasn’t making it a striptease, however, just looking at us with slightly wry smile as she exposed herself. She snorted as she slid her panties down over her ass. I liked that she wasn’t wearing a string or something that looked especially sexy. It obviously covered most of her ass – nice round ass. Had covered it, and now it wasn’t covering her shaven muschi. I could have – should have – mentioned before that I liked the way it curved out between her thighs, worthy of the expression: mons veneris, the mount of Venus.

Then she was naked. Marge raised the covers of our bed, and we both moved back to leave her enough space to join us without having to touch Marge. She nodded with quick smile and did. We were lying propped up on one elbow, and she lay the same way, facing us. She murmured:

“Nice. Thanks for letting me sleep with you. I think she likes them more than I do. Oh, we have a lot of fun, and I sure like what they do, but …, well, you know, there is a difference.”

We both nodded. Marge replied softly:

“Of course, there is a difference. We two have been lucky.”

I rubbed her hip under the covers in confirmation, seeing Anna’s eyes dart down, noticing. A slight smile passed over her lips, and she murmured, looking at me:

“I like you better, … you too, Marge.”

“Then it is nice that you’re here,” Marge replied. I added:

“Nicer than for just ‘the fun’.”

Anna gave me a nice smile, nodding. Then she wrinkled her nose with a snort, and replied – quite to my surprise – snorting again:

“Um-hmm, but last night, I guess I said I liked the fun too.”

Her eyes met mine, and another slight smile passed over her lips, before she looked at Marge again, who replied with a slight nod:

“True, but after watching them, what else could one think?”

I rubbed her hip again. Marge caught my hand and moved it to her stomach. Anna snorted with a shrug, nodding with wry smile.

During a ensuing few moments of silence, my fingers moved on Marge’s stomach, aware of the layer of soft flesh under the skin of her still flat tummy, quite acceptable for a woman her age, but I knew Anna’s tummy would feel different, recalling the tight skin around her bellybutton. My eyes were appreciating the curve of her hip down to her waist under the covers.

Then Anna frowned and said something in German. Marge squeezed my hand and chuckled and shook her head, replying:

“You can do anything you want. I was just trying to make it easy for you, if you didn’t.”

Anna’s expression brightened with a smile. She snorted and replied:

“If sex izle you really mean it? I don’t think I want to do everything she did.”

“Anything you want,” Marge repeated, adding: “We just met here, even though – hm-hmm! – it’s being sort of like a honeymoon, but it isn’t one.”

I smiled at Anna, nodding vigorously enough for Marge to feel the movement. She squeezed my hand again, as she turned her head back and smiled at me. We looked back at Anna, who nodded with a chuckle and remarked:

“I guess so. Nice. … If you really don’t mind?”

Marge shook her head and replied:

“We told you this afternoon that we thought it was a nice idea, assuming that you meant what you had said.”

I nodded my agreement, giving Anna an encouraging smile. She snorted with another slight, wry smile, nodding and murmuring:

“I guess I did, … I do. Hmm! Have to say it: what she did first; … I really like that now.”

“Good idea. I do too.”

“Not as much as I do,” I quickly enjoined with another encouraging smile.

“But what are you going to do?” Anna asked Marge.

“Nothing or do something nice for you.”

Anna smiled, but shook her head, murmuring:

“You’re too nice, and I want to just enjoy it. Hm-hmm! I like his, too.”

“I can do something nice for Marge, then, … at the same time.”

“Oh, if you want to,” Anna agreed with a pleased smile.

“Hmm? No one asked if I might enjoy doing something nice as much as Anna wants to,” Marge remarked in an obviously feigned disappointing tone.

We all snickered, grinning, Marge turning her head back to also grin at me, as she pulled my hand up to her breast. I murmured:

“I’ll play with them too.”

Before I get carried away again and try to tell in detail how good it was, and how it was good, as I have before, just the short version.

Anna moved off the bed and waited for Marge to get out of the way, so that I could move around with my hips on the edge of the bed. Anna was already playing with my cock, enjoying what she could do with my foreskin before my cock was completely aroused, as Marge straddled me, facing Anna. Before her muschi covered my mouth, I told Anna that Petra had also sucked my balls. She hummed and said in cheerful voice that she would. And then I was licking Marge’s muschi, and Anna was doing something more than nice to my cock, and then something nice to my balls.

I knew what it would be like when Marge came, looking forward to her flooding my face, but I didn’t anticipate how eagerly Anna wanted me to come in her mouth. When I did, I was pleased that Marge and I hadn’t done anything in the morning; Anna’s moans suggested that she was delighted that I came so good, still moaning as her tongue caressed the head of my cock with the thick liquid. I felt her suck and swallow.

My hands were still holding Marge’s breasts, with hers clasped over my hands. She squeezed them and murmured:

“That must have been good.”

I nodded and felt Anna nod with my softening cock still in her mouth. Marge snorted – probably also nodding – and said:

“It was for me, too.”

I urged her to rise a little, and replied:

“It sure seemed like it, running down to my ears.”

I felt Anna chuckle as she nodded again, and then my soft cock slipped from her mouth, dropping down. I chuckled and pulled on Marge’s breasts, murmuring:

“Kiss her for me.”

With a cheerful “Um-hmm!” Marge immediately dropped forward, her hips lifting higher. I raised my head and saw Anna nod with a smirk as she rose up. I couldn’t see them kiss, but their deep chuckles assured me that they were, and that they were enjoying it. I lowered my head. Then Marge moved off me, and they both chuckled again. I felt Anna hold my soft cock, as Marge snorted and remarked:

“Definitely not like any honeymoon.”

“Better than mine,” I replied and sat up, returning Anna’s smile and Marge’s smirking grin.

“But just the way I wanted it,” Anna replied.

“And I did,” I agreed.

Marge snorted, glancing at Anna’s hand, still holding my cock, and murmured:

“When I do that, I go all wet.”

Anna smirked with a nod and replied:

“It feels like it.”

“We’d better do something about that,” I remarked, glancing at Marge, who nodded with smile.

Anna smiled with shrug, glancing back and forth at us, at Anna as she suggested:

“Like last night?”

“Good idea: both of us doing ‘something about that'” Marge replied with a smile, then glancing at me. I nodded and replied to her:

“But someone is going to have to make him interested again.”

Anna smirked and fondled my soft cock. Marge snorted and said:

“Not you – my turn – and he can take care that you don’t forget what we want to do – like before.”

“Oh, I won’t!” Anna rejoined with a grin.

She rose up, and Marge and I moved around on the bed, Marge with her knees on the other pillow. She was beginning to suck my cock, fondling my loose sack, before Anna could straddle my face.

I keep forgetting not to get carried away.

I did everything I could in the short time before Marge decided that my cock was interested. It had been for a while already. When she raised her head, she murmured:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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