Becoming Just Another Family Ch. 09

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“You’ll never believe this,” Ryan nearly screamed as he entered the apartment.

“Dada!” RJ screamed hearing the sound of his father’s voice.

From the floor where I was playing with RJ, I reflexively matched Ryan’s excited tone. “What happened?”

“They want me to take over the department!”

“That’s great!”

“No, what’s great is that other job I interviewed for offered me the position. They want me to lead a department at a new office they’re opening. It’s more money but it’s in another state. And, they’ll pay to move us and everything.”


“Hey.” Hearing my now less than enthusiastic tone, he sat on the floor next to me and pulled RJ, who was bouncing excitedly for his father, into his lap and gave him a kiss on the head. “We don’t have to move. I can stay here and take the promotion.”

“Take the new job,” I said immediately.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s just a lot to take in. Moving would be good for you and us. As much as I love being here with our friends and family, we’re hiding. We can’t live our lives openly. You’re not just my brother, you’re the father of my child and, hopefully, many more to come. I love you, Ryan, and wish everyone knew that.”

After leaning toward me to give me a kiss, he stood while still holding RJ. “I’ll be right back.”

“What are you doing?” I was slightly annoyed that he had suddenly remembered something else he had to do during this serious, life-changing conversation.

“Hold on,” he yelled back from our room.

I rolled my eyes and sighed hearing him sound just as annoyed. I loved Ryan deeply, but he was still my brother.

When he returned, he tossed a small box into my lap before sitting across from me again. As I opened it, he said, “I’ve been waiting for a good time to give you that, but I guess now is as good as any. I love you, Rachel. I love RJ and I want us to be the family everyone says we shouldn’t be. I can’t ask you to marry me, but I can ask you to be my wife. What do you think?”

I didn’t say anything for a few moments. I couldn’t say anything. My eyes, my thoughts were all focused on the small gold band that held a tiny diamond on the top. It wasn’t fancy or flashy and would never cause other women to look on with jealousy. It was a simple design and, honestly, not very pretty. But it was also the one thing that Ryan had given me that possibly meant more to me than RJ. That’s not to say that I valued jewelry over my son. It was the sentiment, the meaning behind the ring that meant so much. Ryan’s words, like the ring, might not have been the most elegant or even slightly romantic, but they were honest. They were his. And I knew for the little that he’d said, he felt so much more. A powerful symbol of everything we felt for each other, the ring was something I didn’t know that I wanted but now that he had presented it, I ached with the need to wear it.

“Rach?” I heard Ryan call to me softly after an unknown amount of time.


“I know we’re anything but traditional and normal, but it’s polite to answer a question when asked. Even if it’s no.”

I looked up to him and blinked a few times trying to hold back tears. In front of me holding RJ was no longer my brother, Ryan. Seated there was Ryan, the father of my child. He was my mate, my partner. We could no longer pretend otherwise. Yes, we had a blood bond as siblings but we’d never been simply brother and sister. We were joined by something so much more than genetics. As Rene had told us once, we’d always had a special bond, something that we felt for each other even when we were kids. And while I could have gone my entire life without the ring, I understood that he was giving it to me as validation and assurance that what we had was real.

With the tears flowing down my cheeks and soft sobs coming intermittently, I nodded.

“Then, I guess I should put this on you.” He took the ring from me then grabbed my hand and pushed it onto my finger. I was shaking so hard from emotion that even in his strong grasp, he had a hard time aiming for my finger. “Calm down. Geez. If I’d known you were going to be like this, I would’ve just tossed it to you with a note and told you to do it yourself.”

I couldn’t help laughing through my tears. No matter what, sex izle Ryan was still Ryan.

“I love you, Rachel. And just so you don’t think this is a one-sided, old-fashioned deal, this is for me.”

I watched as he pulled a matching, plain ring out of his pocket. He began to slip it on but I grabbed it from him. “No. Let me.”

He allowed me to take his large hand into my smaller, still unsteady one and slide the ring onto his finger. With shaky breath, I teased, “Now maybe that’ll stop all those women from flirting with you.”

“It won’t,” Ryan responded with wetness in his eyes. “I’m a catch.”

“Yeah, you are.”

I leaned forward and met his kiss. It was deep and passionate but lacked erotic intent. Even though we’d been siblings, we were now a family, which RJ reminded us of when he began to whine and make noise between us from being neglected.

“Okay, Little Man,” Ryan said with a chuckle. “You’re right. Your mom and I can do that later. Time for us to hang out.”

With a smile on my face, I watched my husband, Ryan, play with our son. Indeed, Ryan was a catch and I was happy that I had landed him. Even though I’d never doubted his intentions, I knew now that this was real and let the waves of happiness wash over me.

“Ride me, baby.”

I pulled my mouth off Ryan’s cock and straddled his body. Teasing him, I slid my wet folds back and forth against his hardness a few times feeling it get slicker as my juices mixed with my leftover spit and his precum.

“Come on, Rach.” He grabbed my hips and thrust up hard against me but didn’t make a move to enter me.

Matching his thrusts, I humped back against him as I leaned down and kissed him. My body was on fire and I wanted him, but knew I wouldn’t be the one satisfied tonight.

I slid up his body, feeling his thick crown glide passed my folds, then reached behind me to grasp the base and raise it off his body. Feeling the wet tip move between my ass cheeks, I aimed it for my puckered opening and pushed back onto it.

“Rach?” Ryan sounded almost panicked as I let out a pained sound. There was a concerned look in his eyes and his body stopped moving but he made no move to stop me as his crown began to spread my ass open for the first time. “What are you doing?”

Between pants for air that I hoped would steady me and give me strength against the searing pain I felt, I said, “I would think that’s obvious.”

“But why? I’ve never asked—”

“No, you haven’t.” I let out a heavy breath feeling his crown pass my sphincter but felt no relief. My task was not yet finished and the pain was already verging on too intense. “And I don’t think you ever would. You’re not that kind of guy.”

“I am. Or I was.” His voice was remorseful and tight from his restrained arousal. Still in my grasp, I could feel his cock flexing rapidly, evidence of the erotic energy he was trying to hide as I began to slide down his thick length. “I’m not proud of the way I used to treat girls, but it felt good.”

When I spoke, my voice was tight from the pain and I hoped my words would distract me from it. “I’m not concerned about that and it has nothing to do with us. You’ve never been anything but good to me. Occasionally a horrible brother, and frequently dirty and perverted, but a gentleman, nonetheless. I wanted to do this. I figured after I’ve given birth and am out of commission, I’ll be used to it and you won’t have to settle for blowjobs and hand jobs until—”

“Wait. After you’ve given birth?”

As I rested my ass against his hips, with his cock finally buried in my ass, I nodded.

“You’re pregnant?”

I nodded again.

“Oh, my—Rachel! Why didn’t you tell me?”

I gave him a shit-eating grin. “I just did.”

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

“I just found out at my follow-up.”

“But I thought you hadn’t had your period yet.”

“Apparently, we’ve been doing it so much that when I started ovulating, you fertilized it and I never had a chance.” I felt his cock jerk in me, reminding me of its presence.


“So you’re okay with it?” I asked needlessly.

“Hell, yeah, I’m okay with it. I’m better than okay.” Ryan gripped my hips and held me steady as he slowly pulled most alt yazılı porno of his length out of my ass before pushing it back in. “If it means I get your ass, regularly, then there might be something to that whole barefoot and pregnant thing.”

I knew he was joking but I still smacked his chest. “I’m probably going to regret this, but you can have my ass without me being pregnant.”

“Oh, yeah. You are going to regret that.” After a silent moment during which he continued to move his length out then back in, he asked, “You okay? How does it feel?”

Even though I’d been working my ass in secret for a few days preparing for this, much like the night he’d taken my virginity, Ryan’s dick spread open my ass beyond what I thought possible. I could feel his crown as it moved deep inside me like it was rearranging my innards. Somehow, it felt further inside my body than when he was in my pussy but I knew that was not reality. Most of the initial pain had subsided as expected, but I had not expected the raw sensation that continued against my ring. Still, my answer was honest when I said, “Not bad. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but I don’t hate it.”

Ryan moaned and pushed all the way into me, driving his hips upward off the mattress and supporting my weight. “Fuck, Rach. If I had known you’d be okay with this, I would’ve asked. Fuck me, I would’ve asked.”

I felt him move his large hands over my ass, kneading the flesh as he lowered his hips and resumed his slow thrusting. Gradually, one of his hands moved closer to my crack and I felt his middle finger begin to trace a semicircle around the top half of my hole where his dick entered me as if that gave him the proof that he was indeed in my ass. Knowing how much he liked it when I rode him, I leaned forward to kiss him and took over again. He moaned as I began rolling my hips slightly faster on his length and I was slightly surprised by how I was already beginning to enjoy it.

A surprised squeal left me when he slapped my ass. It wasn’t exceptionally hard, but it definitely got my attention.

“Ride me, Rach. Fuck. You put my cock in your ass, so ride it.”

His voice had gone to a place that I hadn’t heard in a while. It was deep and authoritative, and combined with the look in his eyes, I shivered slightly in response remembering both from our early sex encounters when he had been driven by pure lust. Meeting this side of him again should have been frightening or disconcerting at the least, but it wasn’t. With the ring on my finger barely a week old, it just served to remind me of where we started and where we were now.

Obeying his command, that of my husband’s, I sat up and rolled my hips against him with purpose. The friction of his length still burned against my ring but driven by his desire for me, I ignored it to give him the pleasure he wanted.

Putting his hands behind his head to watch me, he began to utter short orders and fuck words. “Squeeze your ass. Fuck, yeah. All the way down. All the way. Sit on my dick and bounce on that shit. That’s it. Oh, yeah. Squeeze it. Tighten that fucking ass. Ride me. Come on, babe. Faster. Faster. Ride that shit like you mean it. You sat on my cock so show me what you want to do with it. Make me come, Rach. Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come in your ass.”

It took less time than I expected for him to unload into me. The feeling was amazing and much different than I expected. And from the way he moaned and shuddered, there was no question he was satisfied.

Knowing Ryan and his libido, I was not surprised when he woke me the following morning by pushing his dick into my ass, using only his own spit for lube. Spooned behind me, he moved quickly and with determination to sheathe himself within my passage. Because RJ and Gary were still asleep, I could only let out whimpers of sound in the face of the pain I felt. My ass was still raw from the night before and the lack of preparation combined with the sneak attack made the pain that much worse.

Unconcerned with my discomfort, Ryan took his time sliding his length through me with sleepy strokes. He slid one arm slid under my neck and around my body to hold me in place and I was surprised when, unlike the night before, he reached the altyazılı sex izle other hand around me and began to play with my pussy and clit. His fingers pulled at and smacked my sensitive folds, saying more than words that he was in a primal, instinctual place that had nothing to do with love or romance. We’d given ourselves to each other multiple times and in many different ways, but he was now taking possession of me, owning me for the first time.

Rolling us onto my stomach he drove his length deep into me a few times driven by his bodyweight before pulling me to all fours. When he began to move faster inside me, I knew there was no question this fuck was for him. He was rough and did none of the things I was accustomed to him doing for my pleasure.

As I whimpered beneath him feeling his breath come heavy and steady across my neck, I realized he had yet to give me even a perfunctory good morning kiss. Instead, he leaned over me and rested more weight on me than usual when fucking me from behind, and at random points bit down on the sensitive flesh next to his mouth. Like a man possessed, he let out intermittent soft grunts as he gnawed at my neck and shoulder, never giving me a sign of affection other than the fact that he was there. At the same time, it felt like he was going to tear my pussy open the way he tugged at it and rapidly thrust his fingers into me. Shoving the long, thick digits all the way into me as if trying to fist me, he pressed his fingers against the wet wall inside that separated my fuck passages so he could feel himself fucking my ass. That seemed to spur him on and soon he grunted and gave me a few short, sharp thrusts as he began to come in my ass.

Once finished and satisfied, he pulled out of me and stumbled into the bathroom, never having uttered a word. I heard the shower start as I flattened myself out on my stomach feeling used and degraded in a way I never expected. Especially not from him. However, I didn’t hate it. There was something freeing about what had happened and, though I had not come, I felt a pleasure knowing that Ryan was satisfied.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, completely naked but dry, he met my eyes without remorse and I felt myself shrink slightly in response. There was a darkness to his gaze that I’d never seen before and while a part of me was a little frightened by it, I didn’t fear it and I didn’t look away as he stalked toward me.

I’d known and acknowledged many times that he was a man—the long, hard lines of his body and the soft flesh swinging between his legs were proof of that—and not the brother that I’d grown up with, but this was a side of him that I’d never experienced. Once at my bedside, he kneeled down next to where I lay then leaned over me and gave me a deep, possessive kiss.

“I love you so fucking much, Rachel.” His voice was soft but there was a dark edge in his tone that matched the lingering hard look on his face. “I know I should feel bad about fucking you like that but I don’t. Not one fucking bit. I will worship your pussy, protect you, respect you as the mother of my child—my children—and treat you like the goddess you are ninety-nine percent of the time. But if you’re giving me your ass, I’m going to take it. I’m going to take it and fuck it. I’m going to own that shit and use it whenever I want. When I fuck your ass, I’m going treat you like a bitch. Like a whore. Because good girls don’t do anal. That’s why I never asked. But I see now that you’re not a good girl. Good girls don’t fall in love with their brother. You’re not the girl that I watched grow up. You’re not my little sister. You’re a woman. You’re my wife. And you deserve for me to be honest about the man that I am. I shouldn’t hide who I am from you. I’m not going to start hooking up with other girls or doing the stuff that I used to do, that’s not who I am now. I’m your husband, your man, always and forever. But sometimes I just want to fuck. I want it dirty and rough and I don’t care if you come or not. If you’re giving me your ass, I’m going to shove my dick in it and fuck it whenever and however I want. That’s what I do with asses. Your pussy is yours and you control that and while I may beg for it occasionally, I have no right to it. But if you give your ass to me, I will own that shit forever.”

Even though he was serious, I couldn’t help smiling. While his words were direct and disturbing, it was something my brother would never have said, but I was not surprised to hear it from my husband. “I think I can handle that.”

“I know you can.”

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