Birthday Submission

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Co-edited by Raindear816

She came to me on her birthday. I’d promised her a night of romance, something she’d been missing from her life. She said she found me immensely intriguing. I found her sexy and alluring.

She’d encouraged me to find my passion, to find just what “tripped my trigger” in life. She said she’d like to help me experience exactly what I needed; a woman finding me attractive and wanting to spend some sensual time with me. Little did she know that I had surprises in store for her. I would reveal myself to her in a new light, through eyes that had never seen this side of me.

Being a romantic and shy person, I decided to break the ice with her by taking her to a quaint little restaurant. My eyesight isn’t what it should be, so I allowed her to feel in control by driving us to and from our destination. We exchanged hungry glances over dinner and small talk. When asked if we’d like dessert, we both blurted out, “NO.” I was sure she was over any hesitation of wanting me. I knew that if I asked her, she’d be mine for the evening.

I told her to drive us to my place. She raised her eyebrow at me when I didn’t say please. She thought she was in control, but I had other plans.

As we walked through the foyer of my home, I couldn’t resist leaning in to kiss her pouty lips softly. It felt as if an angel was in my presence. She would change me forever tonight. The truth was, neither of us would ever be the same. Blood thundered in my ears as I felt my arousal stir deep within my loins.

I held her gently in my arms as she seemed to be dazed from the connection of our mouths exchanging a soul-searing kiss.

I lifted her golden locks from her ear and whispered,”I want to shower with you before we begin.”

Her eyes caught mine and she held out her hand for me to lead her into the bathroom. I watched her as she was undressing, the way her body moved with grace as she took her tiny hands and began to unbutton her blouse and remove her skirt. I was delighted to find her petite frame soft and curvy. She knew of my fetish for panties and was thoughtful enough to wear her cotton candy pink thong with a matching bra, simple yet provocative, and so delicious-looking. My mouth began to water. I wanted to taste her.

The shower was a time of bonding as we bathed each other. I loved watching her nipples becoming stiff with arousal into taut peaks as I dragged a sea-sponge over them. She delighted in watching my erection grow and dance before her as she soaped me up. I know she wanted more than a regular shower by her facial expressions and the desire in her eyes, but I was playing with her. I needed her under my spell. She had to want me beyond any sense of control in her mind. If I was to capture her soul tonight, she’d have to crave me.

After we’d showered, her arousal was evident, yet she seemed blissfully calm. I led her to the bedroom where she stood a few feet away from the edge of my king-sized bed. Candlelight flickered over her nude body as I began to play with her. I stood in front of her and began to kiss her with tenderness so she knew that she was safe in my arms. As I ran my fingers through the silk of her hair, my tongue began to probe her mouth. She responded with little moans as her tongue caressed mine. I broke the kiss, stared into her eyes, and then scanned her body up and down. Just as a magnet is drawn to iron, so I was drawn to the softness of her luminous face, my hands memorizing her skin, a memory forever engraved in my mind.

I began a journey of kisses along her body. First, I kissed her forehead and felt her warmth. I kissed her eyelids, the tip of her nose, and her cheeks. My lips found their way to her earlobe and I felt her shiver to my touch. I became intoxicated by the natural aroma of her skin, nuzzling and kissing her neck. As I worshipped the nape of her neck and her flesh became stippled with goosebumps, my hands began their own exploration, running softly halfway down her back. Next, I ran a nail from the top of her spine all the way down to tease her senses. She trembled and purred.

I continued exploring her body as I brought my hands around to the front. Beginning with her ample breasts, I cupped them, feeling their softness and weight against my palms. Lifting them to my mouth, I tasted her. My tongue bathed her nipples with long luxuriant sweeps, then teased and flicked the underside of each breast. A moan escaped her as I took the left one into my mouth, suckling her nipple, biting gaziantep escort it gently, and flicking it rapidly with my tongue. I moved to the right breast and gave it the same loving attention.

Running my tongue down between her breasts, I took my time, leaving no flesh unbathed. I found her pierced navel and began to pull on the diamond adorning it. Slipping my tongue into her navel, I began fucking it with my tongue, sucking and nibbling at it. Her hips bucked, rolling towards my face involuntarily. Her back arched, throwing her body off balance as a deep throaty moan escaped from her mouth. Holding her close, I kept her safe with my secure arms. I knew I had her just where I wanted her.

Moving lower, with my arms wrapped around her waist to prevent her from pulling away and from falling, my hands soon found the sweet spot at the base of her spine, pressing and massaging it. She began to quiver with need, encouraging me to continue. I picked her up and she giggled all the way to the bed where I laid her down diagonally. I stepped back and admired her beauty for a brief moment.

“Turn over onto your stomach.” I said with tender authority.

She obliged my command without hesitation, a good sign that she knew her place in this relationship and would do whatever I asked of her.

I moved closer, and once again ran my fingers through the silken heaven that was her hair, giving her an indulgent scalp massage. I kissed and licked the nape of her neck as she squirmed and gasped in pleasure.

I continued with the massage, running my hands along her shoulders and arms, removing the tensions of the day from her. I poured some Xiang Xiang oil on the middle of her back. She gasped at the new sensation of wetness on her spine. Deliberately, slowly, I moved my hands over her, rubbing the knots out of her muscles. The cares of the day lifted from her body along with the tension.

I next found her ass, a beautiful, shapely bubble beckoning my touch. I poured more oil onto each side, delighted as I watched it roll slowly down between the cheeks and the backs of her delicious thighs. I squeezed each of her ass cheeks and marveled at their softness. Gently, I spread her apart and took in the vision of her lovely, naughty rosebud.

She began to push her ass higher into the air now.

She whimpered, “please, don’t stop!”

Feeling my breath against her flesh as my face moved closer to her ass, its cheeks spread for my pleasure and hers, she bucked. She felt the feminine dam in her beginning to well up against the levy, almost ready to gush over the banks of ecstasy.

Feasting my eyes upon her lovely little rosebud, I was compelled to explore it further. Lowering my face to her upturned butt, I lightly, teasingly flicked her winking knot with just the tip of my tongue, reveling in the naughtiness of my action and the tangy aroma & flavor of her most private spot. I would be making a return visit. Of that she could be certain.

Giving her ass one more squeeze, my hands next arrived at her lovely thighs. Before continuing her massage, I ran my tongue from the hollow behind each knee and up the length of first her left thigh, then her right. I paused briefly each time to play my tongue along that area where her thigh meets her ass, back and forth, back and forth. Pouring more oil into my hands, I massaged first the backs of her thighs and then the outer and inner areas. Arriving at the tops of her inner thighs, I could not resist her female aroma and flicked my tongue along the groove of her pussy. There, I found pure honey, intoxicating and delicious.

Arriving at her tiny, sexy feet, I buried my face in them, smelling their tangy perfume, begging me to taste them. Running my tongue first up & down one sole, then the other, enjoying their flavor, I then licked along the valley where her adorable toes met the balls of her feet. She squirmed and giggled at first, then began to moan as a cloud of pleasure blanketed her, taking her to some mystical place where she’d never visited before. I massaged both of her feet gently, filled with wonder at their silky softness.

“It’s time for you to turn over now, my sweet angel.” I told her.

She was in a haze of lust, so she just hesitated a bit before dreamily rolling over, once again exposing her pussy to me, her taut nipples, her quivering tummy, and her eyes seemed to smile with a hunger for me that was more than well deserved.

My cock konya escort twitched. I came up to kiss her lips, so soft and delicious. I cradled her face in my hands and explored her mouth once more, just before I put the silk blindfold across her eyes, gently tying it behind her head.

Returning to the sweet task at hand, I knelt. The soles of her feet were inches before me. Cradling her right foot in my hands, I ran my tongue between her adorable toes before sucking on each one, a heady, unique aroma wafting across my nostrils. She squirmed on the bed. As I continued to worship her feet, I again paid homage to her left foot. Having satisfied my lust for her feet, I stood and left the room.

“Where are you?” She cried when she didn’t feel my touch for a little while.

After what seemed to her an eternity, she heard footsteps. Unable to see, she wondered who had entered our bedroom, our own ‘chamber of secrets.’

“Master?” She called out.

Sensing there were two men with her, a thousand thoughts raced through her head.

“Who’s there?” She asked.

“You are not in danger, no harm will come to you.” I assured her in a firm, yet gentle, tone.

“Now, be silent.”

I picked her up and turned her, so her head rested on the pillows. I returned to the foot of the bed. The soft texture of the silk scarves brushed against her left leg, and suddenly, she knew. As she felt a slight tug, I secured her left ankle to the bedpost and did the same to her right foot, instructing her to use our safe word if she felt any pain or fear.

While I toiled at this happy task, the person whom I had asked to join us loosely, yet securely, tied her wrists to the posts on either side of the headboard. Helpless now, she laid there silently, waiting for what was to come. She became flushed as adrenaline washed over her. I noticed a sheen of wetness emitted from her pussy as it began to seep out the nectar that had been waiting for release.

Returning now to one of my favorite parts of her impossibly beautiful body, I once again laid my tongue between her toes, pausing briefly to suck each one. As I arrived at her big toe, I gave it a special love bite. As I continued to love her in my own unique way, I pressed my face to the sole, my senses becoming filled with its intoxicating aroma, clean, yet uniquely hers.

With her feet tied to the bedposts, her legs were spread wide, a vision of loveliness and vulnerability. I joined her on the bed, loving the insides of her calves with my tongue, pleased at their silky smoothness. Continuing to her thighs, I stroked both with my hands before bathing them with my tongue. As I approached her sex, with each stroke, she quivered yet again, and I was treated to the aroma of her sweet flower. However, she had disappointed me, as I saw that she did not remember to wax herself smooth there for me. Lifting my face from between her thighs, I asked our guest to go into the master bathroom and bring me the razor, shaving cream, a towel, a washcloth, and a bowl of hot water.

Then, asking our guest to assist again, I had him lift her body gently off the bed so that I could spread out the towel beneath her. Taking the wash cloth, I placed it in the bowl of water to soak. Since her pussy was already quite damp with desire, I ran my index finger along the length of her petals and sampled her nectar. Delicious.

The water had cooled to a certain degree. I removed the washcloth from the bowl and placed it with precision on her pussy, leaving it there to dampen her tiny strip of pubic hair. After a period of time, I took the shaving cream and put a liberal amount on her entire crotch. She giggled at the feel of the shaving cream being applied. It apparently tickled. Slowly and ever so gently, I shaved her mons, pausing frequently to rinse the blades of the razor off and not rush this most delicate work. Fifteen minutes later, the razor stroked her skin for the last time.

I knew she was extremely sensitive there now. I gently wiped off the remaining shaving cream and paused in wonder at the sight before me. Unable to resist, I ran my tongue from her perineum to her clit. Her back arched as my tongue bathed her delicate flesh, making her gasp, her body trembling.

She broke her silence in curiosity. “I cannot see, but I sense that you are smiling. Is the helper watching as well?”

“Indeed, he is. Are you feeling vulnerable, my little one? You needn’t worry.”

Releasing kayseri escort her feet from silken bondage, I watched as she raised her legs and stretched them. She was once a dancer of ballet, and her legs still have their skillful shape. I moved up on the bed, wrapping my arms around her thighs. Placing the fingers of both hands just above her pussy, with a thumb on either side, I gently pulled the skin up and open. I did this several times. Then, bringing my fingers to the sides of her pussy, I reversed the procedure, gently pulling it down and open. Pulling her clitoral hood back, I invited it to come out and play, teasing her. In this way, I massaged her flower.

As I stretched her tormented her in this manner, our visitor ran his tongue along both of her underarms, tasting her saltiness there. He then massaged her beautiful, succulent breasts, alternately squeezing them, sucking & biting her nipples.

She bit her lower lip, as she felt my hands so skillfully pleasuring her. The cool air on her petals and our visitor’s tongue teasing her nipples was more than she’d ever dreamed. Her body began to glow from the warmth coursing through her veins.

“I’ve never done this before.” She said breathlessly.

Draping her legs over my shoulders, I brought her juicy cunt to my face. As I gently pulled back its hood once again, I flicked her clit once before sucking on it. Her hips jerked suddenly in a spasm of ecstasy, her rain running down my chin. Her wrists strained against the silk scarves. Using two fingers, I inserted them into her, ‘palm-side up,’ and began to massage the front wall of her pussy. Eventually, I found the spongy swell of her G-spot and began to take her to heaven. As I stroked her G-spot and continued my sweet assault on her clit, I felt her tighten around my fingers. Once. Twice. Again. As a reward for her, I instructed our guest to untie the wrist scarves.

As her orgasms subsided, I let her rest for a moment before her next treat.

After a suitable period of time had passed, I commanded that she get up on her knees and invited our guest to experience the soft wetness of her mouth and tongue. Taking her hand, I raised it so she could feel how hard he was for her already.

As I walked around the bed, I took a moment to admire her, that sweet ass of hers facing me, her mouth pleasuring our guest. Kissing the bottoms of both her feet, I instructed her to spread her legs a little further apart. Perfect.

I spread the cheeks of her ass apart and began to rim her naughty rosebud. Once, twice, I penetrated her with the tip of my tongue, causing her to release our guest’s cock and groan in pleasure.

As I nodded to our guest, he lifted his cock to her once again, gently yet assertively slapping her cheeks with it. Resuming her duties, she popped him into her mouth and circled the head of his powerful cock with her tongue and coated it with her saliva.

Moistening my middle finger with my mouth, I slowly penetrated her darkened starburst and paused as she became familiar with the sensation of being penetrated anally.

A short time had passed, so I removed my finger from her. Applying a lubricant to my cock, I slowly, gently pressed against her asshole. At first she was tense, but soon she relaxed her sphincter and the head of my cock penetrated her.

“OH GOD YES!” She exclaimed.

As she gasped at the feeling of being full, it was time for the blindfold to be removed and for her to find out who our guest was.

“Please, no…don’t…stop!”

As I slid my cock completely in and out of her ass, our guest took a moment to remove the rest of his clothes. Then as he was as naked as the two of us, her loving husband stood by her side once more and removed her blindfold.

Our mystery guest thus revealed to her, she flushed with the heat of embarrassment and worry at first, then with excitement and smiled.

“It was our gift to you.” I explained.

I invited him to join me in a double penetration. Repositioning her, I enabled her husband to easily slide into her pussy, which was soaking wet with her nectar. Synchronizing our thrusts, hitting both her G-spot and her clit, we soon propelled her into a mind-bending orgasm, and she screamed with pure joy as she came. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction, her husband groaning as he emptied himself deep inside her pussy, and I let her know of my own satisfaction as I filled her gorgeous ass.

Completely drained and totally spent, we withdrew from her. We were stroking her hair, kissing her softly and caressing her tenderly as she basked in the afterglow. Certain of her total satisfaction, her husband snuggled up against her breasts, and I spooned with her from behind, as the three of us drifted off into blissful sleep, bodies intertwined, souls bound forever.

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