College, 1967

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It was very late at night and the dorm floor was quiet. Most students had gone home for Thanksgiving break but I did not have far to go so spent an extra day at school. I had transferred to a large midwestern state university after having spent my first year at a small engineering school and realizing I was not cut out to be an engineering student. Now here I was lying naked in a narrow dorm bed with my roommate never having even fantasized about having sex with another male.

Charlie was in some ways a quintessential effete Easterner. He was short, slender, had blond hair and studied classical Greek and Latin but he was not really effeminate. Sometime ago, he told me and another of our friends that he was gay and my only reaction at the time was to say, “Gee, that must make it difficult for you in the shower after gym.” He laughed and admitted that it was.

This night as we lay in our own beds, we started talking about growing up in our different places, me in a small, midwest, very homogenous town and he from a large city with all its various diversities. Casibom Charlie had never come on to me in any way but then, out of the blue, for as I said I had never thought about having sex with a male, I asked him, “Do you want to do anything?”

He looked at me, “Yes, if you do.”

I was still a virgin which not realy unusual in the late sixties. I’d touched a girl friend’s breasts but that was it. I got up and moved to his bed. I had read novels that described love making between women and men, so I crouched over him and somewhat mechanically and hurriedly, I kissed him and then quickly moved down his body.

“Wait, wait. Not so fast.” He drew me up to him, “Have you done this before?”

“No”, I answered sheepishly, “Not even with a girl.”

“OK, here,” and he had me lie next to him.

He began running his hand up and down my arm then moved it to my neck rubbing lightly. I started to relax and just enjoy his carresses. Charlie ran his hand ran over my chest and stomach and gently fondled my penis through my underwear. Then he ran his Casibom Giriş hand back up my body and with his finger tips began making circles around my nipples. He leaned forward and kissed one of my nipples. Soon he ran his tongue over it. I could not help moaning when I felt his tongue flick making my tip hard.

As he did this, I ran my fingers through Charlie’s hair and carressed his back. He lifted his head from my chest and we began kissing, softly taking time. I felt his tongue touch my lips and then move in to my mouth. As we kissed, we became entwined. Our arms around each other, our bodies pressing.

I felt my erection against his leg and I began humping it. Charlie turned me on my back and pulled down my underwear and I kicked it off. I’ve never felt so hard. He wrapped his hand around my shaft. Kissing and licking my nipples again, he started to masturbate me. I had never felt anything so intensely pleasurable. I just gave myself over to it, felt myself build and soon I was squeezing his arm and thrusting my hips as I came and came.

When Casibom Güncel Giriş I finished, Charlie bent down and I felt my penis in the warmth of his mouth. He took some of my sperm and raising up kissed me and let me taste myself.

We lay side by side for several minutes, he resting his head on my chest. I turned towards him and tugged on his underpants. He raised his hips and I pulled them off.

Charlie had a good sized penis. I bent down and took it in my hand and ran my tongue over its head.

“You don’t have to do it that way if you don’t want,” he told me.

“I do want to,” I said. I put the head of his penis in my mouth and slid down on it until I felt the ridge. I held his penis at the base and began sucking him off bobbing my head up and down.

After a few minutes, I felt the head of his erection grow larger. “I’m going to come,” he said. I kept sucking and in a moment my mouth filled with his cum and dribbled down my chin.

As he had done to me, I raised up and we kissed, using our tongues to swirl his cum back and forth until finally I swallowed his thick, salty semen. We lay facing each other and then pulled up the sheet and fell asleep holding hands.

This was the first of many pleasurable times we would have together. State tuned for other chapters.

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