Do You Want To Sit On My Face?

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This was insane. After getting all horned up with some online interaction on a man-to-man sex site I was driving to the house of a guy I didn’t know. He’d asked me to come over for some cuddling and fondling after letting me know he just wanted some body contact with another man. In fact, he specifically said that the invitation was not for sex – and, for some reason, that intrigued me even more.

We’d been “playing” with, and teasing each other, online for several years. The fact that we lived fairly close to each other made it that much hotter for me. Knowing that this hot guy could be stroking his photogenic cock, pulling on his nipples and massaging his own hole as we IM-ed or messaged each other always got my cock hard and oozing sweet pre-cum (which I never let go to waste). He once even emailed me a video clip of himself blowing a buddy, which ended with a shot of cum flying everywhere. On occasion I’d used the video as inspiration while jerking off.

In his profile, he claimed to be an “expert ass eater.” That thought, along with the visual stimulation of facial hair in his posted photos, always got my hard cock leaking juice and my manhole twitching like crazy. It had literally been years since my ass had a good tongue-fucking.

This time, the online messaging had started off innocently enough – and then he blatantly asked me to come over for some relaxing masculine body contact. I still don’t know why I responded that I would. He messaged me back with the address and description of his house.

I quickly hopped in the shower, paying a little extra attention my hole and allowing my soapy finger (or two) to slip inside a couple times. I know, this supposedly wasn’t an invitation to a sexual experience – but, damn, if he wanted to eat ass, I was going to be ready with it on the menu. I dried off, then threw on some black boxer briefs, a pair of shorts, a comfortable old T-shirt and my flip-flops before heading out the door.

I could feel precum oozing onto my leg as I drove the ten minutes to the address provided. sarışın porno Being a nervous wreck, I turned the wrong way at the street on which he lived and had to backtrack to find the house. The craziness, and possible danger, of just walking into a stranger’s house was not lost on me as I opened the front door and went in. I followed the messaged instructions to walk upstairs, past a steamy bathroom smelling of a manly soap, and into the bedroom. A handsome man, with a few days growth of beard, was resting under the sheets on the bed.

We both said “hi” and, like it was perfectly normal, I started removing my clothing. As I slipped off the boxer briefs, with my ass pointed towards the guy in the bed, he sighed and moaned what I took to be a sign of approval. Slipping into the bed, I was felt so nervous I wondered if I could get it up if I needed to do so. We snuggled together and my bed buddy began to caress my back and ass. I moved a little closer and began to do the same to him. Staring into my eyes, he began to twist and pull my nipples, causing my cock to immediately begin stirring. Getting hard was not going to be an issue. I felt his stiff cock brush against my thigh and knew that physical contact without sex was probably going to be a bit difficult as this point.

One of his hands went to my cock, while the other began to somewhat roughly play with my ass. His fingers were prying my buttcheeks apart and occasionally brushing against my shaved asshole. He pounded my prick, as one finger gave my hole even more attention. I caught myself gasping out loud while his scruffy face met my neck with a few gentle kisses. At the same time, I was fondling his smooth balls and rubbing my thumb in the precum at the tip of his pulsing shaft.

He released himself from my grasp, got untangled from the mass of limbs and was up on his knees. I finally got a good look at his nice body, including the hint of a fuzzy round tummy – something I’ve always appreciated. I was rolled over on my stomach, face into sex hikayeleri the pillow and butt in the air, as he continued to stroke my cock. Both of his hands then began massaging my ass and pulling my cheeks apart. A number of fingers repeatedly rubbed against my hole. I then felt his breathe near my ass crack and then a tongue starting at my lower back and wiggling down the crevice to circle the muscled ring around my manhole. His tongue flicked the opening several times and then, with it rolled to a point, it was forced in and out of my twitching sphincter. I was gasping, moaning and yelling like a teenage girl in heat. I could feel pre-cum dripping of my cockhead onto the bed. My ass-eater caught some with his hand, smeared it around the opening of my butt, and then went to town eating again. I was in heaven – and was somewhat stunned when he suddenly stopped munching on my backside.

My new intimate friend plopped down on the bed beside me, smiling broadly and said, “Every man needs to have his ass eaten really well.”

I wasn’t going to argue.

Rolling onto his back, he motioned for me to reposition myself. With an “mmm…,” he grabbed my cock, pulling it toward his face to lick the pre-cum off the mushroom head. He began taking more and more of my cock into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the shaft. My toes curled as I felt cum starting to churn within my balls. I pulled my prick out of his face and positioned it next to his hard manmeat as I rested on top of him. He gave me a light kiss that tasted of sweet pre-cum, cock and ass. We fell into a gentle rocking movement, rubbing our cocks against each other. Again, the twisting and pulling of my nipples were causing my cock to pulse and twitch.

“Do you want to sit on my face?,” almost caused me to laugh when he uttered the words. It seemed so matter of fact.

He didn’t have to ask me twice. This was an invitation I wasn’t going to turn down.

“Which way do you want me to face?,” seemed like an appropriate question.

“However şişman porno you want it” was his response.

I opted to rest my manhole on his mouth facing him, so I could watch his eyes as he licked my hole, hairless perineum and balls. Grabbing the headboard of the bed to steady myself, I ground my ass into his face. The sensations of tongue, mouth and five o’clock shadow on my crack and hole caused all kinds of strange noises to emanate from my throat and mouth. The look in his eyes showed me he was enjoying eating my ass just as much, if not more, than I was enjoying the ride on his face. It felt as if his hands were going to pull my buttcheeks apart as he worked to get deeper and deeper inside of me. Pre-cum was dripping off my cock onto his face and hair. He pulled away from my ass long enough to take the entire shaft into his mouth and lick it clean. Then it was back to snacking on my hole. I was exhausted and dripping in sweat. I arched my back and reached to give his cock a good stroking. I took a break to bring my hand to my mouth and lick off his tasty pre-cum. He’d eaten my ass for most of an hour. Slowly, I began to stroke my swollen prick in rhythm to his tongue going in and out of my now sloppy, wet asshole.

Suddenly, I could hold back no longer. I raised myself up off his face, pointing my cock at his face and hairy chest – letting loose blast after blast of cum all over him. I hadn’t blown a load like that in ages. I collapsed on the bed next to my cum-covered friend as he said, “I’ve never had a guy make that much noise; you must really like having your ass eaten.”

All I could do was nod my head as I continued gasping for breath.

When I’d recovered a bit, I scooped up a handful of cum from his chest and massaged it onto his hard cock and tight balls. While I worked on his balls, he made use of my natural lube in stroking his rod. Running my slimy fingers between his balls and asshole caused him to gasp and tense up a bit. I knew he was close. With only a few more strokes cum was flying all over both of us. With a big sigh and laugh, he then fell back to a resting position on the bed.

Looking over at me, he asked “Are you O.K. with this?”

I smiled and responded, “That was the most incredible ‘not sex’ I’ve ever had.”

Only then did we introduce ourselves to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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