Bitch Boss

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She didn’t even bother to look up when Joe entered the office.

“You wanted to see me?”

She just put up a hand and waved at the chair in front of her desk.

Fucking bitch, Joe thought as he sat down. Fucking women bosses, have to show you they’re in charge. He watched Victoria Stern stare at her computer screen. She probably wanted to give him hell about the Wilson file – which wasn’t even his responsibility. But she seemed to enjoy giving him hell.

Joe couldn’t fucking believe this – now she was picking up the phone and making a call. Why did she bother to send for me? He thought of saying something like, “Hey bitch, tell me what you want from my life and let me alone.” But he didn’t say anything…1) because he was a wimp and 2) because Victoria’s phone conversation intrigued him.

“Take your hand off your cock when you talk to me, pig,” she said into the phone. “And when you address me, you say, ‘Yes, Miss Stern.'”

Victoria was leaning back in her chair now, still ignoring Joe. He was fucking pissed, but he couldn’t ignore that Victoria was the main subject of his jerk-off fantasies since she became his superior. And the way she said “pig” sent blood coursing through his cock.

Now she was saying, “You know what happens when I’m not satisfied, worm. Your wife can go fuck herself. You’ll ejaculate when I tell you to ejaculate.”

Victoria was older than Joe by ten years. She had hints of crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes. But she kept herself lean and fit. Her tight-fitting business suits highlighted the swell of her ample breasts and her smooth, muscular legs. Many nights he wondered what it would be like to touch her tan thighs. For sure, she was hotter than any of the twenty-year-old temps that were coming and going in the office.

She hung up the phone, turned to Joe and said, “Take out your cock.”

She looked dead serious.

Was she joking? Was she trying to embarrass him? She had been rude before, but this was going over the line. She stared straight into Joe’s eyes, which made him uncomfortable. He laughed weakly and turned away. But her face remained bursa escort rigid, expressionless.

“Did you not understand, Joe?” She leaned forward.

“I don’t think I understand at all, Victoria.”

“It’s not hard to understand, Joe – I told you to take out your cock. It seems simple enough to me.”

“Why would you want me to do that?”

The poor thing was nervous already, she thought. Should be easy. She came around the desk, and sat on the edge, only a few feet away from him. She lifted a leg, resting her foot on the arm of Joe’s chair. His eyes quickly moved up the line of her leg, but stopped at the hem of her skirt. He didn’t dare steal a peek. She looked down at Joe and said, “Because you’re going to jerk yourself off for me.”

“What kind of joke is this?”

She pressed her heel against the back of his chair, tilting him back. “The joke is, you jerk off or you’re fired. Funny, huh?”

Joe turned red. She was fucking serious. The bitch.

“I know what you do on your late nights at the office, Joe. I have evidence. Notice the cameras.” She pointed to the ceiling. “Are we still having a problem understanding, Joey?”

Now she lifted her leg high and brought her stiletto heel down into his crotch. “Are we still having a problem?”

“No, I understand, Victoria.”

She pressed the heel into his balls. “What did you call me, worm?”

“Miss Victoria.”

“Very good. You learn fast for an idiot. But I can’t waste my time with a loser like you all day, so get to it. Unzip.”

“You want me to do it right here?” She could smell the sweat off his body.

“You are a dumb fuck. No more questions.”

Joe’s face tightened as he reached down to his trousers. His hands were shaking, the poor baby. It took him several tries to undo them and get the zipper down.

“Drop your pants to your ankles.”

He didn’t fight back this time. He slid his pants over his knees and dropped them to the floor. He sat motionless for a few seconds with his shirttail covering his boxers.

Miss Victoria malatya escort drummed her long red fingernails against the desktop. Joe ran his hands through his hair, and took a deep breath.

“You have three seconds, worm –


He lifted the shirttail.


With his other hand, he pulled down his boxers.


Then his cock bounced out and fell limp between his thighs.

“Put your hand on it. Get a good grip.”

His cock felt cold and foreign in his hand. An erection seemed impossible.

“Don’t worry,” Miss Victoria said. “Because you’re not leaving this office till you ejaculate into this.” She picked up a coffee mug from her desk.

“You want me to jerk off into that?”

“You can come on the floor, but then you’re licking it up.”

He took the mug.

For several minutes he pulled on his soft cock, while sweat poured from his brow. Miss Victoria just laughed and shook her head mockingly.

Tears were rolling down his cheeks now.

“Don’t stop pulling on that pathetic thing or I’ll staple your cock to your thigh. You’re doing fine. Keep stroking yourself. Stroke, stroke, stroke…”

Miss Victoria picked up her phone and hit a button. “Madison, can you come in here a moment?”

Joe looked up at Miss Victoria in terror, but kept wanking.

“Don’t look so scared, little one. Madison is here to assist me.”

Assist her do what?

Not long after, Madison entered the office. She was a young Asian girl with sharp cheekbones and hair like silk. Joe had asked her out when she first started working at the company, but she shot him down with one disgusted look. He suspected she was a lesbian ever since.

At first Joe didn’t notice the camera in Madison’s hand. He was too humiliated to look up. She walked behind Miss Victoria’s desk, directly in front of Joe. Miss Victoria said, “Smile for the camera, Joe.”

He looked up and saw Madison holding a small digital camcorder. His heart sank to somewhere below his knees.

“Those security cameras take çanakkale escort such horrible pictures,” Miss Victoria said. “And we want to catch you in your best light.” They both laughed at that.

Then Miss Victoria led Madison to the couch beside her desk and they sat down next to each other. Madison was still holding the camera on Joe as Miss Victoria began to run her hands over Madison’s breasts. With her free hand, Madison unbuttoned her blouse, exposing the edges of a black lace bra. Miss Victoria slipped a hand under Madison’s satin blouse, massaging and squeezing her breasts. Madison was squeezing her eyes shut now, her head falling back on the couch.

“Boy,” Miss Victoria said, “kneel before us and do not stop wanking.”

Joe didn’t hesitate, which pleased Miss Victoria. He kneeled only inches from the women’s feet, stroking his cock slowly, rhythmically.

Madison dropped the camera on the couch and leaned her head toward Miss Victoria. Their lips met. Joe’s heart exploded as he watched their wet tongues snake around their lips and lap in and out of their mouths. Madison’s right hand reached up to the back of Miss Victoria’s hair and undid her bun, Miss Victoria’s soft hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back.

Miss Victoria knew beyond a doubt that Joe was hers, because when she turned from Madison’s hungry mouth and said, softly, “Joe, I want you to cum now,” his body spasmed and a ribbon of white cum shot into the coffee mug.

Miss Victoria said, “Good boy,” and then took the mug, looking inside. “Not bad.” She dipped a finger into the cup, and then smeared the creamy scum over her lips. Madison immediately touched her lips to Miss Victoria’s, kissing her deeply.

Then Miss Victoria said, “You did your job, dog. We want to be alone now,” and she turned away from Joe.

He pulled his pants back on, straightened up, and headed for the door – but Miss Victoria stopped him.

“Joe, you forgot my coffee mug.”

She handed it back to him and said, “Be a doll and get us a cup of coffee. You can forego the cream, I think.” She laughed.

“Yes, Miss Victoria,” he said.

“One more thing, Joe, and you may go. I can’t do a thing in the morning until I’ve had my coffee. So your new duty is to bring me a fresh cup of Joe first thing in the morning, every morning – you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Victoria.”

From that day on, Joe absolutely adored having a woman for a boss.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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