Black Seductress

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Hi, my name is Ruby Brown, the hottest woman in this town. I am an African American lesbian; at 34 yrs. old, I am not rich but I do have money in the bank, thanks to a divorce settlement. Since the divorce, I have learned that women are my sexual preference; I love the sweet smelling soft touch of a female as opposed to the stinking, rough and stupid men. I intimidate the male species anyway. I am 6′ tall and work out and lift weights; my muscles are larger than most men, my breast size is 38DD, my stomach is flat, my long black hair is braded, my eyes are big and dark and my glowing skin is jet black.

I was in a club last night and ran into an acquaintance named Vera; it was the weirdest thing, Vera had a cute white girl named Cathy that she called her fuck slut. This little blond would do anything that Vera told her to do! I want some of that action, but how do you get someone to do that and where do you find a sex slave?

The next day I went to the university to visit a professor friend that taught human behavior. Once in her office, she welcomed me and asked what my problem was, ” How can you tell if someone is submissive? I want to find white girls that love to be dominated and will do anything that I want them to do.”

“Woman that are submissive usually display shyness, self doubt, they often look down and avoid eye contact and they are repressed sexually, often on moral grounds. They use the excuse of being forced to perform sexual acts to excuse their behavior. In their mind, the dominant is responsible for their actions and not themselves. In short it is a transference of responsibility.”

I explained to her about Vera and Cathy and asked her if she took advantage of her sessions with the girls.

“Absolutely not! They would throw me in jail if I ever did that. I never mess with my students.”

“I understand, sure must be tempting though; give me the names of the submissive girls and let me seduce them.”

“That would be highly unethical, find your own submissive women.”

“Fuck you bitch, I tried to be nice but you give me no choice. Remember that party last year? Well there are photos of you in all kinds of perverted acts with young women, and the photos are in my possession. When the pictures get out, lets see if the university thinks they are ethical.”

“You mean to tell me that you would do that to me? That’s blackmail.”

“Call it what you want, but all I asked for is a little information. The choice is yours.”

The professor put her face in her hands and then looked up at me and made me promise that no one would know about our little deal. After assuring her that it was just between us, she said that she would call me tonight with some names and numbers.

The evening went by very slowly as I waited for the phone to ring. I was downing another beer when the telephone finally rang. Trying to sound cool and not sound too excited, I softly said hi, and hid my glee as the professor gave me the names of two blond women, a nineteen yr. old student and her mother. She informed me that they fit the perfect profile of submissive behavior. Amber the daughter was extremely shy and never stood up for herself and was picked on by other students. Her mother Jane was even worse and during counseling alone with the professor, revealed that before she was married, two sisters that lived down the street forced her to eat their cunts. The professor promised to compile a list of names for me and give them as needed. She said that she wished that it could be her and asked me to tell her everything.

After making plans for the seduction of the two sweet little white blond women, I decided to pay a visit to mom, pretending to represent the university. The husband left her over a year ago and Jane moved here to provide a home for her daughter while she was in school.

Having introduced myself as Ms. Brown from the university, I asked questions about how her daughter was progressing. She served us both coffee and told me that her daughter was coming along slowly. Then I dropped the bomb and asked her to talk about her own incident with the sisters. I wore a black business suit and phoney eyeglasses to look the part but as I adjusted my position on the sofa, my skirt hiked up revealing my long muscular black legs. When Jane noticed me looking her in the eye as she stared at my shapely legs, she blushed and quickly looked away. Looking right at her I said, “Two black women made you eat their pussies, is that right?”

“No, they were white!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you mean they had the same parents. The report said sisters and I jumped to the wrong conclusion, please forgive me; go on, tell me everything, to update the report we need every detail.”

“Well, they were bullies and constantly teased me. Then one day they offered to become friends and invited me to their home to study. Their parents were not home and they started wrestling with me. Soon they had me stripped naked and made fun of my small breast. They made me suck their larger breast, sat on my face, and kocaeli escort forced me to make them climax while they fingered my pussy!”

Her blue eyes were sobbing and the 5’1″ slender beauty was trembling. I took her in my strong arms and consoled her. I held her tight so that her pretty face was crying on my blouse. I showed her the spot and asked if she had a washer and dryer. She asked if that was necessary and got a wet cloth and wiped my blouse, I could feel my nipples stiffen and removed the blouse under the pretext of letting it dry, I wanted her to see my big tits. Jane ran to the bedroom to get me a robe, I removed my bra. When the shy little 37yr. old mom returned, she blushed and gasped at the sight of my big black boobs. I told her that the bra was wet too. She just stood there with the robe in her hands and stared at my tits.

I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately, my long tongue explored her little mouth. I could feel her weaken as I played with her ass. “Wha..what are you doing?”

“I think that we should relive the incident from your past.” I lifted her housedress up and over her head and tossed it aside. Then I removed my skirt and thong and then pulled down her pretty blue panties and unhooked her tiny bra. The poor little mom just stood there frozen in fear. I tweaked her tiny tits and told her that they were cute.

Then her face was pressed to my big black breast, without being told, she was nursing on them like a baby. From behind, my fingers played with her ass and wet pussy. “Keep sucking my big tits, did the sisters have tits this big? Your little pussy is soaking wet, you like this don’t you?”

“Your tits are big and beautiful, their tits didn’t compare. I haven’t had sex in so long and you are strong and sexy, yes, I love it!” I smiled, thinking to myself how easy this was. I lifted her and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Gently, the petite woman was lowered to the queen size bed. After kissing her lips, I worked on her neck, tiny tits, stomach and slim legs. My lips kissed her quivering honey pot. A thumb manipulated her tiny clit as my long tongue explored the pink folds of her aroused pussy; it was opening for me like a flower in the morning mist. The aroma of her love canal was sweet; my tongue was making waves where her still waters flow.

The dam burst as she reached a trembling orgasm, her hips rocked, she moaned in passion and I licked up her sweet honey nectar. My body moved up hers and we kissed. I told her to taste her own pussy juice and then straddled her angel face and told her to taste me. She willingly lapped my boiling cunt, her little tongue was fucking my smoldering pussy with passion. “Oh, yeah, keep sucking, lick it all up, don’t stop bitch, that’s it, and fuck my cunt with your tongue, yessss!!!”

Even when I reached orgasm, my hot cunt continued to fuck her pretty face. I kept grinding the hairy hole into her. The poor little mom was having a difficult time breathing with her nose up my cunt. I fucked her nose like a little dick and reached another orgasm on her angel face.

I held her in my strong arms like a child and told her to look in the mirror and observe the contrast, me very big and black, her white and small. “The contrast is so fucking hot, don’t you think so? You eat black cunt real good, you loved sucking my juicy black cunt, didn’t you?”

“The contrast is beautiful and yes, I love your sexy body. That was the best sex of my life. I hope that you can visit me often, my door will always be open to you.”

“You know what baby, it is necessary that I interview your daughter too. So I can spend the whole day with you and talk to her after school.” She smiled sweetly, started sucking my big tits, and worked her way down to my sopping black cunt. She was fascinated with my big clit and fat swollen pussy lips. She licked my wet cunt like a cat lapping up milk from a bowl. Jane looked beautiful with her face covered with my pussy juice and cum; this is the way that I always want to see her. I love the way she looks up at me with those big blue eyes while her face is buried in my black pussy. The rest of the day was spent with her worshiping my big beautiful black cunt.

We showered and Jane slipped into a cute little yellow housedress. I put on a white cotton robe that was way to small for me. She told me that I could not wear that in front of her daughter. I placed my clothes in the washer and said that we would tell her daughter that we spilled a drink on my clothes and we needed to wash them and I had to wear your robe.

Amber walked in the door and was surprised to see me. I directed them to sit on the sofa with me and explained that we had to update her progress report. Jane served us iced tea and I sat in the middle of the two blond white females. Amber was the spitting image of her mom, except that she was only 18yrs. old. They looked much closer in age than they were.

After about fifteen minutes of routine questions, I asked Amber if she ever had sex with another female. “No, why would you ask me such kocaeli escort bayan a question?”

“It is necessary that we learn all that we can. Have you ever thought of having sex with another female?”

“I..I suppose that I’ve thought about it!”

“Did you masturbate when you thought about it?”

“Look, this is getting too personal, what has that got to do with anything?”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Show us how you masturbated, trust me, it’s extremely important.”

“No, I will not, this is insane.”

My robe opened wide, my sexy black legs were spread, and two long black fingers were inserted into my wet cunt. “Did you do it like this?” Amber just sat there and stared wide eyed at my hairy black pussy. I took her little white hand and guided it to my hungry hole. Her other hand was placed on my big tit. She shyly squeezed the tit and explored my hot pussy. Mom started to protest and I realized that it was time to be dominant and take control of the two submissive white bitches. A huge black hand slapped mom’s pretty face and she was told, “How dare you tell me what to do! You licked and sucked my delicious black pussy all day long and now you are too selfish to share with your daughter. Now take her fucking clothes off and do everything that you are told or you will be strongly disciplined! Do you fucking understand me? From this moment on you will both refer to me as mistress.”

Jane immediately began disrobing her 18 yr. old daughter saying, “Yes mistress.” I pulled the young girl’s pretty face to my big black tits and told her to suck them. The young blond girl eagerly sucked the pointy nipples and kissed her way down to my black cunt. She sniffed in the intoxicating aroma of the aroused black pussy and began sucking on the enlarged clit. I told Jane to eat her pussy and ass from behind.

“I can’t do that! She is my little girl!”

“What the fuck did you just say bitch?”

“I…I mean uh, yes mistress, anything you say!”

“That’s more like it, you better do it good, just like you did for me. I want to hear her moaning with pleasure.” As mom put her talented tongue to work on her daughter, the young girl eagerly licked my sopping cunt, she was gobbling it up like it was pie and this was a pie eating contest. Her hungry little mouth just could not get enough hot black pussy.

“I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face, lick it all up, I can feel the juice dripping in my ass hole and I want you to lick up every drop, you love my black cunt, don’t you? From now on, you will be my black pussy licking little white fuck sluts. Do you understand me?”

“Oh yes mistress, anything you say, your black pussy is so delicious. I want to eat your juicy cunt as often as you let me. I love your black pussy and will gladly be your little white fuck slut!” I ordered Amber to get in the 69 position and return the favor to her mother. My fingers were in my wet cunt as I watched mother and daughter suck each other off.

I commanded them to suck my toes, lick my feet and then kiss, and lick every inch of my sexy black body. They excitedly answered, “Yes mistress!” I experienced the best orgasms of my life. The way that they begged to lick my cunt, and obeyed every command was such a turn on. When I finally left to go home they pleaded with me to return soon.

When I got home, I called the professor and told her everything, she gave me another name and number. It was so exhilarating, no doubt about it, dominating white women was the best thing in the world. Just thinking of them surrendering to my will was getting me wet again.

The next evening I went to a diner to meet my next conquest, a student named Jill who worked at the diner part time after class. While drinking coffee at the counter, my prey came into view, a lovely 19yr. old girl with shoulder length red hair and big green eyes. Her pert 34C breast stood up proudly on her 5’5″ frame. Her creamy white legs were shapely and inviting.

The next night I sat at her table and ordered a meal. The pretty redhead smiled warmly at me as she took my order. I liked the freckles on her arms and face, they made her appear even younger than 19. When I left, I gave her a ten-dollar tip. She caught me by the door and thanked me, she told me that it was very generous of me and that she hoped to see me again soon.

On Friday, I returned to the diner knowing that she did not have any school the next day. She lived in a dorm and was free to stay out late. It was time to make my move and make this little redhead my sex slave! I was aware that she finished work at 9pm. Her relief came through the door and went behind the counter. I placed the same tip in her hand and told her that we had to talk. “What about? I hope that I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“No my dear, you did nothing wrong but it is important that we talk”. I told her that I would wait for her in the parking lot. I knew that she did not have a car and would welcome a ride home. I waited beside my car, opened the door for izmit sınırsız escort her, and told her that I would give her a lift home.

She thanked me and wanted to know what we had to talk about. I parked the car in the lot of a lesbian bar and explained that we could talk over a beer. Once inside we went to a booth in the back and ordered beers. She gazed around and asked why there were only women in the bar. I lied and told her that I didn’t know. “I feel like dancing, come on!” I led her by the hand and held her in my arms, pressed my big tits to hers, let my hand drop to her shapely ass and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you! You are sweet enough to eat.”

She looked up at me startled and frightened and meekly said, “I’m not like that. I have a boyfriend and am not interested in women.”

“Honey by the time I’m finished with you, black pussy will be your favorite meal, I will teach you to lick it and like it.” The poor girl looked horrified. I grabbed her wrist, tugged her to the ladies room, and rushed her in to a stall. Her skirt was lifted and panties were pulled down. My black fingers went right to her tight little pussy. There was a lot of noise coming from the stall next to us. While finger fucking her hot little twat, I made her look thru a crack and watch the two black women in the stall next to us. One was on her knees sucking the other’s pussy.

I bent over, licked the girl’s pussy to climax, and demanded, “Now lick my big black cunt, suck on the clit and pussy lips and make me cum all over your white face, bitch.”

I held my skirt up, dropped my panties, and pressed her face to my hungry cunt. She tried to protest but then she started to lick and suck my cunt, her tongue moved slowly at first and then picked up speed; she really got into it and was sucking for all that she was worth. “Now chew on my pussy lips, suck the cum out of my black cunt, yes, now you got it, oh shit yes. You love my black pussy don’t you bitch?”

She looked up at me lovingly and said, “Let me eat this delicious black pussy some more, thank you, I love it.” I opened the stall door and there were three black chicks standing there with fingers in their cunts. “Enjoy the show?”

“Hell yeah, why don’t you let your white girl eat our cunts? We heard her say she wanted more black pussy.”

I pushed the timid redhead to them and said, “Have fun. I want to watch you make her eat out your cunts and ass holes.”

The white girl was pushed to her knees and they took turns fucking her face with their wet pussies and then forced her to lick and suck their smelly ass holes. Her pretty face was roughly pressed into the ass holes and they taunted her by pulling her hair and calling her a white slut, an ass kisser and a pussy licker. The white girl just sat on the floor with cum all over her face as the women left the rest room laughing at her. I helped her stand and when she went to the sink to wash her face I stopped her and told her to leave the pussy juice on her face to let everyone know that she loved cunt.

Back at the table I noticed a group of black women at the bar glancing in our direction. I invited them to join us. I laughed, noticing that they could not stop looking at Jill’s glistening face. “She loves eating black pussy and is getting quite good at it, would you like to try her?”

“All of us? Where?”

“Right here. Get under the table bitch, get on your knees and satisfy all of these hungry black cunts and eat them good.”

Jill eagerly obeyed and was on her knees under the table licking and sucking black pussy. The women were saying, “Over here!”

“I’m next!”

“Little white girl, come eat momma’s black cunt!” A heavy-set woman across the table was moaning and her eyes were rolling. I glanced under the table and she had the redhead in a leg lock. They bought us another round of drinks and the waitress said that it was too bad that she was working, she sure would love to get in on the action.

I told her why not. She said that she could not sit down at a table while she was working. She was a very attractive black girl and I told her to lean against the table. Then the heavy- set woman was told to release her leg grip on Jill and let her crawl to the end of the table. “This is some fine black pussy and I want you to suck her off fast.” Jill dove right in, gobbled the hot black cunt up, and brought her to a moaning climax. After she finished all of the women at the table, I drove her home.

I told her that if she kept the pussy juice on her face that when she got back to the dorm the other girls would want to give her some more. I looked over at her and said, “I told you that we had to talk about something important. I wanted you to know that you were a slave to black pussy and that it would change your life forever. Was I right?”

“Absolutely! Before tonight, I never ate pussy in my life. Now I can’t even count them. Please come to the diner again real soon. I am totally willing to be your fuck slut. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you.” I dropped her off at the dorm and smiled all the way home. This was so fucking easy. Submissive white females are wonderful. There is nothing on this earth that I would rather do than sit on a submissive little sluts face and totally dominate her little white ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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