Dairy Queen of the Breeders Ch. 02

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3D Porn

Hunter rushed in haste from the breeding room, slamming the door shut and leaving behind his girls, still recoiling from their state of shock. His Valkyries would instruct the nurse-maids to tend to them. Still in a slight daze he stopped in the dank corridor. A dancing flame from a burning oil lamp cast his black shadow against the wall, twitching and contorting like an epileptic puppet. He took three deep breaths to ease the pounding of his heart, wiping his forehead and adjusting his attire. In the corner of his eye movement scuttled across the wall, and with instant reflex his riding crop slammed a huge huntsman spider into the burnished granite. It free-fell to the ground and writhed to a slow, motionless death.

Hunter was now keen to see his aged grandmother, and so it was that he made his way to her bedroom. It was a long, lonely walk that gave him time to gather his thoughts, which were themselves a collage of instant replays, forcing him to wonder what his grandmother might declare. He came to the heavy, oak door, knocked three times and then observed as a delicate, young woman opened it. She was heavily pregnant with large burdur seks hikayeleri bosoms that were thinly veiled by a damask tunic. He strode into the large chamber, made cozy by a hearth full of flickering coals. Huge tapestries hung from the walls, intricately depicting battle his father and grandfather had fought against warring clans in ages past. A huge bear-skin rug smothered the floor, its giant head gaping open with pearl-white canine teeth. It was said to be the last Bear of the Isles, before they had been hunted to extinction. A huge rosewood, four-poster bed dominated the room. “Is that you, my son?” a feeble voice emanated from under the heavy blankets.

“Yes, Grandmother,” Hunter replied. The old lady was in her eighties and bed-ridden, constantly antagonised by partial blindness. He strode up to the side of her bed and kissed her cold cheek.

“How are the new girls?” the Grandmother asked.

“Excellent as always, Grandmother.

“Did you choose one?” To this Hunter but nodded.

With a nod from the Grandmother, the maidservant knelt down before Hunter and unbuckled his belt, pulling slowly on his pants. Soon his rigid erection was rising before her face, dominating it, swaggering before it, still steeped in the juices of Valeria Chastity, that curious and intoxicating minx, of whose delightfulness he could hardly stop thinking. “Do as I have taught you, young one. Taste of her juices upon his Royal Organ and tell us of its destiny…we must know if she is the one” The Grandmother commanded.

The maidservant, softly squeezing one of her milky breasts, began to slide the enormous organ down her throat. She slowly eased it all the way down until she was gagging upon his man-flesh, and then it was that she began to suck, licking and swirling her tongue around the tip. She tasted the juices with an analytical look, as if considering the flavours and evaluating them to a purpose, like an experienced connoisseur at a winery. Thinking about Valeria, Hunter held the young girl’s head deep against his crotch, imaging she was his newfound interest. Alas, her fairness was but a poor imitation, and although the sucking, the slurping and the swirling was pleasurable, he still found himself experiencing a vague disinterest with it all. Soon, he came in her mouth, filling the girl with his seed and watching amusedly as it spilled from her mouth and onto her lactating breasts, themselves dripping with arousal. “What are your proclamations, then?” the Grandmother asked.

“This one is unique, Mistress. She has aristocratic blood from the knights of the Norman Invasion…More importantly, she was a true virgin! Master Hunter was her first. I sense something special about this young lass, something I have never before encountered. She is strong of will and character, determined and wily. She has a propensity toward trickery and manipulation, although she does not mean harm.”

Hunter thought as he listened to the proclamations. Time was marching on and the time had come to choose an Heir, to begin training the next generation in the legacy of his forefathers. He pulled up his pants and made himself look respectable, wondering if perhaps this Valeria girl was indeed a suitable match for him. As she was wily, playful, intelligent and manipulative, she could very well prove so. It was time to initiate her into the service of the milkmaids, and if she was not already pregnant from their earlier coupling, begin her new life’s work of endless pregnancy, one after another…

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