Beachside Estates Ch. 06

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Chapter 06- Apartment 840 – The Smiths

January 10, 2019

2:00 pm appointment-

I was sitting at my table with my computer opened up to Google Calendar when I heard laughing and quiet banter between a man and woman as they walked up the stairs. It was quickly followed by a knock on my door. I didn’t need to look at my calendar to see who it was, I knew them all too well, and ever so intimately.

Arnold and Charlotte Smith.

They were not the first tenets to move in after I bought the complex five years ago, but they were close. Back then Arnold was forty-five, tall and handsome, and very fit. He was a weightlifter and trainer, and that was how he met Charlotte.

At the gym.

She was not like Arnold at all, she had gone to the gym and even hired Arnold to be her trainer, but quickly realized she liked him working out her body way more than doing so herself. It didn’t matter to her that Arnold was nineteen years older than her. By the time I met her she was twenty-six, but she had been nineteen when she met Arnold and twenty-one when they got married.

When they moved into Beachside Estates, they had just come from Washington D.C., and before that, Frankston Australia. Why they would ever leave Australia was never really explained, but they had dual citizenship and so here they were.

As I stood up to open the door I could still remember meeting them for the first time five years ago like it was today…


April 25, 2014 –

Opening the door I was greeted by a smiling couple. He was much taller than me. Close to six foot four inches, while his wife was so short that she was nearly half his height, standing four feet two inches tall. He was long and lanky but also thick and wide with rolls of rippling muscles. She was beautiful in the face, having elegant features, an oval face with a sharp square jaw, and a hawkish nose. Her eyes were big and bright blue, and her hair was a golden blonde.

Completely natural.

As for her shape, from the front, as I ogled her, in an ultra tight white mini-dress that ended at the bottoms of her buttocks; she had a petite, very boyish, figure with broad shoulders. Her breasts were small, and her ribs led to an almost shapeless waist before leading to only slightly wider hips. It wasn’t until I stepped aside and let them in, and I saw her profile, did I see just how shapely she really was. From the side it was very noticeable that she had very nice A-cup breasts. She had large shoulder blades, and an alluring sinuous curve to her belly as it sloped inward from her chest, down to her navel, before climbing a small hill just below and diving down between her thighs.

As appealing as the curve of her breasts and belly were, her back side was just as divine. From her shoulder blades her back curved down to the small of her back before climbing up the large magnificent mountains of her buttocks that stuck straight out the back like two large capital-Cs. They did nothing to broaden her hips, but then, as long as I was looking at her from the side, she didn’t need broad hips to be sexy as hell! Below her mini-skirt her legs were just shapely enough, with an inner curve up her inner thighs like an arrow pointing to her secret garden that stopped with only an inch of gap between her thighs, and she finished her ensemble with pink four inch heels.

“Good afternoon, I’m Arnold and this is my wife Charlotte,” He said by way of introduction, “We saw that you have an apartment available to rent.”

“Hello, I’m Jaiden Baystihl, and yes I do,” I answered as I closed the door and motioned for them to sit in the two additional chairs at my table.

Sitting down across from them, I tried to not too obviously ogle Charlotte as I pulled out a brochure with the floor plan of the apartment. As they looked it over I explained the amenities Beachside Estates offers. They smiled and nodded, then without warning Charlotte, who had up to that point been sitting with her knees together, spread her thighs apart and flashed her white lace g-string at me!

Quite by accident my eyes moved to track the sudden movement and there it was!

Her white dress flipped up to ride high on her hips allowing me to see the soft, smooth, golden skin of her lower belly. Sheer white lace hid nothing of her soft hairless skin beneath, or the way her golden skin turned into full, plump, pink labia that mostly hid glistening pink petals within.

Arnold cleared his throat and I realized I had stopped talking and was just staring. I almost apologized, but as I was gathering my thoughts before looking up at their smirking faces, another movement caught my eye and I looked before I thought to stop myself!

It was Charlotte!

She had laid her hand very casually on Arnold’s thigh when they first sat down, but once she spread her legs apart, and I was gazing intently at her pussy; she reached over, grabbed a handful of her husbands dick and balls, and dug in her nails as her arousal began to turn her lace g-string completely transparent. As artemisbet yeni giriş my eyes opened wider and wider, I watched in surreal slow motion as Charlotte slowly dug her nails into Arnold’s pants and scratched across his balls. Then she grabbed the thick meat of his organ and massaged its thick girth halfway down his pant’s leg. Looking back at her now wet lace g-string, I felt a little pre-cum wet my own underwear as I imagined sinking my dick between her lips!

Arnold cleared his throat again and I blinked hard. Embarrassed, I looked at my table since I couldn’t meet their lustful gazes after being caught so obviously leering at the man’s wife right in front of him. Clearing my throat, I stood up and took the few quick steps to my refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of water and asked, “Would you two like some water?”

“No thank you,” Charlotte answered in an amused purr.

Turning back to them I suggested, “Then why don’t I take you over to view the apartment?”

“Okay,” They answered, but as Charlotte started to stand she hooked her g-string with her thumbs, and while Arnold pretended to not notice anything, she pulled her mini-dress and her panties down to her mid-thighs. Arnold moved around behind her and started for the door as Charlotte’s eyes met mine, and with a smirk she shifted her weight, shimming her hips and thighs, and let her panties drop to the floor!

Arnold offered her his arm and he led her out of my apartment while I quickly stepped over and picked up her panties. Bringing them up to my nose, I inhaled her scent. Sticking out my tongue, I licked the shear material and tasted her flavor. Glancing quickly at the door, I balled up Charlotte’s panties and slipped them into my pocket before following the couple downstairs. Meeting the grinning pair outside, I led them to apartment 840.

The pool in the center common area in between the eight buildings that made up the complex was pretty self-evident, so I didn’t say much about it as we walked. Building eight was directly across from my building, and was a quick walk before we were climbing the stairs to the second floor. I unlocked the apartment and walked in, and pointed out the upgrades I added as soon as the apartment was vacant. All the while, Arnold and Charlotte smiled and asked good questions up until we were standing in the middle of the living room. Arnold was standing there with Charlotte hanging on his arm, and he said, “We love the apartment, and the money isn’t an issue at all. So how much?”

I was confused at first, and distracted because Charlotte was shifting her weight back and forth from one leg to the other, making her dress inch up little by little until her pussy and half her ass was clearly visible. While staring at the pretty cleavage of her pussy-lips I answered, “Eight hundred a month and a security deposit of half one months rent.”

“So twelve hundred to move in,” Arnold replied as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a roll of hundred dollar bills. He counted out twelve bills and then paused, “But that wasn’t what I was asking. What I was asking was, how much will you knock off the rent if Charlotte sucks your cock?”

I was so shocked my mouth wouldn’t even work, though I think my eyes must have looked like saucers. Charlotte chuckled, and then she stepped away from Arnold and pulled her dress up and pulled the top down to her waist and did a little dance as she turned in a circle.

“Okay, so, maybe that isn’t enough,” Arnold mused with a devious smirk, “How about she not only sucks your dick, but she also fucks your brains out of your head?”

Charlotte stopped her pirouette and stepped in close until her mouth brushed against mine. Her breasts pressed against my chest, and with one hand she took mine and guided me to her smooth pussy-lips while her other hand grabbed my dick and testicles through my pants.

“Of course, I want to be there to watch,” Arnold continued, “So, how about it?”

Charlotte squeezed my balls and scratched her nails up my dick, and my brain finally started working again. Wrapping a hand around her waist I grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Once I released her I took a step back only to have her step forward and slip her hand down the front of my pants and grabbed my dick and balls as she purred, “You can’t escape me now baby! I won’t be happy until I feel you inside me… It just makes me want to cum so badly while my sugar daddy watches you sliding in and out of me! And, when I am finished with you… Only then will I let you shoot your cum inside while daddy watches…”

“Fuck me!” Was all I could manage to say as she tightened her fingers around my balls.

“Oh! I intend to,” She whispered as she leaned in and kissed me, and then like flipping a switch, she stopped.

The fire was still there in her eyes, and a smile that promised more, but she withdrew her hand. She didn’t waste the opportunity to ring my dick out as my pre-cum shot into the palm of her hand. Once she was out of my artemisbet giriş pants she calmly stepped back and stood beside Arnold and pulled her dress up over her breasts and pushed the bottom down to cover her pussy and ass. She entwined her arm with her husbands and then brought the other with my pre-cum in her palm and licked it up.

“Mmm,” She hummed tastily.

Arnold tilted her head up and whispered, “I want a taste too.” He leaned in, and they kissed as I stood there and watched their tongues flit back and forth from her mouth to his, and his to hers.

I blinked my eyes, and then I realized, Arnold was bisexual, maybe even gay, though he would probably do his best to beat the hell out of anyone that accused him of it. Oh well, I thought with an inward shrug. I felt like my feet were finally underneath me again. With a smirk I watched them kiss before finally clearing my throat and announcing, “Actually, I already have a clause in my rental contract for such payment options.”

Arnold and Charlotte stopped their kissing and looked at me in confusion, so I continued, “You both may sign the contract, or just Charlotte. I will rent it to her, so that if you get jealous and decide you can’t handle her fucking me to pay the rent, then you can leave her whenever you want and their isn’t any messy paperwork. Or, you both can leave if the arrangement becomes intolerable. Of course, that is, if you still want to rent the apartment and this isn’t some kind of prank,” Arnold and Charlotte both shook their heads that it wasn’t, and so I continued, “Then come with me and we will get the paperwork settled and I will give you the monthly rental payment schedule.”

“Schedule?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes,” I answered as I walked back toward the apartment entrance, “Do you really think I would knock off all the rent for just one act of sex, or one blow job?”

It was their turn for their mouths to fall open from surprise.

“It’s not too much Arnold,” I purred lasciviously, “Just four one hour sessions where I get to fuck your wife, whether you are present or not…”

“Four?” Charlotte gasped, “That means you have broken down the value of having sex with me to two hundred dollars and hour?”

“Yes,” I retorted slyly, “It is very generous. If you like I can reduce it so that it is eight sessions, just for you?”

Charlotte gasped, her eyes crossed at the thought of having sex eight times a month with me in front of her husband, and her hands suddenly reached to cover her pussy as she came in front of me and Arnold. Cum squirted into her hand and splattered across her inner thighs before running down to her knees, dribbling into the carpet while the rest ran down her legs to her feet.

Stepping in close, Arnold grabbed her arm and slipped his other hand around her waist to support her just as her knees wobbled. She was panting hard and leaning heavily into her husband when I turned and walked to the door. After all, the way I figured it, she was fine, just a little over stimulated. Turning back I suggested, “Why don’t we go back to my apartment, then we can finish up the paperwork and see where this goes from there?”

“Charlotte?” Arnold whispered, “Are you okay? Can you walk on your own?”

Her orgasm passed and the rosy flush in her cheeks said she was feeling her afterglow. Taking deep controlled breaths she finally pulled her hands away from her dripping pussy and stood up straight. Somehow, she managed to not make a mess of her mini-dress, even if I could still see that her legs were wet from her pussy to her feet. She took a tentative step forward, and when Arnold saw that she could walk on her own, he let her go.

We left the apartment where Charlotte’s cum was still puddled in the middle of the living room, and walked across to my apartment. Once inside, I pointed Charlotte to the bathroom and murmured, “If you want to freshen up?”

She smiled gratefully and turned that direction while Arnold sat at the table. I pulled out the rental contract, and pointed out all of the relevant parts. He nodded agreeably and started filling out the paperwork. He was only halfway done when Charlotte came sauntering out completely naked except for her pink heels. She smiled at me hungrily, and Arnold’s eyes opened wider when he saw her and immediately moved a hand down to rub his stiffening cock as she sat down beside him. She then took over rubbing him while he finished the paperwork, meanwhile at the same time ogling me in such a way that she was promising that I was next.

Once the paperwork was finished, Arnold stood up and pulled out the roll of hundred dollar bills and peeled off four and handed them over. Taking them, I set the money on the table and asked, “So I assume that Charlotte will be paying the rent?”

Arnold nodded his head as he replied, “That would be correct.”

Turning he walked over to my couch and sat down so that he could watch. Charlotte’s head swiveled as she watched him leave and take his seat, and then she turned back to me with a big artemisbet güvenilirmi bright smile and purred, “It’s show time!”

I started to stand but she was quicker. She stopped me from moving by putting small hands on my belt and quickly unbuckling it before unbuttoning my pants and pushing them to my ankles. As soon as she pushed my pants over my hips to my thighs my dick whipped out like it was on a loaded spring and would have slapped Charlotte in the mouth if she hadn’t been ready and caught the head of my dick with her teeth and swiftly inhaled the rest of my length as she pushed my pants the rest of the way down.

She hummed ravenously as her nose caressed my pubic hair, and I felt another squirt blast the back of her throat as she chewed my meat like it was gum. With her right hand she grabbed my hip and pushed me back to sit down and with the other hand she scooped up my balls and began rolling them around in her palm as her nails scratched down my crotch and penile muscle!

A shudder shook me as her nails set my balls to tingling!

With a thud I landed in my chair and leaned back as Charlotte withdrew up my dick, and then licked the glands under my head while simultaneously pulling on my balls pleasantly and massaging my testicular cords. I gasped as my balls began to hum and I could feel them tighten in her grasp as they began to seize!

Suddenly, Charlotte pulled away and let go, and my eyes flew open!

When I had closed them, I wondered but couldn’t remember.

“Nah ah ah ahh,” She chastised as she waved a finger in my face, “You can’t cum yet! I haven’t given you permission…”

I was breathing heavily, and I really wanted to cum in her, but as she stood there and looked down my cock, I could see it’s violent pulsing slow until my balls relaxed and it finally began twitching with my heartbeat. Charlotte gave me a few more seconds, and then she smirked at me as she grabbed my cock whilst climbing on and straddling my lap.

“Now,” She purred breathily while staring into my eyes with her mouth only softly brushing against mine as she whispered, “Don’t blow your load when just entering me okay… You have to at least give me a little ride before you cum!”

“I’ll do my best,” I retorted with a sinister smirk of my own as she guided my head to her pussy-lips and lowered herself down my shaft as her slick pink velvet parted around my girth.

She slid all the way down until her smooth, hairless pubic mound collided with mine, and then she put her hands on my knees and leaned back so that she rammed me as deep inside her as our bodies would allow. At my deepest, I felt her cervix brush against my head, and it didn’t feel like a spike jabbing me! Instead, it felt like a small donut. I hadn’t felt this feeling before. Usually the women I fucked had diaphragms in, or when I had the misfortune to hit a cervix it felt like having a nail suddenly driven up my dick.

This… This was different!

It felt rather good, and I liked it very much. Every time she slammed her tiny body down my length I felt my dick collide, and the little donut stretched further and further open. She must have been really liking it too because she kept driving me deeper and deeper. She leaned back and rotated her hips, whisking my dick inside her like a ladle stirring her pot. Then she leaned forward and withdrew up my length until her mouth was caressing mine. She was panting, her eyes were glazed with intoxication, and then she slammed her pussy down hard and fast!

Her ass cheeks slapped my thighs with a loud “Whack!”

My dick slid up her velvet embrace as her walls undulated around my shaft. My head hit the donut hard as Charlotte exhaled explosively as all the air was suddenly blown out of her tight little body. The little donut stretched further and further as I pushed up inside her. Charlotte leaned back again, opened her eyes wide, and smiled hungrily at me as she pushed my knees apart. Her mouth opened in an orgasmic-O as her pussy suddenly dropped another inch as her clitoris slammed against my pubic bone while her ass cheeks jiggled between my thighs and that tired little donut gave way with a pop!

My cockhead suddenly slid a little deeper inside Charlotte as the tight little donut ring slid over my dick head before instantly tightening down around my glands and behind the flare of the top of my dick!

Charlotte inhaled as loudly as she had exhaled just seconds earlier. Her eyes rolled back into her skull. She was quivering and shuddering as drool began rolling down her cheeks from the sides of her mouth. Her vagina tightened around my dick so tight it almost hurt, and as the strength in her arms gave out, I caught her and pulled her forward to lay on my chest as I began pumping my dick inside her in small quick thrusts!

“Fuck me!” Arnold gasped in awe as he rapidly rubbed his dick on the couch.

A small bottle of lube suddenly appeared in his hands, and squirting some out, he lathered up his dick and stood up. Walking over and quickly kneeled down. He grabbed her copious bubble butt and spread her cheeks apart and lined up his dick with Charlotte’s anus. He pushed his head past her tight, pink, puckered asshole. He smiled as he watched it spread open and gobbled him up, and then he slammed himself deep inside his wife!

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