Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 13

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Greg and Chloe took the subway. The sex store was only half an hour away. It was a hot summer day, and they didn’t feel like getting stuck in traffic with the car. At first Greg was glad he hadn’t chosen the tight jeans. In these temperatures the looser linen pants were much more comfortable. However, he realized another problem. He had never walked around in pants without wearing any underpants.

The material of the pants rubbed against his penis head and stimulated him with every step. After just a short time he felt himself getting semi-hard. While the pants were perfect at hiding his soft penis, they gave so much slack that his hard penis would bulge the pants forward. He looked down at himself as they stood in the subway.

Chloe noticed his nervous look. “What’s wrong? Not used to going in commando? Actually, I do it all the time, to be honest. Maybe you should have given more thought to the panty option.” She smiled at him and gave him a kiss. “Don’t worry, no one can see your lil pee pee.” She looked at his crotch and thought “at least not yet.” Knowing where to look, Chloe could see his little half boner, but it wasn’t too obvious.

“Are you hard yet?” she asked innocently.

“No, and I hope it won’t happen,” Greg tried to position himself so that none of the other passengers could catch a glimpse of his crotch.

Chloe lightly stroked his crotch with her hand as if by accident. “Ah, I can feel it.”

“Babe, please don’t,” Greg was uncomfortable with the situation to the max. What if someone noticed.

“Don’t worry, even if you get all hard, I mean, it’s not like your pee pee is going to be that particularly big. Just 4 1/8 inches to be exact.” Chloe loved to repeat that number, the result of her measurement that morning.

Greg felt his penis growing. “Shit!” What if he had to get off the train like that?

Chloe was having a great time. She had no intention of exposing him while still on the subway, but she was thievishly pleased that he had chosen those linen pants. She was sure if he really got stiff, his hard-on would be very visible to everyone. That was the special thing about a small penis. Because they are so small and not very bulky, they stand out proud and horizontal. A big cock must be very stiff for this, with such a small one it happens easily. She had noticed this the first time Greg undressed for her in front of the sofa at home. She had absolutely loved the sight.

Chloe made no further attack and let Greg cool off. On the walk from the Subway station to their destination, he was already busy enough to walk in a way that minimized the stimulation of his penis by the fabric.

Finally, they arrived at the sex store. As they entered, Greg glanced around nervously. The worst would be if there was anyone he knew. Fortunately, there weren’t too many other customers around.

The store was quite large with an abundant supply. Chloe and he walked through the shelves, passing dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, whips, the video corner, chastity cages and countless other items. In front of the shelf with the chastity cages were two young Latinas. They were obviously enjoying themselves and checking various products, giggling like teenage girls.

At the end of one shelf, they finally found the condoms. Greg was glad to see no sales staff nearby. He grabbed several packs and read the back. “Hmm, maybe we just take some of the ‘close fit’ ones? These should do just fine.”

“Haha, nice try, come on. We are here to get professional advice, not just randomly picking something,” Chloe immediately took away his hope of sneaking out of his predicament.

Chloe looked around the store. She spotted a thirty something looking blonde salesgirl at the end of an aisle, as well as a young black guy who was serving other customers at the cashier.

“Who do you think we should ask,” Chloe wanted to leave it up to Greg to decide in front of who to embarrass himself.

Greg pondered. Why did it have to be a black guy working here? You know what they say about black men. Impossible he could ask him, that would be so embarrassing. The blonde salesgirl wasn’t a much better choice, though. She seemed to be about his age, blonde and curvy. From a distance, he could tell she had numerous tattoos and might be a bit bossy. Still no way he would choose the black dude. Hopefully, she would be totally easy going and the whole thing would be quite discreet.

“It doesn’t really matter, let’s go for the girl then,” he finally decided.

Chloe smiled, knowing of course that there was no way he was going to call the black guy over.

“Excuse me,” Chloe yelled a bit louder than necessary towards the salesgirl “could you help us with the condoms here?” The two Latina chastity girls glanced over to them briefly.

Jeeez, could she just be a bit more discreet about the whole thing? Greg already felt a lump in his throat.

“I’ll be right with you,” the salesgirl replied. The black guy also looked over at them, longer than actually necessary. Obviously, he was checking swinger seks hikayeleri out Chloe. She looked ultra-hot in her tight short grey dress, under which her perky tits clearly showed.

“Hi guys, how can I help you?” The salesgirl had come over to them. “By the way, I love your dress,” she said to Chloe. “Wow, thank you, really appreciate it,” a happy Choe responded. “And I love your tattoos!”

Damn, the saleswoman looked better than Greg had seen from a distance. She was tall, about 6 feet. While she was a bit heftier than Chloe, her pounds were all in the right places, big butt, flat stomach and huge breasts, an hourglass figure. She had a large, winged skull tattoo centring her cleavage. The wings were only half visible and covered a good part of what could be seen of her impressive boobs. Greg was wondering if they extended over her entire tits.

“Baby, the lady has asked you something,” Greg was snapped out of his daydream and Chloe had noticed his gaze lingering a little too long on her breasts.

“Errr, right, err we were wondering whether you have, like, all kinds of different sizes of condoms here,” Greg tried to speak as quietly as possible.

The saleswoman eyed Greg intently from head to toe. This tall, muscular guy was quite her type. And he was handsome and clean, too. He just seemed to be oddly nervous about buying condoms. “Lucky girl,” she thought. These Asian hotties really know how to pick the guys, she had seen such couples thousands of times. She just wondered how this petite girl, could cope with this big guy in the sheets. She must surely get split apart.

“Oh, of course, don’t you worry, no need to be shy. The Magnums are up here,” she reached into the shelf and held out two different packs to Greg. “Both are great and perfectly safe. You could pack a cucumber in there, if you know what I mean. But from personal experience, I’d choose these. They have less lube, but the feel is more intense. And to be honest, who needs lube when you get to work with equipment of that sort.” She was chuckling at Chloe and the girls laughed together.

“Er….Right, maybe we could give those… a try,” with trembling hands Greg took the package from her. Greg knew he couldn’t possibly get away with it. With pleading eyes, he looked at Chloe.

Chloe couldn’t believe it, but she laughed inside at Greg’s answer. Did he really think she would let him get away with it so easily? She shook her head slightly.

“Hmmmm, baby, I have the feeling this would not be the right size for you, maybe you try asking your question again?” Chloe loved it and she could feel her pussy getting moist. She gave Greg her sweetest smile.

Greg blushed. “Ehmmm, so, do you maybe have, well, slightly smaller sizes;” Greg quietly squeezed out the words.

The salesgirl was surprised. What was he talking about? He was standing in front of the shelf with the standard sizes, after all. But her curiosity was now finally piqued as well. And this couple was interesting. It seemed like the little girl was wearing the pants here.

“Well, the standard sizes are all right in front of you. Or what size are we talking about?” she inquired as she looked at Chloe and Greg intently.

Chloe nodded supportively at Greg.

“Like, let’s say around 5 inches,” Greg couldn’t bring himself to say the exact number. His face was now red as a tomato. The saleswoman’s eyes went wide. She stared at him in disbelief. “5 inches….oh,” she just repeated the number and let it sink in.

Chloe raised her eyebrow, giving Greg a stern look. “Try again, baby.” The tingling between her legs increased. An amused grin barely noticeable formed on the saleswoman’s face. This hot little bitch seemed to be in charge here. She liked her more and more. Wow, this was getting kinda hot in here.

“Err, ok,” Greg spoke even more softly now leaning closer to the girl “do you have anything for 4 inches and…and…1/8?”

She chuckled. “Oh wow, thanks for being so precise. And that is, that is really quite surprising to be honest. But actually, we don’t need to know the exact length at all. Condoms differ mainly in their width, I should have made that clear. I am so sorry,” she spoke the last sentence to Chloe rather than to Greg.

Greg couldn’t believe how stupid he was, she didn’t even want to know the length and he had made a total fool out of himself, shit.

“The condoms are sorted by width. The vast majority of customers use the standard size, which is a 2 inch width. Our magnums go up to 3 inches. Of course that’s a pretty big calibre rarely seen, ha-ha. But considering your length probably the 2 inches are also too wide for you then.” Inadvertently, she dropped her gaze to Greg’s groin and paused there for a few seconds. Greg felt completely naked. To his horror, he also felt his little one beginning to get hard. Sweat appeared on his forehead.

“What condoms do you usually use then?” She asked.

“He’s been using the standard size,” Chloe assisted in an accusatory tone.

“Oh, that’s really dangerous. It’s easy for the condoms to slip off if your penis is too small.” Again she dropped her gaze to his crotch. “Do you also know the girth by any chance?” The obvious power balance in this couple made her a little bolder. Obviously, this Asian looking girl had no problem with the fact that there was open talk about her boyfriend’s small dick. She seemed to be enjoying it deeply and he didn’t seem to be in the position to object either.

Greg wanted to sink into the floor in shame. “No, I don’t know.”

“I actually thought we were having extra small ones too, but I can’t see them, just a moment,” she said, turning towards the sales counter in the other corner of the room, where her black colleague was still working.

“No, please,” Greg tried to stop her and tap her on the shoulder, but Chloe grabbed his wrist, looked him in the eye and shook her head matter of factly. The salesgirl saw their interaction and grinned understandingly at Chloe.

“Jake, do you know if we still sell those extra small condoms?” She yelled across the store. The two girls at the chastity cages stopped their conversation, giggled and looked over at them

“Sorry Jen, I didn’t get you, what do you need?”

“I’m looking for the extra small condoms. I can’t find them here,” she called back again.

“Well, maybe because they are extra small, ha-ha, hard to find” Jake shot back with a huge smile.

“Ah, you are so funny, Jake, come on, any clue?”

“No one ever bought them and we took them out of stock. But we might still have some left in the warehouse. I’ll take a look. What girth do you need?”

“We don’t know, but the length…,” the saleswoman looked to Chloe for confirmation that she was allowed to give out that info. She had rightly noticed that Chloe was calling the shots here. Chloe nodded to her with a big grin.

“The length is only around 4 inches, so the smallest you can find, please,” she suggested, winking at Chloe. Greg just stood there, not knowing what to say and his head turning a dark shade of red.

He heard a chuckling behind him. He looked over at the two girls. One of them made a gesture to the other with her thumb and forefinger, the space of only a few inches between them. The two were obviously talking about him. Greg felt his little penis take on a life of its own in his pants. “Oh no,” he stiffened and to his horror, an obvious tent formed in his pants. He put both hands in front of his body.

Jen, the salesgirl couldn’t help but notice as she returned her gaze to his groin.

“Aehmm, is your boyfriend always this quickly aroused?” She spoke directly to Chloe as if Greg couldn’t hear her and pointed her finger at his little hard-on. “Besides, isn’t he wearing any underwear?”

Chloe couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, he gets aroused very quickly and sometimes even more. Baby, do you want to tell Jen why you don’t have any underpants on?”

Greg felt the humiliation further rise to his head and he couldn’t get out a word.

“Oh, don’t worry baby, you don’t have to be embarrassed at all” Chloe kissed Greg on the cheek. “He had a little accident this morning and he didn’t have any dry boxers left. These things could happen to anyone.” God, this whole thing was making her so excited.

“Oh please, honey, it sounds like I peed my pants,” Greg defended himself. “I did not pee my pants.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, I see” the salesgirl giggled and grinned widely. She turned to Chloe, hiding her mouth behind her hand, and whispered in disbelief, “he had a little cummie in his underwear?” Chloe nodded and mouthed a “yes!” Greg could very well hear what they were saying and could hardly believe they were discussing this in front of him. There was an awkward silence.

“Here you are, I found two packs that were still left” Jake came back from the warehouse and handed two packs to Jen. He too saw Greg’s small tent and then let his gaze slowly roam over Chloe’s body. He grinned from ear to ear, winked at Chloe, and then went back to his counter.

Jen knew she really was on a team with Chloe and whispered in her ear, “Jake here, he has got a tremendous rod. He really needs the Magnums.” Chloe giggled “I bet.”

“Great, so let’s see,” Jen resumed, “these are actually two sizes, one is a girth of 1.5 and the other one 1 3/4 inches. Hmm, hard to pick without having the exact measures.”

Greg felt himself getting all sick, would she want to measure him here on the spot? Nervously he looked at Chloe and the salesgirl.

“Hey mister, relax, we are not going to measure you here. You clearly read too many sex stories online, we don’t do these things at sex stores, sorry,” she chuckled. “But we can compare. Follow me please.”

She led Chloe and Greg to a counter. The two chastity Latinas, meanwhile, had switched to checking out the strap-ons and were standing nearby. They looked over with amused interest. On the counter were numerous silicone dildos lined up by size. To the far left in front of them was an enormous black device a good 8 inches long, fat and completely realistic with thick protruding veins.

“This here is our top seller, the ‘Squirtinator’. But me and the other salesgirls mostly just call it ‘Jake’, hahaha, as it looks so familiar to us, ” Jen ran a finger from the head down the shaft. “Do you want to touch it?” she turned to Chloe.

“Yeah, wow, that’s a huge device.” Chloe grasped the enormous pole with her hand. She couldn’t close her hand completely around it. She let her hand slide up and down. “This is sooo huge, I can easily use two hands I believe,” and Chloe took her second hand and also set it on the impressive manhood. Both hands fit and yet the enormous cock head still stood out proudly. “Shit, look at this size, oh my, what a tool.” Chloe looked over at Jake at the other counter and fondled the big member some more. She felt her pussy tingling and producing more and more juice, which she could already feel sticky between her legs since she wasn’t wearing any panties either. But she also wanted to stroke Greg’s ego a little bit now.

“On the other hand, of course, such a big cock can hurt if you’re not wet enough and get stretched so blatantly.” Chloe was quite proud of that sentence. Because it was factually correct and could calm Greg down a bit. Of course, such a tool could actually hurt if you weren’t wet enough. But, first of all, she had always been wet as a swamp whenever she had even come close to such a bogeyman. Just like she was right now. And secondly, although it could still hurt a little at first, the pain was immediately replaced by the boundless excitement that immediately set in due to the inevitable violent penetration. She knew that whenever she felt such a steamboat bottoming out on her cervix she was sure to be squirting all over the place and cum like crazy in no time.

Greg seemed a little relieved. Chloe dropped her hand to his crotch.

“I never got hurt with my baby.” She gave him a kiss on his red cheek.

“Speaking of which,” Jen resumed and let her hands wander over the other dildos of all colours on the counter from the big ones to the smaller ones. Her hand came to a stop at the far right side. With her thumb and forefinger she grasped the smallest dildo on display.

“This one is our beginner model. The smallest one we have. Mostly young curious girls who haven’t had sex yet buy this one. You know, it’s designed so it doesn’t seem dangerous. Light pink skin tone, small and thin and just a few mini veins to make it a little more realistic. We call it TT, Tiny Timmy.”

“Hmmm,” Chloe engulfed the small dildo in her palm. The penis head was still sticking out about an inch from her hand. “Reminds me of something,” she glanced at Greg with a devilish grin. “Yeah, that’s about it.” The Latina girls, still standing close, giggled audibly, apparently following their discussions.

“Oh wow, really!? Who would have thought that,” Jen still couldn’t believe he was actually that small. “In that case, you can safely go with the smallest condoms we found.” She handed the package to Greg.

“And may I suggest something else to you?” she said, now turning back to Chloe.

“Sure, what is it!”

“Let me get it, just a second.” Jen walked to the shelves.

Chloe turned to Greg. She smiled at him. “This is really an exciting trip, isn’t it?” She gave him a kiss and grabbed his crotch. His little penis was still standing rock hard. At its tip she could see a drop of moisture.

“Looks like my little baby penis is enjoying this too and already leaking precum. Glad you picked this light green colour today. What if Jen is gonna see it? Don’t you even think about covering it up,” she gave him a stern look and squeezed his penis through the pants.

Jen was back. In her hand she was waving with a package that looked like a dildo to Greg.

“Here, this is what we call a penis sleeve. See, I will take it out of the box briefly. It is hollow, you see? It works like this: you get your boyfriend here nice and hard first,” she glanced down at Greg’s groin again “which seems not to be a problem at all and then you slip this thing over it. See, it has an additional latex ring at the bottom where the balls go in, so it holds really tight. This one is 6 inches long, the dildo head is solid rubber, so there’s really only room for 4-5 inches inside, perfect for your cute boyfriend. And for you, it’s like he has 6 inches suddenly. Plus, of course, it gives him more girth. The only problem is, when he wears the sleeve, he doesn’t have much feeling when you have sex. There’s nothing you can do about that, but he shouldn’t get soft, right?! That’s why I have another silicon cock ring here. Again, I chose the tightest one we have. It should work even for him. When he wears that, he can’t get soft even if he doesn’t feel anything.” Jen beamed at Chloe.

“Wow, that’s amazing, I didn’t know there was such a thing. Thank you. We take it!” Chloe was surprised, what a great idea. This way she could have sex with Greg and feel a 6 incher at the same time. She wanted to give it a try at least. Whether Greg could feel much in the process wasn’t that important, he didn’t like sex that much anyway.

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