Damsel in Distress

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As I climbed back into my car my dress rode up my thighs a little, the lace tops of my stockings showing briefly before I pulled the door closed behind me. I watched the man I had just shared a drink with driving out of the car park and felt frustrated and disappointed. We had met online a few days ago, shared photos of each other and had spoken about all the filthy things we hoped to get up to before agreeing to meet this evening.

I had dressed in black lingerie, stockings and high heels, my hair and make-up done to perfection and had driven to the pub with my knickers already damp with anticipation. I am not sure my face managed to hide the disappointment I felt when he arrived as he had obviously used photos of a much younger him and only bore a passing resemblance to the sexy man in the photos. Needless to say the drink was very quick and we both went our separate ways, my knickers still damp and my appetite for sex left unsatisfied.

I turned the key in the ignition and the engine leapt into life, the headlights illuminating the car park in front of me as I swung the car out into the lane and set off in the direction of home. The radio was playing some very good 80’s tunes and I sang along as I drove, my mood brightening even though I was still very horny. I had every intention of rectifying that situation once I was home, fully intending to make use of my toy collection whilst watching porn. As I made my way through the lanes the engine suddenly lost power and the car lurched before picking back up and moving forward. I felt the panic rise as I checked the display for any lights indicating problems. Nothing was out of the ordinary there but within minutes the car did the same thing, this time the engine maintenance light illuminated and the car lost all power.

I steered over to the side of the lane, where there was a gateway and a wooded area, but other than that I was alone.

I reached into my bag for my mobile and luckily I had a good strong signal with to phone the AA to come and rescue me. I looked around nervously as the call was put through, there was no sign of life, no houses in sight or no passing traffic. Obviously a lone woman at night is a priority but even then it was likely to be an hour before I was rescued so was advised to stay in the car and wait, so I did.

The longer I sat there the more my imagination worked its magic and I had started to imagine all manner of terrible things happening to me, masked murderers appearing, crazy village folk rampaging through the wood with axes etc so by the time I realised I hadn’t used the toilet before leaving the pub and now desperately needed to go, I had already scared myself half to death.

I reached into my bag for a tissue and looked around me nervously, before switching the torch feature on my phone on and getting out of the car. My heels click clacking on the lane was the only sound to break the silence as I surveyed my surroundings and tried to figure out the best place to relieve my poor bladder. I opted for the nearest wooded area and using my phone to guide me, found a big enough tree to hide me. Checking around me one last time, I pulled my dress up over my hips and slid my knickers down to my ankles, crouching down and sighing with relief. Almost as soon I had started I heard the sound of an engine in the distance, slowly getting louder as it approached and I started to panic, swearing under my breath as I tried to pee as fast as I could. I didn’t know if it was the AA already but somehow doubted hd porno it and so my mind was in a complete panic by the time I saw the headlights and heard the car pull up behind mine.

I heard footsteps on the concrete and willed myself to hurry up, and just as I had finished I heard a deep voice call out ‘hello?’ I jumped up and pulled my knickers back up, reaching to pull my dress down as I heard a noise to my left, I turned in that direction, my heart was literally in my mouth by now and saw a tall dark haired man standing there, in police uniform, watching me with a degree of surprise on his face. I still had my dress up around my waist as I stared at him before leaping into action and pulling it down rapidly my fingers catching on my suspenders in my haste.

‘Are you ok?’ he raised his eye brows quizzically at me as I came out from behind the tree, my cheeks literally burning with embarrassment.

‘I am so pleased to see you, my car’s broken down and I have to wait for the AA but was so desperate for the loo that I couldn’t wait any longer, I’m so sorry’ I found myself rambling as he continued to look at me. Now we were back in the lane and his headlights were casting a light on us I could see that he was quite young, probably a good ten years younger than me and really cute. I found myself blushing and wishing I could shut my motor mouth up. He told me to wait and returned to his car, leaning into the driver’s side open window where I realised there was another officer sitting. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but both kept looking over at me and I suddenly felt very exposed out there alone.

The driver’s door opened and the younger officer was joined by a slightly older man, with short cropped hair and a more rugged look about him. They both approached me and asked me to pop the bonnet up, so I slid back behind the wheel to find the lever, aware that my dress was riding up and my stocking tops were on show. I almost reached down to cover myself but something stopped me, perhaps it was the look the older officer had on his face, his eyes glued to my thighs, and I suddenly realised that I was suddenly very turned on. I climbed back out and went round to the front of the car with both men. The older man popped the bonnet up and the three of us stood starting at it, as though we might be able to figure out what was wrong. I didn’t fancy our chances.

The younger man suggested we try and start the engine again and motioned for me to try, this time both of them followed me round to the door and watched me as I got in, my legs parted as I climbed in, my dress riding up my thighs. My heart was beating much faster and I could feel my knickers growing damper as they blatantly looked at me, I turned the key and nothing happened. I looked at them both, waiting for some response and it took a moment for the older man to suggest we sit in their car and they would wait with me. This time, as I went to climb out, he stepped forward and placed his hand on my arm, and helped me out, his touch on my bare skin making my hairs stand on end. He placed a hand on my lower back and escorted me to their car, where I climbed into the back and they sat in the front.

Once we were in they both turned to look at me, and asked me what I doing out here on my own, all dressed up. I found myself wanting them to know that I had met a man with the intention of fucking him, so I worded it carefully but made sure the meaning came across. By the look they gave each other I guessed brazzers porno it had. The younger man, Ben, introduced himself and Joe, the older man, did the same. I was very aware of the looks they kept giving me and I found myself desperately wanting them both, I parted my thighs just a little, maintaining eye contact with them both. His eyes never leaving mine, Joe slowly moved his hand toward me, placing his fingers lightly just above my knee, questioning me without words, ‘is this ok?’. I gulped and parted my thighs a fraction more, my reply obvious. Joe slid the flat of his hand up my thigh now, his fingers reaching my skin, a moan escaping my lips as they went further.

Ben got out of and walked around to the back of the car, sliding into the car beside me. He reached towards me, putting one hand on my cheek and pulling me towards him, his lips met mine, his lips soft on mine as he explored my mouth, his tongue parting my lips. His hand slid down and his hand cupped one of my tits through my dress, kneading at it with his fingers while Joe pushed my thighs wide apart and I felt his fingers stroking the very wet fabric of my knickers. Suddenly his fingers were gone and he joined us in the back, sliding in on the other side of me. One hand went back to my soaking wet knickers, the other found its way into my hair, pulling me round to face him. ‘Your knickers are fucking soaked, you dirty little slut, you fucking love this don’t you?’ I groaned with desire as Ben bought his mouth back onto mine and I felt Joe slide my knickers down, I lifted my ass to help him until my thighs were spread wide, and Joe’s fingers were poised above my soaking pussy. I looked at him, desperate to feel his touch. He lifted my knickers to his nose, inhaling deeply as he looked at me ‘What do you want? Tell me’ he said and I managed to tell him I wanted him to touch me, to feel how wet I was, how much I wanted this. Ben stopped kissing me, and the three of us looked down as Joe’s fingers slowly stroked over my pussy, sliding between my lips and coming out slippery with my juices. He bought them to my mouth and slid them between my lips, watching me lick them clean, while he inhaled the aroma of my pussy on my soaking wet knickers.

Both men had impressive bulges in their trousers and I reached down to unzip both of them, pulling their hard cocks free and into my hands. My fingers sliding up and down as both men slid their fingers over my pussy, one rubbing at my clit and the other sliding knuckle deep inside me. I wanted to taste them both, to tease them with my tongue, to have their hands in my hair while I sucked their cocks. ‘Get out of the car, I want to suck you both’ I told them and they both got out, quickly followed by me, with my dress up and my pussy dripping wet.

I dropped to my knees and wrapped one hand around each cock. I looked up at both men, their uniforms still on and their cocks hard and ready for me before I slid my lips around Ben’s cock, tasting the pre cum on the head, and taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I heard him swear at the sensation of my mouth engulfing him and worked my lips up and down before moving onto Joe, running my tongue along the length of his cock, catching a trail of pre cum on my lips. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and shoved himself into my mouth, taking control and sliding himself right to the back of my throat. Both men took it in turns to fuck my mouth, calling me a dirty little slut as I sucked and licked at them, seks filmi trying to get both their cocks in at the same time on occasion.

I could never recall being so aroused before and was aware that my pussy was literally dripping. I looked up at them, my eye make-up running down my cheeks ‘I want you to fuck me’ I groaned and Joe reached down to help me up. Ben opened the boot and got a blanket out, leading the way into the wooded area, he laid the blanket down and laid down, motioning me to climb on top of him, but facing away from him. He held my hips as I straddled his lap feeling his hard cock rubbing at my pussy before sliding deep inside me. I gasped at the sensation of him filling my pussy and he began to thrust up to meet me. Joe grabbed my hair again and forced my mouth onto his cock, thrusting deep and hard while Ben did the same to my pussy, making me gag on his length.

Joe removed his cock from my mouth and gently pushed me until I was laying back against Ben, his cock still thrusting up to meet my pussy while Joe got on his knees in front of me, reaching down to my pussy and spreading my lips, his thumb stroking over my clit while Ben fucked me. The sensation of having him rub my clit while a hard cock was pounding at me was amazing and I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum.

Suddenly Joe lowered his mouth and I felt his tongue lash against my clit, circling it and sucking it into his mouth before he slowly licked further down, sliding his tongue slowly at the point at which Ben’s cock slid into me. Feeling his tongue there, partly on me and partly on Ben’s cock was enough to push me over the edge and I came hard, shouting out and feeling every muscle in my body tense as wave after wave of orgasm hit me, Joe’s tongue forcing more from me.

Joe pulled me to my feet and changed places with Ben, pulling me down on top of him, kissing me hard so I could taste my own pussy juices on his mouth before he slid his cock into my hot, wet pussy telling me what a filthy slut I was, and how good my pussy felt. He held my hips and fucked me hard, putting his hands on my ass cheeks he spread them as much as he could and I felt Ben crouching down behind me, heard and felt him spit on my ass before his tongue slid over my ass, making me groan loudly as he teased me, getting me nice and wet before I felt him nudging his cock against me.

Ben pushed forward, sliding in further, Joe holding me still as Ben began to thrust forward until I had both cocks buried in me as far as they would go. Both men began to move, keeping me still so as not to lose the rhythm as they slid in and out of my pussy and ass. I had never felt anything like it and felt like every nerve ending was on fire as they thrust deeply, filling me with their hard, throbbing cocks as they got faster and harder, getting closer to losing control when suddenly both men pulled out, pushing me to my knees and wrapped their hands around their cocks, stroking them in front of my waiting mouth while I frantically rubbed at my clit, desperate to join them when they came, getting closer and closer until suddenly Joe grabbed my hair and held my head in place while he came all over my face, Ben joining him and shooting his hot cum all over my mouth and tongue while I cried out in orgasm.

I remained there on my knees, cum dripping off my lips, looking up at these two men with their now softening cocks in their hands, when Joe knelt down In front of me, reaching out and slowly kissing me, his lips sliding against mine, covered in cum, his tongue sliding between my lips, cum smearing our faces as we kissed. He pulled away, looking at me as he smiled ‘Filthy little cum slut’ and with a wink he pulled me to my feet as we heard the sound of the breakdown truck approaching down the lane.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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