Beyond the Flash

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Author’s Note: This is a slight experiment for me, getting into a more contemporary erotica tale instead of my usual fantastical settings. I hope you enjoy, and I’m not fully sure if I’ll continue this with further chapters or not.


There was a squeal as the woman jumped from roof, half terror, half glee. As she plummeted to the infinity pool people cheered even as water splashed off the edge and down the mountain side. Even out here the music blared as booze and drugs flowed freely.

Sporting a good buzz as she sipped at her vodka cooler, Haylee moved along the pool side, letting her hips sway to the music. She was clad in about as little as most of the women out here by the pool, just a simple black bikini with a thong bottom piece, while her skin glistened from her own recent dip.

The girl who’d just jumped popped her head above the water, hair clinging to her scalp as her hands ran over her face. Water dripping from her arms as Haylee let her slightly inebriated mind guide her eyes below the pool’s surface to the woman’s trim form. The barely there bikini bottom giving way to slim thighs that looked oh so lickable. Biting her lip slightly, Haylee continued along the pool’s edge, letting her eyes glide over the woman’s hips to her tight ass beneath the surface.

The girl didn’t seem to notice, smiling the grin of the drunk as the music pulsed and the booze soaked into her system. So Haylee pulled her mind away, walking towards a group of her friends chatting away on the pool side, drinks in hand. She slid among them, and immediately felt hands upon her, running along her shoulder, over her arm.

“Your skin is so soft Haylee,” Sandy was almost purring the words, her eyes enraptured as she let her hands glide along wet skin. It seemed the model had a drop of ecstasy along with whatever else she was drinking. A favourite of hers. “You do have to share your secret.”

“Same as it always is,” Haylee said with a laugh, letting the woman’s hands explore, secretly enjoying far more than she should, taking a long sip of her cooler.

“I saw your photoshoot today Haylee. Very daring to bare so much,” Lizzy said.

“Just some tits. It pays good, and the publicity of it is great,” Haylee said, glancing down to Sandy, who was nuzzling her cheek against Haylee’s bicep, hands gliding down her back, fingers toying with the back strap of her top.

“Seems Sandy liked it too and wants a repeat,” Lizzy said, and Haylee found herself laughing even as Sandy giggled.

“Well. On top of the photoshoot, I’m getting a part in the new Lauren Hickleberg movie,” Haylee said to which Lizzy raised an eyebrow and let the corner of her mouth curl upwards.

“Look at you moving up in the world,” she said even as Haylee’s eyes drifting to a table where a pair of women were dancing. Their hips swaying with the music, the tails of one’s bikini flowing as her body moved. Haylee followed the motions, enjoying the sparkle of their wet skin in the lights, their damp hair snapping around them as they abandoned all cares.

“Selfie time,” Lizzy suddenly cried out, moving in close to Haylee, trapping the model and aspiring actress between herself and Sandy, who perched up at the words and smiled for the phone held out before all three of them.

A practiced smiled curled Haylee’s lips as she saw the image of all three of them pressed together. Plentiful amounts of cleavage on display, more skin than fabric o the screen. The slight tilt of her hips, her friend’s tongue hanging out. Soon the camera flashed, and the image was captured.

Lowering the camera, Lizzy’s thumbs were tapping away, writing the caption, putting in the hashtags, tagging her friends, and sending the picture off into the world of social media to be consumed by the masses. To have a sea of likes and comments from strangers pop onto the page.

“I think I’m going to go get another,” Haylee said, and Lizzy nodded, not quite looking up from her phone. Sandy pouted as Haylee slipped away, though her fingers slid along the side of her breast and Haylee felt a thrill run up her spine. She was too damn horny and knew she would not be going home alone. She just hoped it was worth it come morning and that the paparazzi wouldn’t have too much a field day with it.

She stepped inside, where she saw the female DJ moving her hands one over the other behind her equipment. Her long locks spilling over the headphones clamped on her head, her loose sleeveless tee moving with the motions of her body. Even inside, most folks were dressed in mostly scant swim suits. Bikinis, thongs, shorts. People danced, drank, and made out, as Haylee moved through them towards the bar. The scent of chlorine and sweat, cologne and perfume, mingling together around her as people laughed and shouted to speak.

Women around her moved their forms to the music, and mostly the men bounced and watched. Haylee couldn’t help but enjoy the attentions herself. A streak that wanted to be enjoyed, savoured. Her eyes roamed the glistening flesh, the swaying hips, the arms lifting long locks. She saw izmit escort a girl pressing herself against another woman, her mouth open, tongue hanging out. Dainty fingers dropped a small pill onto that outstretched tongue which snapped back in. The girl smiled, her eyes widening as she kissed the other’s cheek.

Tearing her gaze away, feeling someone’s body grinding against her own as she moved ever closer to the bar, Haylee noted someone that stood out. A well cut man in slacks and a dress shirt, his hair gelled and slicked to the side. He sipped at a beer, but looked stone sober. Haylee blinked, trying to place his pretty face, trying to remember where she remembered him from.

Bodyguard, private company. He worked a lot of the bigger names. Whoever his client was must have wanted him here. Or he was trying to do business. Seemed a silly idea. Must not have worked, since he didn’t seem overly happy. Haylee wished she could place his name.

As he vanished into the crowd, Haylee finally caught sight of the bar. There had to be an easier way to get drinks. She moved up to the counter, having to shout to the bartender to get her order. At least she asked for a few this time. The man nodded, and Haylee had to admit the scruff along his jaw looked cute on him. It was almost rugged.

As she looked to her side, the word rugged no longer seemed applicable to the bartender. Not compared to the woman leaning against the bar just a few paces away. Hell, she made Haylee realize she didn’t understand the definition.

A bottle of beer at her dry unpainted lips, eyes devoid of liner or shadow staring straight ahead at nothing. Her hair had sprinkles of gray through them, and was tied in a loose ponytail, with a few bangs and strands escaping the hair tie’s clasp. Dressed in what looked to be combat boots tucked under her khaki’s, and a black dress shirt untucked with rolled up sleeves exposing a tattoo sleeve of vines and skulls down her left arm, the woman looked more comfortable at a hardware store than at this party.

It intrigued Haylee, who felt her lips drying. Her face was slightly lined with age, with a few white strips above her eyebrow holding some recent cut closed.

So Haylee moved closer, and the woman’s head tilted slightly. Just enough to regard the model coming towards her. Just enough for Haylee to note the small cuts across one side of her face. There was a hint of anger in her eyes, and she certainly didn’t look comfortable. But who was she? What was she doing here? Why was she so ruggedly hot?

“Feeling a bit fish out of water?” Haylee asked, offering another of her practiced smiles, the friendly kind. The bartender placed two coolers in front of her, and Haylee grasped one to take a sip as the strange and achingly gorgeous woman turned her head to regard the doors leading to the pool.

“Not here for a swim,” the woman said, regarding Haylee a moment then taking a long pull of her beer.

“Cute. But, without snark, what brings you here?” she asked, turning to lean sideways against the bar. The woman turned to her, eyes dipping lower for a moment.


The other woman let out a laugh that sounded more bitter than amused and took another swig of her beer.

“Business. Boss brought me in to meet the client. Seems she doesn’t want my services. I don’t ‘fit her aesthetic’,” the woman said.

“You fit mine,” Haylee said before she could stop herself, but once the words were out, she just took a sip of her drink and decided to roll with it. The woman raised an eyebrow, the one with the thin bandages. The motion making the skin shift, enough for Haylee to see the cut. It looked a bit nasty.

“How drunk are you?” the woman asked.

“Enough to make a fool of myself with a, frankly, hot as fuck chicka, but not enough to make the night really memorable,” Haylee said with a shrug, and the woman laughed at that.

“Shouldn’t shit where I eat. Thanks though,” the stranger said, turning her eyes forward again, and Haylee sighed. But, this woman was so different from those that usually ended up in her bed. She felt an ache for her that she hadn’t felt since she was really young, and really naive.

“Look, sounds like your meal ticket kicked you to the curb. I’m guessing your in private security or something like that. Bodyguarding and stuff. I don’t partake in my own, so there’s none of this weird client contract weirdness. Besides, why work in this industry if you can’t shack up with someone hot and famous,” she said, reaching forward and setting her hand on the other woman’s forearm.

The stranger glanced down at the touch but didn’t move the hand. Haylee could feel her heat. Then she turned her gaze upwards.

“Can I at least get a name?” Haylee asked, encouraged she let her thumb gently run along the woman’s arm, feeling the faintest brush of hair.


“Well Kate. If you feel like escorting me home, I have a really big bed that feels really empty with only me in it. Come find me if you change your mind,” Haylee said, leaning up to kiss Kate’s cheek, felt the woman’s izmit kendi evi olan escort skin against her lips and immediately wanted far more.

Settling back on her heels, Haylee turned and started walking back to the doors. ‘Grab me, just grab me’ she thought to herself over and over as she started to slip into the crowd. Kate didn’t grasp her though, and just before she knew she’d slip out of sight, Haylee glanced back. The bodyguard was still leaning against the bar, but her eyes were following Haylee’s movements towards the doors out to the pool. When she saw that she’d been caught watching, Kate’s eyes drifted downwards.

Haylee smiled, and made sure to put an extra sway into her hips, not caring who else enjoying the motions as she vanished into the crowd and lost sight of her latest crush. She let herself fall back into the sway of music as she down more of her drink, let the booze go to her head and lend a slight wobble to her steps.

It wasn’t long before she found Lizzy again. She recognized the man she was talking to, with his pecs and abs on full display, glistening with water. Malcolm Thorn, newest big DJ name, his tracks playing across clubs all over Hollywood. He was grinning, letting Lizzy slip closer to him, before she snapped a selfie with him, her tongue sticking out.

Smiling, Haylee glanced around for Sandy, who she found dancing by the pool with another woman. Their hands roaming over each other, smiles on each others faces as fingers slipped beneath waistbands and teased at their bottoms. Plenty were watching the two, many hoping those fingers would pull the fabric lower, but the two continued their teasing dance that Haylee knew wouldn’t go any further than maybe a kiss for a flashing pic.

Drinking deeper, letting her hips and arms move to the sound of the beats pouring over the deck, Haylee fell into the moment. Just savouring the cool breeze washing over the hills, until she heard Lizzy’s voice in her ear.

“You found someone.”

Haylee stifled a grin, keeping her hips and shoulders moving as she turned to face her friend and the DJ, who was letting an appreciative glance sweep over her. A look of realization dawning on him, and Haylee was wondering if anyone here hadn’t seen her naked.

“How can you tell?” Haylee asked, and was rewarded with a slight pinch of her cheek. She couldn’t help but cackle as she slapped Lizzy’s hand away.

“I can always tell. You got that same blush as when you met Alicia Conners,” Lizzy said, and Haylee felt the blush heat her skin, but just shrugged.

“Who is it hmm?” Lizzy pressed, and Haylee just offered a non-committal shrug.

“Don’t really know. Her name’s Kate,” she said, and glanced towards the door, hoping to see the bodyguard coming out, and couldn’t help but feel disappointed when she didn’t. Instead she felt herself pulled into a conversation following the music industry and the clubs that she and Lizzy frequented against the ones Malcolm did. They talked about Haylee’s upcoming film project, which could be her breakout role into acting. If it did well. Then Lizzy talked about taking off to Spain in a month, just to get away from things.

Haylee was talking about some of her favourite spots in Barcelona, remembering one of her more popular photo shoots. The one that had got her attentions in Hollywood. That one that got her in calendars and posters. Then she noted Lizzy’s eyes trailing away.

“Who is that?” she said, a little bit of surprise in her tone, a little bit of disgust. Curious Haylee turned to follow her friend’s gaze and saw Kate, left thumb hooked in the pocket of her khakis, the right hanging by her side.

Feeling the same swirling of lust, the same dawning realization that she didn’t understand what rugged meant. Her lips parted, tongue teasing at them as she watched Kate’s eyes scanning the crowd. She still looked so out of place, and in a way alone. Her gaze would pause occasionally on one of the women in the crowd, before moving along.

“Oh, my God. She’s the one,” Lizzy said, and Haylee felt her head snapping back to her friend, wearing a wicked grin, and despite it, Haylee felt embarrassed.

“I have to see this,” Lizzy said, waving her hand in the air, and Haylee turned again. Kate certainly noticed the erratic hand flapping in the air. Her expression barely changed, but with thumb still tucked in her pocket she started walking over. Haylee watched her coming closer, and wanted to slowly undo each of those buttons, lick at the skin revealed beneath. To find out what kind of bra she wore.

Haylee offered Kate a friendly smile, and the other woman’s lips pulled upwards. Ever so slightly, scarcely noticeable, but Haylee was watching her too intently not to. She felt her heart hammering in her chest, and felt the butterflies ripping about her stomach. Fuck, why did this woman make her feel this way? She didn’t seem that special.

“I changed my mind,” Kate said to Haylee, and the model felt her stomach flip. She let her friendly grin turn sensual, seductive.

“You look like you work out. You go to Rock Fit? Best damn gym in the city. Best trainers too,” Malcolm said, and as if to accentuate, Lizzy ran her hand along his abs.

“I don’t,” Kate said, that barest hint of a smile fading entirely.

“You should. It’s the best that money will get you,” Malcolm said, and Lizzy smirked.

“Though, judging by that dress shirt, money might be the issue. Where’d you get that? H&M?” Lizzy said, and Kate blinked, and Haylee looked over at her friend, taken aback.

“You an MMA fighter? I don’t recognize you,” Lizzy continued, and Kate just shrugged.

“Something like that,” Kate said, her brows starting to furrow.

“Hmm, must not be very good. Else I’d at least know your name,” Lizzy said, and Kate’s earlier statement about ‘not fitting aesthetic’ suddenly rumbled through Haylee’s mind.

“Lizzy,” Haylee almost shouted, shocked at her friend, who just shrugged.

“It’s alright. I know where I’m not welcome,” Kate said, already turned on her heel and walking towards the crowd.

“Kate wait,” Haylee called, but the music was too loud, the laughter, shouting and commotion of the party goers too much. Haylee managed one step before Kate was vanished. Spinning, feeling angry, feeling sober, Haylee glared at her friend.

“What the Hell Lizzy?” she cried, and Lizzy just shrugged.

“Come on Haylee, you are way out of her league.”

“I have to agree. You are smokin. She was… kinda plain,” Malcolm added, and at that moment Haylee felt disgusting. Like a golden shawl over a maggot. Shallow, vain, and despicable. She looked down at herself, in her designer bikini, in her perfectly sculpted body, as her glistening skin that had more money spent on it than Kate had likely ever seen.

And she let her just get insulted, put down, and ridiculed because the woman had no money. Was struggling to find a job. Haylee had just stood by, and let it happen.

“What was that cut from?” she whispered to herself. It hadn’t looked like something from a punch. It hadn’t seemed too recent. And she was trying to get a job here in LA. Suddenly Haylee was curious, as if that cut held so many answers.

“Come on Haylee, let’s go get some more drinks,” Lizzy said, and Haylee looked up at her friend, and wondered, if they were friends, was Haylee any better.

“I have to go,” she said suddenly, turning and plunging into the crowd, barely able to hear her friend calling after her.

Pushing inside, through the writhing bodies, through the drunken and high crowd, Haylee tried calling for Kate. Tried looking for her, but couldn’t see her. A little bit of panic, that her lack of action, her bystanding, had caused her to miss out surged through her. How fast was the woman?

Working towards the front doors, Haylee saw them closing as someone slipped in. In the brief moment they were open she saw Kate standing just outside, talking to Haylee had to guess was her boss. The pretty, well cut man who ran the private security.

Getting closer, her hands on the door, Haylee suddenly wondered what she’d say to Kate. Suddenly realizing she was the bad guy in this scenario.

She pushed the door open, letting the music spill out, and quickly stepped outside. Kate glanced at her, her face furrowed in a frown, but quickly turned her attention back to her boss, and Haylee felt very guilty at that moment for not remembering his name. She felt suddenly exposed standing here in just a thong bikini, despite countless people around the world seeing her without any clothes on.

“Look Dan. This isn’t for me. Put me back on the overseas jobs,” Kate was saying.

“Kate. You just got back from Mali, you almost fucking died,” Dan said, his arms crossing over his chest, and Haylee felt her eyes widening.

“Just part of the gig. I’m good at those jobs. I can barely take one party. You brought me here as some damn test, or training, I know I failed. I can’t even talk to these people,” Kate said, and Haylee felt the words like a punch to the gut.

“How many times?” Dan said, and Kate cocked her head.


“How many times you been overseas, all together? Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Palistine. All together, how many times?” Dan pressed, and Haylee looked over at Kate. At the cut above her eye.

“I don’t know. Twenty? That’s my point. I don’t blend here, I don’t have any experience here. I’ve not lost a single damn client,” she said.

“Twenty three. Fourteen of which involved violence. Kate, I got you on this posting to get a break and keep working. You don’t have to like them, you don’t have to talk to anyone here. You just have to protect them. Mostly rabid fans and stalkers. That’s not difficult for someone like you,” Dan said, and sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets when he noticed Kate crossing her arms.

“Let me try one more time. No parties this time. Just work. If you still don’t like it, I’ll put you back. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back in. I’ll call you tomorrow, when I get something lined up,” Dan said, turning and moving back towards the door. He offered Haylee a glance, but little more before he vanished, leaving the model alone on the front steps with a woman she had the hots for, and let a friend push away.

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